worried. 5. 10. believe -(v) .In extreme need.Two things that are similar or work together. required. 2. desperate -(adj) .Use for one`s own benefit. confident -(adj) . 6. 7.Forced.CHINESE FASHION By: mn Source: Vocabulary Directions: Study the following keywords and definintions.Ridiculous and unreasonable.Resemble.To accept as true without proof.Unhappiness about something that happened. 8. counterpart -(n) .Relaxed and not afraid. compulsory -(adj) . 9. appear to be the same as 3. 11. Which words are the hardest? Focus on the tough ones! 1. emergence -(n) . .Nervous.A coming into view. anxious -(adj) . take advantage -(pv) . look like -(pv) . 4. absurd -(adj) . consternation -(n) .

perform -(v) . 29. or intensify. 35.To try to help something or someone grow or become more popular.To trade one thing for another. inundating -(v) . .To use someone else badly for one's own advantage. the opposite of refuse.What the body does to food.* 24.* 26.To involve.* 18. 38. increase.Try to do something. dwarfs -(v) .Comfort in grief. 22. 30. 43. solace -(n) . celebrity -(n) . 40. rehabilitation -(n) . aspiring -(v) . majority -(n) . boost -(v) . showing disrespect or dislike.More than half. triggering -(v) . enhance -(v) . inspired -(v) .Allow someone to give something. 37. urged -(v) .To cheer on and give hope to. 31. 17.To return to good condition.To draw attention to. success -(n) . 33. 13.To do something 14.To go through a process.Finally. 47. trio -(n) . replete -(adj) . entails -(v) . or calamity. 36.Completely full. achieve -(v) . 46. promoting -(v) .12.* 27. array -(n) . establish -(v) .In a way that makes fun of something.To make something begin.To make something look small. 20.To determine if something is true or not. 34.A group of numbers that are arranged in order.To cover or flood.Give more energy or power to something.Three things grouped or associated together.Encourage someone strongly.To put into something to hold it closely . swap -(v) .To have a strong desire to do something.Succeed in reaching a goal. persist -(v) . 45. They are often put into column and rows. 23. attempt -(v) .To continue and not give up. vast -(adj) . 25. successful -(adj) . 32. trouble. accepted -(v) .A popularly famous person. require.A business or government office. 21.Very large. take advantage of -(pv) . 44.To make someone want to do something. eventually -(adv) . digesting -(v) . underwent -(v) . health or status. highlighted -(v) .* 19. 16. 15. agency -(n) . tuck -(v) .To improve. encouraging -(v) . 39. 41. 28. derisively -(adv) . 42.Accomplished at what one set out to do.A good ending.

the bone never sets properly. The government is encouraging them to drink milk as a way of promoting growth. Even in successful cases in China. The news of her glamorous new life and the £12. forcing the leg to grow longer.even if they don't have her natural advantages. The Telegraph highlighted the case of the British girl. She was whisked away by talent scouts for a modelling contest late last year. Teenagers are inundating hospitals that claim to be able to enhance their height with requests for leg-lengthening operations. The record is held by a young man who gained 6. Until then. Xia slices the thigh bone in half and inserts a steel rod supported by a metal frame on the outside of the bone. her 6ft 1in frame had marked her out as a gawky also-ran in the school playground. Last year. they have suffered and are looking for some solace. a 14-year-old schoolgirl from a fishing village in southern China. because they were born short.000 that she won in the modelling contest has inspired thousands to attempt to follow in her footsteps . a doctor whose clinics perform the operation said: "I have received many letters from people saying that. from Wadebridge. the Japanese now stand taller than the Chinese. the result is disastrous . Frequently. the lengthening and attendant physiotherapy and rehabilitation lasts months. Huang was spotted by the international modelling agency Elite and flown to Europe.5 inches. THE young in China are going to desperate lengths to add extra inches to their height in pursuit of celebrity and wealth. but . Xia Hetao. The patient cranks the mechanism wider every day. 16. but others persist. One of the greatest influences has been the astonishing success of Huang Xinye. however.Reading Directions: Read the following passage carefully. They are being urged on by a government shamed by the news that. who underwent a series of leg-lengthening operations to gain an extra five inches so that she could become an air stewardess." If they are accepted on Xia's waiting list. Emma Richards. Most can stand the pain only for the month that it takes to stretch an inch. Having won the contest. the aspiring patients are guaranteed only more pain in the short run. for the first time in history. There is constant pressure on Chinese adolescents to think tall. while magazines and television are replete with the images of lanky supermodels and basketball stars. Cornwall.

