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Updated September 10, 2013 Curriculum Vitae NICHOLAS BIRNS Academic Publications: Published Books Theory After Theory:

An Intellectual History of Literary Theory from 1950 to the Early Twenty-First Century This is an overview book of currents in literary theory from the 1950s to the present, published by Broadview Press in June 2010. ISBN 878-155111-933-5.x Chasqui called it an "accessible and eloquent survey" and a "must-read guide for professors and students", whereas CHOICE "highly recommended" it, calling it "admirably detailed" and presenting "a broad intellectual history." while Peter Brier, writing in Magill's Reviews described it as a "detailed and comprehensive survey of the ebb and flow of critical theory." It was reviewed in the Brief Mention column of American Literature in March 2011 (volume 83, number 1). The Contemporary Spanish American Novel. Edited by Will Corral, Juan E. De Castro, and Nicholas Birns, an anthology essays on writers such as Cesar Aira, Roberto Bolao, Judith Ortiz Cofer, and Alonso Cueto. Published by Bloomsbury, September 2013, ISBN 9781441142450. Mario Vargas Llosa and Latin American Politics. Co-edited with my Lang colleague Juan E. De Castro. This is a collection of essays including contributions by both editors as well as an interaction both written by them, on the Peruvian writer's interactions with post-1980s political ideologies, particularly neoliberalism. Other contributors include Wilfrido Corral, Ignacio Lpez-Calvo, Jean O'Bryan Knight, and Gene H. Bell-Villada. Published by Palgrave Macmillan in October 2010. It was reviewed in Le Monde Diplomatique and recommended by CHOICE. ISBN10: 0-230-10529-7 Companion to Twentieth Century Australian Literature (co-edited with Rebecca McNeer of Ohio University), Camden House , November 2007. ISBN-13 9781571133496. The volume was awarded a grant by the Literature Board of Australia Council for the Arts and has been reviewed in CHOICE, JASAL, ALS. The Year's Work In English Studies, Zeitschrift fr Australienastudien, Overland and the Australian Book Review. It was named a CHOICE Outstanding Academic Title of 2008. Understanding Anthony Powell. University of South Carolina Press , August 2004. ISBN-13 9781570035494. The book was reviewed by the St. Louis Post-Dispatch (9/15/2004) and the New York Times Book Review (10/31/2004). The book was also reviewed by William H. Pritchard in the Winter 2005 Hudson Review and by Chris

2 Berberich in the January 2005 Modernism/Modernity and Derek Turner in Chronicles (May 2005). New York magazine termed it (December 13, 2004, p. 94) " a perfect guide to Powell's twelve-volume novel A Dance to the Music of Time" Reading Across The Pacific: Australian-United States Intellectual Histories. Coedited with Robert Dixon University of Sydney Press, 2010. Anthology of essays on the US-Australian cultural relationship. Includes essays by Paul Genoni of Curtin University Paul Kane of Vassar College; and Lawrence Buell of Harvard University. Willa Cather: Critical Insights. Pasadena: Salem Press, 2011. An anthology of new and reprinted essays on Cather, with a comprehensive introduction by Nicholas Birns. Contributors include Lisbeth Fuisz, Sarah Watson, Heather Alumbaugh, Tomas Pollard, and Stephanie S. Gross Cultural Encounters , published by Salem Press division of EBSCO, September 2012; includes a series of essays on postcolonial and US minority topics by distinguished scholars from the US, Canada, and Europe, with a theoretical introduction by Nicholas Birns

Books Under Development Barbarian Memory: The Legacy of Early Medieval History in Early Modern Literature under contract to Palgrave as a Pivot (original e-book) publication, forthcoming fall 2013. Options for Teaching Australian and New Zealand literature , co-edited with Nicole Moore of Australian Defense Force Academy and Sarah Shieff of the University of Waikato, CFP issued and prospectus invited by publications committee of the Modern Language Association . Journal Articles and Book Chapters The System Cannot Withstand Close Scrutiny: 1966, the Johns Hopkins Conference and the Anomalous Rise of Theory. Forthcoming in MLQ, September 2014. "The Novel Uncontained: Victorian Fiction, Tolstoy, and the Anglo-Russian Literary Channel" Forthcoming in Victorians Institute Journal, volume 41, 2013. Upon the Airy Ocean: Australia, the Russian Pacific, and theTransnational Imaginary. In Robert Dixon and Brigid Rooney, eds. Scenes of Reading, University of Sydney Press, 2013, pp. 73-85.

