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Prophetic Brief
Insight and Analysis for the 21st Century

An Analysis of the Financial Crisis in the United States - Part 5

Among the other fears besetting economic This is what the Sovereign LORD showed
and political leaders there is now worry that me: He was preparing swarms of locusts
the credit crises will cause deflation, this in after the king’s share had been harvested
spite of the fact that inflation rose to 5.6% in and just as the second crop was coming
July, the highest level since 1991. This up. When they had stripped the land
CONTENTS increase was largely the result of the surge in clean, I cried out, "Sovereign LORD,
PROPHETIC PERSPECTIVE commodity prices (oil and food) in the first half forgive! How can Jacob survive? He is so
All prophetic analysis and a correct of the year, but since July the price of oil has small!” So the LORD relented. "This will
worldview must begin with God. Our tumbled from a high of $147 / barrel to less not happen,” the LORD said.
than $60. In China, inflation fell from 8.7% in Amos 7:1-3 (NIV)
worldview begins with a gaze into another February to 4% last month, a steep decline
dimension and with receiving and accepting based primarily in plunging food costs.
core elements of the nature of God Himself
as it relates to making sense of the nature Unemployment in America rose to 6.5% in
of life here in the mortal realm of Man. October, up from 4.8% a year earlier. The fear
of falling prices, increasing unemployment and
AVAILABLE IN high leverage could lead to a “debt-deflation”
JANUARY 2009 cycle that tightens credit even further, reduces
investment and leads to a global economic
depression that would take years to recover

As a church in the U.S. and globally, we must

see the events of the earth through the filter of
God’s redemptive purposes. Understanding
God’s redemptive nature allowed Jeremiah to
powerfully and confidently declare God’s
goodness in the midst of national devastation,
and he was therefore able to mandate that the
people go down to Babylon in hope and not
fear. God’s purpose was to bring them back, When Amos saw the hand of the Lord coming
and His thoughts towards them were based in upon the nation to destroy the harvest, he
His inherent goodness even while He was knew it would lead to starvation, famine and
enacting judgment upon them for their ultimately to genocide. Though the rebellious
consistent national disobedience. national leadership consistently rejected
Amos’ ministry, the prophet cried out for
In a day of earthquakes and tsunamis that forgiveness on behalf of the people and for a
devastate entire regions, and in this time when withholding of judgment. The sense of real
economic and political crisis grips the earth, r e s p o n s i b i l i t y, c a r e a n d h i s h e a r t o f
we must hear from prophets who have a fresh compassion can still be heard in Amos’ voice:
Global warming, food shortage, financial word from God about His opinion and “How can Jacob survive? He is so small”.
meltdown, war and genocide…Crisis is involvement in the matter. When a powerful
occurring on every continent, and the Church which has clear prophetic insight lifts Because of the prophet’s appeal, God
nations are troubled and perplexed. It is a its voice in the earth and declares the “relented”—a word which means to breathe a
time for the Church to receive insight from purposes of God, only a people who are not deep sigh of sorrow or regret, or to have pity
God and to perceive the reality behind the acquainted with the complex nature of God and compassion. The heart response of Amos
could charge that this benevolent Creator of all upon the earth was the same as the heart
crises. We must correctly perceive what is things could never judge or authorize response of God who sits enthroned in the
occurring in the nations as this age rushes destruction. Amos was such a prophet, and he heavens, and together the prophet partnered
towards the point of culmination and had insight into the impending famine and with God and terrible judgment was averted.
climax. economic calamity planned by God for Israel: Yet the rebellion of the people was great and


Amos 9:1 (NIV)

"I saw the Lord standing at the
altar, and He said: "Strike the
tops of the pillars so that the
thresholds shake. Bring them
down on the heads of all the
people; those who are left I will
kill with the sword. Not one
will get away, none will escape."

