Employee Master Data Report Field Descriptions Field Name Infotype Infotype Name Definition System defaults the

annual salary which is correct for employees that work over a 12 month period. Must be manually changed for individuals working less than 12 months. For example, an employee works 10 months out of the year and earns $1,000 per month. $10,000 would be entered in this field. System calculated: semi rate X 24, or biweekly exe rate X 26 or hourly rate X weekly working hours X 26 (or 52 for weekly). Uses IT 9027 rate and weekly working hours from IT 0007. Salary paid to an employee over a 12 month period based on a 37.5 hour workweek. System calculated: weekly working hours X 52 (weeks per year). The appointed salary is used for faculty only and is the maximum amount that can be earned during the year. For example, the annual salary amount may be $75,000 but the faculty could earn $100,000 through additional grant funding. JHU only Defaults from the position number that the employee reports to. System calculated based on the work schedule rule and weekly working hours. Decision Support Model code; unique code that allows job specific information to be linked as well as financial reporting. JHHS only Category assigned to a job title based on its primary functions and occupational activities as defined by the Standard Occupational Classification (SOC) codes and categories . Employee Name and personnel (pernr) number. Values include: full-time, part-time, limited, casual, etc. Employee group and personnel subarea determines benefit eligibility. Determines pay cycle and identifies FLSA status (exempt/non-exempt) System calculated based on the weekly working hours and the work schedule rule. Equates to the FTE. Values include: active, leave of absence, termination, etc.

Actual Salary


Base Pay & Labor Distribution

Annual Salary Annual Salary FTE Annual Working Hours

9027 9027 0007

Base Pay & Labor Distribution Base Pay & Labor Distribution Planned Working Time

Appointed Salary Current Supervisor Daily Working Hours Date of Birth DSM Code

9027 PPOSE 0007 0002 PPOSE

Base Pay & Labor Distribution Relationships Planned Working Time Personal Data Relationships

EEO Job Category Employee

PPOSE 0001

Job Attributes Organizational Assignment

Employee Group Employee Subgroup Employment Percent Employment Status

0001 0001 0007 0000

Organizational Assignment Organizational Assignment Planned Working Time Actions 1

Employee Master Data Report Field Descriptions Gender HIPAA Training Hire Date Hourly Pay Rate 0002 PPOSE 0041 9027 Personal Data JHEN . Bayview only This field is used determine if this position is eligible for On-call status and if so. Position Attr 2 . an EEO category. Date of next annual review/merit increase Indicator of Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs compliant requirement. Jobs that need to be reported for HSCRC reporting. and FLSA status. Each job is assigned a unique SAP job # and is assigned a Job Group..Maryland state regulatory organization controlling healthcare costs.g. Also used for Kronos for HS.Add. responsibility or working conditions. JHHS only HSCRC Compliant JCAHO Compliant JHU Semi-Monthly/HS Bi-Weekly PPOSE PPOSE 9027 JHEN . Position Attr Base Pay & Labor Distribution Job Job FLSA Indicator 0001 0001 Organizational Assignment Organizational Assignment Job Group Mail Code Military Status Monthly Working Hours Nationality New Ethnic Origin Next Review Date OFCCP On Call PPOSE 0001 0077 0007 0002 0077 0019 PPOSE PPOSE Relationships Organizational Assignment Additional Personal Data Planned Working Time Personal Data Additional Personal Data Monitoring of Tasks JHEN . System calculated based on the work schedule rule and weekly working hours. Position Attr JHEN . Note: also see race category field. knowledge. engineering) but requiring different levels of skill.Add. Citizenship Values are: Hispanic/Latino or Not Hispanic/Latino. duties and responsibilities of one or more positions with the same job title and classification. JHHS only Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations compliance required Indicates JHU Semi or HS biweekly salary amount Collection of tasks. at what rate.Add.Add. effort. Position Attr JHEN .Add. Where paychecks are sent. Exempt or Non-exempt level of job (Exempt field under Organizational Plan section) Group of jobs having the same nature of work (e. Position Attr Date Specifications Base Pay & Labor Distribution Indicator of Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act Training requirement First day of employment Employee's hourly rate of pay Health Services Cost Review Commission.

