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Label 2.3 : Toxic gas.

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Revised edition no : 1 Date : 15/7/2005 Supersedes : 0/0/0



Trade name MSDS No Chemical formula Company identification : : : : Emergency phone nr

Label 8 : Corrosive substance.

N : Dangerous for the environment

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T : Toxic

Chlorine AL022 Cl2 AIR LIQUIDE SA France See paragraph 16 "OTHER INFORMATION" : See paragraph 16 "OTHER INFORMATION"

Substance / Preparation
Substance name Chlorine :

: Substance.
Contents 100 % CAS No 7782-50-5 EC No 231-959-5 Index No 017-001-00-7 Classification T; R23 Xi; R36/37/38 N; R50

Contains no other components or impurities which will influence the classification of the product.

Hazards identification : Liquefied gas. Toxic by inhalation. Corrosive to eyes, respiratory system and skin. Oxidant. Strongly supports combustion. May react violently with combustible materials.

First aid measures - Inhalation : Toxic by inhalation. Remove victim to uncontaminated area wearing self contained breathing apparatus. Keep victim warm and rested. Call a doctor. Apply artificial respiration if breathing stopped. : May cause chemical burns to skin and cornea (with temporary disturbance to vision). Immediately flush eyes thoroughly with water for at least 15 minutes. Remove contaminated clothing. Drench affected area with water for at least 15 minutes. Obtain medical assistance. : Ingestion is not considered a potential route of exposure.

- Skin/eye contact

- Ingestion

Flammable class Specific hazards : Non flammable. : Supports combustion. Exposure to fire may cause containers to rupture/explode.


Suitable extinguishing media Specific methods Page : 2 / 5 SAFETY DATA SHEET Revised edition no : 1 Date : 15/7/2005 Supersedes : 0/0/0 Chlorine AL022 5 FIRE-FIGHTING MEASURES (continued) : None. Move away from the container and cool with water from a protected position. 8 EXPOSURE CONTROLS / PERSONAL PROTECTION Personal protection : Keep suitable chemically resistant protective clothing readily available for emergency use. Eliminate ignition sources. face and skin from liquid splashes.5 Chlorine : TLV© -STEL [ppm] : 1 Chlorine : OEL (UK)-LTEL [ppm] : 0. Keep container below 50°C in a well ventilated place. Do not smoke while handling product.5 Occupational Exposure Limits AIR LIQUIDE SA France . Do not allow backfeed into the container. : Try to stop release. Suck back of water into the container must be prevented.Germany [ppm] : 0. : Use no oil or grease. Environmental precautions Clean up methods 7 HANDLING AND STORAGE Storage Handling : Segregate from flammable gases and other flammable materials in store. Refer to supplier's container handling instructions. Reduce vapour with fog or fine water spray. Contact your gas supplier if in doubt. or any place where its accumulation can be dangerous. basements and workpits. : Ventilate area.France [ppm] : 1 Chlorine : MAK . Use only properly specified equipment which is suitable for this product. Keep self contained breathing apparatus readily available for emergency use. Prevent from entering sewers. : If possible. Special protective equipment for fire : Use self-contained breathing apparatus and chemically protective clothing. : All known extinguishants can be used. Open valve slowly to avoid pressure shock. Ensure adequate ventilation. : Chlorine : TLV© -TWA [ppm] : 0.5 Chlorine : OEL (UK)-STEL [ppm] : 1 Chlorine : VLE . Hose down area with water. its supply pressure and temperature. Use self-contained breathing apparatus and chemically protective clothing. Wash contaminated equipment or sites of leaks with copious quantities of water.B C Hazardous combustion products Extinguishing media . Ensure adequate air ventilation. stop flow of product. fighters 6 ACCIDENTAL RELEASE MEASURES Personal precautions : Evacuate area. Protect eyes.

