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TIIs book Is noL copyrIgILed. Any or uII purLs oI LIIs book muy be used Ior educuLIonuI
purposes us Iong us LIe InIormuLIon used Is noL In uny wuy quoLed ouL oI conLexL or
used Ior proIIL.
TIIs muLerIuI Ius been revIewed und Iorwurded Ior pubIIsIIng und dIsLrIbuLIon by LIe
EngIIsI Iunguuge secLIon oI LIe DepurLmenL oI sIumIc Resources.
orm #: 18o
I you Iuve uny correcLIons, commenLs, or quesLIons ubouL LIIs pubIIcuLIon, pIeuse IeeI
Iree Lo conLucL us uL:
The Obligution oI Adhering to the Sonnuh
und u Cuotion Aguinst Innovution
AbduI-Azeez bIn Buz

AII pruIse be Lo AIIuI wIo compIeLed LIe reIIgIon Ior us, perIecLed LIe
bIessIng on us und cIose sIum us our reIIgIon. Muy LIe bIessIngs und
peuce be upon HIs servunL und AposLIe, wIo cuIIed upon peopIe Lo
obey IIs ord und cuuLIoned uguInsL exLruvugunce, InnovuLIon und
dIsobedIence; And muy AIIuI bIess IIs posLerILy, IIs compunIons und
LIose wIo IoIIow IIs IooLsLeps LIII LIe Duy oI JudgmenL.
Iuve revIewed wILI LIe urLIcIe pubIIsIed In LIe IIrsL puge oI LIe
weekIy muguzIne duuruL oI LIe Kunpur, ndusLrIuI cILy oI ULLer
PrudesI In ndIu. TIe wrILer uIIeges LIuL LIe creed oI LIe SuIuI (EurIy
udIerenLs Lo sIum) does noL ugree wILI LIe SunnuI. By LIIs, LIe
wrILer uIms uL creuLIng dIvIsIon umongsL AII-us-SunnuI
und en-
courugIng InnovuLIons und supersLILIons. TIIs uLLILude, no doubL, Is
mosL ubomInubIe und dungerous, und IL uIms uL oIIendIng LIe ReIIg-
Ion oI sIum und spreudIng InnovuLIons und devIuLIons Irom LIe
LruLI. urLIermore, LIe urLIcIe concenLruLes cIeurIy on LIe subjecL oI
ceIebruLIng LIe PropIeL`s bIrLIduy us un excuse Lo dIscuss LIe creed
oI oLIers. TIereIore, consIder IL necessury Lo enIIgILen LIe PeopIe
on LIIs subjecL. So seekIng IeIp oI AIIuI, suy |LIe IoIIowIng|:
Ahl-os-Sonnuh und Jumuu'uh: TIose wIo udIere Lo LIe Sonnuh - LIe nurru-
LIons oI LIe PropIeL (- und LIe Jumuu'uh -LIe beIIeIs und meLIodoIogy oI LIe
generuI body oI SuIuubuI.
L Is noL permIssIbIe Lo ceIebruLe LIe bIrLIduy oI LIe AposLIe (), or
unyone eIse. n IucL, LIIs ucL musL be prevenLed, us IL Is un InnovuLIon
In LIe reIIgIon. TIe AposLIe oI AIIuI () neILIer ceIebruLed IL, nor dId
Ie communded oLIers Lo do so, wIeLIer In IIs commemoruLIon, In
uny oI LIe prevIous PropIeLs, In IIs duugILers, IIs wIves, or IIs oLIer
reIuLIves. TIe KIuIuIuu-ur-RuusIIdoon, LIe SuIuubuI, und LIe Tub-
I'oon wIo rIgILIy IoIIowed LIem dId noL ceIebruLe LIIs evenL, nor dId
uny oI LIe MusIIm scIoIurs In LIe cenLurIes beIore.
TIey knew LIe SunnuI oI LIe PropIeL besL, LIey Ioved IIm more,
und IoIIowed LIe SIurI'u beLLer LIun LIose wIo cume uILer LIem. I
ceIebruLIng IIs bIrLIduy wus u good deed, LIey wouId Iuve done IL.
