Using thoughts as energy vibrations to transform your life

First, what is a thought?

A thought is an abstract mental or intellectual activity/creation. It may be an idea springing up on its own in our thinking faculty, call it by whatever name you like-brain, mind, heart or soul; or it may be a response generated by it to certain stimuli. Whatever human faculty generates them, thoughts basically, are responses to two types of stimuli. First is natural, biological or internal stimuli and the second is external or environmental stimuli. The first type of biological stimuli include the natural human needs such as love, security, food, water, excretions, shelter, sex, dreams, desires, aspirations, predilections or revulsions and so on. External stimuli, the second type, include all the elements of the family and social environment in which we live, interact or work. They include the actions or reactions of the people in general, family members, friends, colleagues, neighbours; situations and events happening on day-to-day basis in various aspects of life in which we are involved directly or indirectly. An important trait of this abstract mental activity or thought is that it is an energy entity. It is constituted of energy vibrations—in other words, thoughts themselves are energies or vibrations of energy.

How do we know that thoughts are energy vibrations? There is an irrefutable proof that thought are energy vibrations and every person without exception experiences the energy vibrations at one time or another. We often feel a sense of peace and bliss when we visit the holy places, churches or temples-unless, of course, we are determined to be agnostic and try to be insensitive to them. The reason being the environment in the holy places is permeated with vibrations of peaceful and blissful spiritual energy released by words or thoughts in the sermons of the priests and pundits who deliver them day after day.

We feel the same kind of security, peace and happiness in presence of saints, sages, rishis or spiritually exalted people even if they remain silent and do not speak. We feel a sense of revulsion or fear in presence of certain type of people and wish to get away from them as soon as we can even if they do not speak or act or react to us.

How come some people have friendly faces while others are awful? Sometimes, even the seemingly ugly and unkempt faces of strangers radiate a kind of inexplicable charm. On the other hand, people with seemingly good looks appear haughty and put us off even if we may not have dealt with them personally. The one reason for such silent response, whether of revulsion or attraction is the mental make-up of the person who releases them. The mental make-up is constituted of the thoughts or the energy vibrations, whether of love, hate or fear, which the person involuntarily, automatically releases. Please note that in the above examples, the people whether good or bad are not trying to consciously influence others by actively or vocally expressing their thoughts. The thoughts are communicating themselves on their own to the people present around them. The energy vibrations in the thoughts are contagious. They affect-infect- not only the human beings, but also the environment where they are generated even involuntarily. Remember the peaceful vibrations generated by the buildings of the shrines, churches, synagogues or temples. So, when the thoughts can generate such powerful energy vibrations, how much transformation they can cause to the life of the person who generates them –who is their original source. This can be better explained by an example of a powerful magnet. When the energy vibrations released by a powerful magnet can draw distantly scattered iron filings or pieces irresistibly towards it, how much powerful the magnet- the original source of energy would itself be. What would happen to the power of the magnet when it is charged by the vibrations of electrical energy? It is the same with human beings. When they are charged by the energy of the powerful positive thoughts their life can be transformed beyond belief.

We can control the nature of our thoughts A very important feature of energy vibrations or thoughts is that people can control their nature -whether positive or negative-- they generate. One reason why they do not exercise the control over them is that they probably love the kind of thoughts they generate. Some people wallow in negative thoughts. Examples of such people are the masochists or sadists. While the former enjoy self-punishing thoughts the later revel in inflicting pain upon others. There are others who enjoy creating positive thoughts which not only help them transform their own lives, but also help others to do the same. It is, therefore, obvious that people can control and regulate the creation of their thoughts. We have so far learnt that 1. Thoughts are energy vibrations. 2. They can be positive or negative. 3. We can exercise control over them. How to use thought energy to transform life Just keep a check on your thoughts. Do not allow yourself to entertain negative thoughts as much as you can. Remember, sometimes very simple steps can make a mountain of change. The problem with most of us is that we ignore them just because they appear too simple to deserve any attention. Use affirmations of a single strong and powerful thought and try to practice it in your daily life. Chant or affirm it like a mantra, for example: I am a peaceful and blissful soul. I will never be disturbed howsoever provocative the situation and so on. My recommendation is to avoid too many affirmations. They may weaken the focus. Just one will do the magic. Most Hindu gurus offer just one liners as mantras to their disciples to chant for all their life. The mantras are quite often very short, sometimes comprising just single or two monosyllabic words. The chant of just OM is a popular. The disciples are supposed to chant the mantra even when they are on the death bed in the hope that the mantra will deliver them salvation from the endless cycle of

births and deaths. This one single mantra, to use the pet saying of the devotees, will enable them to” swim across the buffeting waves of the ocean of life,” Remember the chant mentioned above whenever a disturbing situation arises. You can create your own if like another. Gradually your mind would start adapting and imbibing the spirit of this mantra. It will become a part of your reflexes. The spirit behind the mantra would become your second nature and you will be surprised by the kind of peace and bliss you will feel. Your persona, your entire being will be permeated, engulfed with an inexplicable feeling of bliss and peace and the same will also be experienced by not only those who are in your presence, but even by those who just remember you in distant locations. Source: Peace and Happiness through Self-Empowerment