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Andhra Bank (A Govt. of India Undertaking) Dept.

of Information Technology, D Block, III Floor, "Cyber Gateway", Hitec City, Madhapur, HYDERABAD - 500 081 ___________________________________________________________________________________ CBS Doc. No. 220 Dated: 08.12.2010

CUSTOMER-ID CREATION: Customer Profile: Download finacle customer ID for existing customers and fill up the gaps. If finacle customer ID is not available create new customer ID in LAPS Demographics Communication Details Employment Details Income & Expenditure Ensure the status is “completed” and note the Customer ID APPLICATION ENTRY: Click Application: Select the Customer ID by giving first three characters of the name or customer-id already created. Double Click on the applicant’s name displayed Select the “New Application” tab Enter the Loan Product Details Enter the proposed asset details (for other than clean loans) Link co-obligant / guarantor Enter the relevant Assets and Liabilities of applicant / co-obligant / guarantor as per property statement. Click Net worth tab to verify the net worth details Select the Appraisal tab and enter the relevant details Click “Risk Analysis” tab and verify the Credit Score Sheet. Select the “Assessment” Tab and verify the MPBF calculation Visit the “terms and conditions” tab Visit the “Borrower terms and Conditions” tab Select the Workflow Action generate the appraisal note and verify. Select the “Recommendations” tab under Appraisal, give the recommendations duly giving the recommended amount. Select the “Work Flow” tab and select “Action” tab Here the application may be forwarded to any other official for Appraisal / sanction / forwarding to ZO/HO etc. While approving the proposal give the approved/Sanction amount and Sanction Lr details. Click “CBS Details” for automatic opening of Loan Account in Finacle. URL FOR ACCESSING LAPS : (IP based) OR (DNS based)


user name and sol-id (Branch) on the top of the screen. 2 . First time the default password will be “LAPS2009”. Module This is the HOME page of LAPS package.Following is the LAPS login screen. Please observe the user-id. Click to enter Retail / Agri. Click “Retail-Agriculture” button to enter into Retail and Agri Modules. Enter User-id and password to login into LAPS package.

Click to create customer-id Click to enter Loan application Click CBS ID and enter Finacle Customer-ID in the text box and click “CBS Customer” to download Finacle Customer ID into LAPS from FINACLE. 3 . An existing LAPS customer ID can be fetched through search by customer name or by giving Customer-id. Fill up the gaps and ensure status is completed. giving three letters of For creating new customer-id which is neither existing in finacle nor in LAPS click “New Applicant” and create the same.

co-applicant. co-obligant(s) and Guarantor(s). Customer-IDs as above have to be created for the required parties i. The fields marked with * are mandatory. After entering the details click “apply” button to save the record.Customer Profile Menu will consist of 4 tabs – Demographics. then the following screen is displayed 4 . For entering a proposal click “Application” button on home page. Applicant. Note the Customer-ID shown in demographics.e. The status should be ‘Completed’ for proceeding further in processing of loan application or linking the ID as Co-obligant. Observe the Status visible on the top right hand side corner of demographics page. Employment Details and Income & Expenses. Communication Details.

Existing application which is under process can be viewed on the basis of application Number. Select the existing application to complete the process. if any.Search for the borrower for whom the loan proposal is to be processed either by giving name of the borrower or by giving customer ID. Double click the borrower name displayed and click “New Application” button in the next screen for entering a new loan proposal. 5 .

Product Selection search button The above screen is the loan product page. Then system automatically fetches the relative applicable parameters for that product like tenor. Fill up the remaining details in the screen and save the information by clicking apply button and note the Application No generated. rate of interest and margin etc. Consumer Loans and Vehicle loans etc. For education loans select “Education Loan” tab and enter the required details for processing an education loan 6 . Select “Proposed Asset” tab and enter the details of the proposed asset for loan products like Housing Loan.On selection of the new application the following screen will be displayed. Select the loan product from search window. and enter amount requested and project cost.

the details of the proposed asset entered will be taken as Primary Security by the system. If the income of the co-applicant has to be included for eligibility assessment then select “yes” in the field “Include income for eligibility” Eg. Otherwise system displays “NO “ by default. In case of Housing Loans / Vehicle Loans etc. In case of housing loans only. Repeat the process for linking required number of co-obligant(s) / guarantor(s) / co-applicant. Click apply for saving the record. then another window will be displayed from which the name of the co-obligant etc has to be linked on the basis of name / customer-id.Click “Co-Applicant / Guarantor” button to link co-applicant / co-obligant(s) / Guarantor(s) for whom the customer-ids are already created. Select the applicant type as Co-applicant / co-obligant / guarantor. Now select “Assets and Liabilities” and enter the property details as per property statements for the purpose of net worth and obtaining Primary / Collateral securities. Click search button adjacent to Name of the person. 7 .

