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1° Año de

Forros and Uses of Be



in New York now.



a mechanic.
from Canada.
a city.
hot today.
6 : 30.

Place of origin

at school.
six years old.



Use the verb be for the following: location, clasification, place of origin, definition, weather, time, age,
or other description.


Write the correct forro of be in the sentences below

Example: He ______is_____ a painter.
I __________________ a student.
1. I ______________ 20 years old.
2. My father __ ____a businessman.
3. He _____________ always busy.
4. My mother __________ a teacher.
5. She _______________ intelligent
6. New York ___________ exciting.
7. It ___________ cold in the winter.
8. What time is it? It ________ 5:15.
9. We _______________ in Mexico.
10. You ______________ my friend.
11. You __________________ tall.
12. Dogs _______________ animals.

/ He is 25 years old./ She is my sister. 16. / A fly are an insect. 19. / January and February am cold. 15. Dogs and cats ______ good pets. A fly is an insect. 8. They _______________ children. 1. You ________________ at work. 9. They _____________ from Japan. 6. 2. 3. 21. He am 25 years old. My sister ____________ a doctor. / You are happy. It is hot today. 4. 17. Italy and Spain ____________ countries. It be 4:45 p. / My mother is from Chicago. EXERCISE 2 Circle the correct sentence. He ______________ in his room. They are from Chicago. 22. I ______________ from China. My mother ___________ beauiful. They _____________ roommates. 7. I _________________ at school. / China is in Asia. 5.m. The birds _________ in the trees. E xample: China in Asia. My brother __________ in Boston. 18. / They is from Chicago. 24. He _________________ my best friend. She __________________ funny. 23. 27. 26. She be my sister. 1° Año de . 14. 10. I am friendly. / It are hot today.Colegio con Visión Universitaria “ALBORADA” Secundaria 13. I is friendly. You happy. January and February are cold. 20.m / It is 4:45 p. My mother from Chicago. 25.

My cousins are in Mexico. We is at the hospital rigtht now. Dr. You is 25 years old. It is in I llinois./ Dr. (place of origin) I am from ________________________ 5. Jones is a dentist. My sister is married. EXERCISE 3 Fill in the blanks to make statements. 20. It is lunchtime. / The car is the parking lot. / It is a driving teacher. (location) I am in / at __________________________ 3. I am a driving teacher. Jones a dentist. (description) I am from _____________________ Subject Pronouns Chicago is very big My friend and I are in California. (time) I is _______________ now 2./ She is at work. . 12. The car in the parking lot. 18. Jill and James are at work. / It lunchtime. / brazil are a beatiful country.Colegio con Visión Universitaria “ALBORADA” Secundaria 1° Año de 11. / They is very sad. They are very sad. 17. / We are at the hopital right now. / Your are 25 years old. 15. 16. 19. / Jill and James is a work. (weather ) I is _______________ 4. 14. 13. WE are in Los Angeles. Example: (place of origin) We are from _______indonesia _________ 1. Brasil is a beatiful country. She am at work.

______________________ are in Mexico. _______________________ is dancer. Joshua is a hard worker. she. 10. _______________________ is a doctor. Carrots and potatoes are vegetables. subject pronouns can take the place of the subject noun. EXERCISE 1 Fill in the blanks with the correct pronoun. 7. and it. 6. I am tired. _______________ are my best friends. 2. they. 5. 3. ___________________________ is a hard worker. Karen and Lisa are my best friends. 15. You and I are so happy together. The pencil is lost. you. . The subject pronouns are I. ____________________ am sleepy. 12. LANGUAGE NOTES: 1. They are in Asia. _____________________ is my teacher. They are in Mexico City. 9. My brother and I like sports. 4. Example: Daniel and Yoshio are students. __________________ are so happy together. 13. 11. ________________________ is lost. They___________ are students. Tom and Paul aren't friends. ___________________ is very good. _______________________is in his room. Amy is my favorite singer. My cousins are in Mexico. The father is in his room. ______________________ is my favorite singer 8. He is busy. China and Korea are countries. ____________________ is in India. ____________________ aren´t friends. Donald is my teacher. Bombay is in India.Colegio con Visión Universitaria “ALBORADA” Secundaria 1° Año de She is very happy. Julie is a doctor. he. 16. My father is at work. 1. 2. Your English is very good. 17. The mother is asleep._______________________ is asleep. we. Maria is a dancer. 14. ______________________ like sports. __________________ are healthy foods.

