pass something ↔ on, to give sb a piece of information that someone else has given to you

pass something ↔ on to  She said she'd pass the message on to the other students.


make up something, to combine together to form sth [= constitute]:

 Women make up only a small proportion of the prison population. be made up of something  The committee is made up of representatives from every state. 2 PRETEND SOMETHING IS TRUE, make something ↔ up, to pretend that something is true in order to deceive someone:  I think they're making the whole thing up. 3 INVENT make something ↔ up, to produce a new story, song, game etc by thinking:  Nick made up a song about them.  When you're the boss you can make up your own rules.  I've given talks so many times that now I just make them up as Igo along (=think of things to say as I am speaking).

turn out, to happen in a particular way, or to have a particular result, especially
one that you did not expect turn out well/badly/fine etc  It was a difficult time, but eventually things turned out all right.  To my surprise, it turned out that I was wrong.  As it turned out (=used to say what happened in the end), he passed the exam quite easily. turn out to be something  That guy turned out to be Maria's second cousin.
run somebody/something ↔ over, to hit sb or sth with a vehicle, and drive over them: He was run over and killed by a bus. She got run over outside the school.

work out. . knock yourself out  His head hit a table as he fell and he knocked himself out. knock out. especially secretly. it makes a noise to warn you about sth:  The thieves ran away when the alarm went off. to leave a place.  Fireworks were going off all over the city.  The gun went off and the bullet went flying over his head. UNCONSCIOUS knock somebody ↔ out. in order to escape from sb or sth run away from  Toby ran away from home at the age of 14. to make someone become unconscious or go to sleep:  The champion knocked Biggs out in the seventh round.PHRASAL VERBS. 3 MAKE A NOISE if an ALARM goes'll take you a while to work it out. to explode or fire:  The bomb went off at 6. unit 4A go off 2 EXPLODE. it rises into the air from the ground  I felt quite excited as the plane took off from Heathrow. work something out for yourself  I'm sure you can work it out for yourself. run away. take off . come around. to think about something and manage to understand it:  The plot is very complicated .30 this morning. AIRCRAFT if an aircraft takes off. come around from  You might feel a little sick when you come around from the anesthetic. UNDERSTAND work something ↔ out.  The nurse gave me some medicine which totally knocked me out.  I've set the alarm clock to go off at 7 am. to become conscious again after you have been unconscious  When she came around her mother was sitting by her bed.

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