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An International Ministry of the Dorr Drive

Church of Christ School of the Ministry




The .school of the ministry openBd registering 14 full time students. 4 are new this year, they are; David lYlayberry, Elk Park, N.C.; marette

LampbeH. U). Concord, l*lir)n0sota} John Kentfiald, Rutland, Warmontj Stephanie

Nichols, Hartford, Conn. k

Last semester's graduates are effectively uiorking In Northern Uermont,

nnnf f City, and Hartford, Connecticut. Your continued praers are requested for these efforts.

mwff? of



1 fh"'D

establish a Christian elementary school in the church here


lately been realized.

HTincipai 13 Joeseph O'Neal.

Fagsrskogj staff of 4. Superintendent First grade teacher is Elaine is Charlotte miller;

14 students are enrolled in

Lnrrt'f n church. pleased that the ord s n people have an elementary school We to are send extremely their children to.
The 20th

functions of the Rutland church the school is under the oversight


and looked to the future when this would cease to be a mission field and the

from far away states to mark the occasion with us. 18 different speakers shared in the occasion and a great number of people not numbered who had been involved through the years. David Poliday, Julie Winder Kock, Aaron Culver, Emma Holman, Reglna Johnnonj Harry Brock, and others came long distances Letters from many who had shared in tho past were read from those who regreted not being ablatto be a part of the program. Wany recalled events of the past
Way God grant it.

year was marked at the annual preaching camp meeting in July.

year of the Rutland church heing completed on Jure 7 of this

Wany returned

messags of the Gospel will go forth as a burning lamp.


living as well.

James Lane is ministering at the church in Hartford, Conn, Conn. He l^ves in the building at 23 Irving Street and is working full time ime t to make Q.
Jim also is taking classes toward a Master's er's degree at

the University of New Haven.

(DC beginning of the summer team bound for England in Hartford in a W0S. About 25 youngsters were the involved in classed led byworked Kenny Wilier, Danny Nelson, Warette Campbell, Nancy Kersten, Steven Bridgewater. Daily calling Drought both young and adult to the VBS. Some are now attending regularly for which we praise the Lord. Jim Reports that others are now attending
the church. Please continue your prayers for this effort which will be
two years under way this October.


The new building in Rutland is not fully complete or paid for. We need a secretary who will put full time:in the church work. Can you do it? Smaller student body, and higher expenses, (Woney invested here in ministerial training is still way ahead in effectiveness that is mney invested in the Seminary system.) State approval of the educational program for degree granting privileges. The right to admit immigrant students. (We would have several from Africa, England, Canada and Central America if we had such rights as are due us but are now being held up by government offices.


Tuio years ago last Iflarch found me worshipping uiith a church of Christ in Ilford, a northeastern section of the Vondon complex. I did not forget the occasion even
though only a short address twas made to the church.
obedience to Christ.

would be using the baptistry of that faithful band

But this summer saw that event.

to help two souls

Little did I thinK that

in their

Aecompanied by a group of 10 others we left for London on August B and in spite all snags behind us,from then on it was God's leading all the way!
of an air strike that delayed us enroute we arrived to an eventfull month with

Ule came from Vermont, Iowa, Indiana, (Minnesota, and California and we to help in the establishment of a church of Christ, to baptise souls into Christ , and to encourage Christian groups in Englands Mission accpmplishedi

my wife and son Kenneth, Raymond and Grace Lyon, Dan Nelson, Ken Barker, Debbie Broad, Nancy Kersten, l*larette Campbell, Steve Bridgewater made the team.

Results! A new church was organized in Balham, (S.Ul. London) with 7 charter members and at least 3 more ready to place fellowship soon and 2 more who made the confession in preparation to Baptism,all encouraged and zealous in the Spitit of Christ to follow the New Testament as the only possible route to ^

Christian union and unity. Three were baptised in Balham as a result of the team s work. Bible Schools were held in Balham and Stockport for 2 weeks each and for
one week in Stretford iiith a fourth baptism there resulting on the last weekend. Other churches had invited us but we could not answer all the requests that we had. But for the team, visits to some churches of Christ in England was educational and
and the churches of Christ in Ilford, Tunbridge Ulells, Brighton were visited.

hopefully a blessing to those we were able to fellowship withj the Harringay church,
revival meeting in mid-winter which seems necessary to help the good work started. Ule hope there will be Christians at home who will make the ministry possible.

The new church in Balham through Neville Shaw has invited me to return

Three denominational groups invited the team for preaching and one group heard us 3 times and invited us for more. After a message on how the Ethiopian Eunuch w^ saved the local preacher asked if there was anyone there who would like to be saved Hxaully "the ^itie way-smoating the--same-jiraach9r--8npk0 about his_ beinj in a denomination but longing to be able to be free in Christ as he saw us and the church on High Road in Balham being. We were invited to spend time on our return to London with that group. A very real possibility of setting a church free in
Christ exists with that group.

Please be in prayer for the new Christians, Ken and Shahine in Shrewsbury, near Wales; for l*lrs Nelson and daughter Pearl and Santira Frandis. Pray for brothers Neville Pink who is preaching for the new group end for Neville Shaw whois the
natural leader because he is Christlike in giving, sharing, ministering and

serving, showing no partiality in unselfish care for the things of Christ, for his good wife Pea^l who is a moving Sfiirit for Christ and His church and who shares the same earnest desire to see the things of the Lord advanced. Take t sir
to God in sincere prayer.

while some will not be able to and others will tak^^ThisT?rtf*4j|try upon themselves.

to us requesting Bible lessons by mail. One is from Osaka, Japan. Plost are Londoners. Pray for this aspect of our ministry. We look forward to taking a similar team with us next year. Some that went thisyear will want to go again

350 correspondence cards were distributed in England. 16 cards have been mailed

If you are interested in Summer of 78 write to met Fred fflillei^^t the address

- on thia circular.

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