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Chapter 1

1.1 Background
The word Dabbawalla translates to dabba = lunch box, and walla = man or the 'lunch box man'. It is a 125 year old trade formed by a unique and incredible network of 5,000 men with the complex task of delivering 200,000 home made lunches each day from suburban homes to downtown offices in the city all within a period of approximately 3 hours! That's about 65 million 'dabbas' a year with almost no mistakes! Dabbawallas are largely illiterate rural workers who use nothing more than 3 - 4 symbols crudely painted on their dabbas to create an unparalleled food supply chain by using their remarkable intuition, teamwork and values in contrast to the very sophisticated computerized decision making telecommunication systems costing million of dollars in the West today.

1.2 Introduction
Nepali dabbawala is a totally new idea for Nepali culture because generaaly we, Nepali people dont prefer carrying our lunch boxes to offices. This system of dabbawala is a little different from the Mumbai dabbawala. The customers of Nepal can order their lunch online. The customers just need to register themselves on the website The registration is completely free of cost.The menu will be available and they can order according to their preferences with just a click of their mouse. It helps customers to save time. It is easily available to everyone at every corner. We have opened our organization with the goal by providing maximum service through interactive way. Some of the objectives of our project are: To find customers and business partners initially in the Kathmandu Valley and later we are planning to go nationwide as well. To deliver hygienic and quality food in their own offices. To save time of the business people. To obtain customer feedback about our products and project To use it to advertise various product

We believe


1.3 Existing problem in traditional book store

No proper management regarding inventory Difficulty in access High cost in terms of physical store and manpower 24*7 service cannot be provided Lack of availability of books from publishers all around the world Chances of loss and theft Difficulty in tracking and monitoring

1.4 Solutions
Proper documentation. Automation of inventories Less involvement of manpower via E-Library Enhance CRM Easy way of communication

1.5 Objective of our study

To develop the self confident level, competition level, performance level in order to compete in competitive world. To learn the managerial skills by involving in real work situation with qualified personnel. To develop understanding of the functions of e business To develop communication skills through interaction and holding discussion on various related topics. To find out the SWOT Analysis regarding e business To focus about the organization through feasibility study.

Chapter 2
Research on various E businesses
While going through this project we searched for various ebusiness which are similar to our business and how are they operating and whether they have become successful to operate and what are their drawbacks so that we can overcome with that. For this purpose we have gone through various websites.
Greenfield .com is one of the website which helps to search for various books. While going through the site it was found that various books as per the author name can be found and as per the related subjects i.e. Agriculture, animals, business, cinema, dance etc. This makes the user easier to have choices in specific field.
Though serves various ranges of product but it gave us the idea of making our webpage and how to is not only used to serve books regarding services but it also serves from various basic needs to gadgets, clothes etc. One of the good things that made user friendly is that we can rate and give them feedback regarding products and their services and it also advertise the similar product which it feels the customer may want.

From the above websites we learned following things Online processing system How to make a website About payment systems Feedback and rating system Advertising policy Various web contents Making interactive website

Chapter 3
SWOT analysis is a strategic planning method used to evaluate the Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats involved in a project or in a business venture. It involves

specifying the objective of the business venture or project and identifying the internal and external factors that are favorable and unfavorable to achieve that objective. SWOT analysis is a tool for auditing an organization and its environment. It is the first stage of planning and helps peoples to focus on key issues. 1. Strengths Attributes of the person or company that is helpful to achieving the objectives. A firm's strengths are its resources and capabilities that can be used as a basis for developing a competitive advantage. Our strength is In Nepal there are few online bookstores so we can be one of them to serve the customers As many colleges has been recommending students to use foreign writers book but they are not commonly available in the market so Basically we are concerned with having a contact with foreign writers so that these books can be served. We being a MBAe graduate student we have artistic and skilled members so that our idea can be innovative to sustain the change Helping the customers to avoid with traditional system by cutting down their travelling cost and time Big strength is that payment can be done staying on your desk