Now click “Appraisal” Tab. The following page will be displayed. Enter the details in the Appraisal screen and click apply. Edn Loan. Now click “Risk Analysis” Tab to get the credit score sheet. Eg. If credit score sheet is not applicable for a particular product this Tab will not be visible / enabled. 8 .

The following screen will be displayed Please click “New”. With this the proposal entry and appraisal is over. Manager’s Recommendations / sanction remarks also have to be 9 .A print out of the Credit Score Sheet can be taken simply by clicking print option available below the screen. Enter the recommended amount in the “Recommended Amount” field and click ‘apply’ to save the recommendations. Now click Assessment Tab available under Appraisal to verify the eligibility. User can Add / Delete / Edit the terms and conditions as per their requirement. Click “Recommendations” Tab. Otherwise Terms and conditions will not be printed in the process note / sanction letter. select the “Branch / ZO / HO “ as the case may be against “Recommended by” and enter the recommendations in the text box. Invariably Visit “Terms and Conditions” and “Borrower Terms and conditions” tabs.

click “Proposal” button to Verify the proposal generated and if any corrections are required to be made go back and modify the respective fields. 10 . Once the proposal is forwarded / sent to any other user. With this the appraisal of the loan proposal is over. Another window with list of users registered in LAPS for that organization unit will be displayed.entered in the above screen only. For forwarding the proposal to Higher Official / Branch Manager within the branch: Click the Action button. click “Branch Sanction” to send to Branch Manager for sanction. Enter appropriate remarks like “submitted to SM Credit for review and recommendations” or “submitted to Branch Manager for Sanction” etc. click “Branch Appraisal” to send to next higher official for review and recommendations. Click the search button against “Select Recipient”. Now to forward the proposal to next higher authority / Manager / ZO / HO etc. Sender can not change/alter any values as the proposal will be in “View mode” only. The following screen will be displayed. or to any other user for Recommendations / Sanction / Rejection of the proposal click “Work Flow” Click “Action” . Click the Action button. The recommendations entered in the above screen will only be printed in the appraisal / process note. Before forwarding the proposal to Higher Official / Branch Manager. Select the recipient user-id from the list and click “ok”.

Click “Send” button. For Sanction of the proposal: Enter Sanction Amount Enter Sanction Lr. for any corrections and re-submit. Enter precise Remarks in the “ remarks” text box such as “Sanctioned” Click “Approve”. Click the search button against “Select Organisation” Select Zonal Office / Head Office.Click “Send” button. Customer-ID and / or Loan Account may be opened The following screen will be automatically in finacle. 11 . Then the proposal will be sent to the recipient and will be available in the inbox of the recipient. Now the proposal will be sanctioned and the status of the proposal will be “Processed/Approved”. Once the proposal is sanctioned. as the case may be. In the same way the proposal may be rejected. This workflow may be extensively used for queries / clarifications / correspondence for instantaneous exchange of information which will be part of the proposal in the system permanently and traceable. Now Sanction Letter and Communication of Sanction to Borrower can be generated. In the Same way the proposal may be sent back / forwarded back from ZO to Branch or Branch Manager / SM Credit to Officer etc. displayed. For forwarding the proposal to Zonal Office / Head Office: Click the Action button against “Zonal Office Appraisal”. Click the search button against “Select Recipient” and select recipient user-id. Enter the remarks such as “Submitted to Zonal / Head Office for Sanction” etc. The tracking of the proposal may be viewed through “History” tab. For this click “CBS Details” tab. Then the proposal will be available in the inbox of the recipient. Click “History” tab to track the application movement. No.

To Open Loan Account in finacle from LAPS: Click “Account Hand-off” button. System displays the Finacle Loan Account No opened. Click “Customer-ID Enquiry”. please refer the job card on LAPS Interface Module. If the customer details are downloaded from Finacle the above tabs will be disabled as there is no need to open customer-id in Finacle. Branches are advised to verify the details captured and enter the required data manually in finacle in modification mode. Both the Customer-ID and Loan Account opened in Finacle will be in verified status. Click ‘OK’. // End of Document// 12 . Wait for 2 minutes Click “Account No. System displays a message window along with Cust-id with which the loan account is being opened. For detailed guidelines on Interface module. System displays the Finacle Customer-id. The Customer-ID and Loan Account numbers are stored in the LAPS application and the LAPS application number is stored in the Finacle Account details.Select the appropriate values and click “apply”. The customer-id details will be transmitted to Finacle and a message window appears. Enquiry”. Security etc are to be created and linked in finacle manually. Wait for 2 minutes. To Open Customer-ID in finacle from LAPS: Click “Customer Hand-off” button. Co-obligants.