as a necessary evil if modern Chinese people are to achieve the greater goal of a taller nation. Wang Zhizhi and Menk Bateer is 7 ft 6 in. Zhang Mei is one of the many who want to look like Huang. a magnetic insole that claims to stimulate pressure points in the foot. her parents are still in their fishing village as Huang is struggling to . China's growing legion of basketball fans has been proudly confident that a Chinese player will one day establish the country as a great force in the sport. reduce their thighs. most of whom (as with the majority of Chinese) are lactose-intolerant and.000 that the doctor charges or are unwilling to suffer the pain that it entails can take advantage of scores of products that claim to boost growth ranging from the absurd to the downright dangerous. It has been accepted by all. In department stores throughout the country. She and her friends swap tales of operations to lengthen their legs. they towered over rivals from Scandinavia and confidently looked the American Dream Team straight in the eye." Teenage boys have their own giant heroes. For centuries. The average height of Yao Ming. Sadly. the order to drink milk is not popular with children." she said as she boarded a plane for Geneva late last year. as Huang Xinye is discovering. which contain a double boost for the anxious consumer. Officials believe that the reason for China's physical shortfall is the fact that Japanese children drink 18 times as much milk a year as Chinese infants. straighten their noses and tuck their eyelids. However. At last year's Olympic Games. which is why the news that the average Chinese person is now smaller than his Japanese counterpart caused such official consternation. which is why Beijing has made it compulsory for every schoolchild from nursery school upwards to drink a quarter-pint of milk every day. in the form of a trio of basketball players known as the "Walking Great Wall". thanks in large part to the emergence of towering young role models such as Huang Xinye. enlarge their breasts. The explanation is undoubtedly the better nutrition enjoyed by recent generations of Japanese. Manufacturers of such products claim that sales are booming. therefore. such as "Increasing Brains and Stature" tablets. however. I will buy a place in Beijing for my family. the Chinese have derisively referred to the Japanese as "dwarfs". Height and beauty. Those who either cannot afford the equivalent of the £2. She said: "A nice body is the passport through the door leading to our dream life. are not always enough. She says cosmetic surgery will create undreamt-of opportunities for her. have difficulty digesting the natural sugars in milk. salesmen entice shoppers to try the Wanlijian shoe pad. White-coated salesmen on the same shopping floors tout a vast array of lotions and pills for enhancing growth. Since then. eventually turning the patient into an invalid.constantly breaks. "When I have enough money. triggering the release of a natural growth hormone. though.

Who is Huang Xinye and what did she win? 5. What do the Chinese do in persuit of fame? 2. How do they perform the operation? 7.make her name on the international modelling circuit. The Daily Telegraph | April 10. Why are teens now going to hospitals? 6. By DAMIEN MCELROY. Why is the Chinese government ashamed? 3. 2001 Comprehension Questions Directions: Read the following questions and answer each one to the best of your ability. What are they encouraged to do? 4. 1. How long do most people endure the pain? .

What are the Chinese basketball fans now sure of? 18. Why does she want it? 16. Why are sales booming? 14. What is offered in department stores? 13. How long does it all take? 10. What is the "Walking Great Wall"? 17. What does Zhang Mei want to have done? 15. What often happens with such bones? 11. What was the Chinese offensive term for the Japanese? .8. Why did Emma Richards undergo such operation? 9. How much does it cost? 12.