The Inner Consistency of Reality": Intermediacy in The Hobbit, Mythlore 31, 3-4, 2013.

"To Aleppo Gone: From The North Sea to Syria in Macbeth and The Man of Law's Tale." In Exemplaria, volume 24, number 4, October 2012 "Thickly Studied Oriental Archipelagoes: Figuring the Indian and Pacific Oceans in Moby-Dick". In Leviathan: A Journal of Melville Studies , June 2012,volume 14, issue 2. On Gerald Murnane, Music and Literature, volume 3, 2013. Tricontinental Modernities: Mario Vargas Llosas late Turn Against Imperialism, in Transmodernity, October 2012, "You Have Grown Very Much": The Scouring of the Shire and The Novelistic Aspects of The Lord Of The Rings " in Journal of the Fantastic in the Arts volume 23, number 2, 2012. Valjean In The Time of Javert: Roberto Bolao and Neoliberlaism. Forthcomjing in anthology on Bolao edited by ignacio Lpez-Calvo and Song No, "The Worcestershire Grumbler: James Lees-Milne, Diarist and Man of Letters." In The Hollins Critic, April 2012. "Reading Gerald Murnane" for Context , (Dalkey Archive Press) number 23, November 2011. "The Solid Mandala and Patrick White's Late Modernity " in Transnational Literature , volume 4, number 1, November 2011. " The Wars of the War of the End of the World ". Co-written with Juan De Castro for The Cambridge Companion to Mario Vargas Llosa , edited by Efrain Kristal of UCLA, Cambridge University Press, 2012. " A Bit Of Another Man's Land: Anthony Trollope's Antipodean Writings" For the Cambridge Companion to Anthony Trollope, edited by Carolyn Dever of Vanderbilt University and Lisa Niles of Spelman College, Cambridge University Press, 2011. The Stones and the Book: Tolkien and Biblical Mythopoeia". In Jason Fisher, ed. Tolkien and the Study of His Sources: Critical Essays , Jefferson, NC: McFarland, 2011. "From Cacotopias to Railroads: Rebellion and the Shaping of the Normal in China Mieville's Bas-Lag Universe". In Extrapolation, volume 50, number 2, summer 2009.

4 ''So Close and Yet So Far': Reading Australia Across the Pacific," Australian Book Review March 2009. "Birth and Death: Eliot's Journey of the Magi" in The Sewanee Theological Review , Pentecost 2008. Volume 51, number 3. "The Earth's Revenge: Nature, Diaspora, and Transfeminism in Larissa Lai's Salt Fish Girl," in China Fictions, English Language: Literary Essays in Diaspora, Memory, Story, ed. A. Robert Lee, 2008, Amsterdam: Rodopi. ISBN-13 978-9042023512 "Diaspora Beyond Millennium: Brian Castro, Ouyang Yu, and Chinese Australia" in China Fictions, English Language: Literary Essays in Diaspora, Memory, Story, ed. A. Robert Lee, 2008, Amsterdam: Rodopi. ISBNB-13 978-9042023512. "Jordan Catalano/Brian Krakow: Masculinity in the 'Alternative' 90s. in Dear Angela: Remembering My So-Called Life, co-edited by Michele Byers and David Lavery, Lanham, Md.: Lexington, 2007. ISBN-13 978-0739116920/p> "Beautiful Lamptown, The Writings of Dawn Powell". The Hollins Critic , December 2007. "Scientists and Searches: The Fiction of Sylvia Engdahl". The Hollins Critic , Oct. 2008. "'Where They Are Supposed To Get You Right': Frank Lentricchia's 'New Modernistic' Regionalism". Frank Lentricchia: Essyas on His Works edited by Thomas DePietro, to be published in 2010 by Guernica Press. ISBN 978-1550713121. "He Walked In Awe: The Creative Task of Samuel Menashe ", in Midstream topic issue on American Jewish Life, September/October 2006, pp. 33-37. "Ritualizing the Past: Ralph Lemon's Counter-Memorials", in PAJ 81, September 2005, pp. 18-22. "Cosmopolitan Convict: Marcus Clarke's Reshuffling Of The Past." in Lemuria: A HalfYearly Research Journal of Indo-Australian Studies , volume 1, number 1, pp. 112-121. "Thy World, Columbus!": Barbauld and Global Space, 1803, "1811", 1812, 2003. December 2005 in European Romantic Review pp. 545-62. Receptacle or Reversal?: Globalization Down Under in Marcus Clarke's For The Term of His Natural Life" in College Literature, April 2005 "Placing the Jar Properly: The Religious and the Secular in the Criticism of Harold Bloom " in The SALT Companion to Harold Bloom " edited by Roy Sellars of the

