TERMS AND CONDITIONS:1. Prices: The unit rates and prices shall be quoted by the bidder entirely in Indian Rupees and the rates quoted shall be deemed to include price escalation and all taxes up to completion of work. 2. The cost of tender documents is non-refundable and the tender shall in no case be accepted if submitted by any firm other than the purchaser. 3. Any tender found to have been submitted by the firm by furnishing false information to the department shall be cancelled and the firm shall be penalized as and when it comes to the notice of the Department even during the currency of the contract. 4. Before quoting, tenderers are requested to visit the site of work. 5. Completion Period: The work has to be completed within Fifteen (15) month from the date of issue of letter of intent or placement of supply orders which ever is earlier. 6. Terms of Payment: On completion of all the contractual obligations and subject to the availability of funds, the Contractor shall be paid as per details given hereunder: a. 90% payment shall be released after safe deliver of material, installation and completion of work in all respects and after verification by the concerned AEE thereof. b. Balance 10% shall be released after successful performance for Six (06) Calendar Months from the date of successful commissioning of work. 7. Security Deposit: The CDR/FDR shall remain as security deposit with the department which shall be released after post warranty period of the work not less than 06 Months from the date of completion of equipment. 8. Guarantee/warranty: the bidder shall guarantee that the work shall be free from defects due to faulty workmanship. In case of any shortcomings the control shall replace it at no extra cost. The period of the guarantee shall be for Six (06) Months from the date of completion of work. 9. Performance guarantee: The successful tenderer shall complete all the work to the entire satisfaction of the deptt. The tenderer shall be responsible for satisfactory performance of the work for a period of Six (06) months from the date of completion of work. 10. Penalty: In case, the firm fails, declines, neglects or delays the contract or in the event of any damage occurring or being caused by the firm or in the event of any default or failure by the firm in complying with any of the terms and conditions of the contract, the Government, without prejudice to any other remedy available to it under law in force in the state shall besides forfeiture of Security Deposit: a) Terminate the contract after (25) Twenty five days notice and/or b) Recover the amount of losses caused by damages failure or default, as may be determined by the Government and/or c) Impose a penalty upto a maximum limit of 10% (ten percent) of the value of contract and/or d) The firm shall be black listed. 11. Labour Laws: The successful firm shall observe and strictly adhere to all prevailing labour laws in inclusive of Contract Labour (Abolition & Regulation) Act of 1970 and other safety regulations & as amended from time to time.

15. 25 and 33. Arbitration: If at any time. any dispute or difference whatsoever shall arise between the contractor and the government in relation to or in connection with the contract the same shall be referred to the Arbitration of a person to be appointed by the Government of Jammu & Kashmir whose decision shall be final and binding upon both the arbitration. floods. Agreement: Successful tenderer shall draw an agreement with the department within seven days from the date of issue of formal allotment order. strikes etc) reasonable extensions in the completion period may be allowed upon mutual consent of the parties at no extra cost to the Government. 16. The arbitration shall be within jurisdiction of the J&K State only. 18. All other terms and conditions are same as laid down in PWD form No. 13. 14. Force Majeure clause: If at any time during the execution of the contract either party is unable to perform in whole or in part any obligation under the contract due to circumstances beyond the control of the parties (like war. Safety Measures: The tenderer shall be responsible for all safety measures till handing over of the equipment. Consignee & Payment: The consignee and the payment making authority shall be 17. acts of public. .12. Court’s Jurisdiction:-In case of any disputes/differences between contractor and Department .