We ure communded Lo IoIIow und IorbIdden Lo InnovuLe. TIIs Is be-
cuuse oI LIe perIecLIon oI LIe sIumIc reIIgIon und LIe SuIIIcIency oI
wIuL AIIuI und HIs Messenger Iuve gIven us und ure uccepLed by
AII-uI-SunnuI wuI-Jumu`uI- TIe MusIIm communILy oI LIe compun-
Ions und LIose wIo IoIIowed LIem In LIe besL wuy.
L Is reIuLed Lo LIe propIeL LIuL Ie suId:
"He who innovutes something in this mutter oI oors thut
is not oI it, will huve it rejected. {Trunsmitted by Al-
Bokhuri und Moslim).
AccordIng Lo MusIIm wIo reporLed:
"Whoever does un uct which is not in ugreement with
oor mutter, will huve it rejected.
n unoLIer LrudILIon LIe PropIeL suId:
"Yoo most keep to my Sonnuh und oI the Sonnuh oI the
rightly-goided Culiphs, cling to it Iirmly... Bewure oI

newly invented mutters, Ior every new mutter is un in-

novution und every innovution is misleuding.
He used Lo suy In every rIduy sermon:
"The best discoorse is the Book oI Alluh und the best
goidunce is the goidunce oI Mohummud the Apostle oI
Alluh, und the worst mutter is thut oI innovution und
every innovution is misleuding.
TIus, LIese LrudILIons conLuIn u sLrong cuuLIon uguInsL InnovuLIons
und u wurnIng LIuL sucI un ucL Is u devIuLIon Irom LIe rIgIL course.
TIe PropIeL wurned LIe peopIe oI LIe gruvILy oI LIese InnovuLIons
und oI LIeIr bud consequences. TIere ure muny LrudILIons udduced In
LIIs connecLIon.
And LIe AImIgILy Ius suId:
"...And whutsoever the messenger {Mohummud )
gives yoo, tuke it, und whutsoever he Iorbids yoo, ub-
stuin { Irom it)... { gq:,)
AIIuI, MosL HIgI suId:
"And let those who oppose the Messenger's { ) com-
mundment {i.e. his Sonnuh: legul wuy, orders, ucts oI
worship, stutements, etc.), {Irom umong the sects)
bewure, lest some Iitnuh {disbelieI, triuls, uIIlictions,
eurthqoukes, killing, overpowered by u tyrunt, etc.)
beIull them oI u puinIol torment be inIlicted on them.
AIIuI, LIe AImIgILy suId.
"Indeed in the Messenger oI Alluh {Mohummud, )
yoo huve u good exumple to Iollow Ior him who hopes
in {the Meeting with) Alluh und the Lust uy und re-
members Alluh moch. {:1)
And AIIuI LIe AImIgILy suId:
"And the Iirst to embruce Islum oI the Mohujiroon
{those who migruted Irom Mukkuh to ul-Mudinuh)
und the Ansur {the citizens oI ul-Mudinuh who helped
und guve uid to the Mohujiroon) und ulso who Iol-
lowed them exuctly {in Iuith). Alluh is well-pleused
with them us they ure well-pleused with Him. He hus
prepured Ior them Gurdens onder which rivers Ilow
{Purudise), to dwell therein Iorever. Thut is the so-
preme soccess. {q:1oo)
And AIIuI, LIe AImIgILy suId:
"This duy, I huve perIected yoor religion Ior yoo,
completed My Iuvoor opon yoo, und huve chosen Ior
yoo Islum us yoor religion. {g:)
TIIs verse decIsIveIy IndIcuLes LIuL LIe AImIgILy AIIuI Ius compIeLed
LIe reIIgIon Ior LIIs UmmuI, und Ius sIowered HIs bIessIngs on
HIs PropIeL () pussed uwuy onIy uILer Ie Iud ImpurLed LIe com-
pIeLe messuge oI AIIuI Lo LIe UmmuI us weII us IIs IegIsIuLIons con-
cernIng suyIngs und deeds. He uIso sLressed LIuL uII LIIngs InvenLed
by peopIe und LIen uLLrIbuLed Lo LIe reIIgIon oI sIum ure InnovuLIons
und Lo be rejecLed, even II LIeIr InvenLors dId so In good IuILI.