2. Weaknesses Attributes of the person or company those are harmful to achieving the objectives The absence of certain strengths may be viewed as a weakness Being a new beginner it may be difficult to co operate with the surviving ones Existing ones may be more experienced and has been occupying the market Customers may not take us trustworthy in the starting phase

3. Opportunities External conditions those are helpful to achieve the objectives. The external environmental analysis may reveal certain new opportunities for profit and growth. No much competition so it is new to be experienced For the customers who are busy and lack of time management we are the ones to make them easy Good integration among the employees and fresh employees with innovative idea can make our business be different from others 4. Threats External conditions which could do damage to the objectives Changes in the external environmental also may present threats to the firm People want to do something by their own skills and everyone are coming with their own business so there is fear of new entrants People may not assign as they dont believe there will be secrecy and safety Have to implement latest technology in order to survive Project may not raise our revenue as per our expectation

STRENGTHS Unique idea, no much competition Strong artistic and skilled team Excellent animation abilities Experienced and innovative company officers

WEAKNESSES most site users seek to remain anonymous Few advertisers interested in this strangely targeted market Single stream of revenue is advertising THREATS Rise of potential entrants Security and safety Latest technology

OPPORTUNITIES Lack of immense competition Ecommerce knowledge New way to attract customers Easy integration

3.1 Strategy for the long run

In order to survive in the long run we must analyze various aspects. Looking at the SWOT Analysis we have to know that change is must we have to change and be more innovative as per time. New entrants are rising and customer have multiple of choice to switch from one company to another and we also know that it costs six times more to sell new customers than to sell the existing ones and the typical dissatisfied customers will tell eight to ten people about his experience so customer satisfaction and their feedback is must.

Chapter 4
Business Methodology
Methodology is the set of method and principle that are used when studying particular subjects or doing particular kind of work. Here, it refers to the method and step which is followed by customers and suppliers and also showing how the payment workflow activities is done.

4.1 Customers end

Customers are the king of our market. Whenever operating any business the first thing is to concern about their tastes and preferences. As we know within a click of the mouse they switch the business so we are trying to make a flexible website and full fledged service to our customers. The work flow of how our business works can be interpreted with the help of these following steps: Customer log in to our website, if he is an existing user then he is facilitated by service directly if not then he must be part of kitab.coms service by simply login. After log in he can search as per his needs. He identifies and orders the required need. After he makes his order try to see the availability of the product and as per the inventory and availability of the product mail him back saying to make a payment. Payment form can be filled and submit so after the payment is done deliver the product. Feedback is must.

4.2 Suppliers end

Suppliers are the ones from whom we can operate our business. is basically a business operated for the target customers may be for individual purpose or for business use. We have come to an idea for providing various ranges of product to our customers for this purpose we have to maintain our inventory system. For this purpose we follow the following things: Search for the suppliers as per the customer needs and assign with the magazine publisher so that on the published date can serve customers. Maintaining a good relationship with the company so that can purchase in bulk and serve in bulk. Keeping in inventory for back up but as dont keep in bulk so it deals directly with the dealers promptly when the order comes. Help writers by advertising various upcoming product details on Kitab.coms website. Charging certain commission. After delivery to the customers we pay to the dealers

4.3 Payment gateway workflow has its account on various banks. These banks have been chosen from a survey these banks are mostly used by various peoples. Standard chartered bank, Nepal merchant bank, Investment bank, Siddhartha bank are used for serving purpose

Customer after gets the availability if their product mail they go for the payment procedure They click on payment Bank makes their process and sends e mail to and the procedure form Selects the bank After clicking on their bank a new page is opened to fill their information They fill it and submit Bank checks the account number and their balance whether they have the minimum balance with payment amount or not. customers about the payment has been done

1. When customers are ready to pay, they enter their payment information and click the payment button on our website. 2. The payment gateway encrypts data and securely sends it through the payment processing network. 3. The transaction is reviewed for authorization or decline, and the results are sent back to both the customers and 4. Customer receives a confirmation receipt and fulfills the order. 5. Once the transaction is processed, funds are transferred from the customers bank account to merchant bank account.

