FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE CONTACT: Missi Sousa 505-835-5700 September 13, 2013, 2013 Special Interest Groups

Have Spent Over $75,000 attacking Mayor Berry Dinelli's Claim of Being "Free from Special Interest Groups" Rings Hollow ALBUQUERQUE: Finance reports filed today show the extent to which Dinelli's special interest allies are coming to his defense. To date, Dinelli's allies have spent almost $80,000 attacking Mayor Berry. Furthermore, Dinelli's own campaign has accepted almost $25,000 in direct in-kind, including a lawbreaking $7,700 from a registered lobbyist. That brings the total to over $100,000 in support of Pete Dinelli – a candidate who has the nerve to claim to be "free from special interest groups." Below is a partial list of the special interest groups supporting Pete Dinelli for Mayor. Duke City Rising -- $30,071 · $25,000 to Progress Now New Mexico, a 501c4 non-profit that has been active attacking Mayor Berry and City Councilor Janice Arnold Jones in District 7. · Includes contribution from former Democratic Party Executive Director and current consultant for Matt Briggs in council district 7 · Contributions from numerous labor unions, including a $10,000 contribution from AFSCME Democratic Party City Action Fund -- $10,000 · $10,000 contribution from Democratic Party of New Mexico · Funding radio ads attacking Mayor Berry Public Safety First -- $35,700 · $23,000 from APOA · 12,700 from Firefighter Union · Funding TV attack ad against Mayor Berry Working America -- $3,205 · $3,205 contribution from Working America, the 501c4 non-profit. · Union organization funding print attacks Dinelli for Mayor -- $24,009 · $24,009 worth of direct in-kind contributions from private contributors · $7,700 from the Cadigan Law Firm, in blatant violation of the in-kind contribution limit of $5,100. Michael Cadigan is a registered lobbyist. ###

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