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Xperia Ultimate HD ROM | 2.0.


This is a PORT Of Xperia Ultimate HD ROM, With PERMISSION From Jader13254

ROM is PORTED by me and Sandy7


Based on .587 Android 4.0.4 stable with AROMA Installer and CWM On LOcked Bootloader Selection For All 2011 Xperia MDPI Devices Advanced Options in Settings Includind OTA BUT OTA doesnot Support MDPI Devices AOSP JB/ICS SetUP Wizard, NEW HOLO Themed Radio App and New Icons JB/4.1.2 Google Play, Google Calender + White Sony Calender 100% Bloatware-free, Essential apps included blazing fast and stable, bug free and 100MB free in / system-target is to achive even More Latest Superuser, busybox, Prerooted, Busybox Setup in Script, Fixed Binary

Deodexed, notification LED fix, Supercharged, Patched Services, Time Killer Killed, Endless mulititasking, Maximun Override Zipalinged, Fixed Permissions, Tons of tweaks - even tried to include Project BUTTER Xperia S, Xperis T, Xperia GX, Xperis Tablet S and Xperia Sola System apps Redesigned Wallpapers and Wallpaper Drawer Jelly Bean Goodies, Like Fonts, Sounds, Animations, Emojis, Eastereggs Redesigned Settings, Canlender, Camera, 3D Camera Xperis V Album and Xperia T Movies Xperia T & JB Statusbar with Settings and Clear All Button Modded Holo Camera & 3D camera with new icons Xperia Sola Keyboard And weather widget, Xperia T notes and calculator Jelly Bean Adreno, Jelly Bean APNs, Arbic Language


Xperia Ultimate HD is an very fast ICS ROM, it gives you a super beautiful user interface combined with blazing fast Speed and AROMA Installer. Sure, there are a lot ROM's out, which claim for Stability and Performance. Lots of them are very similar. So I wanted to make Something Unique. I added own Wallpapers, Settings and lots exclusive stuff for you. Just Try It or read the Feedback of lot satisfied Users. By popular request I ported to complete 2011 Xperia Line-Up. With this, my newest ROM, you'll get all-in-one ROM. Really, I tried to give you the best experience possible. Most of system apps are from Jelly Bean or Xperia T. In addition, I tried to implement Project Butter, added adreno Jelly Bean and lots of other tweaks and stuff from Jelly Bean. I recommend to use PANIC Kernel, but you can use every ICS kernel. So, happy flashing everyone!


ULtimate HD MOD Looks

How To Install ROM: =============== Be sure you are on latest Sony build .587 For Locked Bootloaders: 1.Get root 2.Get cwm 3.wipe factory/data 4.wipe cache 5.format system 6.wipe dalvik cacahe 7.Put the rom on SD Card 8.Flash the rom(choose 1st install in aroma) 9.Reboot 10.again reboot to cwm 11.flash the Ultimate HD mod 12.reboot

For Unlocked Bootloaders:

1.Enter cwm 2.wipe factory/data 3.wipe cache 4.format system 5.wipe dalvik cacahe 6.Put the rom on SD Card 7.Flash the rom (choose 1st install in aroma) 8.Reboot 9.again reboot to cwm 10.flash the Utlimate HD mod 11.reboot HOW TO UPDATE IF UR ARE ALREADY ON ULTIMATE ROM 1.Enter cwm 2.wipe cache 3.wipe dalvik cacahe 4.Put the rom on SD Card 5.Flash the rom (choose upgradel in aroma) 6.Reboot 7.again reboot to cwm 8.flash the Utlimate HD mod 9.reboot

1.i get lot of fc and some graphics issues somewhere. simple disable on screen navigation from settings 2.i deselected the AOSP lockscreen on settings but still it work u have to falsh the Ultimate HD mod to make it work

3.systemUI fc while choosing the quick panel simple go to settings>notification toggles > and uncheck all the toggles then it will work.

Changelog of Xperia Ultimate HD


AOSP JB/ICS SetUP Wizard Over-The-Air Premium Update Advanced Settings with New Options and New Icon New Holo Themed Radio App and New Icon Brand New AROMA New ROM Engines Fixed GPU & Gaming JellyBean or Ultimate HD Theme New Wallpapers App "Ultimate HD Wallpapers" - in HD LOLz Speed Improvements JB/4.1.2 Google Play Google Calendar + White Sony Calendar CWM on Locked Bootloader Fixed All 2011 Xperia Port (exept Play) Very Light Our Unique Easteregg & Build.Prop New Tweaks Xperia Tablet Album Menu Key Tweak

2.0.2 Updated Some Apps Updated AROMA Installer with ultimate HD theme Complete New Tweaks Engine Root, Browser, PowerAMP,lucky pstcher etc.. fix New Framework Style and Default Themes Fix new ultimate HD mod full reboot options skip track back to kill all apps gtalk added (on req) big album art AOSP lockscreen supercharged facebook integration(option is aroma redisgined NXT frameowrk updated ultimate HD advance settings usb mass storage and offline charging fix new offline charging animation lot of other things cant remeber.