4.4 Operation procedure

Chapter 5

Business model and standards

5.1 Business model
A business model is the method of doing business by which a company can sustain itself to generate the revenue. In other words a business model describes the rationale of how an organization creates, delivers, and captures value - economic, social, or other forms of value. The process of business model design is part of business strategy. A business model also called the business design is the mechanism by which a business intends to generate revenue and profits.

B2C TRANSACTION Business model can be categorized on various ways. Our business is mainly concerned with B2C transaction. Business-to-consumer (B2C, sometimes also called Business-to-Customer) describes activities of businesses serving end consumers with products and/or services. An example of a B2C transaction would be a person buying a pair of shoes from a retailer. The transactions that led to the shoes being available for purchase, that is the purchase of the leather, laces, rubber, etc. as well as the sale of the shoe from the shoemaker to the retailer would be considered (B2C) transactions. Likewise sells books directly to the consumers in the net. We try to make available all the resources as per our customers need. Nepal lack places where people can buy foreign writers books and if also they are not readily available so is used to make your search easier.

How B2C transaction of customers works

Customer identifies need Searches for the product to satisfy the need Places the order Makes payment

5.2 Business standards

Receives the product or service 11

Charge fees for advertising Sell goods and services Charge for processing the transactions that occur between suppliers on the web

AMOUNT (RS) Above 500000 200000-500000 50000-200000 10000-50000

CHARGED RATE 4% 6% 8% 10%

5.3 rules are professional booksellers and adhere to the standards of its professional associations, both in terms of describing books and offering redress in case of a discrepancy. The books are delivered maximum within 7 days. The customer cannot deny the orders at the delivery time. No credits are accepted. Order will be taken only after the availability of the book and would be confirmed through mail and the order would be placed. The prices of all material offered for sale on Kitab.coms web site, or on the databases, to which we subscribe, are net in Nepali RS. And each item is subject to prior sale. Normally payment in full must be received before an item will be shipped. If sending a check, money order, or purchase order, it is advisable to contact first to request that the book be reserved for pending receipt of payment. Payment to Kitab.Com is made through banks like Nabil Bank, Standard Chartered Bank, NMB, Nepal Investment Bank, Siddharth Bank. reserve the right to delay shipment of any book paid for by check, until the check has cleared the payer's bank account. Once delivered the books are not returnable. However, guarantee any item it sells to be authentic as to provenance, or state of issue (i.e. if we claim a book is a first edition, we guarantee it to be such). If Kitab.coms description of a book in regard to provenance or state of issue is in error, it may be returned to (with prior notice, please) for refund within one year of purchase.

5.4 Privacy Policy

12 respects the privacy of its customers and the security of any personal information which may be provided to in the course of any transaction. Clearly, does not solicit any more information from its customers than is required to meet their needs in the buying and selling of books. Some of this information is either physically, or electronically, shredded, as soon as it is no longer of use. Other information retains to serve its customers' interests, or meet their requests. For example, does keep on file a customer's email addresses, mailing information, and contact information (if provided). DOESNT share this information with anyone. DOES try and advise customers of material it has in stock which is similar to, or complimentary to, an item being purchased. DOESNT send unsolicited email. If a customer, or other contact, requests to stop sending email, honor such request. DOES believe in the individual's right to privacy, and a company's right to protect their customers' rights to confidentiality.

Chapter 6

6.1 Web Layout

Served Under one roof
SIGN IN to be served.
Username Password

New customers?
What is your email address? My email address is Do you have password? No Yes


Books Authors Magazine ChildrenBook Featured categories



6.2 Input Forms


6.2.1 Customer input form

Upload photo

Customer Information Form

First Name Last Name Age Sex Nationality Nationality card number Address E mail address .. .. MALE FEMALE . Cell no . Other

Phone Number

I have read all the terms and conditions so hereby I


6.2.2 Payment procedure


Payment Form
Nabil Bank Standard Chartered Select The Bank NMB Investment Bank Siddhartha Bank Total Amount .