We / It is time for dinner. 1. They ____________in Australia. She _____________ 25 years old. They / I am in the house right now. It / She is a city in Europe. I/You am a student. 15. My mother is a teacher. You and I are from the same school. 23. 19. __________________ is a difficult language. _________________ are from the same school. 14. ___________________ are countries. They / He are at home with me.Colegio con Visión Universitaria “ALBORADA” Secundaria 1° Año de 18. ____________________ are brothers. He / They are in the same class. We / They are big countries. My uncle is on vacation in Hawaii. 6.It / She is cold and rainy today. 5. 7. 18. 16. They / It is delicious. It / He is a big city. 2. 5. EXERCISE 2 Circle the correct answer.________________ is on vacation in Haeaii. It _______________stormy today.m. 24. _______________ are good friends.. 21. 19. 2. Rome is a city. Exercise 3 Write the correct form of be after each subject pronoun. She / You is a doctor. He ______________a teacher. You / He is my best friend. 1. It / You is really interesting. He / It is about 4:00 a. 3. 4. Tiro andAllen are brothers. _______________________ is a teacher. .L!! are my favorite colors 10. 9. 22. We _______________from China. We / He are cousins. We / They are difficult languages. It /We are on vacation. Example: He / We are good friends. 3. You ______________at home. 12. They / She is interesting. 6. Example: We ______are______ on a trip to New York City. 4. 8. 25. Thex. English is a difficult language. You / He are at work. _______________________ is in Italy.. 13. 20. 11. 17. The cat and the dog are good friends. France and Italy are countries.

Examples: They are at school. English is easy. We can make a contraction with most nouns and is. ______________________________________________________ 6. do not rewrite sentence. EXERCISE 1 Rewrite these sentences using contractions. __________________________________________________ 5. He is He´s busy. __________________________ They church is big. ______________________________________________ 4. EXPLANATION A contraction is a short form of a subject or subject pronoun + am. _____________________________________________ .Colegio con Visión Universitaria “ALBORADA” Secundaria 7. My daughter is My daughter´s with me. We are at home. New York is New York´s busy Traffic is Traffic´s terrible. It _________________ a small school. is. If a contraction in not possible. I _____________ from Argentina. It is a nice day today. They are They´re on vacation. _____________________________________________________ 2. I am happy. _________________________________________ 1. She is She´s happy. They´re at school. or are. He is tired. My husband is My husband´s at home. School is interesting. _________________________________________________ 3. PRACTICE 3 FULL FORM I am 1° Año de 8. We are We´re tired. Contractions with Be CONTRACTION I´m in New York City You are You´re at home It is It´s beauiful.

5. Not every sentence can have a contraction. Not every sentence can have a contraction. It _________________ very exciting. He ________________ a write. It _________________ a very big. Michael ________________ not so tall. It ________________ a big house with a swimming pool. I think New York ___________________ the most . It _____________ in the south. You are nice. Make a contraction whenever possible. 4. George and Michael _____________________ brothers. Florida _______________ a warm state in the United States. 7. Michael and Jackie __________________ in the kitchen. my name is Junko. _______________________________________________ 8. Example: Jackie __´s________________ busy today. Dear Yumiko. Pooch and Maurice _________________ in the pool now. 1. This __________________ their dog. _________________________________________________ 9. 10. 8. EXERCISE 3 Fill in the blanks with a form of be. 9. My house is big. Make a contraction whenever possible. _________________________________________________ EXERCISE 2 Fill in the blanks with the correct form of be.Colegio con Visión Universitaria “ALBORADA” Secundaria 1° Año de 7. George and his father ___________________ tall. Maurice ___________________ their father´s name. 6. There_________________ so many tall buildings and fashionable people. Pooch __________________ a good swimmer. 3. The girls ______are___________ on vacation. Pooch. 2. I _______´m__________ in New york City now. Maurice ____________________ a good swimmer too. Their house _________________ near the beach. She __________________ always happy. beautiful city. She is my sister. Pooch __________________ very small. ____________________________________________________ 10. They live in Florida.

Chinese and Spanish _________________ very cornmon. at ( an address) The White House is at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. Reiko PRACTICE 4 Be with Location and Origin PREPOSITION EXAMPLE on The book is on the table. I _________________ a student of English at a small language school. D. in back of / behind The chalkboard is in back of / behind the desk. below / under The textbooks are below / under the desk. near / by / close to The sharpener is near/ by/ close to the window next to The light switch is next to the door. across from Room 202 is across from Room 203. I hope you can come visit soon. The school __________________ on a busy street. The students _____________ from many countries. Everything ___________________ new and exciting for me here.Colegio con Visión Universitaria “ALBORADA” Secundaria 1° Año de important city in the world. in ( a city) The White House is in Washington.C. The teachers ________________ strict. but funny. in front of The teacher is in front of the students. but I hear people speaking many other languages too. Your friend. on ( a street) The White House is on Pennsylvania Avenue. In (a complete or partial enclosure) The students are in the classroom. at (a general area) I am at school. A big restaurant ___________________ near the school. over / above The exit sing is over / above the door. far from Spain is far from India. The food ________________ delicious. between The empty desk is between the two students. from Mario is from Brazil. English __________________ the main language of New York. .