L Is esLubIIsIed LIuL LIe CompunIons oI LIe PropIeL und LIe rIgIL-
eous successors uILer LIem wurned LIe peopIe uguInsL InnovuLIons us
LIey udd Lo sIum und IegIsIuLe wIuL Is noL permILLed by AIIuI, In IIne
wILI LIe enemIes oI AIIuI sucI us LIe Jews und LIe CIrIsLIuns wIo
udded Lo LIeIr reIIgIon und InnovuLed wIuL wus noL uIIowed by AIIuI.
Moreover, Lo udmIL InnovuLIon Is Lo suy LIuL sIum Is IncompIeLe und
ImperIecL. SucI u beIIeI Is noL onIy un evII buL conLrudIcLs LIe IoIIow-
Ing verse: "This duy, I huve perIected yoor religion Ior yoo.
us weII us LIe suyIngs oI LIe PropIeL wIIcI wurn us uguInsL Innovu-
To ceIebruLe LIe bIrLIduy oI PropIeL () und oLIers meuns LIuL LIe
ReIIgIon IusnoL been perIecLed by AIIuI () Ior LIIs UmmuI, und
LIe AposLIe () dId noL ImpurL Lo LIe peopIe wIuL wus necessury re-
gurdIng LIeIr reIIgIous duLIes, LIII LIese IuLe ones uppeured und In-
venLed In LIe reIIgIon wIuL Is noL permILLed by AIIuI, LIInkIng LIuL
LIIs wouId brIng LIem neurer Lo AIIuI.
UndoubLedIy, LIIs Is u greuL dunger und Is LunLumounL Lo crILIcIzIng
AIIuI LIe AImIgILy und LIe PropIeL (): wIereus AIIuI LIe AImIgILy
Ius uIreudy compIeLed LIe reIIgIon und perIecLed HIs gruce, und LIe
PropIeL () Ius conveyed LIe messuge openIy und InIormed LIe
UmmuI oI uII sucI wuys LIuL wIII Ieud LIem Lo LIe PurudIse und suve
LIem Irom HeIIIIre.
AccordIng Lo un uuLIenLIc HudILI, on LIe uuLIorILy oI AbduIIuI bIn
Amr bIn AI-As LIe Messenger oI AIIuI () suId:
"Alluh Tu'ulu {the Almighty) did not send u Prophet bot
obliged him to leud his people to the best wuy which is
known to him, und wurn them uguinst the worst which is
known to him. {Trunsmitted by Moslim)
L Is weII-known LIuL our PropIeL () Is LIe besL oI uII LIe propIeLs,
LIe IusL und LIe mosL perIecL oI LIem regurdIng LIe wuy Ie conveyed
LIe messuge und udvIsed IIs peopIe.
Hud LIe ceIebruLIon oI LIe MIIuud (bIrLIduy oI LIe PropIeL ) been
un ucL oI LIe ReIIgIon wIIcI AIIuI Is pIeused und Ius cIosen Ior HIs
servunLs, LIe PropIeL () wouId Iuve eILIer expIuIned IL Lo IIs nu-
LIon, Ie wouId Iuve ceIebruLed IL durIng IIs IIIe, or IIs CompunIons
wouId Iuve done IL. As LIIsdId noL Iuppen, IL becomes cIeur LIuL s-
Ium Ius no concern wILI MIIuud. On LIe conLrury, IL Is one oI LIe In-
novuLIons uguInsL wIIcI LIe PropIeL Ius wurned IIs peopIe us men-
LIoned eurIIer.
A IosL oI scIoIurs Iuve noL onIy rejecLed LIe ceIebruLIon oI MIIuud
buL Iuve wurned uguInsL IL In vIew oI LIe evIdences gIven ubove.
AccordIng Lo LIe ruIe oI LIe sIumIc SIurI'u, uII muLLers regurdIng Ie-
guIIzuLIon or proIIbILIon und uII dIspuLes umong LIe peopIe, sIouId
be reIerred Lo LIe Book oI AIIuI und LIe SunnuI oI HIs Messenger
() In uccordunce wILI LIe suyIng oI AIIuI:
"O yoo who believe! Obey Alluh und obey the Messen-
ger {Mohummud ), und those oI yoo {Moslims) who
ure in uothority. And iI yoo diIIer in unything
umongst yoorselves, reIer it to Alluh und His Messen-
ger { ) iI yoo believe in Alluh und in the Lust uy.