5 1. : 293 LC50 [ppm/1h] 12 ECOLOGICAL INFORMATION Ecological effects information : May cause pH changes in aqueous ecological systems. Toxic to aquatic organisms. Pungent. AIR LIQUIDE SA France . 13 DISPOSAL CONSIDERATIONS General : Do not discharge into any place where its accumulation could be dangerous. 11 TOXICOLOGICAL INFORMATION Toxicity information : Delayed fatal pulmonary oedema possible. 20°C Relative density. Avoid discharge to atmosphere.8 bar 2. May accumulate in confined spaces.6 8620 Oxidiser. Reacts with water to form corrosive acids. Contact supplier if guidance is required. May react violently with alkalis. Gas/vapour heavier than air. Severe corrosion to skin. gas (air=1) Relative density. particularly at or below ground level. Do not discharge into areas where there is a risk of forming an explosive mixture with air. Toxic and corrosive gases formed during combustion should be scrubbed before discharge to atmosphere. eyes and respiratory tract at high concentrations. 10 STABILITY AND REACTIVITY Stability and reactivity : May react violently with combustible materials. With water causes rapid corrosion of some metals. Not applicable. May react violently with reducing agents. Greenish gas. 71 -101 -34 144 6. Waste gas should be flared through a suitable burner with flash back arrestor. liquid (water=1) Solubility in water [mg/l] Flammability range [vol% in air] Auto-ignition temperature [°C] Other data Page : 3 / 5 SAFETY DATA SHEET Revised edition no : 1 Date : 15/7/2005 Supersedes : 0/0/0 Chlorine AL022 9 PHYSICAL AND CHEMICAL PROPERTIES : : : : : : : : : : : : : : Liquefied gas. Violently oxidises organic material.B C Physical state at 20 °C Colour Odo(u)r Molecular weight Melting point [°C] Boiling point [°C] Critical temperature [°C] Vapour pressure. May cause inflammation of the respiratory system and skin.

R36/37/38 : Irritating to eyes. . R50 : Very toxic to aquatic organisms.3 : Toxic gas. .I.Symbol(s) .ADR/RID Classification code . Details given in this document are believed to be correct at the time of going to press. Before transporting product containers : . please contact your local AIR LIQUIDE office for a complete SDS (with Manufacturer's name and emergency phone number). This Safety Data Sheet has been established in accordance with the applicable European Directives and applies to all countries that have translated the Directives in their national laws.Proper shipping name . Refer to special instructions/Safety data sheets.] AIR LIQUIDE SA France .Labelling ADR Other transport information Page : 4 / 5 SAFETY DATA SHEET Revised edition no : 1 Date : 15/7/2005 Supersedes : 0/0/0 Chlorine AL022 : 1017 : 268 : : : : CHLORINE 2 2 TC Label 2. Ensure all national/local regulations are observed. : S9 : Keep container in a well-ventilated place.Ensure cylinder valve is closed and not leaking. respiratory system and skin.B C 14 TRANSPORT INFORMATION UN No. no liability for injury or damage resulting from its use can be accepted.Ensure valve outlet cap nut or plug (where provided) is correctly fitted. seek medical advice immediately ( show the label when possible). S45 : In case of accident or if you feel unwell. nr ADR/RID .ADR Class . [ Prior to purchase of products. Before using this product in any new process or experiment.Ensure there is adequate ventilation.Ensure valve protection device (where provided) is correctly fitted. R36/37/38 N.Compliance with applicable regulations.S Phrase(s) 16 OTHER INFORMATION Users of breathing apparatus must be trained. .Ensure that containers are firmly secured. Label 8 : Corrosive substance. 15 REGULATORY INFORMATION EC Classification : Index No : 017-001-00-7 T. EC Labelling . : R23 : Toxic by inhalation. Whilst proper care has been taken in the preparation of this document. R50 : T : Toxic N : Dangerous for the environment. : Avoid transport on vehicles where the load space is not separated from the driver's compartment. Ensure vehicle driver is aware of the potential hazards of the load and knows what to do in the event of an accident or an emergency. Recommended uses and restrictions : This SDS is for information purposes only and is subject to change without notice. Ensure operators understand the toxicity hazard. H. a thorough material compatibility and safety study should be carried out. . S61 : Avoid release to the environment. .R Phrase(s) . R23 Xi.

B C Page : 5 / 5 SAFETY DATA SHEET Revised edition no : 1 Date : 15/7/2005 Supersedes : 0/0/0 Chlorine AL022 End of document AIR LIQUIDE SA France .