Sudden appraisal of doomsday movies

“It is early in the evening, a kid is playing ball out in the court yard when suddenly the sky turns dark and clouded, when the kid looks up anticipating a cold and thunderous shower, to his utter dismay he finds a Biiggg spaceship covering…. The…. Reddish…..Blue…. Expanse…. of the Sky”. Genetically mutated gigantic lizards attacking cities, aliens pouring down from the sky in flying saucers, the earth revisiting a nerve chilling frozen ice age and the reembodiment of the chapter of an immense deluge that would wipe out all evil; Who in the blue blazes would have the nerve to imagine that some day these scenes from various doomsday movies would materialize into reality, But then what is it that keeps the viewer and the film maker chasing behind such thoughts and ideologies, in both awe and admiration? Film makers for ages have been experimenting with various different story lines to attain that crucial link with the viewer that determines a stupendous success. “Continuous attempts have proved that what the director provides is not the deciding factor but it is what the viewer wants or what he sees in the movie that decides it’s over all success” says Pradeep Kumar, a film analyst and a movie buff. Keeping this very important rule in mind and observing the status reports of various movies that have came out in the past, we find that movies that promulgated the indigenous idea of ultimate world destruction has never failed to make the cash counters ring. “History clearly reveals that all the doomsday movies have been sticklers for winning” says Mugil Chandran, film critic and faculty at Prasad film academy, Chennai. Recent movies like ‘The day after tomorrow’, ‘The Day the earth stood still’, ‘2012’, documentaries like ‘zeitgeist addendum’, ‘six degrees could change the world’, ‘The Inconvenient truth’ etc. have been constant reminders of how such movies work wonders at the box office. The instigating factor behind this endless success is still incognito and inconclusive and has had critics and film makers pondering over it for decades now. “The only solution that the intellects of the film fraternity have been able to come up with so far is the rising awareness of the public regarding the issues of global warming” says Shekhar Dattari, wildlife film maker and a film critic. He further adds by saying that “The other common plausibility’s include man’s inborn affinity towards cruelty and destruction, his eagerness to revisit the chapters of past which speaks of the ice age, the great deluge etc”. Global warming has been a key issue in propelling this bizarre idea among the film fraternity as this phenomenon has been one whose impact is being slowly but gradually seen all around us, people who belong to all the different facets of the society are learning the effects of this phenomenon and are gearing themselves up to face the big picture in the near future. It is this wild spread awareness and fear that has lead to the sudden appraisal of doomsday movies. The only glitch that these movies posse is that they are literally engineered to cater to the masses and are all biff, bang and boom. They tend to don a negative superficial mask and provide the required adrenaline rush to the viewers. If these movies were more goals oriented they could have helped create positive awareness and irradiate the baseless fear that has been deeply incepted in all human minds.