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FALL - 2013




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Father Goerge


Welcome to the
2013/14 School Year!
We are excited to launch another
school year at St. Andrews Church.
Registration forms are available in the
Education Office now. Regular classes
to begin on August 23rd, Friday classes
are from 7:00 9:00 in the evening.
Parents should plan on picking up their
children from classrooms at 9:00.
Youth classes are divided into two
groups. We have a high school youth
group and a college youth group. They
meet from 8:00 9:00 in the evening on
Fridays. We also have a new Youth
President, George Solayman. Sunday
classes are from 9:00 10:30 in the
morning. Following Sunday morning
class, students will be led up to the
mass for the sermon and communion.
After communion, students are brought
downstairs for breakfast. You can meet
your child down in the cafeteria for
pick up. A special prayer service to
start off the school year will occur on
September 6th. Please be prompt, as
the service will begin at 7:00 in the evening. Father George Toma will be
blessing the children as they begin the
new school year and talking about his
expectations for their role as students
in St. Andrews Church School.

of God. All teachings promote the

characteristics that every Christian
should possess and demonstrate in
their daily lives. We instruct students
on the stories of the bible so that they
may apply those lessons to their lives
today. Beginning in the fall, we will
have the instructional format of presenting bible basics on Fridays and
sermon preparation on Sundays.
Friday classes will focus on bible stories in a planned curriculum program
that insures our students will have a
strong bible foundation. Sunday
classes will preview the sermon of the
week and help students to identify key
words that they may hear and need to
know in Assyrian. Sunday classes will
also work on helping children to
memorize key prayers that they need
to know in order to participate in the
service as adults. Father Toma has
helped us to identify key prayers that
we will recite with children at different
age levels as part of their annual goals.
Our teachers have been in training
workshops all summer long! Look for
their certificates on your childs wall to
see what they have been learning and
what they are now qualified to teach.
Trainings have included behavior management, early literacy development,
intermediate literacy development,
writing instruction, and new techniques
for facilitating bible discussions.

As part of a new plan for our

students, each child will receive a St.
Andrews backpack with all of their
supplies in the backpack. This will
help parents and students to keep
church supplies organized and ready
for class. Backpacks will include instructional books, writing supplies, and
homework folders. Bibles used for religious study will be kept in classrooms.
If you are interested in buying a bible
for home study, let us know in the Education Office. Backpacks will also help
teachers during church mass to keep
supplies from becoming a distraction
during the sermon. Please find a special place in your home to keep the
backpacks so that they can be easily
found when needed. We are exploring
an alternate plan for our teen students
and will be providing them with an organizational tool in September.

We have a new character education program that will be implemented this year. Character education
is part of the public school system and
your child should be familiar with the
concepts. Each month, we will be focusing on a new Christian Character
Trait (kindness, forgiveness, etc.). All
students in the Friday class will attend
an all school assembly on the FIRST
FRIDAY of the month. We will be discussing the Focus of the Month and
have a drawing for rewards. As students demonstrate behaviors that we
want to promote, they will get a ticket
called a blessing and be praised for
their good behavior. They can take
that ticket and put their name on it for a
reward. Rewards can be redeemed in
two ways. Students can put their ticket
into the monthly drawing at the FIRST
FRIDAY assembly for a prize opportunity OR they can save their ticket and
Our primary objective is to
use it to buy rewards that will be availraise all of our children in the love of
God and bring them closer to the house able on the SECOND SUNDAY at the St.
Copyright 2013 by Assyrian Church of the East

