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Learn to Speak Basic Bengali

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NOTES 1. Note that throughout this course ‘YOU’ means the plural of ‘you’. 2. Note that English pronouns underlined are equivalent to the honorific form in Bengali. 3. Bengali letters underlined represent the ‘cerebral’ sound, not the ‘dental’. 4. In Bengali spellings ‘_’ indicates that the adjacent letters get brought together as one syllable. 5. In Bengali spellings ‘-’ indicates that the adjacent letters are in different syllables.

Pronunciation Guidance Using Romanized Method
Sounds can be played by clicking on the hyperlinks in the table. Also the sounds can be all be downloaded. Other helps are provided to help you learn the script. The Romanization method used in this course is consistent with the Romanized Input Method (should you prefer it) offered with Jaspell's Jaldi Multilingual Word Processor Software Package. VOWELS

(no vowel) a aa a i ii u uu rri e ee o oo

(no (no sound after ‘k’ sound) in ‘black’) short "o" "off" (inherent a) long "a" flat "a" short "i" long "i" short "u" long "oo" short "ri" short "e" long "oi" short "o" long "o" "far" "apple" "fill" "feel" "pull" "pool" "triple" "egg" "boil" "on" "owner", "now"

k` ka kaa ka ki kii ku kuu krri ke kee ("koi") ko koo ("kau/kow")

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Learn to Speak Basic Bengali

n° hha ^

nasal "ng"


kan° ("kang") kahh k^a ("kan")

abrupt "Judah" "h" nasal faintly as in French "non"


k kh Guttural -in the throat g gh n¹ c Palatal - on the palate ch j jh n² t th d r dh rh n or n³ t Dental - on the teeth th d dh n p ph Labial - on the lips b (or v, w) bh m Forward y

k kh g gh n c tchh j dgeh n t th d r dh rrh n t th d dh n p ph b (v, w) bh m j

IN THE ENGLISH WORD "keen" "rockhead" "get" "slagheap" "donkey" "chair" "matchhead" "enjoy" "hedgehog" "pinch" "alter" "bolthole" "old" "millrun" "goldhammer" "myrrh lump" "inlaid" "ant" "nuthatch" "beds" "redheads" "sender" "peace" "uphold" "bob" ("liftvan", "swim") "nibholder" "me" "flapjack"

Cerebral or Retroflexive - with the tongue bent back on the roof of the mouth

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Learn to Speak Basic Bengali

y Semi-Vowels r l sh s s Guttural Semi-Vowel Introduction h

y r l sh sh s s h

"yes" "ran" "lap" "ship" "fleshly" "ensure" "strap" "hog"


This basic oral course will cover the main features of the Bengali language. If you understand sentence structure you should quickly be able to achieve a simplified but effective system of communication. A fully detailed course can be studied later in harmony with this basic beginning. This course addresses the elements of sentences in the following way:1. Doers (nouns and pronouns) 2. Process done (verb) —; a simple past, present and future tense 3. Quality describing doers and objects (adjectives, etc.) 4. Manner describing process done (adverb) 5. Object forms of nouns and pronouns according to ‘case’ 6. Connectives linking to another clause 7. Conditional sentences 8. Interrogatives, correlatives and relatives 9. Other forms of expression common or without equivalent 10. Add other features SOME BENGALI SENTENCE STRUCTURES ON WHICH THIS ANALYSIS IS BASED:3. A B Quality 1. DOER DOER DOER DOER 3. 5. 4. 2. PROCESS PROCESS Manner PROCESS OBJECT (Manner) PROCESS 6.

C (Quality) D (Quality) E (Quality) F (Quality)



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. Today is Sunday. The form of the nouns and pronouns listed here may be modified in various ways if they occur as the object. The doing word (verb) ‘to be’ can be omitted. 1. Pronouns are listed here. and dictionaries. aaj-ke rabi-baar. 4 of 32 29/11/2010 10:56 PM . aamaraa pitaamaataa.. We are parents. The listed form is for the doer (subject.g.Learn to Speak Basic Bengali http://www. 1. e.2. iishvar prem. If the sentence expresses ‘A’ is ‘B’. See the later consideration of “Forms of Nouns and Pronouns As Objects According to ‘Case’”. If A is plural. He said to me that I should tell God is love. Singular Plural Common I you he she it you he aami tumi se se taa we you they they they you they Common aamaraa tomaraa taaraa taaraa taaraa Honorific aapani tini Honorific aapanaaraa t^aaraa Do Exercises 1. PEOPLE (sweet) 1. You can learn more from the attached vocabularies or lists of frequently used words. taaraa Doers (nouns and pronouns) [Go to Top] A few nouns are listed below. They are friends.htm C (Happy) D (Happy) E (Happy) F (Happy) PEOPLE PEOPLE PEOPLE sweet SONGS SONGS SONGS joyfully (joyfully) (joyfully) (joyfully) SING SING SING SING and . nominative case) in the clause. B can be singular.3 Some Useful Words to Learn — Nouns and Pronouns: These can be used for ‘Doers’ and ‘Objects’ Top] [Go to NOTE: The words shown in bold style are those used in this short course. The others can be used as you widen your conversations. both A and B are in the unmodified subject form.

