ICS had its humble beginning in the year 1995 venturing in to Formulation Marketing. ICS started its operation in the state of Ahmedabad, Chennai, Delhi, Mumbai four major metro cities with a field force of 10 Medical Representatives. Subsequently expanded its operation to all the states of Southern, Western and Eastern India by 2009. ICS is an India company with 48 Medical reps and 4 managers by the Fiscal 2013-14. ICS is a pharmaceutical company in the Therapy area of Cardio-diabetic segment. It has established powerful, unique Molecules. ICS has set up a world class, state of the art manufacturing facility at Ahemdabadfor which US FDA and MHRA accreditations are approved. This facility is spread over 55000 square feet, with latest equipment’s and machinery for manufacturing products with assured quality control and quality analysis. In addition a Formulation R&D is set up for launch of innovative formulations. ICS has grown by 100% in the last five year with CAGR of 26% with a turnover of 30 Million INR in the fiscal 2012-13. With aggressive product introductions and geography expansions, ICS is poised for a phenomenal growth in the coming years.

BUSINESS MODEL:Good innovative “Products”.Need satisfaction of all customers MISSION: To become the leaders in cardio-diabetic therapeutic segments in coming year. Respect for Individuals and Ideas 2.Profitable growth and value creation for all stake holders 5. Well trained and knowledgeable “People” and Robust “Processes”.Long term association with all business partners 4.VISION: To become the most respected pharmaceutical company in India with Science and Innovation CORE VALUES 1.Quality across all functions 3. turnover annually - DIVISION: Cardio-diabetic No of Medical Representative: CITY Ahmedabad Mumbai Delhi Chennai NO OF MEDICAL REPRESENTATIVE 9 15 12 12 48 .2 Cr So. TURNOVER OF THE COMPANY: We are covering four metros: CITY Ahmedabad Chennai Delhi Mumbai SALES PER MONTH (‘00000) 20 30 30 40 1.


Sitagliptin + Metformin 4. 10. Telmisartan + Hydrochlorothiazide 8. 9. Metformin + Glimepiride 3.DIVISION AND PRODUCT PORTFOLIO (MIN 10 PRODUCT) MOLECULES : 1. Metformin (500mg.750mg. Telmisartan 20/40/80 mg 7.1000mg) 2. Metformin + Voglibose 5. Atorvastatin + Vitamin D3 6. PRODUCT & CRM DOCTOR MATRIX Specialties Products 1234- .

The customer information platform (CIP) is a key element of the integration architecture. automatic call recognition). and regarding. e. ordering. Both CRM and ERP supply and use data from the CIP which consists of a data warehouse and master data management solution (MDM). The infrastructure architecture uses standard Internet technology. Standard configurations have also been developed for portals where a solution from BEA/ATG has been selected   . (3) The technical infrastructure for the secure technical connectivity. The ERP application is used for product management.CRM ARCHITECTURE The system architecture implements the process architecture regarding (1) The applications which provide the functionality for the process portals and the CRM processes. and service (functionalities for call centers. To avoid incompatible customer data and the implementation of multiple different systems.g. CIP defines a customer data model and methods to integrate local and corporate customer data. expense. sales (functionalities for planning and reporting of visits. corporate guidelines determine the each country’s configuration:  The application architecture which reflects the functional requirements in the processes marketing (analytical and mailing functionalities). sample and congress management). and marketing purposes. and sales. MDM harmonizes the different field names and customer ID numbers into a corporate standard. The data warehouse integrates data from various heterogeneous systems and consolidates data for reporting purposes. (2) The integration solution which provides semantic and syntactical compatibility for homogenized customer data. sales force. the CRM application for call center. Company has developeddecentralized system architecture.