Confirm Payment Back

If Customer chooses Nabil Bank then the customer is interlinked with the bank. After he clicks, a new page is opened and asks to fill the forms

6.2.3 Suppliers input form


Company Information Form

Company Name Company Address Establishment Date Registered Number Mailing Address E mail address Contact Number Cell no Other

After company is ready for the deal then dealers information is required

Dealers Information Form

First Name Last Name Age Sex Nationality Nationality card number Address E mail address Phone Number MALE FEMALE Cell no Other


6.2.4 Feedback form


Customer Feedback Form

Customer Name Customer Id 1 2 Satisfaction Level 3 4 5 Did we save your time and cost Suggest for betterment of this website Other comments Yes No

*Rate from 1-5 as per your satisfaction


6.3 Output Forms


6.3.1 Search for books

When a customer tries to search for the required books the following page will be displayed and as per his need the searched item will be displayed. The following figure represents how page will be displayed when someone search for Richard Levin books.

Logout Home Books Search Shopping Cart


Book Name Book Author

Richard I Levin


Book Name Statistics for Management 7th Edition Quantitative approaches to Management 5th edition



Richard I Levin

RS 7000

Richard I Levin

RS 3000

6.3.2 Place an order


When placement is done or if someone places a order then the following page activities is done. processes its work on real time basis, after the inquiry about the available books it mails the customer back about the existing book so that the customer can follow the payment procedure. Logout Home Books Search Shopping Cart

Shopping Cart

Book Name Statistics for mgmt 7th edition Management Information System

Quantity 5

Price RS 35000

RS 20000

Place an Order

Logout Home Books Search Shopping Cart

Your order has been placed we will inform you about the availability of your item via mail

Thank you for shopping with us

6.3.3 Payment and shipping address form


Sometimes the billing and shipping address might be different so must need to have the necessary information. One may pay and might order us to place the order in different place than his billing address.

Shipping Form
Customer Name .. Nabil Bank Standard Chartered Preferred Bank NMB Investment Bank Siddhartha Bank Customer Address Contact Number

Check the box if shipping address is same as the billing address Receivers First Name Receivers Last Name Receivers Address Receivers Contact Number Cell no Other


6.3.4 Purchase history


Purchase history shows the detail of how many books has been issued by and what was the last date of issue of that book. From this purchase history we can see which book is mostly on demand and as per the data we can keep some inventory for future.

Logout Home Books Search Shopping Cart

Purchase History

Book Name Statistics for mgmt 7th edition Mgmt Information System Micro Economics

Quantity 20

Last Date Of Issue 25th May 2010


20th April 2010


28th May 2010

6.4 Web Content

Web content includes the detail information regarding the website. It should be clear to all the customers regarding the objective of our business, they should not get confused, they should be able to access to the links easily, website should be interactive and it should not contain unnecessary and unwanted messages. The most important thing is it should contain functionality for performing commercial transactions over the web. The site should be simple and understandable so that customers would find it easy to grab the knowledge. Besides, it should be easy to operate. People having little knowledge about the internet could easily access it. An online store is a virtual store on the Internet where customers can browse the catalog and select products of interest. The selected items may be collected in a shopping cart. At checkout time, the items in the shopping cart will be presented as an order. At that time, more information will be needed to complete the transaction. Usually, the customer will be asked to fill or select a billing address, a shipping address, a shipping option, and payment information such as credit card number. An e- mail notification is sent to the customer as soon as the order is placed.