aananda hatred ghrrinaa help saahaayya hope aashaa house ghar..Learn to Speak Basic Bengali http://www. Present and Future Tense THE BASIC PATTERN FOR ENDINGS OF ALL VERBS [Go to Top] Person Common I. to see. khaabaar freedom mukti friend bandhu fruit phal future bhavisyat` God (gen'l Bengali) iishvar God (from Urdu) khodaa happiness sukh. bhaalabaasaa magazine patrikaa man maanus meeting sabhaa mental spirit man message san°vaad mother maataa. meat maan°sa food khaadya.jaspell.9 2.7.. . jal week saptaa what yaa what? kii? what ones? kii kii? who ye who? ke? WHO yaaraa WHO? kaaraa? wife strii witness saaksii word baakya. grriha husband swaamii Jehovah yihobaa Jesus yiishu / iisaa kindness dayaa kingdom raajya Kingdom Hall kin°dam hal lack. kar_aa. boy chele study adhyayan terroriser santraas-kaarii terrorism santraas that (thing) ee these (things) e-guli thing.dekh_aa..4. Process Done (verb) – Simple Past. article jinis thing said. duniyaa year (date) saal year (period) bat`sar yesterday gata kaal Do Exercises 1.g. 1.6. they PATTERN 1:. YOU he. people lok picture chabi plural -s persons -eraa plural -s non-persons -guli problem samasyaa proof. era) kaal today aaj-ke tomorrow aagaamii kaal tree gaach. hin°saa war yuddha water paani. evidence pramaan purpose uddeshya question prashna religion dharma rescue..g. karma worker karmakaarii world jagat`.dekh-te. phaa'idaa Bengali language baan°laa Bengali person baan¹gaalii Bible baaibel bird paakhi. to make 5 of 32 29/11/2010 10:56 PM .htm accurate knowledge tatva jnaan (“gyaan”) animal pashu answer uttar anyone keha. she. shortage abhaab last days shes kaal leader netaa life jiiban love prem.. baabaa fish maach flesh. she. keu belief bishvaas benefit laabh. verse pad violence dooraatmya. it they Honorific Past -laam -le -la -len Present _i _o _e or _y _en Future -bo -be -be -ben you. word kathaa this (thing) e those (things) ee-guli thought man / mat time (measure) samay time (period..kar_aa — to do. 1.8.. survival raksaa return visit punahha saaksaat` salvation paritraan Satan shayataan side of an issue paksa sister bon situation paristhiti someone/anyone keha. keu son. brriksa truth satya verbal: e..5. we you. 1. kathaa work kaaj. paksi book bai brother bhaai chapter adhyaay creation srristi crime aparaadh daughter. girl meye day din Sunday ravi-vaar Monday som-baar Tuesday man¹gal-baar Wednesday budh-baar Thursday brrihaspatibaar Friday shukrabaar Saturday shanibaar destruction dhvan°sa disturbance ashaanti -doer -kaarii earth prrithibii encouragement ut`saaha English language in°rejii English person in°rej -er -kaarii faith bishvaas family paribaar father pitaa. maa name naam parents pitaamaataa peace shaanti person. YOU he. seeing. 1. kar-te verbal: e.

ha-i ne. she. they Do Exercise — to lead.jaspell.1 PATTERN 2:. YOU he. YOU he. it they Past kar-laam kar-le kar-la kar-len Present kar_i kar_o kar_e kar_en Future kar-bo kar-be kar-be kar-ben Honorific you. she. she. YOU he.khaa-oyaa — to eat ha-laam ni-laam di-laam aach-i. take Person Common I. 2. YOU he. we you.5 PATTERN 3:.4.i de-i ha-bo ha-bo ni-bo di-bo Person Past Present Future 6 of 32 29/11/2010 10:56 PM . we you.Learn to Speak Basic Bengali http://www.htm Person Common I. they Exceptions:- la-n la-ben chi-laam ha-oyaa — to be: (definite state) ha-oyaa — to be: (prove or come to be ne-oyaa — to take de-oyaa — to give Do Exercises 2. it they Honorific Past lai-laam lai-le lai-la Present la-i la-o la-y Future la-bo la-be la-be lai-len you.