The same applies within individual product lines to support sales of a higher-grade product (up-selling).        CRM as an “all-embracing approach. from short-term illness to long-term wellness For example. chronical bronchitis patients could be provided in-depth information on cortisone and antibiotics as well as various drugs which are necessary during the course of their illness. Patients with acute diseases could be offered standard drug information to combat high temperatures. Systems for Territory Management (TMS) or Sales Force Automation (SFA) have been in operation for some time and support the sales force in visiting physicians on a regular basis. which seamlessly integrates sales. . CRM should also aim at expanding the needs of this segment. e.IMIP PLATFORM More active and informed patients increasingly influence the choice of drugs and reduce the physician’s role as decision-maker. For example. . chest pains or coughing and general prevention advice. a physician who works with diabetes patients equipment for blood analysis can also be offered drugs for preventing weight problems (cross-selling). customer service.Patients with chronical diseases are long-term patients who invest time inunderstanding their disease as well as possible medication alternatives. field support.g. and other functions that touch customers” By systematically collecting and analyzing information on customer contacts CRM aims to maximize the lifetime customer value Different physician types and patients depending on their disease. Patientswith acute diseases are often only interested in standard information on combating symptoms to overcome their disease. marketing.

g. the storage of patient data and their medical histories. Call centers are a major element in service area. Projects. systematic archivingof information from medical journals or newsletters. all administrative activities. CRM supports call centerstaff with detailed.    Call centers and portal applications for physicians as well as for patients. Sub Projects. Vendors. i. The physician’s process focuses on patient treatment. Help Desk. Sub Campaign Management: Helps you create a larger campaign and create sub campaign under that.g.e. Reports. i. Intelligence & Dashboards. i. Aspirin). Business. and backoffice. Net Suite & Microsoft Dimanics Quick Implementation with customization (Average is 20 days) Customization is free throughout your Subscription Period Marketing Automation   Campaign management: helps company to understand how many leads have come in from what kind of adv campaign.Diabetology) or products (e. such as Marketing Automation. Security Management. providing advice and prescribing drugs. continuous medical education (CME) with online seminars etc. Calls are automatically routed to the person or department concerned. depending on the call and the type of support required.e.e. . Sales Quotes. up-to-date customer information. USP of T3 CRM     Fully Customizable as per Industry Low per User cost as compared to sales Force . Sales Force Automation. Accounts. Orders. Pre Sales. Included areknowledge management. Post Sales. Invoices.e. A single telephone number (contact point) has been established for questions regarding products. Examples are portals for specific diseases (e. TECHNOLOGICAL TOOLS Software used for CRM: T3 CRM Features T3 CRM is web-based CRM software T3 CRM leverages the benefits of adding more value to the end users by providing many enterprise features. Patient data management. Products. i.e. professional development i.

Rejection Analysis: Each rejected lead will have a rejection analysis methodology for BI reports.  Campaign Expenditure: All outgoing Expenses towards a campaign can be tracked. Creating of Post sales: Post sales gets created for each enquiry and to track products purchased. SMS & Email Communication: T3 CRM can be configured to sent related email and sms communication as a part of sales to each lead by executive. Hierarchy Wise data Viewing: Each user in T3 Will have an individual login and each one on logging in will view data based on organizational hierarchy. Contacts Management: All prospects multiple contacts are captured Identify Prospect needs: As per Industry each enquiry will have a need Capture form. Micro Sites. Adwords campaign Sales Force Automation Lead Management       Rule Based Lead Allocation: Leads are allocated to related executive based on Defined Rules by administrator Define Sales Flow Stages: As per Industry each modules will have sales flow stages which helps to move the lead to next level and capture respective Data. Mass Emails sent. Follow up Tracking: Follow up of prospect. Customer management    Order won Enquiries gets Converted: All qualifying enquiries get converted to customers. Post sales & Collections . Multiple Enquiries for 1 Prospect : Each prospect can have multiple enquiries and status and follow up of each one can be tracked separately. Owner Owns Followup: Each lead is assigned to a Executive and shared with a Team of users. Admin can track the follow done by any of these users and make sure that no lead is lying ideal. enquiries can be marked and handled effectively to calendering. Prospect & Enquiry management       Qualifying Leads gets converted: All qualifying leads get converted to Prospect and enquiry. Rejection Analysis: Each rejected Enquiries / prospect will have a rejection analysis methodology for BI reports. Collection Schedule: Each Order can be defined with a payment schedule. Direct Lead Capture: from Website.

