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Swathi Narahari & Megha Jain

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Foothill High School, Multipurpose Room
Pleasanton, CA
A Vision Of India

Swathi and Megha

Anthayu-Neeve—Classical, Karnatic Music

Composer: Annamacharya, Raga: Hindolam, Talam: Aadi.
Here Annamacharya praises the Lord with different names. He sees no difference in His in-numerous images. Annamacharya
sings his honest homage to the God in this song.
Singer: Swathi Narahari, Mrudangam: Gopal

Mohana Rama—Classical, Karnatic Music

Composer: Thyagaraja, Ragam: Mohana, Talam: Aadi.
Oh Lord Rama! I am enchanted by your beauty. Hearing the greatness of your incarnation as man on the earth, all devatas,
men high and low, the learned men, Indra the lord of devatas, the sun and the moon are immersed in their love for you. They
took birth as animals to serve you. They served Rama, the bridegroom of Sita, for a very long time, forgetting their ownself.
Thyagaraja is fortunate to be blessed by Rama, who enchants the whole universe.
Singer: Swathi Narahari, Mrudangam: Gopal

Narayanathe Namo Namo—Classical, Karnatic Music

Composer: Annamacharya, Ragam: Behag, Talam: Aadi.
I bow to you, Oh Narayana. You are worshipped by Narada, I bow to you. You lie on ocean. The sun and the moon are your
eyes. Brahma worships your feet; you vanquished Bali. You are the Lord of Gopikas. I bow to you. You are the prime God.
All the scriptures worship you. You are the fascinating lord of Yadavas (community). You uplifted Vedas. You love music.
I bow to you.
Singer: Swathi Narahari, Mrudangam: Gopal

Guest Appearance—Classical, Karnatic Music

Singer: Sri Lakshmi Kolavennu; Mrudangam: Gopal

Phir Milenge Chalte Chalte—Bollywood Dance

Phir Milenge Chalte Chalte from the movie Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi. It's a Bollywood melody of songs from the olden days
mixed together creating one new song. This song was choreographed by Mona Sampath from the Naach Company.
Dancers: Amit Patel, Nehal Tenany, Simon Srivatsa

Chota Khayal—Classical, Hindustani Music

This Raag is called Raag Tilak Kamod. It is usually sung in the spring time in the night. The composition being performed is
a Chota Khayal. The interpretation of the words of this song is as follows: "In the village, the girl generally goes to the well
to fetch water. In this case, the girl questions, how she can go to fetch water, when she on her way has lost her heart to lord
Krishna. She mentions that Lord Krishna in his mischievous nature does not listen, and the girl has exhausted all her efforts
in trying to convince him."
Singer: Monjari Vipani, Harmonium: Sushma Mathur

Bhoomanjali—Classical, Bharatanatyam Dance

Sudha Saveri Raga Talamalika
This dance is an invocation dedicated to Mother Earth
Dancers: Megha Jain, Tanusree Sreedharan, Adithi Rajapuram, Ahalya Prakash

Jathiswaram—Classical, Bharatanatyam Dance
Ragam: Hindolam, Talam: Rupakam, Composition: Yellappa Pillai, Choreography: The Dhananjayans.
Jathiswaram consists of a combination of Jathis – rhythmic syllables and Swaras - the musical notes. It involves pure dance
with intricate step patterns that are set to the Swaras.
Dancers: Aditi Bommireddy, Anirudh Bommireddy

Jai Ho—Bollywood Dance

"Jai Ho" means victorious. This dance is based on the song from the movie Slumdog Millionaire which won many Oscar
Awards of 2009.
Dancers: Hailey Zreik, Kushi Kumbagowdana, Medha Gautham, Medha Prakash, Krishna Balagopal, Vaidehi Naik, Richa
Tenany, Simran Birla, Krutika Ingale

Yevu Tashi Kashi mi Nandayla—Marathi Lawani

Lawani is a very famous form of folk dance in the state of Maharashtra. It is mostly known for Shrungaar-Ras Radhan po-
etry and at times was used in rural areas of Maharashtra for bringing social awareness in people.
Dancer: Yashashree