we you. they Negative Form of Verbs [Go to Top] Person I. it they Past ghumaa-laam ghumaa-le ghumaa-la ghumaa-len Present ghumaa-i ghumaa-o ghumaa-y ghumaa-n Future ghumaa-bo ghumaa-be ghumaa-be ghumaa-ben Honorific you. YOU he. caa-i-bo gaa-oyaa — to sing:gaa-i-laam. we you. YOU he. it they (not yelaam). she. Examples:- 7 of 32 29/11/2010 10:56 PM .uk/learnbengali. gaa-bo PATTERN 4:. yaa-i. she. gaa-i. YOU he. we you.Learn to Speak Basic Bengali http://www. yaa-bo caa-oyaa — to want:. she. they Exceptions:yaa-oyaa — to go:. ‘It does not exist’ = ‘nei’.jaspell. YOU he.htm Common I. caa-i.caa-i-laam. she. YOU he.ghum_aa-no — to sleep khaa-i khaa-o khaa-y khaa-n khaa-bo khaa-be khaa-be khaa-ben Honorific Person Common I. they Past kar_i ni kar_o ni kar_e ni kar_en ni Present kar_i naa kar_o naa kar_e naa kar_en naa Future kar-bo naa kar-be naa kar-be naa kar-ben naa The past negative uses the present form with ‘ni’ added. it they khe-laam khe-le khe-la khe-len you. she. YOU he.

prove to ha-oyaa be [‘not to be’ [‘na-oyaa’] (notional)] Do Exercise 2.: “khaa-waa”] to want caa-oyaa to get paa-oyaa Do Exercise 2. make kar_aa to speak to read. kill maar_aa to know jaan_aa to see dekh_aa to remain thaak_aa Do Exercises 2.jaspell.6 Like ghum_aa-no to sleep ghum_aa-no to run door_aa-no to stand d^aar_aa-no Do Exercise 2. I do not have a big fall to understand to bring to come bal_aa par_aa bujh_aa aan_aa aas_aa to be able to paar_aa (can) to die mar_aa to hit. aamaar bara bai nei. bring la-oyaa to be.3 Like la-oyaa [pron. aami bujhi naa. aami bujhi ni. 2. I did not understand. aamaar bara bai aache. Like kar_aa to do.htm I do not understand. I have a big book.Learn to Speak Basic Bengali http://www.7 Compound Verbs (a noun or adjective with an auxilliary verb like kar_aa) to think mane kar_aa to believe bishvaas kar_aa to destroy dhvan°sa kar_aa to hate ghrrinaa kar_aa to go yaaoyaa to sing gaaoyaa to cause to do kar_aa-no to cause to see dekh_aa-no (show) 8 of 32 29/11/2010 10:56 PM .4 Like khaa-oyaa [pron.2.: “la-waa”] to lead.

Peace doesn't exist. previous gata peaceful shaantipuurna possible sambhab righteous dhaarmik -'s singular possessive -er -s' pl. He created. ill asustha violent hin°sra well sustha. sab. unending ananta -full -puurna good bhaala happy sukhii. aamaraa ghumaa-i. sick. I thought. khaaraap big bara coming. a little alpa forever. anya our aamaader past. chota some kicchu that ee their taader their t^aader this e true satya unhappy. next aagaamii false bhul few. etc.g. taaraa d^aaraa-lo. her (honorific) t^aar 3. shaanti nei.) e. Quality Describing Doers and Objects (Adjectives. all sakal. Do Exercise 2. (non-personal) -gulir small chotta. They stood. prayojaniiya other apar.8. tini srristi kar-len. aami mane kar-laam. sorry duhhakhita unrighteous adhaarmik unwell. etc. aapani ut`saahita kar_en. its taar holy pavitra important gurutvapuurna impossible asambhab less kam more beshi. We could not. We sleep. You encourage. her.Learn to Speak Basic Bengali http://www.) [Go to Top] These words can be used as they are with no adjustment for gender or number. samasta any kono bad manda. bhaala who's? kaar? WHO's kaader? whose yaar WHOSE yaader your tomaar your (honorific) aapanaar YOUR tomaader YOUR aapanaader Examples:happy life — sukhii jiiban any peace — kono shaanti peaceful home — shaanti-puurna ghar violent attitude — hin°sra manobhaab Numbers To Indicate the Quantity of Things one two three four five ek dui tin caar p^aac eight nine ten eleven twelve aat nay dash egaara baara 9 of 32 29/11/2010 10:56 PM . sad. aamaraa paari ni. if negative.htm to create srristi kar_aa to encourage ut`saahita kar_aa to forget bhule yaaoyaa to love prem kar_aa to delight aanandita kar_aa Note: The verb is placed last in the sentence (with ‘naa’ or ‘ni’.jaspell. aanandita his. taaraa bishvaas kar_e naa. aar-o most sab ceye much anek my aamaar near (at hand) (san-)nikat necessary dar-kaar. (personal) -der -s' pl. They don't