Our feet are over / under the table at dinnertime. 11. 1° Año de . The light is next to / between my bed. It is on / at 543 Fulton Street. She is standing over / between her mother and her father in the photo. 4.Colegio con Visión Universitaria “ALBORADA” Secundaria LANGUAGE NOTES: 1. Brazil is in / at South America. There is a lot of snow at / in Sweden in the winter. The sun is behind / at the clouds. 12. A tall man is in front of / at me. 20. Her apartment house in on / between Fulton Street. 17. Stockholm is in / on Sweden. My mother is from / under Sweden. 8. My mother is in / at San Francisco. 9. Word order = subject + be + preposition + place. My best friend is by / from Iran. 1. 3. 16. 13. The doctor is over / at the hospital. The fish are close to / in the ocean. 18. The park is under / across from my house. EXERCISE 1 Example: Circle the correct preposition for each sentence. She lives in / on the first floor. 7. Sweden is next to / far from Mexico. 5. Iran is under / between Afghanistan and Iraq. 15. 19. 6. I live on / from the top floor of my building. Dinner is under / on the table. 2. 2. 14. We use prepositions to show location and origin. 10.

Only that + is can form a contraction in writing: that´s. The light switch __________________________________________________ 7. We use this.Colegio con Visión Universitaria “ALBORADA” Secundaria EXERCISE 2 1° Año de Use a form of be and a preposition to tell the location of these people and things. My friend _______________________________________________________ 12. These. That is ffiy teacher. My bed _________________________________________________________ 6. The television ____________________________________________________ 8. My teacher ______________________________________________________ 13. these. My school ______________________________________________________ 14. My desk ________________________________________________________ 10. and Those NEAR NOT NEAR I FAR Singular This is my school. Plural These are my books. . My family _______________________________________________________ Practice 5 This. My house _______________________________________________________ 3. 2. LANGUAGE NOTES: 1. That._____________________________________ 1. My room ________________________________________________________ 4. Example: My coat is in the closet. My town ________________________________________________________ 2. My books _______________________________________________________ 5. Those are tall buildings. that. The wastebasket _________________________________________________ 9. and those to identify objects and people. I ______________________________________________________________ 11.

That movie is wonderful. ___________________ . These student tests are excellent. Those are my pens. That rin_ is beautiful. These shoes hurt! ________________________ 2. ________________________ 10. Then identify whether the subject of the sentence is near orfar from the speaker. Those boys are in the soccer game. Then identify whether the subject of the sentence is singular or plural. ___________________ 3. This is my sister. Those friends are funny. that. Is this your computer? _____________________ ____________________ _____________________ 9. these. ________________________ 4. Bring me that book.Colegio con Visión Universitaria “ALBORADA” Secundaria 1° Año de 3. My friend gave me that paintin. Example: Do you like this hat? _______singular______ 1. _____________________________ EXERCISE 2 Read each sentence. or those alone or with a noün following it: Those are my friends. EXERCISE 1 Read each sentence. I hope you like these _ifts. ________________________ 3. 8. Example: Do you like these shoes? ______near _______ 1. ___________________ 2. Those sandwiches are delicious. This is my favorite CD. 6. Juanita. _______________________ 7. _______________________ 5. This telephone is broken. ___________________ 4. Use this.

10. ______________ my notebook. ______________ nice gloves. ______________ new pants. these. Are these ready to be washed? ___________________ 1° Año de EXERCISE fill in the blanks with this. 3. 6. 7. 16. 12. Is this your answer to my question? ___________________ 8. ______________ a good company. ______________ your socks. Those dishes are dirty. ______________ beautiful flowers. ______________ big clouds. that. 4. The arrows will tell you if the object or person is near or far. ______________ an old song. ______________ your car. Is that man your father? ___________________ 6. ______________ a funny joke. ______________ a great movie. Examples: This is________ my bag. Are these books library books? ___________________ 7. . ___________________ 9. 1. ______________ an interesting book. 8. 15. 2. 9. Are those people in your class? ___________________ 10. Those are_____ my shoes.Colegio con Visión Universitaria “ALBORADA” Secundaria 5. ______________ delicious strawberries. ______________ useful notes. 5. 11. 13. ______________ expensive clothes. ______________ my favorite color. or those and the appropriate form of be to complete the sentence. 14.