5 University of Southern Denmark and Graham Allen of University College Cork , 2007. available from Amazon UK . "A Dazzled Eye: Kristu-Du and the Architecture of Tyranny". In Fabulating Beauty: Perspectives on the Fiction of Peter Carey published 2005 by Rodopi and edited by Andreas Gaile of the University of Mainz, Germany "I Am Where I Go: The Poetry of Samuel Menashe," in The Hollins Critic , April 2003 "History and Testimony: Robert Aron and the Vichy Experience" in Midstream , topic issue on the Shoah, April 2002. "Fraga inte efter namn" ("Do Not Ask For Names", essay on Gerald Murnane translated into Swedish by Lars Ahlstrom) in ARTES (Journal of Swedish Academy, Stockholm), volume 28, number 4, 2002. "Octavia Butler: Fashioning Alien Constructs" In The Hollins Critic June 2001. "May in September: Australian Literature as Anglophone Alternative," in Australian Studies (Great Britain), 2001. "The Empire Turned Upside Down: The Colonial Fictions of Anthony Trollope", Ariel: A Review of International English Literature, July 1996. "' In Our Bodies': Incarnate History in Les Murray". In Counterbalancing Light: Essays on the Poetry of Les Murray, edited by Carmel Gaffney, Kardoorair Press, Armidale, NSW, 1997. "Weird White: Allusion and Literary History in The Twyborn Affair," published in Zeitschrift fr Anglistik und Amerikanistik (Germany), third quarter, 1997 "'Religions are Poems: Spirituality in the Poetry of Les A. Murray." In And The Birds Began to Sing: Religion and Literature in Post-Colonial Cultures, Ed. J.S. Scott, published by Rodopi (Amsterdam), 1996 "Indefinite Desires: Love and the Search for Truth in the Fiction of Gerald Murnane", in Southerly, spring 1995. "Beyond Disillusionment: Frank Moorhouse's Grand Days and Post-Colonial Idealism," Westerly, autumn 1995. "Secrets of the Birth of Time: The Rhetoric of Cultural Origins in Alastor and Mont Blanc," in Studies in Romanticism. volume 32, number 3, fall 1993 (special issue on Romantic historicism).

6 "Beyond Metafiction: Placing John Barth." In Arizona Quarterly, summer 1993, volume 49, number 2, pp. 113-136. "Aesthetic Disorientation and the Nature of the 'Wagner Matinee'", in Willa Cather Review, Volume XLIII, no. 1, Summer 1999. "Building the Cathedral: Imagination, Christianity, and Progress in Willa Cather's Death Comes For The Archbishop , in Religion and the Arts, 1999. "The Trojan Myth: Postmodern Reverberations," in Exemplaria: A Journal of Theory in Medieval and Renaissance Studies, spring 1993. "The Riddle Nature Could Not Prove: Hidden Landscapes in John Clare's Poetry", in John Clare in Context, edited by Hugh Haughton and Adam Phillips, Cambridge University Press, 1994. "A Peculiar Blending: Powys' Anglo-American Synthesis in A Glastonbury Romance and Autobiography", Powys Notes, 1993. "Telling Inside from Outside: Or, Who Really Killed Laura Palmer," in special issue on Twin Peaks of Literature/Film Quarterly, 1993. "Between Gravity Star and Memory Flower: Space, Time, and Language in Janet Frame's The Carpathians," in Australian and New Zealand Studies in Canada. spring 1991. "Gerald Murnane and the Power of Landscape," New Literatures Review, winter 1989; issue on post-colonialism edited by Bill Ashcroft.

