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Sri Ma I wanted to hold you and make things right for you, but I couldnt.

You were far from me or rather, Believed you were far from me. And I was so close to you, yet You couldnt see my arms reaching out for you. When you lie down at night, I am there with you. When the sun sets, I am there with you. When you are lost in the pit of despair where Identity sinks its claws in, I am there with you. And then you ask why there is pain. The pain is just there to remind you That I am right there with you I didnt make the pain, The confusion made the pain My child, My dearest One, I sacrifice all I can so that you may know The Love you seek, And yet Here still you writhe in pain, Sitting with it until I must whisper to you Because, like you, I feel all of Humanity And the breath of God And the pressures of polarity and dichotomy That keep beating on your door Pounding on your roof Knocking against your silence Child, daughter, One, As Divine Mother I give you an eternity of Love. I cannot judge your sense of separateness I cry the tears with you because That is how close I am to you. On a night after Terror had rushed through you, I approached you on the street in the guise of a student: Excuse me, do you know there exists the Universal Mother Also, not just the Father? You listened, surprised at the young womans efforts, and then Ran off. There is no door I wouldnt open for you if you asked me to. You watch love surface and disappear dozens of times. But my Love for you is the very ocean you swim in. 2010 de Vie

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