A good e-commerce site should present the following factors to the customers for better usability: Knowing when an item was saved or not saved in the shopping cart. Returning to different parts of the site after adding an item to the shopping cart. Easy scanning and selecting items in a list. Effective categorical organization of products. Simple navigation from home page to information and order links for specific products. Obvious shopping links or buttons. Minimal and effective security notifications or messages. Consistent layout of product information. The website should contain the following points in detail: 1. Home page 2. About us 3. Contact us 4. Books 5. Shopping cart 6. Feedback 7. Advertisements 8. Related links 1. Home page The home page is the first impression page to the customers. It should contain all the related areas for customers and business. It should contain the logo, search box, user login, change password, shopping cart , add book, book details, book review, books, check out, final order, forgot password, logoff, menu, order, purchase history, registration, user details, etc. It should contain the short description regarding the services provided. The homepage should be interactive. 2. About us Brief introduction of the company Service provided by the company List of founders 3. Contact us Location of the company Contact numbers Email address Branches

4. Books


The information about books is stored in here. The user can know the ISBN (International Standard Book Number) of the book, book title, author of the book, number of copies available at the store, price of the book. It should also contain a link to add the book to the shopping cart. Books can be searched based on the ISBN, Title or the Author of the book. 5. Shopping cart The objective of this application is to provide the user an online website where they can buy books from the comfort of their home. A shopping cart is used for the purpose. The user can select the desired books, place them in the shopping cart and purchase them via the website. The users order will be shipped according to the type of shipping selected at the time of placing the order. When Add to Cart is clicked for any book, it is added to the shopping cart. If any particular book is already present in the shopping cart, the quantity is increased by 1 and the price is changed accordingly; if not, a new entry is made.

6. Feedback Another important factor in the design of an e-commerce site is feedback .The interactive cycle between a user and a web site is not complete until the web site responds to a command entered by the user. Feedback is the sending back the comments to the user information about what action has actually been done and what result has been accomplished. Imagine trying to talk to someone when you cannot even hear your own voice, or trying to draw a picture with a pencil that leaves no mark: there would be no feedback. Web site feedback often consists of a change in the visual or verbal information presented to the user. Also, feedback should not distract the user. Actions and reactions made by the web site should be meaningful. Feedback should not draw the user's attention away from the important tasks of gathering information, selecting products, and placing orders.

Chapter 7

Required equipments and estimated expenses and revenue

Our business is a small and newly established business within the Kathmandu valley situated in baneshwor. As baneshwor consist of many schools and colleges and is residential area our business is focused on delivering books and making available the books of foreign writer as well as up-to-date online magazine which can be available on the published date. need not have to come to store as they can get the service through internet. This location will help us to cut the cost of heavy rent in busy area which can be utilized to provide service at low cost. Office layout and equipments Working room Computer with latest technology-2 High bandwidth internet service Computer table-2 Office table-1 Chairs-4 Sofa set-2 Tea table-1 Cupboard for store of inventory-4 Telephone and fax machine-1 Printer-1 Bike-1for delivery purpose Delivery Van-1

7.1 Estimated Profit And Revenue For One Month

INITIAL EXPENSES TABLE S.NO. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 PROFIT TABLE S.NO. 1 2 3 EXPENSES Registration Rent Furniture and fixture Equipment Software cost Transportation expenses Salary expenses INCOME Advertisements Commission received Delivery charge from customers AMOUNTS(RS.) 60,000 40,000 100,000 800,000 90,000 20,000 ------------AMOUNTS(RS) 200,000 200,000 50,000

Chapter 8

Software and Hardware RFP

Instruction To Bidder is a E-Business, formed under an Act of the Partnership. It is a newly opened organization which is established with an aim to bring customers and suppliers together.

8.1 Purpose with Head Office at New Baneshwor is interested to empanel vendors supplying computer hardware, peripherals, UPS and General software Items, who can supply various computer items to the company as per its requirements and within reasonable time frame. The purpose of RFP is to solicit proposals from qualified vendors for empanelment.

8.2 Scope of Work

The vendors will be empanelled based on pre-qualification criteria and technical evaluation criteria as specified in this RFP. The Company will invite Commercial Quotations from empanelled vendors for supply of IT equipments as per companys need. Indicative terms and conditions for procurement of IT equipments in the company are mentioned below. It may be noted that actual terms and condition will be mentioned specifically at the time of calling of commercial proposals for purchase of computer items.