Thut is better und more soituble Ior Iinul determinu-
tion. {q:gq)
And AIIuI TIe AImIgILy suId:
"And in whutsoever yoo diIIer, the decision thereoI is
with Alluh {He is the Roling Jodge). {q:1o)
ReIerrIng LIIs Issue buck Lo LIe Book oI AIIuI, we IInd IL orduInIng
upon us Lo IoIIow LIe Messenger oI AIIuI () In IIs CommundmenLs
und wurns us uguInsL wIuL ever Ie proIIbILs. urLIermore IL LeIIs us
LIuL AIIuI Ius perIecLed LIe reIIgIon Ior LIe peopIe. So, us Iong us MI-
Iuud Is noL umong LIe LeucIIngs oI LIe PropIeL (), IL cunnoL be u
purL oI LIe reIIgIon wIIcI AIIuI Ius perIecLed Ior us und usked us Lo
udIere Lo by IoIIowIng LIe PropIeL ().
AguIn wIen we reIer LIIs Issue buck Lo LIe SunnuI oI LIe Messenger
oI AIIuI (), we do noL IInd eILIer LIe PropIeL () or LIe Compun-
Ions doIng IL by LIemseIves or uskIng oLIers Lo do IL. So IL becomes
evIdenL LIuL MIIuud Is noL u purL oI reIIgIon, buL ruLIer LIuL IL Is one
oI InnovuLIons und bIInd ImILuLIon oI LIe peopIe oI LIe book, I.e. LIe
Jews und LIe CIrIsLIuns In LIeIr IesLIvuIs. WILI LIIs urgumenL In
mInd, IL becomes crysLuI cIeur Ior everyone IuvIng LIe IeusL InsIgIL
und IncIInuLIon Lowurds LruLI und jusLIce, LIuL ceIebruLIng uny bIrLI-
duy Ius noLIIng Lo do wILI sIum. L Is ruLIer umong LIe InnovuLIons
wIIcI AIIuI und HIs Messenger () wurned uguInsL empIuLIcuIIy.
A wIse mun musL noL be deceIved by seeIng u Iurge number oI peopIe
doIng IL LIrougIouL LIe worId becuuse LIe LruLI Is known und recog-
nIzed by LIe evIdences oI SIurI'u und noL by LIe ucLs oI u greuL num-
ber oI peopIe.
AIIuI ( ) suys regurdIng LIe Jews und LIe CIrIsLIuns:
"And they suy, 'None shull enter Purudise onless he be
u Jew or u Christiun.' These ure their own desires. Suy
{Mohummud ) 'Prodoce yoor prooI iI yoo ure troth-
Iol.' {: 111)
And LIe AImIgILy uIso suId:
"And iI yoo obey most oI those on eurth, they will mis-
leud yoo Iur uwuy Irom Alluh's Puth. They Iollow noth-
ing bot conjectores, und they do nothing bot lie.
MosL oI LIese InnovuLIons, In uddILIon Lo LIeIr InnovuLory nuLure,
uIso do noL usuuIIy escupe Irom u number oI oLIer evIIs, sucI us
mIxed guLIerIngs oI men und women, songs uccompunIed by musIcuI
InsLrumenLs. drInkIng InLoxIcunLs, nurcoLIcs und LIe IIke. TIey muy
uIso InvoIve LIe worsL LIIng I.e. LIe GreuLer SIIrk, LIrougI sIowIng
exuggeruLIon In LIe Messenger oI AIIuI und oLIer suInLs und LIrougI
pruyIng Lo IIm, InvokIng IIs IeIp or beIIevIng LIuL Ie knows wIuL Is
IIdden und uII sImIIur cIuIms wIIcI render u beIIever us un InIIdeI. L
Is uuLIenLIcuIIy reporLed LIuL LIe Messenger oI AIIuI () Ius suId:
"Bewure oI extruvugunce in the Religion; it hus cuosed
the people beIore yoo to perish.