REVIEWS: Review of Derek Attridge and Jane Elliot, Theory After Theory, Modernism?Modernity, volume 19, number 4, November 2012, pp. 831-833. Review of Nahoko Minamoto Alvey, Strange Truths in Undiscovered Lands for Studies in Romanticism, 51.2, 2012 . Review of Joan Jonas, "The Shape, the Scent, the Feel of Things," Dia:Beacon, in PAJ, Review of dance concerts, Sourcing Stravinsky and Meg Stuart, Retrospectives and New Beginnings for PAJ , 84, September 2006, pp. 48-55. Review of New York Theatre Ballet for The Dance insider, April 2008. Review of Peter Pierce, ed. The Cambridge History of Australian Literature, for The

7 Australian Literary Review . Review of Christopher Flynn, Americans in British Literature, 1770-1932 for Symbiosis , forthcoming 2010. Babette Babich , Words In Blood, Like Flowers; Philosophy and Poetry, Music and Eros in Holderlin, Nietzsche, and Heidegger , for The Nietzsche Circle , Review of Patrick Parrinder, Novel & Nation , in Secret Harmonies: The Journal of the Anthony Powell Society, December 2006; Review of Bruce Dawe, Sometimes Gladness , John Kinsella, Shades of the Sublime and the beautiful , Dimitris Tsaloumas, Helen of Troy for Australian Book Review ,. Review of The Children of Hurin for Tolkien Studies 5, f008, Review of Philip Fried, Big Men Speaking to Little Men, Barrow Street , Summer 2007. Review of Lauren M. E. Goodlad, The Victorian Novel and the Victorian State , Studies In The Novel , in Volume 38, number 2, summer 2006 issue, pp. 265-67, Kristine Swenson, 997) EDITORIAL POSITIONS AND MEMBERSHIPS Secretary-Treasurer, Council of Editors of Learned Journals , 2007-2011. This involves an extensive degree of administrative work, including maintaining databases and paying bills, as well as a role in determining the intellectual agenda of the organization, which is well known in US humanities academia. Largely drafted official CELJ Statement on Special Issues, October 2008. Elected Member, The Guild of Scholars of the Episcopal Church , 1998- ; service as President starting 2007.The Guild is an elected organization of approximately forty lay Episcopal academics in various disciplines. As President, I determine the makeup of the annual program and decide on the ongoing intellectual agenda of the group. Editor, Antipodes (the journal of the American Association for Australian Literary Studies ), 2001- Antipodes is a global journal that examines a national literature in an international, interdisciplinary and theoretical contexts, and includes scholars from all over the world. Under my leadership, it has become more academic in focus and has achieved recognition as a notable journal in postcolonial studies. Under my editorship, it has consistently received grants from the Literature Fund of the Australia Council for the Arts. I served as Book Review Editor of the journal from 1994-2000 and Associate Book Review Editor from 1993-1994. INVITED LECTURES AND OVERSEAS RESEARCH APPOINTMENTS Convenor of panel on Australian Trollope for the 2015 Trollope Bicentennial Conference, Leuven, Belgium, September 17-19, 2015. Invited talk for the Trollope Society, New York, on Phineas Finn and the Bildungaroman, October 8, 2013.

8 Keynote invited talk, Medium-Sized Mortals: Elizabeth Harrowers Long Prospects, conference on the road ahead in Australian literature, Macquarie University, June 20-21. 2013. Invited lecture on the fate of the linguisitc turn in literary studies, Pennsylvania State University, March 21, 2013; invitaiton also incldues a workshop on editing with Comparative Literature graduate students to be sent the following day. Invited talk on Anthony Trollopes La Vende. Trollope Society, Grolier Club, New York City, February 21, 2013. Keynote invited talk, Christina Stead conference, University of Western Australia, November 22-23, 2012. Participated in forum on transfeminism, Living Theater, New York, September 24, 2012, other partcipatints included TL Cowan, Jo Ladin, Tim Trace Petersen, and Trish Salah. "Does Idealism Preclude Heroism? Shirley Hazzard's United Nations writings," at Hazzard conference at Columbia University, September 8, 2012, co-convened by Nicholas Birns and Brigitta Olubas of the University of New South Wales Borage and Hellebore . talk on the non- Dance work of Anthony Powell, to be given at St. James Church, Piccadilly , London, on March 17, 2012; an Anthony Powell Society special event. Talk on Anna Laetitia Barbauld, "Eighteen Hundred and Eleven," and 1812, as part of the New School's 1812 festival . February 27, 2012. "The Novel Uncontained: Tolstoy and British Fiction". At Tolstoy for the 21st Century Conference , the New School, New York, October 14-17, 2010; also given at CUNY Victorian seminar, October 12, 2011. Invited talk at the Free University of Berlin DAAD-sponsored seminar on "Australian Literatures Local and Global", February 17, 2010, Berlin. Talk on Jack Lindsay, Patrick White, Australia, and Byzantium, given at the Australian medievalism conference, University of Wollongong, January 19-21, 2010. "Missed Appointments: American Literary Travelers Down Under," At Harvard Symposium in Australian Studies, Harvard University, Cambridge, October 31, 2009. Keynote address on Australian-British literary relations, to be given to the September 2009 conference of the Deutscher Anglistenverband . Klagenfurt, Austria. "Theory, Postcolonial, and the Global: A Practical View". Talk to University of Calgary

