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COMMUNICATIVE COMPETENCE In learning of new language we have learn to acquire many of one competence, for we can communicate better,

since is very important know that different competence we have learn because we will help in a future. Existent many different functions of language that help to the people that have a good learn; in our environment have that be very unwrapped in the moment of communicative with others person. Learning of second language have many competence that the students have doing for a knowledge of the structures of the words and also we have doing a strategic for improve the competence we already have and thus acquire other skills that are more useful to us for good communication among others. And the language competence existent many category and subcategories that are for a good learn. Between the categories that we must take into account to better learning of the second language can mention grammatical, discourse, sociolinguistic, strategic; this are four subcategories that we have learn for the communication. The grammatical and discourse are which we have for learning new language and other two are aspects that have the communication, but often develop some more than others and this affects us in learning, as it is important to develop and acquire all the skills that are required for learning, and that is why people who are learning should strive to achieve language skills who want to learn or are learning. When we speak of grammatical competence we mean the different aspects that we need to acquire and put into practice for learning the second language. Between grammatical competences we need to acquire during learning is the vocabulary as this plays an important role in the competences because if we do not acquire quite broad vocabulary we will not put others develop the competence that we give to acquire. Other grammatical competences should be acquired are the morphology, syntax, phonology, as it is very important to properly manage these competences in learning a second language must learn not only to speak if not also to write and if not learn to develop these competences may not learn correctly, but learn to speak correctly.

Language competency there are several components that must acquire to learning a new language, among which we can mention the organizational competence, the pragmatic, that each of these competencies are derived other competence to be acquired, these other competence that result are called subcategories. Between subcategories we have textual competence, Illocutionary competence, sociolinguistic competence and grammatical competence, this competence and we mentioned earlier. Each of these subcategories has functions that should be acquired as well. Subcategory of this is vasa textual competence in the study of cohesion at the time of writing, this competition is also important to acquire as well in learning the second language is learned to write and should write correctly. Other competencies that should be acquired and are of great importances in learning a second language are ideational functions, manipulative functions, Heuristic functions, imaginative functions, these belong in the category of illocutionary competence; in the other category are the other skills we acquire in our way of learning, these skills are sensitivity to dialect or variety, sensitivity to register, sensitivity to native and cultural references and figures of speech. Each of these competences and their derivatives are very important in the learning of a second language, as these will allow them to people who are learning to have a better learning. on the skills we develop are many which each play a very important and while it is acquired expertise that already previously mention always have learning but not like that obtain with the acquisition of all competitions.