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the fnllo~\ilinr: trrni*:

Vmlral 1)nrsnl


Anatomy Recall

What i s the positinn of the great tor (firs[ tor) rejativr Itr I l ~ e other toes?

\C'l~err. the radiaa'1:~rtcry i* in relation to the suhcI:txi:ln tlrtrv ?

t$%irh i q more distal, the femur or tibia?
What are the three rnajcrr typw of musrlc?

Describe the innel-vittion

ancl chr~raactcri\tics f o skrle~al mlrurle.

Cf'h:it four paramcttrs arc used tn rtc~rrihc skrletal


Define t l ~ r following n ~ u ~ c l e actions:

Chapter I 1 Overvrew



Ti~crc,;tcingthc anq!r ol' t llr <traiqt~tcntn~ joint thr

i c ~ i ~ lu , rr


Motqilg onr stnicturtl trnvi~rrl :lnrrtl~rr inrdiallv (i.r.. tow,lrrl tl1t1 :matmnir

rtdd = t(y(,ihr,l-

Dcscrihe the action that mcurs with each of t l ~ c rnllowing movements:
Kicking a asorcc hall

Extrr~sir~r~ I t y at tht, h ~ r r . of tlic, AlltT~rctionI I tlir fingrrs :12 t l t ~ ~ i~~ctaca~c)pl~al~ir~qt+:~l iclints A(ld~~ction t l ~ an11at thr sEln~~lder of' e

Spreading the fingers

Bringing an arm that is extended stmight out and tn the side Eatcrnlly,
toward the body

\%%ats tlie difference i
hetween ligaments and tendons?

Tendons :>ttacl~ l n u s c l ~ tllr I l o n ~ , tIw to while lig;irrlcnts attacl~ I)onc t o bonc.

What is a strain?

parZid rlr i n c n r n p l ~ t r trar nl'a


or Ti~a~ntmt
t h a t i s a sprain?

A partial or incompktc tctlr ol a tcr~rlon

The Head


.4 = 111I.f~rior v ~ i p ~ ~ P~I + ~ ~r W1in1,s ;1r1c1 I I ~ ~ A ~ l3 = I'<lr7~t:ll! ~ C I T I ( ~ C = 1,ainht~oirl ~ l h i r r s I 1 = S p l ~ ~ , i ~ o i ( l ~ r p ~ i \\in% I)OIIP, rr E = Tcrnpnr,3l Imnr F = Zygortiatir arch C; = 0ccrptit:d I>t)rlc.


= =

Exi~nld occipital p r n t i ~ l ~ t ~ r . + t ~ r ~
Uwtnitl pnKhws

] = R;un~rls01'1lic nrandil3lr R = :ingTc n r t l l ~ ~nandihlr L = M~ntal fr)r:~rnr,n $1- Frontal hr~nra .\! = Cori)r~,ll suttlrc 0 = Ptcriorl (thr "1" i s d r n t , P = 1,at.rirn;tl h n n ~ Q = Rxtprnal .tnditr>n'(;lco~istic) mcaius K = Antrrior nasal spinc S = $5 loid pmcss T = Alvt=nFarprocess
What are the superior and inrcrior temporal lines?

Thr a t t ; ~ c h n l ~ n t puints ror tllr t~rnporal~.; 111usdr

What region t i e s helnw the s~~perior inferior and


tempor:il lincs?
CVh:lt i* the dinical signifimnw or t11r proximity of the external auditory meatus and
Srv~rt: midrlIr canrinfcr%ol~s ~ p r r a t l in? to tllr rrlastoitl P~CLI~PPS ~ ~ ! I P Z teinpnrd


the rn:t\*oirl pnmss;?

Bones and sutures

Which eight hones make op thc ncurwrani~~rn?

m t are the immobile a junctions behc-pen thehone$ r ~ the neurorranium f



Anatomy Recall

Cnl-nnal suture? S:qitt:~l.;llturc?

Csrnl,doirl 'iuftlrr?
\ m a t i*the intcr.;ection e l l ' the I:irnhdr,id :mtl ragitlid s~lhlrcf called? M'l~al q Illc interwctiol~ i o tlw sagittal :~nd o r v n : ~ l f ~ suturec c:iII~d?

CChal ir; a nietnpic sutl~rr?
What i s c~-:~nin\!no~tosi~?
W l ~ aiq: l



IdenliSy the laheierl points rill the neurocr:lnium un the Following purtcrior r~nd
superinr views:

Chapter 2 1 The Head


What arc fnntai~elles?

What are the Targcst fontanellc~, and where are they Iocaterl? Which sutures form tlie I~orders f t h po~teriar o ~ Fontan~Ile?
How can the anterior and posterior Fontat~rlle~ he
identified on an infant?

In adults, what i s tlw name o thr remnant af the: f
Antprior fontanelle?
Posterior fontanelle?

What is the location of the anternlateral (sphent>id:~l) fontanrllc c:tllerl in atlulls?
W'hy is the pteriun clinically significant?


Anatomy Recall

Internal surface features

LaheI the Folltnving r*irw or the floor l htx nerlmcriinil~in:

Anterior cranial fossa

In additinn tn the ethrnoid ht~ne, wl-hichllunc conkributes tn Ihc nnnr of [he anterinr Fossa?
Ii E ! , a i s llie name of the flat psrl nT 111eerhmoid

Tlw fmr~td1 t ) r l r . 1

hone that I ~ C Santeriorly in the midline?

1111atstrtrrture passes tlrrough the crihriform


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