The government is encouraging them to drink milk as a way of promoting growth.old schoolgirl from a fishing village in southern China. while magazines and television are replete with the images of lanky supermodels and basketball stars.or ) adds "in" to the meaning of a word. Why are the Japanese now taller than the Chinese? 20.(sometimes spelled em-. Is Huang Xinye's family now living a better life? Word Roots & Stems Rule: The prefix en. . What has Beijing ordered and what is the problem with that? 21.One of the greatest influences has been the astonishing success of Huang Xinye .in each sentence and write it on the line. Be careful! There is another prefix with the same spelling which means "not". 1. Directions: Identify the word that ends with en. a 14-year .19. in.

It was a long trip but _______________ we arrived. It is bad to _______________ gifts from strangers. take advantage confident perform trio entails derisively majority take advantage of look like consternation persist inspired inundating dwarfs highlighted agency absurd counterpart replete triggering achieve boost celebrity tuck anxious desperate solace encouraging vast underwent attempt establish believe emergence success accepted promoting urged digesting array compulsory enhance successful aspiring eventually rehabilitation swap 1. Rice is easier to _______________ than beef. 4. . 3. enjoy encourage embrace endanger enslave en + joy ____________ em + brace ______________ ____________ I hope you enjoy the show! ________________________________________________ She embraced her children before she left.Directions: Fill in the blanks below. ________________________________________________ ________________________________________________ Vocabulary Practice FILL IN THE BLANK Directions: Use the word bank to identify the word that best completes the sentence. just as in the models. The police _______________ that he was at home at the time of the crime. 2.

5. 15. 20. 16. 36. 30. 27. 14. The kitchen is _______________ with all kinds of food. Her beauty _______________ him to paint a beautiful picture of her. He had been lost for three days and was _______________ for food and water. They _______________ to climb the mountain. 12. The heavy rains _______________ the city. He _______________ the gloves into his pocket. 38. 10. 33. 9. The _______________ of the mouse from the hole surprised everyone. 37. The house must _______________ a lot of work before we can sell it. The ocean is _______________. He is so tall that he _______________ everyone who stands near him. Even as a child. 19. They cheered to _______________ their team. 21. She _______________ to be a doctor. . 6. 13. To be a father _______________ having children. Coffee _______________ my thinking in the morning. a trombone. 7. 28. There are a lot of advertisements _______________ the new store. 8.the party was a _______________ ! 29. 17. He _______________ my friendship. Everyone had a good time. 34. 26. He was afraid of water but _______________ with his swimming lessons anyway. Spices _______________ the taste of food. 35. 32. 18. He is _______________ he did well on the test. The jazz _______________ included trumpet. 25. The _______________ of his friends are men. His parents _______________ him to study harder. Sports statistics are often put into _______________ where they are organized into columns and rows. The girl laughed _______________ at the injured boy. He _______________ the blue bike for a red one. He called an employment _______________ for help finding a job. The idea that moon is made of cheese is _______________. 11. Hyde. 22. He manages the NY store and his _______________ manages the Hong Kong store. 24. She had a suprised and painful look of _______________ on her face. and a bass. Robert Louis Stevenson's most _______________ story was The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr. He became a _______________ after his first movie. 23. Moving the cheese _______________ the mouse trap. I never _______________ in Santa Claus. 31.

39. He _______________ the words the important words with a red pen. confident H. compulsory G. desperate K. solace Q. inspired U. After the test she was _______________ about her grade. believe F. perform N. enhance M. The band will _______________ at 8. he had to have six months of _______________. aspiring . If it helps. She _______________ everything she set out to do. 42. feel free to also draw a line between the definition and the matching word. A. consternation I. successful S. 46. persist O. trio T. anxious E. accepted X. for he married unfortunately. 44. There are some _______________ courses that you will need to take in order to graduate. success R. We _______________ of the beautiful weather and went to the beach. emergence L. Nor did he find much _______________ at home. MATCHING Directions: Write the letter of word that matches the definition on the line. take advantage B. replete P. absurd D. triggering V. After the accident. 41. encouraging W. counterpart J. J Moliere . 43. 45. look like C.Introduction to Tartuffe 40.