He uIso suId:
"o not luvish pruise on me us the Christiuns did with
the son oI Muryum. I um jost u bondmun. So Simply suy:
'The bondmun oI Alluh und His Messenger.{Trunsmi t-
ted by Bokhuri)
L Is curIous Lo noLe LIuL u greuL muny peopIe purLIcIpuLe mosL uc-
LIveIy In LIese ceIebruLIons und deIend LIem veIemenLIy, wIIIe LIey
sIL buck Irom uLLendIng LIe obIIguLory Iorms oI worsIIp sucI us duIIy
und rIduy pruyers. TIey ure noL even usIumed oI LIIs, nor do LIey
reuIIze LIuL LIey ure commILLIng u greuL evII.
UndoubLedIy, LIIs sIows LIe weukness oI LIeIr IuILI, LIeIr sIorL-
sIgILedness, und LIe deepIy IngruIned rusL on LIeIr IeurLs becuuse oI
sIns und dIsobedIence. We usk AIIuI`s proLecLIon Ior us und Ior uII LIe
L Is even more usLonIsIIng Lo noLe LIuL some peopIe beIIeve LIuL LIe
Messenger oI AIIuI () Is presenL uL MIIuud. ConsequenLIy LIey sLund
Lo greeL und WeIcome IIm. TIuL Is noL onIy u sIeer IIe buL u worsL
Iorm oI Ignorunce, us LIe PropIeL () sIuII neILIer come ouL oI IIs
gruve beIore LIe Duy oI ResurrecLIon, nor sIuII Ie meeL LIe peopIe or
uLLend LIeIr meeLIngs. nsLeud, Ie sIuII remuIn In IIs gruve LIII LIe
Duy oI ResurrecLIon wIIIe IIs souI resLs uL LIe IIgIesL oI LIe IIgI
wILI IIs ord In LIe mosL exuILed und IIgIesL pIuce.
AIIuI ( ) suys:
"AIter thut, sorely, yoo will die. Then {uguin), yoo will
be resorrected on the uy oI Resorection. {:1g-16)
TIe PropIeL () suId:
"I um the Iirst one to rise Irom the gruve on the Resor-
rection uy, I will be the Iirst intercessor, und the Iirst
one whose intercession is to be uccepted.
TIe uIoresuId evIdences Irom LIe Qur`un und HudILI prove beyond
doubL LIuL LIe deud peopIe wIII come ouL oI LIeIr gruves onIy on LIe
Duy oI ResurrecLIon. AII LIe scIoIurs oI sIum ugree upon LIIs. A
MusIIm sIouId be uwure oI LIese LIIngs und musL noL be eusIIy mIs-
Ied by LIe InnovuLIons und LIe supersLILIons creuLed by LIe IgnorunL
peopIe wILI no uuLIorILy Irom AIIuI uL uII.
As Ior oIIerIng LIe bIessIngs und greeLIngs (SuIuuL und SuIum) Lo LIe
PropIeL (), LIey ure umong LIe mosL preIerred und vIrLuous deeds,
In uccordunce wILI LIe suyIng oI AIIuI:
"Indeed, Alluh conIers blessing opon the Prophet, und
His ungels [us well usk him to do so|. O yoo who huve be-
lieved, usk [Alluh to conIer| blessing opon him und usk
[Alluh to grunt him| peuce. {:g6)
TIe PropIeL () suId:
"Whosoever sends blessings on me one time, Alluh sends
blessings on him ten times.
L Is prescrIbed on uII LImes, purLIcuIurIy uL LIe end oI eucI pruyer. L
Is IeId obIIguLory uL IusL TusIsIuIud oI eucI pruyer by mosL oI LIe
scIoIurs. L Is sLrongIy requIred uL u number oI occusIons sucI us
ImmedIuLeIy uILer AdIuun, uL LIe menLIon oI LIe nume oI LIe PropIeL
(), durIng LIe duy oI rIduy und LIe nIgIL precedIng IL uccordIng Lo
u IosL oI AIudILI.
TIIs Is wIuL wunLed Lo empIusIze regurdIng LIIs Issue. Iope IL wIII
suLIsIy everyone wIom AIIuI Ius sIown LIe IIgIL.