8.3 Technical Terms

Hardware & Peripherals To supply, commission, install, test, configure and maintain the Servers, PCs, Nodes and peripherals which will include site requirements, power, cables, connectors, network cards, ports, UPS etc which are approved by the company. The vendor will pass on to the company, the benefit of discounts if any announced during any period in respect of orders placed during that period. The Vendor will also provide the latest model available, if there is upward revision in the model offered, at no extra cost to company. The accessories required for the equipment should also be specified. Vendor should specify various infrastructure requirements which need to be provided for commissioning and smooth functioning of the equipment. Vendor should provide comprehensive on-site warranty of 3 years. Warranty should cover the following:1. The equipment should be attended with four hours of receipt of complaint. In case problems persist, systems should be replaced within 48 hours of receiving complaint and alternate system should be given till machine is repaired. The replaced equipment should be installed, so that normal job of the purchaser may not hamper. 2. Warranty would cover updates/maintenance patches/bug fixes (available from the original software vendor) for system software & firmware patches/bug fixes, if any, for hardware.

3. The vendor should provide on site preventive maintenance on regular interval.

Hardware Requirements Server/PCs O/S tuning including but not limited to Disk checking/File management/reloading of pre loaded/ordered software/updation of software Any other check/service that will make equipment work smoothly and as per system uptime on regular basis. Server specification: Intel Xeon Quad core 2.4 GHZ 8 GB RAM 500 GB SAS Hard Disk Drive with mirroring RAID Gigabit Network Card Redundant Power Supply Unit Firewall Client specification: Intel Dual core 2.4 GHZ 4 GB RAM 250 GB Hard Drive 18 inch flat-panel display DVD/RW drive or portable hard drives for backup Network Interface Card (NIC) Printers and other equipment All parts in Printers including printer heads are included under warranty except consumables (ribbon cartridge, Toner cartridges and stationery only) and plastic parts. Checking the printer or the equipment, cleaning of contacts etc. so that the printer or other equipment works in most efficient manner. UPS The vendor should provide on site preventive maintenance on regular interval including but not limited to Cleaning of equipments, Checking of Battery backup capacity, UPS cabling and power supply. All Parts of UPS are included under warranty. The vendor will obtain written acknowledgement from purchaser after completion of warranty period for successful sign off of warranty period. The warranty period will get extended by 3 months for each failure to provide quality service, which is required to be provided by vendor. In case of repetitive hardware failure (two or three times in a quarter) it shall be replaced by equivalent new equipment by vendor at no extra cost to company.

Software Requirements General Software Items - To supply, install, test, configure, demonstrate the general software items having

following categories: Operating System Database Application development tools / Application servers Design tools Office tools Web servers Antivirus Software Other utility software etc.

8.4 General terms

The tender is for empanelment of vendors for supplying computer hardware, peripherals, UPS and general software items as and when required. Commercial quotation will be called from the empanelled vendors only on need basis. The company serves its right to cancel the empanelment of any vendor or blacklist any empanelled vendor without assigning any reasons if the services of the vendor are not found suitable. Delivery period: Up to 2 weeks from the date of order. Payment: - For hardware and Peripherals 90% payment will be made against delivery & Installation. 10 % payment will be made after completion of successful warranty period. However, 100% payment may be released to the on delivery & Installation. For General Software Items 100% payment will be made against delivery & Installation and providing licenses and demonstration of the product to the identified companys officials. Acceptance: - Company has a right to cancel the order if the same is not accepted within a period of 7 days from the date of order.

8.5 Cost of Bidding

The bidder shall bear all the costs associated with the preparation and submission of bid and company will in no case be responsible or liable for these costs regardless of the conduct or outcome of the bidding process.

8.6 Bidding Document

The bidder is expected to examine all instructions, forms, terms and conditions and technical specifications in the Bidding Document. Submission of a bid not responsive to the Bidding Document in every respect will be at the bidders risk and may result in the rejection of its bid without any further reference to the bidder.

8.7 Period of Validity

Bids shall remain valid for Six Months from the date of bid opening prescribed by the Bank. A bid valid for shorter period shall be rejected by the bank as non-responsive.

8.8 Bidding Process (Technical Bid Only)

For the purpose of the present job, The bidder will have to submit the bid in a sealed envelope.