agency SS.  53. _______ Finally. highlighted MM.  54. derisively FF. rehabilitation KK. _______ Allow someone to give something. inundating AA. tuck TT. achieve BB. attempt OO. vast CC.dwarfs GG. . _______ A popularly famous person. _______ To determine if something is true or not.  51. underwent II. majority LL.  52. the opposite of refuse. _______ What the body does to food. take advantage of RR. entails Z. _______ A business or government office.Y.establish UU. digesting PP. promoting DD. urged JJ. _______ To make something look small. eventually EE.  55. _______ To have a strong desire to do something. array  48.  49.*  50. boost HH. celebrity NN. swap QQ.

 62. _______ Two things that are similar or work together.*  69.  64. _______ To involve.  67.  59.  61. increase. 56. _______ Unhappiness about something that happened. require. _______ Give more energy or power to something.  57. _______ In a way that makes fun of something. showing disrespect or dislike.  70.*  60. .  72.  74. _______ Accomplished at what one set out to do.  65. _______ Relaxed and not afraid.  73. appear to be the same as  68. _______ Resemble. _______ To trade one thing for another. _______ A group of numbers that are arranged in order.  71. They are often put into column and rows. _______ Very large. _______ Three things grouped or associated together. _______ To try to help something or someone grow or become more popular. _______ To continue and not give up.  63. _______ To improve. _______ Completely full. _______ To go through a process. _______ To cheer on and give hope to.  58.  66. or intensify. _______ To use someone else badly for one's own advantage.

_______ To cover or flood.  88. health or status.  86. worried.  81. _______ Use for one`s own benefit. _______ To accept as true without proof. _______ To draw attention to.  78. trouble. _______ To return to good condition. _______ Nervous. _______ To do something  90.  79.  94. _______ To make something begin. _______ Try to do something. or calamity. _______ Encourage someone strongly. _______ A good ending.  83.  84.  80. _______ More than half. 75. _______ Succeed in reaching a goal.  82. _______ To put into something to hold it closely .  89. required. _______ Ridiculous and unreasonable.  92. _______ A coming into view.  85. _______ In extreme need. _______ To make someone want to do something. _______ Comfort in grief.*  87.  93. .  76.*  77.  91. _______ Forced.

96. 97. take advantage confident perform trio entails derisively majority take advantage of look like consternation persist inspired inundating dwarfs highlighted agency absurd counterpart replete triggering achieve boost celebrity tuck anxious desperate solace encouraging vast underwent attempt establish believe emergence success accepted promoting urged digesting array compulsory enhance successful aspiring eventually rehabilitation swap 95. 99. 100. . Circle the vocabulary word in each sentence. 98. write an original sentence using the word. 101.WRITE YOUR OWN SENTENCES Directions: For each of the words in the box. Be sure to write a sentence that would help the reader better understand the meaning of the word.

109. . 112. 110. 104. 106. 111. 114. 103. 108. 105. 107. 113.102.

121. 123. 125. 119. 117. 116. 124. 127. 122. . 126. 118. 120.115.

140. 131. 139. 129. 135. 137.128. 130. . 132. 138. 134. 133. 136.

desperate 11. urged 36. entails 26. success 18. array Activity Description Differentiation Guide Assessment Introduction of vocabulary Introduce the new words from the vocabulary list in above (see Objectives) by modeling pronunciation. inspired 21. encouraging 23. eventually 31. Students will be able to demonstrate comprehension of the passage by answering questions which require basic understanding and interpretation of the content. counterpart 10. emergence 12. establish 47. attempt 41. enhance 13. dwarfs 33. digesting 42. trio 20. absurd 4. achieve 28. accepted 24. look like 3. agency 45. and use the words in the vocabulary list below. vast 29. compulsory 7. rehabilitation 37. anxious 5. triggering 22. underwent 35. celebrity 40. to comprehend and learn how to find info Standards addressed: Vocabulary: 1. inundating 27. replete 16. perform 14. aspiring 25. successful 19. solace 17. believe 6. persist 15. pronounce. confident 8. take advantage of 44. swap 43. individual and choral repitition. LESSON: Aim:to learn vocab and grammar Grade: 1 Subject: Prepared by: Marijana Nikolic Objectives:    Students will be able to understand.141. promoting 30. boost 34. take advantage 2. consternation 9. highlighted 39. majority 38. derisively 32. Review defintions Sample Questioning: . tuck 46.