There are a total of 5 roles: Administrative/Technical Operations (ATO). Defaults from PG for Bayview. job classification for BU = Group of jobs that are covered by a union collective bargaining agreement. reflects that rate of pay for a bargaining unit employee based on the union step rate pay schedule. for PACE nurses only Pay Grade Pay Grade Area 9027 9027 Base Pay & Labor Distribution Base Pay & Labor Distribution Compensation Role (JHU)-The role assigned to a job that reflects the context within which the job operates – operations. Position Attr Base Pay & Labor Distribution Department This field is used determine if this position will be eligible for overtime and the appropriate status. biweekly-HS Pay Grade Level 9027 Base Pay & Labor Distribution Pay Grade Type Pay Scale Area 9027 9027 Base Pay & Labor Distribution Base Pay & Labor Distribution Pay Scale Group Pay Scale Level Pay Scale Type Payroll Area 9027 9027 9027 0001 Base Pay & Labor Distribution Base Pay & Labor Distribution Base Pay & Labor Distribution Organizational Assignment 3 . current pay grade Pay grade Type.Salary range (JHU) . ST for HS and Bayview non-BU Reflects pay cycle: weekly-JHU. Pay range for HS Default as U for JHU. or leadership.Contribution level (JHU).Employee Master Data Report Field Descriptions Organizational Unit Overtime PACE Hourly Rate 0001 PPOSE 9027 Organizational Assignment JHEN . JHEN Employer is defaulted for all employees. Pay grade for HS For JHU.A range of salaries that is assigned to a specific job based on what the market pays for the job. BU pay range HS BU for bargaining unit (all entities). Default to ST for HS A required system field. Leadership (L). . Based on entity for HS Pay grade level. Administrative/Technical Professional (ATP). semi-JHU.Add.The level assigned to a job based on the nature and type of contribution it makes to the university. There are a total of six contribution levels. Academic/Clinical/Research Operations (ACRO). For JHU.. Academic/Clinical/Research Operations (ACRP). JHHS only Total of base rate plus shift differentials. professional.

see new ethnic origin field.Add. For complete list visit http://ssc. Identifies the employer This field will capture what time collection method will be used. etc. Person 0709 Person ID Personnel Area 0001 Organizational Assignment Personnel Subarea Position Position Cost Center Racial Category (1 thru 6) Second Title Shift Differential Tax Authority Tax Company Time Collection Ind Time Mgt Status Title Vet Discharge Date Veteran Status New Weekend Differential 0001 0001 1018 0077 0002 PPOSE 0210 Payroll Field PPOSE 0007 0002 0077 0077 PPOSE Organizational Assignment Organizational Assignment Cost Distribution Additional Personal Data Personal Data JHEN .html and look under enterprise structure.edu/humanresources/job_aid. assigned by SAP. at what rate. For employees that have only had one job the person ID and pernr will be the same. regular nurse. Division or School (JHU). Examples are: staff. Must correspond to the employee group. Defaults from position and based on time collection method Mr. Position Attr Planned Working Time Personal Data Additional Personal Data Additional Personal Data JHEN . HS employer. an employee working 15 hours a week may not be in the fulltime or part-time employee group.edu/humanresources/job_aid.jhmi. Note: for Kronos users the mail code is also important. Also. JHHS only Indicates the # of hours an employee is scheduled to work per week. Dr. Mrs. For those working outside the US the value is MD. etc. 4 .Add. For employees with concurrent employment it is the pernr from the first job an employee held/holds. relates to workflow Race values. faculty.Employee Master Data Report Field Descriptions Person ID is a unique identifier (functions like SS#). Position Attr Weekly Working Hours 0007 Planned Working Time This field is used to determine if the position is eligible for weekend differential and if so. The personnel subarea and employee group determine benefit eligibility. Employee's highest degree This field is used to determine if the position is eligible for shift differential and if so.. For complete list visit http://ssc. at what rate.jhmi. there are 6 race fields so that an employee may select more than 1 race. Home cost center. Position Attr Withholding Info W4/W5 US JHEN . JHHS only State where an employee works..Add.html and look under enterprise structure. For example.

Work Schedule Rule 0007 Planned Working Time Worksite 0209 Unemployment State 5 .Employee Master Data Report Field Descriptions For HS. the value is MD and the non-US location. the shift scheduled to work. Multiple locations available for MD. For those working outside the US.jhu.pdf Location where an employee works. Please refer to our website for more details: http://ssc. it’s the maximum hours scheduled to work in a week and calculates sick/vacation accrual in combination with weekly working hours on E210. generic locations for other states. for JHU.edu/humanresources/DataFiles/WorkScheduleRule.