Andrew School Store. Please remember to ask your child each week if they
received any blessings in class. It is
important for families to reinforce good
behaviors even when they are away
from home. Thank you, in advance, for
your support!
Teachers will be nominating
Students of the Month. Those students will be nominated based on some
of the behavior goals we want to see for
all students: prompt, reliable in attendance, hard worker, respectful, helpful
to others, responsible with homework
requirements, etc. If your child is
nominated by his/her teacher as
Student of the Month, he/she will be
invited to a special monthly breakfast
with Father George Toma and the deacons of the church. Parents will not be
seated at the table with their children
for this event. This will be an opportunity for your child to speak with Father
and the deacons. An important part of
Christian Education is the fostering of
respect and affection for the church
leaders. Children that feel close to the
church leaders are more likely to remain close to the church as they grow
toward adulthood. If your child is
nominated, talk to him/her about questions they may want to ask or topics
they may want to learn more about
when they are with the church leaders.
If you have any questions or
concerns, please feel free to contact us
at the Education Office. We are in
room 5B. Nirona Shinoo is the Friday
Facilitator. Youberd Bahram is the Sunday Facilitator. Jennifer Younan is the
Education Liaison.

By: Jennifer Younan

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Saint Andrews Church Summer Camp (SASC) Just ended the seventh year in a remarkable graduation ceremony by
more than 140 of the Children and staff. For seven weeks, the children participating in this program were brought to
Saint Andrews Church Monday through Friday (10am-4pm) to be nurtured, and taught in a Christian home atmosphere. Assyrian language classes and bible study classes
as well as local outdoor activities,
music, arts & crafts, Assyrian folklore dances, games,
sports, visits to the local park
swimming pool, educational field trips & visits to the
local attractions were part of the program. As a summer
camp director for the past 5 years, I would like to give all
the credits, first to my Lord Jesus Christ, to our patriarch
His Holiness Mar Dinkha and to His grace Mar Polis,
Eastern Diocese Bishop, to Father
George Toma Saint Andrews Senior Pastor, and thank
you for Abby Zoudo and Shamasha Sargon for starting first time summer camp. I want to thank David Arkis the president, I want to thank
all my kids, the teachers, Helpers all the moms all the dads who brought 123 kids to church every
day. I am so blessed, thank you Lord I had 146 kids total, without you Lord, I could not have done
it You gave me the power to take care of 3 1/2 years old up to 24 years old, thank you Lord Jesus,
and it was all a team work, thank you for everyone and I mean it from the bottom of my heart, we
Saint Andrews Committees:
Church Senior Pastor Father George Toma.
Deacons: Norman Israel, Elbron Odisho, Adnan David, Sargon Kesso, Edison Youkhana, George Antar, Yousef Mikhael, Sabir, George Baezo, Thompson Esho,
Alfret Shamoun, Elie Antar.
Committees Chairman (David Arkis).
Building Director/Manager (Interim-David Arkis): Younes Zaia, Namrood Khamis, Louzan Odisho, Rema Shamoun, Elona Bahram, Paul Rehana, Peter Amaden,
Ray Kando, Youkhana Youkhana, Hani Shamoun.
Co-Chairman (Jack Youna).
Secretary (Ban Youna).
Treasurer Chairman (Gilbert Khosrabowdi): Sargon Yosifi , Mariam Lazar, Najla Mikhail, Bushra yalda
Accountant (Julie Kako).
Fundraising Committee (Vacant): Al Puccinelli
Youth President (George Sulayman)
Ladies Auxiliary Chairwoman (Catrina Khamou): Lucy Sima, Ales Dawood, Shami Audisho, Doreen Haider, Sonia Khammo, Layla Youkhana, Bassima Sorisho,
Magie Zaya, Jane Hana, Jenny, Nada Younan, Mariam.
Choir Chairwoman (Najat Marcos): Saad Yalda, Albert Aessa, Jena Kena.
Education-Jennifer Younan, Deacon Adnan David, Souad Timatyos, Deacon George Antar, Nirona Shino, Ashorina Youana, Dr. Michael, Juliana Thomas, Mike
Micho, Adnan David, Youbert Bahram, Helen Yousif, Nwyia Garmos Aramaic, Bronica Amrahi, Josephine Youhana, Mardin Shinoo, Connie Shakro, Kristy Andrews, Queen Ishay, Raquel Youkhana, Stephanie Andrews, Claudia Shakro, Neeran Shmoel, Regina Younan.
Youth Choir- Sargon Yalda, Rachel Thomas, Jena Kena.
Sports (Vacant).
Public Relations (Vacant).
Ushers Chairman (Michael Michael): Albert Youel, Youkhana Youkhana, Ramzi Odich, George Danyel, Gilbert Gewargis, Abrahim Lazar.
Visitation Chairman (Deacon Norman Israel): Anderious Youkhana.
Special Events Chairperson (Vacant): Nirona Shinoo, Julie Kako, Hewi Adaay, Suzana Yalda, Diala Joseph, Gabi Yawanis, Sargon Yalda, Neeran Shmoel, Aida Joseph, Tanya Khamo, Doreen Haider, Diana Esho.
Maintenance Chairman (Musa Moshy): William Younan, Anderious Youkhana, Manny Yalda (IT), Yalda Kako (IT), Ashor Tamo (IT), Ashor Khoshaba (Sound
System), Tony Atou (Sound System), Mounir Shamoon (Sound System).
Media Chairman (Billy George): Hani Shawel, Robert Thomas, Hewi Adaay, Dani Shamoun, Ramsin George, Amer Kasso, Albert Lazar, Mariam Ebrahimi, Benyamin Odisho.