.. kii-bhaabe? this way e-man.-der m...-der (-ke) m. yena for this reason e-kaarane also. Personal Object man affecting the man of the man to the man through the man Singular maanus Plural m.g.. -er dvaaraa m.. Why did you kena gelen? go? e.. tabe now e-khan not (present or naa future) not (past) ni YOU too tomaraa-o 5.....-der (-ke) m.htm six chay seven saat e. e-bhaabe when? kakhan? kabe? then takhan. leaders also netaaraa-o Do Exercises 4. two good dui bhaala friends bandhu twenty biish hundred sha` Do Exercises 3.g. Manner (Adverb) Describing The Process Done very khub again aabaar here e-khaane there o-khaane where? kon`-khaane? kothaay? why? kena? why kaaran. very very khub-i e.-der dvaaraa 10 of 32 29/11/2010 10:56 PM .g. Object Forms Of Nouns and Pronouns According To ‘Case’ [Go to Top] A noun or pronoun representing a thing that is the object in a clause is usually a modified form of the word that would be used if it were the doer (subject). too -o e..Learn to Speak Basic Bengali http://www.xx 4..g. I alone aami-i e.indeed..xx [Go to Top] -ly -bhaabe .. -er m.g... -i -particularly how? keman?. as well. in this (very) e bhaabe-i way e.. -ke m. -ke m.g.

-guli (-ke) b. Do Exercises 6. tumi aas-le kintu taaraa yaay ni. I will write lest I forget.. dvaaraa b. theke b.. Connectives [Go to Top] and eban° / aar as a result phalata because kenanaa. -e (or -te) m..... aami likh-bo paache bhule yaa-i. taahale lest..... taaraa bale ye iishvar nan.-er janya against ... so that yena in that case.-guli diye b. then tabe. prem ghrrinaa ceye bhaala. kaaran but kintu for this reason e-kaarane if yadi in order kin°baa Examples:He came and we went. It is better to give than to take paaoyaa ceye deoyaa bhaala for baa......-guli dvaaraa b.xx 6..... best (“good than all”) sab ceye bhaala The father is bigger than I pitaa aamaa ceye bara Love is better than hatred... (-ke) b.-guli -r madhye (or -te) he bai ! he baiguli ! Similar to ‘from’.jaspell..-der madhye (or -te) he maanus ! Singular b....-guli (-ke) b..-der diye m...-der (kaac) theke m.. -er diye m.-er saathe or -er san¹ge Do Exercises 5. -er diye b. ‘haite’... More commonly it is ‘ceye’.‘yadi’ 11 of 32 29/11/2010 10:56 PM . (-er kaac) theke m. .....-guli -r b.. Are you well? aapani ki sustha? They say that God does not exist.... We do it so that you will get benefit. .Learn to Speak Basic Bengali http://www..xx 7. than can be ‘theke’.-guli theke he maanuseraa ! Plural b. You came but they did not go..-guli b. se aas-lo eban° aamaraa ge-laam. Conditional Sentences [Go to Top] To modify a minor clause (that states a condition) add a word like ‘if ’:. so that not paache so (therefore) taai that (the fact that) ye whether? ki? or athabaa.... -(e)r b.. .. (-ke) b. -te (or -e) b. ‘hate’.-er viruddhe with .htm by way of the man from the man in/on/at the man Oh the man! Non-Personal Object book affecting the book of the book to the book through the book by way of the book from the book in/on/at the book Oh the book! bai m.. aamaraa taa kari yena tumi laabh paabe..

htm To modify a main clause (that states the main process) that is linked to a condition add a word like ‘then’: ‘tabe’ or ‘that being the case’: ‘taahale’. e. aami yaa-bo Condition if you {if you come too}. tabe aami yaa-bo.} then I will aas-le tumi shun-be Do Exercises 7. Qualified Statement I will go. the present participle of ‘aas_aa’ is ‘aas-le’:In the case of you coming you will hear. yadi aapani aas-ben If you know. yadi aapani aas-ben Say. Interrogatives. yadi jaano.jaspell. The order of the main and minor clauses can be swapped with minor adjustments:e. {If you come. yadi paar-o Qualified Statement then I will go. I will go. Correlatives and Relatives Interrogatives what? who? WHO? kii [Go to Top] ke? kaaraa? 12 of 32 29/11/2010 10:56 PM . For example.g. then say tabe balo. yadi paaro Condition If you come.Learn to Speak Basic Bengali http://www.xx 8. shuno if you can.g. balo if you know. yadi jaano If you can. Listen. listen shuno Bengali uses conditional participles: to make these just add ‘-le’ to the verb's stem.

