Leadership Every minute across the world people are reading papers, watching televisions and staring at computer

screens and in many of those cases we are presented with the leaders of our world. Clad in well fitted suits, clean, well presented, hair coifed, shirts pressed. They are immaculate in their presentation. They are clones. They have studied those dramatic arts of leadership; the chopping hand gestures, the clenched fist and the open palm, gestures that regardless of language communicate the basics of human interaction. Impetuousness, need, restrained anger, a call for peace. These motions are essential for to communicate messages in which the words themselves are often trivialized, jargonized and jingoified to better confuse, complicate and make complacent a population that has little time for deciphering meaning as they themselves struggle with the daily battle to exist. We glance at those chopping hands and see that our leader calls for action, it matters not what that action is but we should support it or his hands would not be so insistent, so demanding. A chop that is a call to action, a call to comply for the sake of the nation. The leaders of our nations are perhaps the greatest of actors, better than any Nicholson, Chaplin or Wayne, Day or Eastwood. They play the same role day in and day out but like the actors in the movies these masters of method acting are not true and pure of purpose but are cheap imitations and this is why. A leader leads, not for personal gain, not for fame or fortune but for the betterment of his or her nation and all its peoples. A leader thinks not only of those closest to him, but those furthest away, those who struggle daily while the leader sups on the finest of foods with the finest of friends. A leader lives not for the moment but for the future, at the cost of their own comfort, even at the cost of their own reputation to secure the times to come for the prosperity of his and her people. A leader does not ask his people to go to war for money, for land that is not theirs, for revenge or for profit. A leader seeks peace, prosperity, a leader shows their people that happiness is not achieved through violence, that achievement is not truly won by climbing on the shattered backs of others and that contentment is not simply money. A leader sees their faults and the faults of their people and tries to find a better way to overcome them than by reducing others to being below himself. Our leaders in these days are rarely honest with us, worse they are seldom honest with themselves. When they rest at night do they feel guilt for the vast resources they allow to be siphoned away from the common man to feed the ever hungry beasts of rampant ultra-capitalists? Do they feel shame as they agree to yet more junk advertising being poured down our throats to sell us things we do not need at prices we cannot afford? Do they weep as the children of their people fight in wars against people whose only crime is to live in a nation ruled by tyrants? A leader is a figurehead of a nation, their task is to exemplify the values of the people in that nation and to act on their behalf. The actions of our leaders and our governments are so often engineered by special interest lobby groups with only the interests of the privileged few in mind that our leaders seem to have forgotten the reason they have power.

The people own a nation, not the leaders and not the privileged few and as citizens loyal to our nations it is imperative that we remind our leaders who they are meant to serve. By staying idle we empower the parasitic minority who have slowly eked away at our nations ’ wealth, at our rights and hard won entitlements so that their ungodly and unwarranted avarice and greed may be fed. We allow their malignant cancerous actions to poison the leaders who are the brains of our nations. The cancerous elitists are blind to the joy of simple comforts and like tumours they can only find meaning through the constant corruption and consumption of our greater whole. Like cancers they need to be excised from the flesh of our society so that we, the people can return to health, so that our leaders may lead and our people may work on to become strong, healthy and above all, happy. Make our leaders accountable to the people, not the other way around and humanity can move forward.