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Copyright 2013 by Assyrian Church of the East


Children in the Bible

Jesus with a huge smile on his face as

he sees the children around him. He
My favorite part of the Holy
might even know the names of some,
Spirit is that it is like the wind; you
know their parents, but he is drawn to
cant see it but know its there.
them because of their innocence that
Everyone in heaven has white hair
no one in the crowd possesses. They
because when you are in the presmight have been a second thought to
ence of God everything about you
the disciples, and maybe even an
becomes pure. You only need two
annoyance to some, but for the Lord
or more people to pray for demons to
he saw them as the first ones to inbe cast away. These are a few exherit his kingdom. He gathered them
amples of the statements I have not
in his arms and stated, Truly I tell
only heard from the children in my
you, unless you change and bebible study class, but also facts that I
come like children, you will never
have learned.
enter the kingdom of heaven.
I have been teaching at Saint Therefore, whoever takes the lowly
Andrews for about a year now, and
position of this child is the greatest
the one thing I have learned from my in the kingdom of heaven. And
experiences are that kids know a lot whoever welcomes one such child
more about God and the Bible than
in my name welcomes me. Jesus
tells the disciples and us in this paswe think. Yes, they may not know
sage, that we must CHANGE and bewho wrote half the New Testament,
come like children.
why Abraham is important or how
long Jesus was in Egypt for, however
Consider the very next chapthe foundations of our Christian beter in Matthew 19:13-15 when people
liefs (faith, hope, and love) are rooted
were bringing children for Jesus to
in ALL children, no matter their initial
bless and the disciples rebuked
upbringing. I have met children with
them. These followers of Christ were
very different backgrounds, espeso close to him and his teachings, but
cially working at Chicago Public
even they were annoyed by the presSchools, but can honestly tell you that
ence of children at times. Jesus anthey all share the same Christian ideswered them (maybe a little annoyed
als that most adults have seemed to
since they obviously didnt get the
forget. They are ever curious to
point in the previous chapter) to let
learn truth, they hope even in the
the little children come to me, and
toughest situations, have faith even
do not hinder them, for the kingwhen they do not have a voice or
dom of heaven belongs to such as
control over situations, and their love
these. The idea of being like chilis the purest form you will find on this
dren is spread throughout the gospel
earth. Children instinctively have
of Matthew, but also throughout the
these characteristics that were given
Old and New Testament. Even in
by God, but how much more amazing
Matthew 21 vs. 15-16 Jesus says,
would it be for children to know all
Out of the mouth of babes and
these things are from Jesus Christ?
nursing infants you have perfected
Thats why youth bible studies are so
praise. In this sentence, you
important. Yes, children may have
means His Father in heaven has ordifficulty listening in class sometimes
dained and perfected ALL praise that
and they tend to speak their minds a
comes from the mouths of children.
little more than we would like, furthermore making it imperative to
Specifically through the book
have spiritual guidance and disciple. of Matthew, we see a theme that not
But my goal in this letter is to express only does Jesus give children special
my utmost opinion that WE can learn attention and love, but also that even
a lot more from them than we think.
their words and praises are ordained
by God. Adults can learn how to posI can picture the scene in
ses these things from children, but
Matthew 18:1-5 when the disciples
what about things that the Bible tells
asked Jesus who is the greatest in the
us in the near future, or maybe even
kingdom of heaven. In my mind, I see

