Presented by: Marianne Coop
“ITIL® is a Registered Trade Mark of the Office of Government Commerce in the United Kingdom and other countries”

ITIL & ISO27001/2 .Assumptions / Misconceptions: COBIT is only for IT Auditors ITIL is only for “Techies” ISO27001/2 is only for IT Security boffs These are mutually exclusive Only one of can be primary “governance” for an organisation Linking COBIT.

ITIL & ISO27001/2 .Aim of this session Linking COBIT.

Why These Three? What • COBIT • ISO 27001 How • ITIL • ISO 27001 Guidance • ISO 27002 Linking COBIT. ITIL & ISO27001/2 .

ITIL & ISO27001/2 .Common Ground: Business Strategy IT Management COBIT ITIL Success £ ISO27001/2 Effective Efficient Linking COBIT.

ITIL & ISO27001/2 .1: Common IT control framework.Brief bit about COBIT 4. Globally accepted. Monitoring & managing IT activities. Linking COBIT. Generic set of IT processes. Maturity Model.

ITIL & ISO27001/2 .COBIT Lifecycle: Linking COBIT.

ITIL & ISO27001/2 Plan & Organise .COBIT Framework (Simpler picture): Business Objectives Governance Objectives Information Criteria Monitor & Evaluate IT Resources Develop & Support Acquire & Implement Linking COBIT.

Brief bit about ITIL V3 : For IT Service Managers. Not dictate business processes. Strives for continuous improvement. ITIL & ISO27001/2 . Guidance to demonstrate compliance to: ISO/IEC 20000:2005 standard COBIT Control Objectives Linking COBIT.

ITIL Framework : Linking COBIT. ITIL & ISO27001/2 .

Brief bit about ISO27001/2: ISO 27001 defines requirements for an ISMS (Information Security Management System). Linking COBIT. ISO 27002 provides guidance for an ISMS. Certified as compliant to ISO 27001. It is a best practice that can be adopted without being certified. ITIL & ISO27001/2 .

ISO27001/2 ISMS Processes: Plan Establish ISMS Maintain & improve ISMS Implement & operate ISMS Monitor & review ISMS Check Linking COBIT. ITIL & ISO27001/2 .

ITIL & ISO27001/2 .IT Service Management Pyramid: Mapping COBIT.

ITIL & ISO27001/2 .How they link together: Business Objectives Plan & Organise Service Strategy Establish ISMS Acquire & Implement Service Design Service Transition Develop & Support Service Operation Monitor & Evaluate Continual Improvement Maintain & improve ISMS Implement & operate ISMS Monitor & review ISMS IT Resources Mapping COBIT.

ITIL & ISO27001/2 .ITGI’s Products Support Adoption of ISO/IEC 38500: Mapping COBIT.

How they link together: Mapping COBIT. ITIL & ISO27001/2 .

isaca. ITIL & ISO27001/2 .org/Knowledge-Center/Research/ResearchDeliverables/Pages/ITGI-Enables-ISO-IEC-38500-2008-Adoption-.aspx Enabling Adoption of ISO 3850 www.aspx COBIT Download Page to further reading: ISACA’s COBIT Pages: COBIT Home page www.1.1: COBIT Mapping COBIT.pdf COBIT Mapping: www.aspx COBIT Downloads: A good overview: Excerpt and Executive Summary All of COBIT 4.1 pdf http://www.

htm Official Site: BSI http://www. ITIL & ISO27001/2 .best-management-practice.Links to further reading: ITIL: Official ITIL® Website Service Management .uk/ Mapping ISO: ISO Online http://www.pdf Overview: An Introductory Overview of ITIL V3.27001-online.ITIL® Version 3 Publications http://www.

Thank you And Enjoy Mapping COBIT. ITIL & ISO27001/2 .

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