ECX3210 Electro-Techniques 2010/2011

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ECX3210 ELECTRO-TECHNIQUES COURSE INFORMATION – 2012/2013 Welcome to ELECTRO-TECHNIQUES. Hope you will have a very pleasant year with us. You interaction is most welcome, and essential for success in this course.
Please read this information sheet carefully, and pose any questions you may have at the introductory session.

Motivation and Objectives
This is the first course in Electricity. It covers the fundamental concepts in circuit theory, electrical measurements electrical machines and electronics. By the end of the course, we hope to achieve a solid understanding of the fundamental principles of electricity on which we will be building our future studies into more advanced topics in these areas. For those students who may not study any advanced courses in electrical engineering, this course will provide the minimum necessary background to enable them to function effectively in their chosen field.

Course components
You are expected to read and understand the course material (Book 1 - Book 2) and to work through all the exercises contained in the text. It will be appreciated if you would also read other related material to help you understand the concepts better. You are required to prepare three home assignments - TMAs (which will also serve as the basis of the laboratory reports). Assignments should be prepared individually, although you are encouraged to form discussion groups and discuss the issues among yourselves whenever possible. Plagiarism (that is, presenting other’s work as your own) will not be tolerated, and will be reflected in the grade of all parties involved. Altogether, there are eight compulsory activities in this course, other than the introduction and the final examination. These are the three home assignments, three laboratory classes and two tests. The best seven of these eight will be considered for computing the continuous assessment mark. They all carry equal weight. (Eligibility Criterion: Average of the best 7 of 8 Activities >=40 & Av. Lab >=40%) The laboratory classes depend on the assignments, and cannot be performed unless the assignments have been completed in advance. You should bring your completed assignments with you when you come for the laboratory classes. Otherwise, you will not be able to, and will not be allowed to, perform your laboratory work. The first assignment should be completed before the first laboratory class, the second before the second laboratory class and the third before the third laboratory class. The converse also holds. The assignments will be assessed during laboratory classes, and therefore attendance at the laboratory classes is compulsory for the assessment of assignments.


There are altogether 51 groups. These classes also provide an opportunity for you to meet your instructor and get assistance wherever necessary. attendance at the laboratory classes is doubly necessary. Contact your instructor whenever you need Phone email + Letter In person Groups Each of you would have selected and signed on for a group of your choice at the time of registration. The first class (the introduction) will outline the course. each of which can accommodate up to 728 students. Your instructor will also evaluate your home assignments and your answers to the continuous assessment tests during these classes.ECX3210 Electro-Techniques 2010/2011 Page 2 of 3 The Continuous Assessment Tests (CATs) will be of the OPEN BOOK type. where you would be allowed to refer any material during the test. Therefore. the Final Examination will be of the conventional type where NO REFERENCE is allowed. Continuous Assessment Tests: Open Book type: Final Examination: Conventional: No reference type: For those who obtain a minimum of 40% in continuous assessment. However. your participation in the laboratory classes will be dependent on the prior completion of the assignments. Your overall performance will be based on the average of the continuous assessment and the final examination. . If for whatever reason you miss attending the Introduction. but only after an oral examination. you should contact your instructor immediately and seek advice. there will be a final examination. You are once again reminded that you are free to consult your instructor at all other times. You are expected to attend the laboratory classes on days assigned to your group. provided you obtain a minimum of 40% at the final examination. if you feel the need to do so. as follows: Colombo Kandy Matara Jaffna Batticoloa Ambalangoda 25 groups (20 students 12 groups (10 students 6 groups (08 students 4 groups (10 students 2 groups (05 students 2 groups (05 students per group) per group) per group) per group) per group) per group) . On the other hand. Participation Participation at the introduction and in the laboratory classes is compulsory.

at the assigned An online Virtual Class is being prepared to help you follow this Mr. The names and contact telephone numbers of the instructors are given elsewhere in this document. H Pasqual E-mail: Ms. Laboratory classes. DN Balasuriya E-mail: dnbal@ou. KARD Gunaratne E-mail: kagun@ou. DS Wickramasinghe E-mail: dswic@ou. LA Samaliarchchi E-mail: lasam@ou. is scheduled very early. WDSS Bandara E-mail: wdssbandara@gmail. Continuous assessment tests etc. GALR Perera E-mail: lankarperera@gmail. Assignments. . Therefore you are strongly advised to choose the lab group carefully and attend the dates allocated to your group. Ms. you have selected the dates and locations of laboratory classes and the instructor who will help you in all matters related to this course. KAC Udayakumar CJSAH Perera E-mail: Ms. The laboratory schedule is given in the Activity Diary. and access will be given at the end of the registration period. Academic co-ordinator/s: Dr. the Mr. The virtual class will be hosted on NODES Moodle. Discussions and queries will be conducted using the virtual phone: (011) 2881481 phone: (011) 2881305 Course Coordinator/s: The following is a list of the lecturers who will instruct you during the laboratory classes. You will not be allowed to attend labs outside allocated dates for your selected group. A Dissanayake E-mail: sadis@ou. KARD Gunaratne E-mail: Mr. Each of you will be doing a slightly different set of assignments and laboratory classes depending on you registration as the first activity in this E-mail: . DL Kumudu Phone: (011) 2881353 Phone: (011) 2881469 Phone: (011) 2881305 Phone: (011) 2881332 Phone: (011) 2881272 Phone: (011) 2881272 Phone: (011) 2881437 Phone: (011) 2881272 Phone: (081) 2494495 Phone: (041) 2229782 Colombo Colombo Colombo Colombo Colombo Colombo Colombo Colombo Kandy Matara Important You will receive first and second assignments with this document at the time of registration. Please refer to it as soon as you complete your registration.ECX3210 Electro-Techniques 2010/2011 Page 3 of 3 By selecting a and the third assignment will be sent to you later. as well as assignments and supplementary study material will be made available at this virtual It also gives their telephone numbers and the locations where they would hold the laboratory classes. Please note the date corresponding to your group and attend this class on the assigned date. Notice and announcements. namely.