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Learn to Read the Bible Effectively Question sheet 2


Session 5
1 What does the Bible mean by faith? (a) belief in the impossible (b) k nowledge of Gods plan (c) t rust in the unknown (d) b eing sure of what we hope for What does the Bible mean by h ell? (a) a place of eternal torment (b) t he grave (c) t he Valley of Hinnom What does the Bible mean by s oul? (a) a living creature (b) the brain (c) a part of the body that lives for ever (d) an immortal being

Session 6
1 Who was the first king of Israel? (a) Abijah (b) Asa (c) Saul (d) Jehu Which king was responsible for introducing idolatry to the nation of Israel? (a) Ahab (b) Jehu (c) Jeroboam (d) Omri Does it matter how people worship God? (a) yes (b) n o (c) d ont know (d) not much The Pharisees were (a) o ne of the 12 tribes (b) d isciples of Jesus (c) a religious body in the time of Jesus Which chapter in the Bible explains the meaning of righteousness? (a) Romans 4 (b) Matthew 1 (c) Micah 2 (d) 1 John 3

Learn to Read the Bible Effectively Question sheet 2

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Session 7
1 In Luke 1 v 31 of the New King James Bible there are two cross-references, a and b. Which of the following verses are appropriate cross-references? (a) Isaiah 7 v 14 (b) Mark 5 v 7 (c) Luke 2 v 21 (d) John 12 v 34 Leviticus chapter 13 deals with the regulation of which of the following diseases? (a) HIV (b) Cancer (c) Leprosy (d) Smallpox Which chapter in the Bible deals with preventing infection from a dead body? (a) Numbers 19 (b) Leviticus 4 (c) John 11 (d) Matthew 27 Which of the following foods were forbidden to be eaten? (a) shellfish (b) lamb (c) pork (d) beef Arable land was not to be cultivated one year in every (a) 3 (b) 7 (c) 10 (d) 20 Is a weekly day of rest a necessity? (a) yes (b) no (c) possibly (d) a waste of time

Session 8
1 Why did God create the earth? (a) t o be inhabited (b) to fill it with His glory (c) f or His pleasure (d) to eventually destroy it What is meant by Gods glory? (a) His brilliance (b) His character (c) His appearance (d) His vengeance In whose reign did Assyria attack Judah? (a) Jotham (b) Manasseh (c) Hezekiah (d) Josiah Which prophets were active after the return from exile? (a) Haggai (b) Zechariah (c) Isaiah (d) Daniel Between the Old and New Testaments there is a period of silence from God of (a) 1,000 years (b) 400 years (c) 70 years (d) 100 years

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