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The Academic is Number One for a Nursing Student According to Balanced Scorecard (BSC), the organizations is a social unit

of people that is structured and managed to meet a need or to pursue collective goals. All organizations have a management structure that determines relationships between the different activities and the members, and subdivides and assigns roles, responsibilities, and authority to carry out different tasks. Organizations are open systems--they affect and are affected by their environment. The organization is a system (instititution) that consist group of people which structurally and systemly, mutually in interaction, employing resource, that have pint interest for achieve a same goal. The organizations as the umbrella for many people in group who have a same goal. The organization is an institution constitut as a medium to share and change informations. Whereas according to Boone and Karts, the organizations is a process interactions that consist many people to achieve a same destination. But many people assume that the organization annoy their lecture. With many perceptions, opinions, paragdims from the students; such as: the organization is not important, dilly-dally, make the value decrease because very busy in organization, lecture unfinished, the organization is disadvantage, just disturb the lecture, in fact a statement that follow organization is lie for study. To be a organizer of nursing students learn for interaction with patients. Certainly to get the benefits is not only with follow in organization. Is someone can understand social life is important so he can interact and communicate with another people his selves. But these benefits are not gotten by students in organizations. As a nursing student, joint an organization does not really matter. Learning time is reduced since our time is taken for the activity. Nursing students should be able to improve their academic fields. We must learn as much as possible. To get maximum results, we have to learn to the maximum with ample time. Activities of these organizations can reduce student stamina. We shall being tired,hence we cant concentrate while studying later. To get the benefits mentioned above, we do not have tocontribute to an organization. If someone can understand the importance of social life, then he will naturally be able to accustom himself to interact or communicate with the people around him. Social skills can also be obtained by living with people around. This attitude will present itself not only by joining organizations.

Although there are some the advantages in followed the organization, but also there are some the disadvantages in followed the organizations. Especially for nursing students those will not get only in the organizations. If someone have easy socialbility in his personality so he do not dally for organizations. The time is better spent for study by someone. Organization of nursing faculty as learning to interact with the other, before to the patient certainly. Although they are very active in organizations, student often do not focus and breache their obligations as a student. They also lost a lot of time off. Many example of students who already feel comfortable with the organizations environment, they forgot the assignments that should be a top priority. Many consequently are delaying their graduation, and prefer to continue to organize that should just an extra activity. As a good student focuses only on the given subject.

There are the advantages of followed the organization. It will make add our link for communication in the future. In addition to help students in interaction with the other people, learn in collaboration with the other. In addition the disadvantage is dally for study. The time for study to be decrease because the leeway that must for learn was done in organization activities. Whereas as a nursing students will coping a patient (the humans). We do not learn in some part but must everything about that. Because it is as regard humans life. The conclusion that to be an organizer have many advantages. But we do not forget with priority that must be a best student. Because it is an our obligation to the parents. Then we know that to be an organizer is not just get in the organizations. We also can get its with the other way that certainly is not disrupt our obligation be a student. Especially we are nursing sudents, the organizations is not really important than study. Because we procetuded to really understand and really know what do we learn. If we are wrong fault in know and action, we can derange a patient or even kill the patients. Reference