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You are at a crossroads with your career for different reasons. Perhaps you are frustrated and dissatisfied with your current position and are reflecting on a career change. Or maybe you are currently unemployed and you would like to better optimize your chances of finding the position best suited for you. Or perhaps you are simply reflecting on new career horizons. Career transition is a difficult phase. It incorporates a degree of uncertainty that may give rise to many doubts and questions regarding previous professional choices, personal development, career evolution, etc. Discussing your achievements and exploring the competencies you have acquired with a career coach can help you to clarify your objectives and to take the decisions that put you on the right track.

What Terra Connecta can do for you !

Terra Connecta has worked extensively with international corporations across many regions in the world. Our career coaches have expert knowledge on different career paths, on fast track programs, on corporate cultures, etc. We understand what international employers focus on when selecting and recruiting a candidate. Thanks to a well-established methodology and efficient assessment tools, we can evaluate your profile, advise you on how better to develop yourself and help you to build an effective job search strategy. One assessment tool we propose, to help you recognize what type of work you might enjoy, and also learn how to align your career and your personal life is called the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI). The MBTI assessment is a widely used personality inventory based on the typological theories originated by Carl Gustav Jung in 1921. It can enhance relationships and team performance, success in work and school, your ability to identify your core values, to know yourself and to better understand others.

How does it work ?

To begin, our career coach will set up a telephone consultation to discuss your objectives, to define realistic goals and to assess the number of hours necessary to achieve your goals. Following this, a tailor-made agenda will be set up for you, outlining each step of the process, the methodology, the format, the number of hours, plus the budget. Once agreed, the career coaching begins. As Terra Connecta tends to work with professionals located all around the world, these structured consultations can take place on the telephone. Face-to-face sessions are also possible, but this depends on your location.

For further information, please contact Sibylle von de Fenn via email or by telephone.
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