Shiva Thandavam—Classical, Kuchipudi Dance

Choreographers: Padmabhushans Raja & Radha Reddy, Song: Natanam Adenamma, Talam: Aadi
This item depicts the cosmic dance of Lord Shiva exhibiting many exquisite poses, Kalpas, and the nine expressions or
“Nava Rasas” such as Shringaram, Veeram, Kaarunyam, Adbhutham, Hasyam, Bhayam, Roudram, Bhibhatsam and San-
Dancer: Sindhu Ravuri, a sixth grader at Harker School, recently received the title “Natya Sumanohari” from the Sunnyvale
Hindu Temple of the Bay Area. This means “Heart-Stealer through Dance.” This is a rare honor bestowed upon dancers by
the temple. Sindhu was the first one to get such an honor. In June 2008 she became the youngest soloist to perform at the
prestigious San Francisco Ethnic Dance Festival . In January 2008 she also had the honor of performing in front of the
President, Prime Minister and the entire cabinet of India at the parliament House along with her guru, again becoming the
youngest to do so at that time at the age of 10. In addition she received numerous First Place awards from CCF, BATA,
ATA, TANA, FIA , Boogie Woogie among others.

Chi Chi Chi Bulemma—Folk Dance

This is a romantic Telugu folk dance from the movie “Nuvvu_Leka_Nenu_Lenu”. The song is about a boy trying to con-
vince a girl that he is the right one for her.
Dancers: Varsha Roopreddy, Alekya Rajanala, Apoorva Rajanala

Parasu Tillana—Classical, Bharatanatyam Dance

Natai Ragam Adi Talam.
Patterns of pure rhythm and joyous energy set against a musical refrain.
Dancers: Megha Jain, Tanusree Sreedharan, Adithi Rajapuram, Ahalya Prakash

Jamuna ke Tat par—Classical, Kathak Dance

Tharikita Sequence
This dance is about a famous tale of Lord Krishna playing with his friends by the river Jamuna-" Jamuna ke..", and how he
battles the deadly cobra snake- "Kalia" and achieves victory-"Kalia Daman".
Dancer: Shefali Saboo, a student of Chhandam School of Dance under guru Pandit Chitresh Das
DesiNators—Bollywood Dance
A fusion of five popular Hindi songs.
Dancers: Niha Gottiparthy, Sanjana Seth, Sruthi Shivanandan, Nagashree setlur, Meghana Manne, Nehal Tenany

DesiFusion—Bhangra Dance
Choreographers are : Jusneet Beasley, Irman Budwal, and Anika Nayyar.
A description is a cultural dance from the villages of Punjab filled with bright colors and fast movement steps. A traditional
mix of bhangra and gidha with beautiful costumes and expression brought to you by Desi Fusion Bhangra Team
Dancers: Sabrina Johal, Ravneet Dhaliwal, Anjeelna Sahni, Jasleena Sahni, Arsh, Irman Budwal, Anika Nayyar, Tarandeep
Kaur, Gurpreet Khera, Jasmine Sanghera, Shristi

Bollywood Dance
This Bollywood dance narrates a story of three puppets. Through their dancing, they come to life and learn the graceful style
of bollywood dancing. Before the dance is over they manage to capture everyone's attention with fast and upbeat music, and
their journey ends when they turn back into their original puppet form.
Dancers: Saylee Wasnik, Ashley Bhatia, Anita Bhatia


Thanks to all the families that have attended the “A Vision Of India” fundraiser event and have made
this program a successful one. Thanks to all the volunteers who have helped so much to make this event
go smoothly. Special thanks to leaders, parents and all the performers who worked tirelessly to put this
spectacular show. Thanks to Mrs. Laura Wilson and Girl Scouts of Northern California in supporting
this fundraiser event and the Girl Scouts Gold Award Project.

We believe that those who benefit from this cause will greatly appreciate your donations and support.