Share ALL Students will read the passage or follow along as the passage is read. or develop a physical action to increase the student’s ability to remember the new words. give different types of learners an opportunity to write down the new words. Summary Instructor will review the objectives of the lesson with the class a whole. Students may benefit from having time to complete this portion of the worksheet individually or in pairs. which was used in the reading. Instruct students to read the passage silently and complete the questions independently. Students complete this section of worksheet independently prior to group review of the answers. Depending on the population: Read the entire passage aloud. associate a visual image to cue to understanding of the word. like danger (n) endanger (v). have students work in pairs or small groups. Example quick assess: 3 new pieces of information from text. ALL Students will increase their familiarity with the new vocabulary and their ability to successfully use these new words in context. Practicing New Vocabulary Students will be given a chance to practice applying new vocabulary by completing cloze sentences. Who can think of a time when this word might be used? Can you use this word in a sentence? What’s the antonym (opposite) of this word? When appropriate. while working with students who need more literacy help. explain the definition. Word Building: Roots and Stems Students will be encouraged to take away a word-attack strategy from this lesson by reviewing en-. Ask students to complete the questions by doing Think. . Ask students to volunteer to read parts of the passage aloud. flash cards). SOME students will be given an opportunity to share their answer aloud. Students who get more than two of the cloze sentences wrong should be asked do other reinforcement (i.SOME Students will be asked to orally demonstrate knowledge of new words. Reading & Comprehension Questions Students will read the passages of and demonstrate comprehension of the content by question. ALL Students will strive to demonstrate comprehension of the passage by answering the questions. 2 new words.and understand The prefix y changes a noun into a verb. When appropriate.e. 1 question about what they learned. ALL students will be able to recognize the prefix en. The summary can be completed as quick discussion or by asking student to summarize in their notes. Pause at key moments and model good reading strategies through a think aloud.. ALL Students will be able to increase their understanding and awareness of the new words.    In your own words. to model phrasing and fluency. Pair.

-12 S. -45 G. -23 CC. -6 GG. -32 D. -13 J. -9 M. -40 Q. -47 BB. HH. -30 L. -16 I. -42 N. -10 T. -39 AA. -33 JJ. -29 R. -46 -15 -3 -14 -18 . -24 O. -2 X. -21 Z. -37 F. -20 C. DD. -8 Y. -41 E. II.Fill-in-the-blank Answer Key: 1) established 2) accept 3) eventually 4) digest 5) agency 6) dwarfs 7) celebrity 8) aspires 9) enhance 10) trio 11) took advantage of 12) successful 13) counterpart 14) boosts 15) promoting 16) consternation 17) confident 18) undergo 19) replete 21) entail 22) derisively 23) vast 24) persisted 25) encourage 26) arrays 27) swapped 28) majority 29) success 30) emergence 31) inspired 32) absurd 33) urged 34) attempted 35) triggered 36) desperate 37) believed 38) tucked 39) inundated 40) solace 41) anxious 42) perform 43) highlighted 44) took advantage 45) compulsory 46) rehabilitation 47) achieved Matching Answer Key: A. -36 K. -31 U. EE. -17 H. -25 W. -19 P. -44 B. -35 V. -22 FF.

-38 TT. -43 MM. -27 QQ. SS. OO. PP. RR. NN. -1 UU. -7 -34 -4 -11 -5 -26 . -28 LL.KK.

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