The Transcendental Tangle

Italy 1854

” – William Shakespeare (Hamlet) “the darkest hours are just before dawn” English “William Shakespeare”. Fin A misty breeze blew across my face as the town bell rung.Prologue “there are more things in Heaven and Earth. than are dreamt of in your philosophy. Proverb 15th April 1854 Italy . I … am Zachariah De Monika. my friend. Now I have made this clear to you. Horatio. the things that I have seen and done alone will make you choke and vomit. her chain fluttering in the air following the contours of my long black cloak. Standing atop a building. sharpening my senses for the hours ahead of me. and I will make known the abhorrent in this world. wise words spoken from a wiser man. my hand quivered not far away from Senorita. But what will shake you the most is looking through my eyes and into another two pairs. be my guest and read on in the face of your premature death. My friends. the cool moist droplets awakening me.

The alleyways got thinner and darker. his eyes bloodshot and swollen.hand in hand with senorita. Suddenly a crash followed by a CRACK! filled the air with splinters. belong in neither. and the holy spirit. my face lined with disgust and hatred and into the mist below. Adrenaline shot through my veins. but the “old habits die hard” I muttered to myself. The sight that had befallen my eyes was blasphemous. I flung across the room and pinned him with a heart rate spiked and I deftly leaped of my ledge spare hand. I covered ground quickly. I was now “in the name of the father. end of the son. narrowly missing my figure. seeing only the tail of his shawl at each corner. enjoy purgatory you monster…” teeth. the mist becoming more turbid and gloomy as I traversed the path to his next victim. and you. spraying blood . her chain whipped against my wrist. my cloak. They plunged again and again into the man’s neck. cat. His face was pockmarked and scarred. My footfalls as quiet as a of his kind. there were no words to describe. in the alleyway across the room. Amen…” “my name is Zachariah De Monika … servant of god … soldier of hell. In an instant with a swirl of my far below. the cross felt hot with fury as I flew into the room. my cloak trailing in the dust behind me. A flash of black caught my eyes.

I was on his tail. and pulled the trigger mercilessly. A single silver streak left senorita’s barrel and proceeded with deadly accuracy to embed itself deep within his head… Fin 15th April 1954 of it. I spent no time transcending the misty road to the local pub. my throat burning with a desire. Time slowed as the wind whistled through my hair. I have been learning how to die. keeping my desires at bay for the present moment. and I cocked senorita with my thumb. my bloodshot eyes. I looked at my reflection with disgust. where nameless drunks hung around in the early daylights of the early morning. holding her sideways stretched out before me. forcing him to kneel before me. I niftily slung my shawl over my back covering my pitiful features with the hood. hated by all and feared by all. the “While I thought that I was learning how to live. so strong that my eyes were mulled over with tears. myself. I followed him through a labyrinth of alleyways.” Leonardo Da Vinci Twas a bitter misty morning… ’perfect’…. I had to live with my…certain deformations. I woke with a start. nor did I dream tail of my shawl trailing the bare dusty ground. One peculiar man drifted off in the distance and in an instant. monstrosity of this world. May I introduce to you Master Alexanderr Le Borodin. But now was my . a predator does not make himself known until the execution. I had not asked for this life. I propelled myself backwards off his knees. Today was no different. but nevertheless.With that. my long sharp teeth. my pockmarked face and slick black hair. I was silent as a leopard.

a seasoned predator. shattering the timber like hammer on glass and with a deft grip I flung the man against the wall my teeth already entrenched deep within his neck. Time slowed. sweating profusely. I made my way quickly and efficiently towards my office. twirling my top hat around my forefinger before skilfully flipping it onto my head. my brothers and sisters. I was barely full when I was thrown violently against the far wall by a similar cloaked figure and pinned. I spun into the door. pulling out my pocket watch. Thrice. Three minutes down the alley and I started to get a feeling.moment. I only picked up “Holy spirit” “servant of god” “soldier of hell” and I knew who this man was. a hunter like myself. His warm blood trickled down my throat. As I proceeded to back away slowly the . My hand rummaged around my pocket. and falling on my knees. as if I was in the aura of Death himself. my arms behind my back.” Mark Twain A dusky. My time of triumph. I saw my life flash before my eyes. making sure I was on schedule. as I left the pub. I slowly closed them as I lost grip from my soul… 15th April 1854 Fin “The fear of death follows from the fear of life. He started to mutter indistinguishable words. my desire burning for more. I ripped into him again…Once. needing to write up a few papers before midday. A man who lives fully is prepared to die at any time. I slammed the door behind me. Taking a sudden turn into an abandoned shop. Twice. dewy morning it was. MY kill. a feeling of horror. hungering to extinguish my kind.

I started to lose consciousness. and a figure flew into me viciously. knowing that I would be avenged. my body becoming numb as I looked desperately into his bloodshot eyes as he ripped into my neck again and again. I let go… “for death is no more than a turning of us over time to eternity” William Penn Fin 1099 words . I screamed in agony. my vision blurred and all I could make out was a tall black figure barrelling in and throwing him into the opposite wall. Finally able to think.door just vanished into splinters. Time slowed. feeling his teeth sinking deep into my neck.

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