now children will be capable to do.

This brings me to Acts 2:17-18, And
it shall come to pass in the last
days, says God, that I will pour out
of My Spirit on all flesh; your sons
and your daughters shall prophesy, your young men shall see visions, your old men shall dream
dreams. And on My menservants
and on my maidservants I will
pour our My Spirit in those days;
and they will prophesy. This verse
was repeated from Joel 2:28-29 in the
Old Testament.
We are told both from Old
and New Testament verses that we
will see our children do and say
amazing things that are ordained and
inspired by the Holy Spirit, acts of
prophecy, visions, and dreams. Do
not be surprised when your child
tells you a story about heaven, or
maybe even a declaration of the end
times. These things were called upon
by our Lord through the innocent soldiers that he has working in our
world and churches. The Lord uses
the weak to shame the proud. He
finds only the innocent and pure to
reveal his mysteries and truth because he knows they will not question
or doubt. This is why it is important
to nurture children so they know the
capabilities that they have through
God, and so this spirit can continue,
even into their teen and adult lives.
The saddest part about life is when
children lose their innocence. We all
have to get older, its just a fact of life,
but why not as parents and spiritual
advisors acknowledge the spiritual
capabilities of our children and learn
a little from them along the way. Like
Jesus said, its the
only way to enter
His kingdom.
By: Juliana Thomas

Copyright 2013 by Assyrian Church of the East

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The mission.

Honor and glorify God the father, the Son and the Holy
Spirit and make Him known. Preach His word (The
Gospel) through the Holy Apostolic Catholic Assyrian
Church of the East, established by the teachings of our
Lords Disciples and the Churchs Saints, Patriarchs,
Bishops and Priests, as the source of the good news.
Teach the Assyrian Language (Neo-Aramaic), one of
our Lords main Languages, to our Children and educate
them on the importance of speaking and preserving it.

Saint Andrews Church Committee

Saint Andrews Youth Association

To my beloved Church, St. Andrews Assyrian Church of the East, I extend
great appreciation for being chosen to represent our parish and youth at the
2013 conference. This was such a blessed opportunity, and the amount of fellowship we had was and continues to be priceless to us all. I personally am
extremely proud of our youth for the great respect and participation they all
showed towards the Bishops, Priest, Deacons, and staff of the conference. The
value we gained from this event cannot be measured, but it is felt and appreciated through our vibrant youth group!
We grew socially and spiritually among ourselves, as well as in unity with the other attending churches.
I am so happy to inform you that the investment, time, and effort our
church put forth was not in vain. We in fact need more support, and
more volunteers to have more opportunities such as this. These are our
kids that we are investing in, just as the Bible reads "and let us not grow
weary of doing good, for in due season we will reap, if we do not give up
Galatians 6:9". We must continue these works and stay faithful that
greatness will come out of them. We will create our youth to be future
leaders carrying the name of Christ to the world, through our church! All of our efforts will always be to the glory of
God, forever and ever!
We are deeply grateful for the generous donations that made this retreat possible, and we ask for your continued support as we continue to follow the lead of the Holy Spirit on behalf of our youth

Saint Andrews Youth President

George Solayman

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Copyright 2013 by Assyrian Church of the East


Assyrians You Should Know...


(= + = )
, .

( )

Dr. Donny George was born in Iraq in 1950.

