Introduction to Java

Lab 1

General Instructions

•Mobile should be silent.General Instructions •Should •Lab you have any question. •Attendance will always be taken BEFORE the lecture starts and late comer will be marked as absent. •Slides would be available AFTER the lecture. DON’T ask/talk to your colleagues. feel free to interrupt to ask me. You should read and print it. will be always at the beginning of the •Quizzes lecture. Sheets would be available BEFORE the lecture. .

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General Instructions .

Lab Sheet 3: Selection Structures in JAVA Program Lab Sheet 4: Loop Structures in JAVA Program. Lab Sheet 5: Methods 6-7 8 9 10 11 12 13 Lab Sheet 6Aand 6B: Develop Single-Dimensional Arrays program Lab Sheet 7: Develop Multidimensional Arrays program Lab Sheet 8: Introduction to OOP and Text I/O Lab Sheet 9: Writing Classes (1) Lab Sheet 10: Writing Classes (2) Lab Sheet 11: Inheritance Lab Sheet 12 Exception Handling and polymorphism .Labs Topics Week 1 2 3 4 5 Topics List Lab Sheet 1: install Java Software environment “Net Beans” Lab Sheet 2: Fundamental of JAVA Programming.

first released by Sun Microsystems Java enables users to develop and deploy applications on the Internet for servers. and small hand-held devices. desktop computers. .What is the Java ? Java is a high level programming language.

Characteristics of Java .

g. E.Types of JAVA Programs These are the applications which are web-based in nature and requires a web browser for execution. The It requires a server to run these applications. Database application application can either be GUI based or console based. . An application is a program that runs on the computer under the operating system of your computer.

. .Java development kit (JDK) Editions J2SE can be used to develop client-side standalone applications or applets J2ME can be used to develop applications for mobile devices such as cell phones J2EE can be used to develop server-side applications such as Java servlets.

NetBeans .

and an integrated development environment (IDE) for developing with Java. .NetBeans •NetBeans refers to both a platform framework for Java desktop applications.

NetBeans *Requirements Installing JDK 6 or up Installing NetBeans for Java SE .

NetBeans *Program Interface .

NetBeans *Start with create new project .

NetBeans *Select Java -> Java application .

NetBeans *name and location .

NetBeans *Starting to write the code .

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