Jeroboam’s wicked leadership turned the Jeroboam (representing political power) and
hearts of the people away from the worship of Amaziah the priest (representing the false
God towards the worship of golden calves, so
God determined to move against the nation
church) were deceived by the illusion that they
possessed power, and were too blind and
Amos was commanded to
once again, this time by fire to both devour the
crops and dry up the deep or produce intense
darkened in their minds to understand that
Amos’ dire warnings were, in actuality,
assault the core structures
drought conditions. Amos once again
interceded and God stayed this 2nd judgment
expressions of mercy and that the promised
judgments were sure. The only basis for
in the unseen realm,
(Amos 7:4-6), yet Amaziah rebuked Amos and
ordered him to remove himself from Israel and
Amos to justly prophesy such dreadful
punishment was the fact that he had cried out
producing devastation and
go back to Judah. It was only then that
judgment became certain:
repeatedly for mercy and God had spared the
people. In the end, this prophetic word of
intense disorder in the
Now then, hear the word of the LORD.
judgment was the only correct response to the
consistent rejection of the mercies of God
natural realm. We are
You say, "Do not prophesy against Israel,
and stop preaching against the house of
which the prophet himself had petitioned God
to enact towards the nation. Once the final
dealing here with the
Isaac.” "Therefore this is what the LORD
says: "'Your wife will become a prostitute
verdict of judgment had been cast, it became
the prophet’s mandate to participate with God
unseen architecture of the
in the city, and your sons and daughters
will fall by the sword. Your land will be
in the destruction of the nation. nation, a place where the
measured and divided up, and you
yourself will die in a pagan country. And
"I saw the Lord standing at the altar, and
He said: “Strike the tops of the pillars so
actual power that
Israel will certainly go into exile, away
from their native land.’”
that the thresholds shake. Bring them
down on the heads of all the people; those
sustained Israel was either
Amos 7:16-17 (NIV) who are left I will kill with the sword. Not
one will get away, none will escape.”
upheld or destroyed.
Amos 9:1 (NIV)


We see several key issues in this interaction. things like the economy / famine, wisdom
removed from political leadership, invasion The Architecture of the
1. A view of God’s redemptive purposes for and occupation by foreign armies, etc. All of
the earth must undergird all prophetic these natural occurrences had their origin in New Prophetic Dimension
insight. Amos saw the Lord approaching an unseen transaction which we are given a
Israel with judgment on two occasions, the first view through Amos’ powerful prophetic A revolutionary
time with a plague of locusts and the second operations towards the nation. The Lord new look at
with wildfire, both of which would destroy the declared to Israel that I have carried you into
national crop and produce famine. On both exile (Jer 29:14), indicating that he wanted prophetic
occasions, Amos cried out to the Sovereign them to clearly understand that the Babylonian reality as it
Lord to stop the judgment, and on both invasion was not just a geo-political event but exists in the
occasions God sighed with regret, and He had a direct intervention from the Lord. God cannot
pity and compassion and judgment was be doing things in the earth and we remain 21st century
forestalled. Though the nation had consistently unaware. church.
rejected his reforms and his call to
repentance, Amos had no personal stake in 3. The Church must come into a correct get the book>
the judgments. The church must be mature, understanding of dominion. The problem in
filled with divine (not human) compassion, and defining dominion is based in a carnal view of
rise to the place of seeing the nations as Amos what power is, which focuses on who has the
said of Jacob: “how can he survive, he is so power to control natural outcomes. Natural,
small?” Amos was following in the footsteps of earth-based definitions of power ignore the
Abraham, who understood that when God reality that at the core of every nation and
came to his tent to reveal his plans for Sodom, system in the earth is a spiritual reality that
that His intention was for a people on the earth can only be moved by an obedient people who
who shared His heart for those who faced are dead to self and connected deeply into the
imminent destruction. When Sodom was mind and heart of God. When Elijah dealt with
judged, it was only after a reluctant God came Ahab he was not primarily involved in a 2778 Cumberland Blvd
down to personally check on the reports he political process; he was engaged in powerful
had heard, and after a patriarch had sought to transactions in the unseen realm that allowed Suite 163
redeem the nation through the obedience of a him to close and open the heavens, call down Symrna GA 30080
few in negotiations with God. Redemption fire from the next dimension, and physically Tel: 770.321.8440
means that destruction is the last possible transition into the next realm without seeing
alternative. death. When a correct and powerful Prophetic
dimension is released, it activates princes to
2. There is an unseen reality behind all fly in the heavens, nations to rise and fall, and © 2008 Scott Webster Ministries.
natural occurrences. Amos was commanded the ultimate purposes of God to come into the All Rights Reserved.
to assault the core structures in the unseen earth unhindered. Dominion, then, can be
realm, producing devastation and intense correctly described as the ability to act as a
disorder in the natural realm. This is not a catalyst and conduit to the spiritual power that
natural act against a physical altar or the stone impacts systems in the earth. The prophetic,
pillars which upheld the roof of the place of therefore is an exercise in power sharing.
false worship. The command to strike the top
of the pillars so that the thresholds shake and Only God can grant the Church access to the
then the entire formation is brought down on spiritual positions from which the power to
the heads of “all the people” is a metaphor for raise up or destroy nations is administered into
destruction of the core structures of the nation the earth. The requirement is for keen
as judgment. We are dealing here with the discernment and knowledge of the heart of
unseen architecture of the nation, a place God so that effective administration of the
where the actual power that sustained Israel Kingdom of God can occur.
was either upheld or destroyed. This would be

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