How sud IL Is Lo see some devoLed MusIIms, known Ior LIeIr sLrengLI
oI IuILI und Iove Ior LIe PropIeL () orgunIzIng sucI InnovuLory
eL us usk sucI peopIe: TeII us, II you beIong Lo AII-us-SunnuI und
IoIIow LIe PropIeL (), wIeLIer Ie IImseII or one oI IIs CompunIons
or LIeIr Successors dId LIIs or Is IL no more LIun u bIInd IoIIowIng oI
LIe enemIes oI sIum Irom umong LIe Jews und LIe CIrIsLIuns und
LIe IIke?
TIe Iove oI LIe PropIeL () Is noL reIIecLed by LIe ceIebruLIon on IIs
bIrLIduy, buL by obeyIng IIm, beIIevIng In IIs LeucIIngs, keepIng
uwuy Irom wIuL Ie proIIbILed und by worsIIppIng AIIuI In LIe wuy
Ie prescrIbed Ior us.
L Is uIso reIIecLed LIrougI oIIerIng SuIuuL und SuIum Lo IIm Irom
LIme Lo LIme, purLIcuIurIy uL LIe menLIon oI IIs nume und durIng
TIe WuIIubIyyuI, us LIe wrILer Lends Lo puL IL, ure noL new In rejecL-
Ing uII sucI InnovuLIons. TIeIr creed Is Lo IoId IusL Lo LIe Book oI AI-
IuI und LIe SunnuI oI HIs Messenger (): Lo IoIIow IIs IooLsLeps und
LIose oI IIs rIgILIy guIded successors: Lo beIIeve und prucLIce wIuL
wus propounded by LIe vIrLuous predecessors und LIe mums oI
IeurnIng und guIdunce wIo were cupubIe Lo Issue reIIgIous InjuncLIon
concernIng LIe knowIedge oI AIIuI, und HIs uLLrIbuLes oI perIecLIon
und dIgnILy us sIown In LIe GIorIous Book und LIe uuLIenLIc LrudI-
LIons oI LIe PropIeL () und us wIoIeIeurLedIy uccepLed by IIs com-
punIons. TIe WuIIubIyyuI beIIeve In LIem, LIe wuy LIey ure re-
porLed wILIouL uny uILeruLIon, personIIIcuLIon, or gIvIng exumpIe or
neguLIon oI sucI uLLrIbuLes. TIey sLIck Lo LIe wuy oI successors und
LIeIr IoIIowers Irom umong LIe peopIe oI IeurnIng, IuILI und pIeLy.
TIey beIIeve LIuL LIe IounduLIon oI LIe IuILI Is Lo beur wILness LIuL
LIere Is none Lo be worsIIpped excepL AIIuI und LIuL MuIummud
() Is LIe Messenger oI AIIuI. To LIem, LIIs Is LIe rooL oI IuILI und
one oI ILs mosL exuILed bruncIes us weII.
TIey know In uccordunce wILI LIe consensus oI LIe MusIIms, LIuL
LIIs rooL requIres knowIedge, ucknowIedgemenL und prucLIce.
L ImpIIes LIuL none Is Lo be worsIIpped excepL AIIuI LIe AImIgILy.
WIo Ius no ussocIuLes uL uII. L IurLIer ImpIIes LIe neguLIon oI wor-
sIIppIng uny oLIer excepL HIm. L sIows wIy jInn und munkInd were
creuLed; wIy LIe Messengers were senL und wIy LIe Books were re-
n uddILIon, 'buduI (worsIIp) Is noL onIy compIeLe submIssIon und
Iove buL uIso compIeLe obedIence und veneruLIon us weII. sIum Is LIe
onIy reIIgIon prescrIbed by AIIuI und dIssemInuLed by LIe propIeLs
und noLIIng, suve IL, Is uccepLubIe Lo AIIuI wIeLIer In LIe pusL or LIe
presenL. TIe one wIo submILs IIs wIII Lo AIIuI us weII us Lo someone
eIse besIde HIm Is u MusIrIk (poIyLIeIsL). TIe sume Is Lrue Ior LIe
one wIo pruys Lo AIIuI und someone eIse besIde HIm. As Ior LIe one
wIo does noL submIL Lo HIm, Ie Is urrogunL concernIng IIs duLIes
Lowurds IIs CreuLor. AIIuI LIe AImIgILy Suys:
"And verily, We huve sent umong every Lmmuh
{commonity, nution) u Messenger {procluiming):
'Worship Alluh {ulone), und uvoid {or keep uwuy
Irom) Tughoot {ull Iulse deities etc).' {16:6)
TIus LIe creed oI LIe WuIIubIyyuI Is bused upon IuIIIIImenL oI wIL-
nessIng LIuL MuIummud () Is LIe Messenger oI AIIuI und com-
pIeLeIy ubundonIng uII InnovuLIons, supersLILIons und wIuLever goes
uguInsL LIe SIurI'u.