The BID will not contain any pricing or commercial information. The bid shall be typed or written in indelible ink and shall be signed by the Bidder or a person duly authorized by him. The authorization shall be indicated by a written power of attorney accompanying the Bid. All pages of the Bid shall be initialed by the person(s) signing the Bid. The Bid shall contain no interlineations, erasures or overwriting except as necessary to correct errors made by the Bidder, in which case corrections shall be initialed by the person(s) signing the Bid.

Chapter 9 Back up and disaster recovery plan


What if fire attacks your place??? What if virus attack makes your computer losses all the data??? What if you would lose your HR records, accounting, legal history, intellectual property, email files or were unable to operate your management system or ecommerce web systems???

There are various what if questions if one dont have any back up plan. Backup plan are the most important thing that one should think about while running business. For this purpose we should think about various aspects We cannot do much thing about fire besides keeping a fire alarm which makes us aware about the fire. Virus is code segment that replicates by attaching copies of it to existing executables. (EXE files). The new copy of the virus is executed when a user executes the host program. So in order to be safe from virus various antivirus software should be used i.e. McAfee, Norton, AVG etc. If we are unable to operate the records from one system. Our activities would be stopped as we lack the required data so for this purpose we have tried to maintain data recovery and data center in 2 different locations.



From the above figure we can see that we have made our data recovery and data center in 2 different places so that we can be safe and if one is destroyed by theft or natural calamities then another center is used for back up.

Firewall A firewall is a barrier to keep destructive forces away from your property. In fact thats why its called firewall. Its job is similar to a physical firewall that keeps a fire from spreading from one area to the next. A firewall is simply a program or hardware device that filters the

information coming through the internet connection into our private networks or computer system. If an incoming packet of information is flagged by the filters it is not allowed through. We have plan to use the following firewall as it meets our requirements and is within our budget. Brand name: NETGEAR Model no: FVS318 Throughput: 12.5 Mbps LAN to Wan throughput 1.2 Mbps 3DES throughput Size: 10*7.1*1.4(inches) Weight: around 1 kg. Other features: Administration Interface: Intuitive browser-based interface, user name and password protected. Smart Wizard installs assistant and VPN wizard for basic parameter settings. Secure HTTPS Remote Management Support: Authenticated through IP address or IP address range, and password. Dynamic DNS Configuration and upgrades: Upload and download configuration settings, field upgradeable flash memory.

Chapter 10
Conclusion Limitations and Future Development

10.1 Limitations
There are some limitations for the current system to which solutions can be provided as a future development: The system is not configured for multi- users at this time. The concept of transaction can be used to achieve this. The Website is not accessible to everyone. It can be deployed on a web server so that everybody who is connected to the Internet can use it. Credit Card validation is not done as we dont have the accessibility of credit card but in future we hope our transaction would be carried out via credit card.

10.2 Future development

As for other future developments, the following can be done: 1. The Administrator of the web site can be given more functionality, like looking at a specific customers profile, the books that have to be reordered, etc. 2. Multiple Shopping carts can be allowed

10.3 Conclusion
The Internet has become a major resource in modern business, thus electronic shopping has gained significance not only from the entrepreneurs but also from the customers point of view. For the entrepreneur, electronic shopping generates new business opportunities and for the customer, it makes comparative shopping possible. As per a survey, most consumers of online stores are impulsive and usually make a decision to stay on a site within the first few seconds. Website design is like a shop interior. If the shop looks poor or like hundreds of other shops the customer is most likely to skip to the other site. Hence we have designed the project to provide the user with easy navigation, retrieval of data and necessary feedback as much as possible. In this project, the user is provided with an e-commerce web site that can be used to buy books online. A good shopping cart design must be accompanied with user-friendly shopping cart application logic. It should be convenient for the customer to view the contents of their cart and to be able to remove or add items to their cart. We have made our website customer friendly so that they would not be confused in shopping and searching their required needs. This project helps in understanding the creation of an interactive web page and the technologies used to implement it.