9 English Department, February 26, 2009. Visiting Research Fellowship at University off Wollongong, Australia, June 25-July 20, 2008, including participation on keynote panel at the Association for the Study of Australian literature (ASAl) conference, June 20-July 2, 2008. Talk on the Bible as literature to Trinity Episcopal Church , Tulsa, Oklahoma, April 13, 2008. "'The Touch of Sea in Greeting', Judith Wright: Poet, Housewife, Ecofeminist". Given in Gender Studies minor lecture series, New School, December 4, 2007. "The Bible as Literature: Historical Traditions" Given to Smithsonian Associates , Washington, DC, September 15, 2007 and Trinity Episcopal Church, Tulsa, April 14-15, 2008. "When Neglected Books Are Revived: William Godwin and Dawn Powell" In the History of the Book series of the Syracuse University library , given December 1, 2006. "Anthony Powell and the Twentieth Century." At The New School, Fridays@One series, October 13, 2006. Talk on Anthony Powell's Dance To The Music of Time at the Wallace Collection , London, January 21, 2006. "Epic and Anti-Epic in Anthony Powell's Writing," at Anthony Powell Symposium at Georgetown University Library, September 30, 2005. Lecture to Wells College History Club on Australian History, Wells College, Aurora, NY, November 17, 2004. "Old Text, New Faces: Kingsley's Hypatia and Cultural Transmission" at CUNY Victorian Seminar, November 3, 2004. Talk on Understanding Anthony Powell at Powell Society AGM, New Cavendish Club, London, October 23, 2004\ "Receptacle or Reversal?: Transporting Victorian Time to the Antipodes in Marcus Clarke's For The Term of His Natural Life and in Colonial Australian Culture", at the Conference on Colonial Victorianism at the Graduate Center , CUNY, May 2, 2003. CONTRIBUTIONS TO REFERENCE WORKS: Essays on Edward III and on The Winter's Tale for Facts on File Companion to

10 Shakespeare, edited by William Baker of Northern Illinois University and Kenneth Womack of Penn State, 2012. Essays on Anthony Powell and Peter Carey for The Blackwell's Encyclopedia of Twentieth Century Fiction 2010. Essay on Anglicanism for the Encyclopedia of Eastern Orthodoxy , edited by John McGuckin of Union Theological Seminary, 2010, Blackwell. Entries on the Eclectic Review , Harmsworth's Magazine , and The Daily Telegraph FOR the Dictionary of Nineteenth Century Journalism, edited Andrew King Entry on Raul Hilberg's The Destruction of the European Jews in Magill's Choice: Holocaust Literature, Salem Press, 2008. Entry on V. S. Naipaul for Dictionary of Literary Biography volume on Nobel Prize winners. 2007. DISSERTATION ""Spirits Lingering: Christianity and Modernity in Twentieth Century American Literature." Approved by New York University English Department, January 1992; panel included Harold Bloom, Perry Meisel, Anselm Haverkamp . After an opening theoretical chapter, the dissertation discussed the fiction of Willa Cather and Zora Neale Hurston, along with the poetry of Wallace Stevens and Robert Frost. It was the English Department Nominee for the Outstanding Dissertation Award. TEACHING EXPERIENCE Associate Teaching Professor, the New School , 1995-- , in Literature Program, Eugene Lang College , 2005-- , COURSES TAUGHT: Nineteenth-Century British Fiction, Reading After Theory , Literary Foundations, Classics of Modern American Drama; Emerson and Thoreau; Moby-Dick; Eighteenth Century Literature , American Literature (postmodern American fiction; Regionalism and Naturalism in American Fiction; modern survey , and 1945 to present survey), The American Short Story, The Fantastic Real: Literature at the Millennium, Contemporary Literary Theory , History of Literary Criticism, Ancient Greek Drama, Topics in Lit Theory: The New Historicism; Asian Religion and Deconstruction; Postcolonialism and Maghreb Literature; The Historical Novel; Twentieth Century American Drama in Literary History , Four American Classics; The Bible as Literature (Genesis, Exodus, Joshua, Judges, Ruth), History of the Novel, Introduction to Literary Studies, the American Short Story, Expanding the Novel (twentieth century experimental writing), Postcolonial Survey. Semi-finalist for Distinguished University Teching Award, the New School, 2011, 2012.