htm why? when? where? how? whether? which? kena? kakhan? kabe? kothaay? kon-khaane? keman? kii-bhaabe? ki? kon`? The words listed can be used without adjusting their spelling for gender or number.jaspell.] thing The xxx which [That (the thing) which it says yaa such xxx such (thing) is true.g.] taa / se-i taaraa / se-guli things ye ye person ye persons yaaraa reason ye kaarane reason yena time yakhan time yabe place yekhaane place ye-sthaane. Other Forms of Expression Common or Without Equivalent [Go to Top] 13 of 32 29/11/2010 10:56 PM .Learn to Speak Basic Bengali http://www. Correlatives and Relatives xxx [e. tothaay teman se-bhaabe 9. yothaay manner yeman manner ye-bhaabe Do Exercises se taaraa se kaarane se-janya takhan tabe sekhaane se-sthaane. Example:I am fine aami bhaala.jaspell. dui-jan bandhu. dash-taa yuddha the (personal) the (non-personal/diminutive) se-i se-i ..] -jan e.htm The main information in the original language has to be identified. or . if it can be implied from the verb ending theat is used.g.xx 10. 4 books.Learn to Speak Basic Bengali http://www..g. caar-jan meye a set number of non-persons / diminutive e. 2 friends. 1. fluent communication. car-ti bai. and an acceptable alternative way has to be found of communicating enough of this in a way that is comfortable in the new language. The doer word can be omitted from the English greeting (from Arabic) response to greeting (from Arabic) greeting (with other backgrounds) Yes No I must listen (‘my listening will be’) I have a book (‘my book exists’) Bengali aassaalaam-oyaalaaikum oyaalaaikum-aassaalaam namaskaar hy^aa naa aamaar shun-te habe aamaar bai aache It was said to me It was said by me a book that speaks truth a a set number of persons e.-taa e.. 10 wars -ti or -taa e. 4 daughters aamaake taa balaa gela (or hala) aamaa(r) dvaaraa balaa gela (or hala) ek satya balaa bai [The indefinite article does not exist. 14 of 32 29/11/2010 10:56 PM . se-i bai or bai-taa Do Exercises 9. Add More Features [Go to Top] It may be beneficial to add other important features of the Bengali language in order facilitate a rapid but sufficiently accurate start to meaningful.

uk/learnbengali. uttar shaanti.htm I am fine bhaala aachi.3 Learn words about family members and other human relationships. In Bengali spellings ‘_’ indicates that the adjacent letters get brought together as one syllable.4 [Go to Top] [Go to Top] Ask questions. the interrogative like ‘ke’ (‘who’) is positioned last.xx NOTES 1. 2. Q: Who are you? tumi ke? A: Q: What is this thing? A: Q: What are those things? A: Q: What is today? A: 15 of 32 29/11/2010 10:56 PM . The Bible is truth. iishvar ke? Kindness is the answer. 3. not the ‘dental’. EXERCISE 1.jaspell.Learn to Speak Basic Bengali http://www. Then provide answers. In these simple sentences. aami in°rej se baan¹gaalii This is violence. In Bengali spellings ‘-’ indicates that the adjacent letters are in different syllables.2 Learn words about world conditions. 5. Do Exercises 10. EXERCISE 1. EXERCISE 1. Bengali letters underlined represent the ‘cerebral’ sound. 4.1 Translate:I am English. EXERCISE 1. Note that throughout this course ‘YOU’ means the plural of ‘you’.co. Note that English pronouns underlined are equivalent to the honorific form in Bengali. santraas ghrrinaa.

htm Q: What is this time period? A: EXERCISE 1.5 Make plurals of the singular [Go to Top] Make plurals of these personal nouns by adding ‘-raa’ after a vowel or ‘-eraa’ after a consonant.8 [Go to Top] saaksii-raa bon_eraa 16 of 32 29/11/2010 10:56 PM . saaksii bhaai bandhu meye baan¹gaalii bon maanus lok in°rej EXERCISE 1. aami tumi se taa aapani tini EXERCISE 1. but slight changes to the stem are needed for some of these.Learn to Speak Basic Bengali http://www.6 [Go to Top] Make singulars of the plural aamaraa tomaraa taaraa taaraa aapanaaraa taaraa t^aaraa EXERCISE 1. They end in ‘-raa’.

Learn to Speak Basic Bengali Learn the days of the week.1 [Go to Top] prashna-guli din-guli I did aami kar-laam tumi kar-le he did we do aamaraa kar-i she does aapani kar-en he will do tini kar_ben you will do iishvar kar_ben The boy will do ke kar_be? we will do EXERCISE 2.3 [Go to Top] I speak aami bal_i se par-lo You understand He will come aapani aas-len 17 of 32 29/11/2010 10:56 PM .htm Make plurals of the singular non-personal nouns by adding ‘-guli’.uk/learnbengali. prashna yuddha chabi sabhaa din parivaar jiiban baaibel uttar EXERCISE 1.jaspell.2 Learn some of the verbs patterned like ‘kar_aa’ EXERCISE 2. EXERCISE 2.