He did all his studies in Baghdad and got his
BA, MA, and PhD in prehistoric archaeology
in the University of Baghdad. He started as a
member staff in the Iraq National Museum in
1976, & continued in different positions, until

he became the director general for the Iraqi

Museums 2003-2005, then became the Chair-

man of the Iraqi State board of Antiquities
and Heritage 2005-2006. At the same time he
() . used to work as a lecturer professor in the
Department of Archaeology and College of

( ) Engineering in the University of Baghdad,
also at the Babylon College for Theology and .
, Philosophy in Baghdad. Finally, and because
of the security situations in Iraq after 2003, he
1900 . was forced along with his family to leave

1700 .
Iraq, and arrived in the US in 2006. Dr. Donny
( George collapsed at Toronto International
) . airport on March 11, 2011. He was taken to

hospital where he was pronounced dead a

short time later. Dr. George was in Toronto to
deliver a lecture on Mesopotamian artifacts

and those that were looted from the museum
following the war in 2003. Dr. Donny George

delivered lectures at different universities in
different countries such as Belgium, Britain, MEANING OF THE ASSYRIAN FLAG
Germany, Sweden, and the U.S. He also de- At the center of the Assyrian flag is a golden circle, representing the sun. Symbolically, it generates heat
livered a lecture during the Assyrian Church and light to sustain the earth and all living things. The star surrounding the sun stands for the land, its
of the East Youth Conference in San Jose light blue color representing tranquility.
California in 2009 and during a graduation The three major rivers of our homeland are represented by the wavy stripes that extend
ceremony where he received a Medal of from the center of the flag to its four corners. The dark blue is for the Euphrates river, which
Honor by H.H Mar Dinkha IV Catholics Patri- stands for the Assyrian word peruta meaning abundance. The red stripes symbolize the Tiarch in 2007.
gris river, its crimson color honoring courage,
Source: glory, and pride. The white lines between the two
represent Zawa, as tranquility and peace. Many
view the three stripes as roads that will lead the
dispersed Assyrian people back to their homeland.
Above the blue star, at the top of the flag, sits the ancient
Assyrian God Ashur, who guards the people the flag repre-

By: Hewi S. Arkis

sents. It is an ancient symbol.

On top of the flagstaff is the standard of King Sargon I, who established the first Assyrian empire. During
the ancient times this insignia stood by the king's side to let everyone know his whereabouts.

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Crossword Puzzle in Assyrian

Created by Hewi S. Arkis



. .2

Created by Hewi S. Arkis

Copyright 2013 by Assyrian Church of the East

Schedule of Liturgical & Fellowship/Special Events.

Friday September 13th, Feast of the Cross. Holy Mass at

Friday, September 13th, Festival of the Cross (Car Raffle).
Saturday, September 14th, Commemoration of Mar Sawa,
Mar Odisho, Mar Bisho, Mar Zaia. Holy Mass at 9:00am.
Thursday, September 19th, Commemoration of Mar
Shalita. Holy Mass at 6:00pm.
Sunday, October 20th, Anniversary of H.H. Mar Dikha IV
Catholicos Patriarch.
Monday, October 28th, First day of Rogation of Saint
George the Martyr. Three days rogation.
Monday, November 4th, Commemoration of Saint George
the Marty. Holy Mass at 6:00pm.
Friday, November 8th, Urmi Night.
Friday, November 29th, Christmas Tree Lighting.
Saturday, November 30th, Commemoration of Saint Andrew the Apostle. Holy Mass at 5:00pm.
Friday, December 20th, Children Christmas event.
Sunday, December 22nd, Christmas Fund Drive.
Tuesday, December 24th, Christmas Eve. Evening prayers
at 5:00pm. Christmas Vigil at 6:00pm. Holy Mass at
Wednesday, December 25th, Christmas day. Holy Mass at
Wednesday, December 25th, Christmas Party
Friday, December 27th, H.H. Christmas Greeting.
Tuesday, December 31st, New Years Party.

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