EDUCATION: BA (Columbia University , 1988) MA ( New York University, 1990) Ph.D. ( New York University, 1992; department nominee for outstanding dissertation) SELECTED CONFERENCE PAPERS: After 1966.' On Theory session organized by the MLA Division on Comparative Studies in 20th-Century Literature and the Division on Literary Criticism. Modern Language Association, January 3, 2013, Boston. Organized and chaired panel including three New School colleagues (Juan de Castro, Federico Finchelstein, Sara Villa) at the NECLAS annual conference, November 3, 2012, at Yale University; also giving paper entitled "Extending the 'Canon Occidental': Harold Bloom and the Latin American Canon." Historicizing Deconstruction, Conceptualizing Allegory: James Paxson's Embodiment of Theory, 47th International Congress on medieval Studies, Kalamazoo, MI, May 10-13, 2012. 'Benny Agbayani: Hero of the Multicultural Mets.' Given at the 50th anniversary of the New York Mets conference, Hofstra University, April 26-28, 2012. Are We Now All Anti-Colonial? Mario Vargas Llosa's Late Turn Against Imperialism in El sueo del celta ." Northeast New England Council of Latin American Studies conference, Dartmouth College, hanover, NH, November 13-15, 2011. "The Other Moby-Dick : Lima, The Lusiads , and the Indian Ocean on the Pequods Voyage," at Third Conference on Orientalisms, University of California, Merced, April 2011. "Rereading Kangaroo : Lawrence, Bourdieu, Thirroul." Presented at the American Association of Australian Literary Studies conference, University of Calgary, February 27-28, 2009. "Appropriation in the Backlands: Mario Vargas Llosa and Euclides da Cunha," at Modern Language Association convention, San Francisco, December 27-30, 2008; also presented at LASA conference, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, June 13, 2009 Participant in Symposium on Editorship, Modern Language Association, Chicago,

12 December 27-30, 2007. "By Doom Mastered: The Turin Story in Tolkien's Legendarium". Presented at the Tolkien 2007 conference, University of Vermont, April 14, 2007. OTHER ACADEMIC ACTIVITY Guest-edited and wrote introduction for special spring 2012 issue of the Pennsylvania Literary Journal, "New Formalism of/on the Contemporary." Memorial notice for Samuel Menashe, Samuel Menashe 1925-2011 , published with Menashe's last poem, Reproduce! in The Harvard Review , issue 41, 2011. "People Turn Into Parts of The World," a creative nonfiction essay in Duff Brenna and Walter Cummins, eds., Surviving Ourselves: Male Authors on the Art of Aging, Serving House Books , 2011. Australia mas cerca , article on Australian literature for Babelia section of Spanish newspaper El Pais (tr. Fernando Revueltas), May 7, 2011. On Academic Curriculum Committee, Eugene Lang College, October 2010 to May 2013. On Lang Faculty Council, September 2011 to May 2013 Guest-editor special Australian issue of Review of Contemporary Fiction, fall 2007. Writers included: Carmel Bird, Delia Falconer, Tom Flood, Christopher Cyrill, Tim Richards, Brenda Walker, Gerald Murnane, Thomas Shapcott, John Kinsella, Ouyang Yu. Taught Foucault Society seminar on Michel Foucault's The Order Of Things, Hunter College, June-July 2007. Received travel grant from Writing On The Edge, University of California, Davis, to interview Frank Kermode in England, summer 2005. The result was published as "'Some Kind of Creative Pulse': An Interview with Frank Kermode." With John Boe. In Writing on the Edge , volume 16, number 2, spring 2006, pp. 9-19. Directed Senior Work of Adam Burchard, "A Genius of Deep Crime: Poe and the Market," Eugene Lang College, spring 2006. Directed senior work of Kelleen Maluski, "The Paragraph Was a Gage of Battle": The Literary Phenomenon of Jonathan Edwards, Eugene Lang College, fall 2007. Directed senior work of Teresa Rose Nimirowski, Novelistic Principles of Balzacs Avant Propos: As Discovered & Cultivated in the Renaissance works by Rabelais & the Ancient Authors: Apuleius & Petronius, Eugene Lang College, spring 2008, Margot Kent, "A Cut Above the Rest: The Nonfiction narratives of Anthony Bourdain and Michael Lewis," Eugene Lang College, fall 2008,