5 [Go to Top] You give tumi deo 18 of 32 29/11/2010 10:56 PM . It is not this. aami iishvar nai bai aami la-bo You are not a boy. I am aami aachi kii aache? you were tumi chile It will be I was (there) aamaraa chilaam EXERCISE 2. satya aache.. He proves to be tini bandhu han..Learn to Speak Basic Bengali http://www. ee se par-lo Peace will come? taaraa dekh-lo aamaraa dekh-bo God knows We will bring .4 [Go to Top] We lead/take aamaraa la-i kii ha-lo? They led/took se bandhu nay.jaspell. taaraa maare He died YOU will see! aami dekh-laam kii aas-be? EXERCISE 2. God is (exists). EXERCISE 2.Learn to Speak Basic Bengali http://www.htm I will give aami nilaam He will she gives They give. he takes I take. aami nei YOU will take.6 [Go to Top] I eat aami khaa-i you ate he will eat aapani khaa-n se khe-la se yaa-y YOU go tini yaa-ben he will go he wanted aami paa-i we got aapani paa-n you went tumi ge-le he/she went I went aapani ge-len we go tumi yaa-o we will sing aamaraa gaa-bo they will sing aami caa-i he wants tumi pe-le they get tini caa-n 19 of 32 29/11/2010 10:56 PM .

tumi dekh-te paar_o aapani dekh-te paar_en You can know They can know 20 of 32 29/11/2010 10:56 PM .Learn to Speak Basic Bengali [Go to Top] I can do aami kar-te paar_i tumi kar-te paar_o He can do.htm EXERCISE 2.7 [Go to Top] we slept aamaraa ghumaa-laam tumi ghumaa-le he slept aapani ghumaa-len I sleep se ghumaa-y kaaraa d^aaraa-n? aamaraa d^aaraa-i taaraa dooraa-y they show ke ghumaa-lo he stood tini dekhaa-len EXERCISE [Go to Top] We believed bishvaas kar-laam He loved aapani prem kar_en I forget se bhule yaa-y ni kaaraa prem kar_e? tini srristi kar-len She did not create She encourages ke ghumaa-lo? He thought se dhvan°sa kar_e EXERCISE 2.jaspell.

htm EXERCISE 2. tini bujh-len kar-len par-len yaa-y ni bujh_en bujh_en ni yaa-n ge-len pe-len khe-len yaa-n ni ghum_aa-n ghum_aa-len door_aa-len ghum_aa-n ni 21 of 32 29/11/2010 10:56 PM .11 [Go to Top] To par_aa dekh_aa kar_aa shun_aa jaan_aa bujh_aa aas_aa dekh_aa shun_aa bujh_aa yaa-oyaa paa-oyaa gaa-oyaa bujh_aa kar_aa par_aa yaa-oyaa paa-oyaa khaa-oyaa ghum_aa-no door_aa-no Present Affirmative par-i Past Affirmative aami par-laam dekh-laam kar-laam Past Negative par-i ni shun_o tumi shun-le jaan-le bujh-le aas-le se dekh-lo shun-lo bujh-lo shun_o ni dekh_e dekh_e ni yaa-y ge-lo pe-lo gaa-i-lo EXERCISE 2. taaraa par-te to Speak Basic Bengali http://www. aamaraa shun-te caa-i-laam.10 I want to see. aami dekh-te caa-i se dekh-te caa-y. We want to see.jaspell. YOU want to speak.

...jaspell... EXISTS bai aache prem aache ..Learn to Speak Basic Bengali http://www..htm dekh_aa-no kar_aa-no jaan_aa-no EXERCISE 2...13 [Go to Top] NEGATIVE aami bhaalo na-i tumi asustha na-o taa satya na-y aapani khub bara nan . EXISTS NOT bai nei shaanti nei aashaa aache mukti nei EXERCISE 2.12 [Go to Top] dekh_aa-len kar_aa-len jaan_aa-len AFFIRMATIVE aami bhaalo aami sukhii aami manda tumi asustha tumi khaaraap tumi bhaalo taa satya taa bhul taa dhaarmik aapani khub bara aapani hin°sra aapani gurutvapuurna aamaraa sab ceye chotta taaraa shaantipuurna tumi aamaar chele se tomaar chele ee-guli aar-o bhaalo taa sambhab se khub duhhakhita tomaraa aanandita EXERCISE 2.14 To work is necessary kaaj karaa dar-kaar 22 of 32 29/11/2010 10:56 PM .uk/

shaanti nei.jaspell.htm par_aa darakaar shun_aa gurutvapuurna ghrrinaa karaa khaaraap To come here [is] impossible satya bal_aa bhaalo To say is possible To read is necessary EXERCISE possible problem sambhab samasyaa three good days tin bhaala din ek manda dharma false religion much violence aagaamii bat`sar impossible day punahh saaksaat` aagaamii adhyayan previous verse all big trees taaraa bara lok everlasting life happy women prem-puurna bhaai brother and sister bhaaibon pitaamaataa baabaamaa unrighteous leader seven days mukti sannikat big houses chotta chotta phal There is no hope aashaa nei. EXERCISE 3.Learn to Speak Basic Bengali [Go to Top] Make a list of pairs of words of opposite meanings. 23 of 32 29/11/2010 10:56 PM .