1. I. _________________________ at work. He´s from Canada. Example: Mary is a doctor. Mary´s not____________ a teacher. We are not doctors. Practice using both negative forms. Study the negative contractions. English isn´t my negative language. LANGUAGE NOTE: There is only one contraction of I am not. 20. Negative Contractions with Be I am not I´m not you are not you´re not he is not he´s not she is not she´s not it is not it´s not we arenot we´re not they are not they´re not ___ you aren´t he isn´t she isn´t it isn´t we aren´t they aren´t EXERCISE 1 Fill in the blanks with a pronoun and a negative verb. ______________ a useful exercise.m not late. . She´s in the house. My friends aren´t here now. Mike. 19. ______________ my boyfriend. ______________ paperclips. ______________ a fashionable hat. We put not after a form of be to make Peter is not A negative statement. _________________________ from England. Mary isn´t____________ a nurse. PRACTICE 6 Negative Statements with Be EXAMPLE EXPLANATION I am not married at home. We can make contractions in negative Statements. There are two negative contractions for all other combinations. 2. _________________________ from the United States. 18.Colegio con Visión Universitaria “ALBORADA” Secundaria 1° Año de 17.

3. _________________________ hot. _________________________ a television. _________________________ in time. 1. 5. 10. My parents are in India. 9. 4. 7. This is a computer. Mexico City ___________ a country Be in Yes / No Questions and Short Answers YES / NO QUESTION SHORT ANSWER Am I a good student? Are you from Paris? Yes. _________________________ here. _________________________ in Hawaii. EXERCISE 2 Fill in the blanks with a form of be to make a true affirmative or negative statement. 6. _________________________ a radio. you are. I ________________ a student. 5. 4. China _____________ small. _________________________ warm. _________________________ at a restaurant. Beijing _____________ in Japan. _________________________ early. 8. 3. Tokyo _____________ in Japan. We are in class. I am cold. _________________________ at the movies. No. Africa _________________ a city. . 2. _________________________ tall. _________________________ heavy. The trees _____________ green. My brother is short and thin. I ________________ a pilot. 8.Colegio con Visión Universitaria “ALBORADA” Secundaria 1° Año de _________________________ in school. You ________________ late. PRACTICE 7 6. I´m not. India ________________ a state. 7. You´re late. Example: Kuala Lumpur ______________is____________ in Malaysia.

_______________________________________________ 3. We are in an expensive restaurant. Is he a student ? _______________________ 1. 7. she is. Hart is at home. they are. Mr. You are excited to be here. It is almost dinnertime. It is foggy right now. Dean is in Africa. __________________________________________ 10. _____________________________________________ 11. Williams is pleased. _______________________________________________ 15. you aren´t. _______________________________________________ 2. Then write a short answer: Example: children / quiet Are children quiet?______________________ Not. they are hungry. | not: Yes. I am an artist. it ´s. I am alone today. They are in business. ___________________________________________ 13. She is a teacher. ________________________________________________ EXERCISE 2 Write questions with the words given. he isn´t. _________________________________ 12. EXERCISE 1 Change the following sentences to questions. No.| 3. We don´t use a contraction for a short yes answer: Yes. it is. LANGUAGE NOTES: 1. 1° Año de No. Keep the subject. Mrs. ________________________________________ 14. _______________________________________________ 4. it is. Example: He is a student. they aren´t. No.Colegio con Visión Universitaria “ALBORADA” Secundaria Is he absent? Is she happy ? Is it windy ? Are we late ? Are they from Mexico. 2. ____________________________________________ 8. _____________________________________________ 6. or No. Yes. Yes. To ask a yes / no question with the verb be. Yes. ____________________________________________ 5. We are sad today. it´s not. We usually use a contraction for a short no answer. You are a good friend. put a form of be before the subject. He is honest and kind ____________________________________________ 9. it isn´t._________________________ .

IS your family big? _______________________________________________ 8. ice cream / healthy ___________________________________________ ___________________________________________ 3. Is it cold today ? _________________________________________________ . Are you married ? ________________________________________________ 4. Give the correct answer if you write no. English / interesting ___________________________________________ ___________________________________________ 5. food / free ___________________________________________ ___________________________________________ 7. I´m a student.Colegio con Visión Universitaria “ALBORADA” Secundaria 1. cats / good pets ___________________________________________ ___________________________________________ 4. Are you from the United States ? ____________________________________ 3. diamonds / cheap 1° Año de ___________________________________________ ___________________________________________ 2. Are you a student? _______________________________________________ 2. cars / necessary ___________________________________________ ___________________________________________ 6. Is English hard for you? ___________________________________________ 5. Are you tired ? __________________________________________________ 6.I´m not. pencils / expensive ___________________________________________ ___________________________________________ EXERCISE 3 Answer the following questions. 1. Are you hungry ? ________________________________________________ 7. computers / useful ___________________________________________ ___________________________________________ 8. Example: Are you a teacher ? No.

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