13 Alexandra Sourbis, The Life and Literature of the Daughter of Transcendentalism, spring 2010, Kaleb Offenbacher project on John Steinbecks East of Eden, spring 2011, Benjamin Hokamp, project on adolescence in Victorian fiction, spring 2011, Michael Scott, Virginia Woolf and sociology, fall 2011, Ruthie Dreyer, Tasmania and representations of landscape in the US and Australia, Jessica Bailey, mythology and intertextualtiy in the work of Neil Gaiman, spring 2012. Moderated panel, "The Aesthetics of the Body" at The Body: Ethos and Ethics , Sponsored by the Foucault Society , October 6-7, 2006, at The New School and Hunter College. On Episcopal-Methodist dialogue committee, Diocese of New York, from January 2009. Consultant on translation into Italian of selected works by Edgar Allan Poe , with critical commentary, edited by the late Dott. Prof. Maddalena Raimondi Capasso of Milan , published in 2006 by the Arezzo -based company Alberti . I also assisted Professor Capasso on a previous anthology of Anglophone literature, Guidelines . On editorial boards of JASAL, Journal of Commonwealth and Postcolonial Literature, Transnational Literatures , Australian Studies, and Zeitscrift fur Australienstudien. Consultant on dissertations on Thomas Pynchon (Joakim Sigvardson), Dorothy Canfield Fisher (Annika Ljung-Baruth), and John Banville (Joakim Wrethed), University of Stockholm, 2002, 2006. Outside examiner on dissertations, Western Michigan University, the University of New England , , Macquarie uniersity, Rhodes University (Sotuh Africa), University of Melbourne, Flinders University , the University of Sydney and the University of New South Wales. Outside reader on BA senior thesis, Amherst College. Consultant for documentary on Harold Bloom produced by Films for the Humanities and Sciences in coordination with Facts On File and Prodimag ; interviewed Bloom for the project, November 3, 2007; documentary released in 2009. On committee to determine funding of part-time faculty conference proposals, Eugene Lang College, October 2008; committee on multi-year appointments, the New School, Spring 2009 Lecturing and Service Outside the Academy Conducted programs on US history and politics for Prudential Intercultural Services , 2007 to present, clients include JPMorgan Chase, Pfizer, Pepsico, Unilever, American Express, and MasterCard. Participated in memorial tribute to Shamsur Rahman, October 1, 2006, organized by Hassanal Abdullah of Shabdaguchha magazine.

14 Participated in reading the poems of Samuel Menashe at Jefferson Market Library, New York, March 3, 2007. On Advisory Committee, Carlos Manzano campaign for Manhattan Borough President, 2005; included organizing candidate appearances. Have also organized events and participated in volunteer efforts on several other local and national political campaigns. Taught courses, in collaboration with the clergy and staff, on the religious poetry of T. S. Eliot, the parables in the Gospel of Luke, various videos in the NOOMA series, and two TFCC courses: Three Faiths for One God, and Luke: A Global Gospel for Grace Church, Broadway, Adult Education series, New York, 2007. Teaching at Sol Goldman 14th St. Y of the Educational Alliance , 2001, and at Grace Church (Broadway) Sunday School, 2005 to present (teaching 6 to 8 year olds); Vacation Bible School, Grace Church, 2006-2011.

RECOMMENDATIONS Professor Harold Bloom, Yale University Professor Juan De Castro , Eugene Lang College, the New School Professor Kevin Hart , University of Virginia Professor Perry Meisel, New York University Professor Laura Frost, Eugene Lang College. The New School Professor Carolyn Vellenga Berman, The New School for General Studies Professor Noah Isenberg, Eugene Lang College, the New School Professor Paul Kane, Vassar College Professor Anselm Haverkamp , New York University Professor Elaine Savory, Eugene Lang College, The New School