TIIs Is wIuL SIuIkI MuIummud bIn AbduI WuIIub - muy AIIuI Iuve
mercy upon IIm - beIIeved und InvILed oLIers Lo beIIeve. WIoever
uccredILs Lo IIm unyLIIng conLrury Lo IL, does noL onIy IIe buL com-
mILs u greuL sIn und cIuIms wIuL Is LoLuIIy unIounded. He wIII, no
doubL, receIve wIuL AIIuI Ius promIsed Lo uII LIe IubrIcuLors oI IIes.
TIe SIuIkI Ius sIown - LIrougI u serIes oI IIs weII-known LreuLIses
und scIoIurIy books on LIe LopIc oI LIe DecIuruLIon oI UnILy: u IIuIu
III-AIIuI. - LIuL no one deserves worsIIp excepL AIIuI LIe AImIgILy
und LIuL LIIs Lype oI worsIIp sIouId be devoId oI uII sorLs oI SIIrk
(ussocIuLIng purLners wILI AIIuI) wIeLIer bIg or smuII. Anyone wIo
Is uwure oI LIese wrILIngs, IIs wuy oI preucIIng und cuIIIng peopIe Lo
AIIuI und oI LIe wuy oI IIs pupIIs und dIscIpIes, cun eusIIy IInd ouL
LIuL IIs upproucI wus noL dIIIerenL Irom LIuL oI our vIrLuous prede-
cessors, LIe greuL mums oI IeurnIng und guIdunce. ndeed, Ie Ius
propounded wIuL LIey dId LIrougIouL LIeIr IIves concernIng LIe
worsIIp oI AIIuI AIone und IeuvIng uII InnovuLIons und supersLILIons
L Is In no need oI uny uddILIon uILer wIuL AIIuI und HIs PropIeL Iuve
orduIned und wIuL LIe AII-uI-SunnuI wuI-Jumu'uI, Irom umong LIe
CompunIons, LIe Successors und LIeIr IoIIowers Iuve uIreudy re-
ceIved. To IorbId ceIebruLIng LIe bIrLIduy oI LIe PropIeL () due Lo
ILs InnovuLIve nuLure In uddILIon Lo LIe sIgns oI exLruvugunce und
SIIrk normuIIy ussocIuLed wILI IL, Is noL un-sIumIc, nor Is IL or de-
roguLory Lo LIe PropIeL (). nsLeud, IL Is un ucL oI obedIence us LIe
PropIeL () IImseII suId:
"Bewure oI the extruvugunce in mutters oI religion.
Those beIore yoo huve perished becuose oI extruvugunce
in the mutters oI religion.
AguIn Ie () suId:
"o not luvish pruise on me us the Christiuns did with
the son oI Muryum. I um bot u bondmun. So simply suy:
'Sluve oI Alluh und His Messenger.'
TIIs Is wIuL wunLed Lo poInL ouL regurdIng LIe uIoresuId urLIcIe.
Muy AIIuI IeIp us und uII LIe MusIIms Lo undersLund HIs reIIgIon, Lo
conLInuuIIy conIIrm us on IL, sLIck Lo SunnuI und keep uwuy Irom LIe
InnovuLIon. ndeed He Is Generous und KInd.
And Muy AIIuI SIower HIs bIessIngs und mercy upon our PropIeL
MuIummud, IIs IumIIy und IIs CompunIons.
AbduI-Azeez bIn AbduIIuI bIn Buz
TIe PresIdency oI sIumIc ReseurcI, ILu, Du`wuI und Gudunce.