EXERCISE 3.4 [Go to Top] God's name iishvar_er naam jiishu_r san°vaad son of Abraham baabaa_r kaaj iishvar_er bai tumi kaar chele? lack of hope shaanti_r aatmaa my salvation aamaar boner prem wife's brother shaanti_r abhaab EXERCISE 3. EXERCISE [Go to Top] God's world of peace iishvar_er shaanti_r jagat` his sister's house e jagat_er shes 24 of 32 29/11/2010 10:56 PM .jaspell.3 [Go to Top] my name aamaar naam their disturbance taader ghrrinaa t^aar prem taar asustha maa aamaader bishvaas some true words our purpose His name taar samasyaa EXERCISE 3.Learn to Speak Basic Bengali http://www.5 Convert the examples in the previous exercise to plural.htm There is no food.

Learn to Speak Basic Bengali http://www. He saw the taaraa ee strii-ke bal-lo.jaspell. tumi bhul maanus-ke di-le.7 Convert the examples in the previous exercise to plural. strii-raa-o aashaa-o EXERCISE 5. EXERCISE 4. Why did you come? kakhan aas-ben? How do you know? se e-khan-i aas-be.1 [Go to Top] I spoke to the man aami maanus-ke bal-laam. He came here. The big man also went this way.htm e maanuser strii_r pitaamaataa message of God's kingdom iishvar_er raajy_er san°vaad message of real hope t^aar bhaala aatmaa_r phal message of peace work of true love jihobaa-r saaksii EXERCISE 3. tomaraa e-bhaabe shikh-be naa. ee-i maanus-o e-khaane chila. The father of the man maanuser baabaa bhaai_er ghar iishvar_er bara uddeshya You gave to the wrong man.1 [Go to Top] very good khub bhaala tini aabaar aas-ben. aami chotta meye-ke dilaam. 25 of 32 29/11/2010 10:56 PM .co.

jaspell. aamaraa san°vaad dvaaraa taa shun-laam.Learn to Speak Basic Bengali http://www.3 [Go to Top] He read (the) book se bai par-lo tumi bai ni-le. Bible. EXERCISE 5. taa ghar diye aas-lo. I heard through the big man. We will come by way of the meeting. They get knowledge from the taaraa baaibel theke jnaan paa-y. taaraa hal diye ge-lo. 26 of 32 29/11/2010 10:56 PM .htm They went to the leader. He gets encouragement from the The girl gave a name to the meye pashu-ke naam di-lo. ? taaraa kaaj dvaaraa shikh_e I knew through the war. aami bara maanus dvaaraa shun-laam. aamaraa yuddha theke ashaanti paa-i. They went through the We get life through parents. chele pitaa dvaaraa shikh_e. tumi phul-ke paani di-le? I gave some food to the dog We heard it through the message. EXERCISE 5. animal.2 Convert the examples in the previous exercise to plural. They learned the message I know the name of the book aami bai-er naam jaan-i tumi baariir naam jaan-o He saw the peace of the people.

I will walk among the flowers. maa asustha e-kaarane aas-e ni. e kaale (aamaraa) ashaanti dekh_i. You want it. ee baarii-te aamaar Convert the examples in the previous exercise to plural or to singular. In that religion is much war. so I will come.jaspell.5 [Go to Top] most possible sab ceye sambhab sab ceye khaaraap most unrighteous biggest sab ceye dhaarmik more peaceful aar-o shaantipuurna aar-o shaanti aar-o manda more happy aar-o bara smaller more well. EXERCISE 5. aami phul-guli-r madhye yaa-bo.1 [Go to Top] I came and he saw me aami aas-laam eban° se aamaa-ke dekh-lo.htm In this time (we) see disturbance. He went among the animals. better less peaceful kam shaantipuurna kam dhaarmik less happy EXERCISE 6. EXERCISE 27 of 32 29/11/2010 10:56 PM .Learn to Speak Basic Bengali http://www. se aas-lo kaaran tumi taa caa-i-le. bai-gulir madhye chaabi-guli aache.

Learn to Speak Basic Bengali http://www. as a result they do not know. EXERCISE 8.jaspell.htm se taa bal-lo paache tumi taa bhule yaa-o Do you know? tumi ki jaan_o? tini ki dekh-len? Will you come? They do not listen.1 [Go to Top] What do you think? kii mane kar_o? aapani kii dekh_en? What do you want? What's that? Who are you? tumi ke? ee maanus ke? Who is this girl? Who are YOU? tomaraa kaaraa? ee netaaraa kaaraa? Who are these boys? WHO give food? Who gives war? Why did you come? aapani kena aas-len? se kena taa bal-lo? tumi kena aagaamii kaale aas-be? 28 of 32 29/11/2010 10:56 PM .uk/learnbengali. If you listen then you will be able to learn. se aas-be athabaa aami taa kar-bo naa. I think therefore I am.1 [Go to Top] If you come then you will see. yadi aapani aas-ben tabe dekh-ben. EXERCISE yadi se uttar jaan_e tabe se uttar ba-le.

uk/learnbengali.2 [Go to Top] Do you know the question? aapani ki prashna jaan_en? iishvar ki dekh_en naa? Is hatred good? yuddha ki khaaraap? maar_aa ki bhaalo? aapani ki ekhaane thaak-ben? Will disturbance remain? EXERCISE 8. Example:- 29 of 32 29/11/2010 10:56 PM .3 Make up statements and then add ‘ki?’ to make them into questions.jaspell.Learn to Speak Basic Bengali Why do they do that? Why did you not see it? [Go to Top] When did he come? se kakhan aas-lo? yuddha kakhan habe? When will peace be? Where will they stand? taaraa kothaay d^aar_aa-be? tumi kothaay aach-o? aami kothaay ge-laam? Where is my book? How do you know? kii-bhaabe jaanen? takhan keman habe? kii-bhaabe shun-len? How did you see? How will you know? prrithibiite jiiban keman habe? How will war become ended? EXERCISE 8. Put the ‘ki’ just in front of the word whose validity is in question.

ye shaantipuurna lok se shaanti paa-be yaaraa jaan_e taaraa bal_e The ones who are righteous they will stay here. At the time when I come at such yakhan aami aas-bo takhan 30 of 32 29/11/2010 10:56 PM .4 [Go to Top] Which book is true? kon` bai satya? kon` kathaa bhul? Which answer brings peace? kon` san°vaad shaanti bal_e? Which leader is righteous? EXERCISE 8. yaa satya taa shikh_aa dar-kaar What is bad — that I do.) tumi yaa dekh_o taa ki bhaalo? yaa yuddha aane aami taa caa-i naa..jaspell..htm aapani asustha aapani ki asustha? EXERCISE 8.5 Make up questions using “ to Speak Basic Bengali http://www. person learns. EXERCISE 8.6 [Go to Top] That thing which I know such aami yaa jaan_i taa bishvaas thing I believe kar_i (=What I know I believe. That which brings peace — that I want..will you see?” EXERCISE 8.7 [Go to Top] The person who listens such a ye shun_e se shikh_e.will you go?” or “.

EXERCISE 8.2 [Go to Top] I must know aamaar jaan-te ha-be. aamaader ye-te ha-be EXERCISE 9. yeman saaksiiraa bal-len taman-i ha-y. EXERCISE 8.3 [Go to Top] 31 of 32 29/11/2010 10:56 PM . yakhan ghrrinaa shes habe takhan shaanti Where there are people there food is necessary. yekhaane bhul dharma sekhaane yuddha. sekhaane prem. yeman caa-n teman-i khaa-n EXERCISE 9. He does it when he wants.1 Exchange greetings and discuss one's health.htm time I will give it. aami taa di-bo. As the Bible said in that way we see conditions today. EXERCISE 9. We must speak. They must listen. When you want then I'll do it. prrithibii-te hab-be.8 Where there is true religion there yekhaane satya dharma aach_e is love. aapani yekhaane yaa-ben sekhaane aami yaa-i ni. tomaar aas-te ha-be.9 [Go to Top] As it is in heaven so it will be on yeman svarge aach_e teman-i earth.Learn to Speak Basic Bengali http://www.jaspell.

Four leaders spoke. They saw three fishes. I have no hope. I [did] read a book. [Go to Top] Date of last edit: 17 February 2007 32 of 32 29/11/2010 10:56 PM .jaspell. He has a wife and a son. tomaar samasyaa aache? They have parents.Learn to Speak Basic Bengali http://www.4 [Go to Top] I saw a boy aami ek-jan chele dekh-laam. tomaar-o samasyaa nei? They have no parents. aamaar aashaa aach_e. aami tin-jan bon-ke jaan-_i.htm I have a hope. You have no book? EXERCISE 9. taar swaamii taar chelemeye nei. They spoke to five fathers. aami ek-ti bai par-laam se dui-taa samasyaa