Quotes. and others. Using T3 Customer Portal you can integrate your corporate Web site with your overall CRM strategy. Opportunity Management. each customer can have multiple post sales created against them.   Order Confirmation:Post sales gets created against each customer as per the enquiry done. Help Desk     Direct Complain Ticket: Customer Can Directly register the complain form the website of the Organization Complain Ticket Escalation: Complain will be escalated up the hierarchy of the resolution is not met within the SLA. Track Post sales Follow Up: Follow-up done for payment collection and other service related issues can be tracked against each post sales. Data mining works to analyze data stored in data warehouses that are used to store that . Price Books. With T3 Customer Portal you can provide roundthe-clock self-service capability to your customers so they can get solutions as quickly as possible and reduce the expenditure on your customer service centers. and Invoices specifically useful for integrating your organization's sales. You can also use other related features. Account & Contact Management. Payment Collection: Payment gets collected against each of the post sales as per the collection schedule. Alerts: Customer will get Ticket registration Alerts via sms and email. and accounting processes and enhances the sales effectiveness. such as Activity Management (including Calendaring). Purchase Orders. Inventory Management T3 CRM provides Products. File Attachments. Vendors. DATA MINING PROCESS Data mining uses information from past data to analyze the outcome of a particular problem or situation that may arise. Customer Self Service Portal The T3 Customer Portal add-on extends the power of T3 CRM to your corporate Web site and streamline customer support & service processes. inventory. Resolution for Knowledge Database: Support Executive can resolve customer complain by using T3 CRM knowledge database that has been Generated Overtime from previous Complain resolution. Sales Orders.

from the production to the management. CUSTOMER ACQUISITION CUSTOMER RETENTION . promote new product. Managers also use data mining to decide upon marketing strategies for their product. They can use data to compare and contrast among competitors. Data mining interprets its data into real time analysis that can be used to increase that is being analyzed. or delete product that is not value-added to the company. That particular data may come from all parts of business.

Social Media:Regular contact with customer with the help of social media like giving our executive blogs on this social media.Therapy leader programs  Promotional gifts. follow-ups. linkedin. magic moments. Make data by doing survey which contains information about: Which doctor prescribe most our products? Whichdoctor not prescribes? Why? Implement a monthly email marketing campaign: We will be emailing our existing customers once a month. twitter.For customer retention company will apply following       I. Implement customer feedback surveys: Customer feedback surveys are a great way to learn how your service is performing in relation to your clients expectations. Ask if any complaint is there:Some times dissatisfied customers don’t complain or don’t believe it’ll make any difference. and share a couple of great articles which will help them with their business. special offers. “thank you’s”. events.  • •  •  Frequent Communications Calendar:This is a programmed sequence of letters. For most profitable customer:  CME’s . Inform them of any recent news or services. Questionnaires and Surveys:Ask to customers what they want in future? About product & services. in such cases ask them what is their complain? and work on that complaint. Extraordinary Customer Service:Moving the product or service we deliver into the realm of the extraordinary by delivering higher than expected levels of service to each and every customer. . Providing schemes to chemists  We will provide to the Doctors conference entry fees. and cards or notes with a personal touch etc. II. phone calls.

"  Customer partnering: • • • • • 1. 2. Use the Web to collaborate on test products. Research how customers can gain more value. Share documents and information online. . Make the customer feel like they "know" the company. 5. 3.CUSTOMER PARTNERING: Customer partnering • "Customer partnership is a shared journey to create a future for both parties that is better than either could have developed alone. completely. 4. Solve problems.

order tracking. For example. If the problems are occur regarding costs marketers are cutting costs and pushing more work onto their customers. So if we completely meet customer needs. • • • • • • SFA (SALES FORCE AUTOMATION) Sales force automation is a technique of using software to automate the business tasks of sales. adding personal touches to that because People are always more loyal to people they know than strangers. Such a process easily translates for a host of other products. We can now hire companies that design and manage online surveys on password-protected Web sites. busy doctors might log in at their convenience to evaluate the product and post comments. "Publicize the story behind the business. sales forecast analysis and employee performance evaluation. customer management. Research how customers can gain more value: sales team spends some time with potential clients to learn how their needs can best be served by the company's product. including order processing. we will stand out. Make the customer feel like they "know" the company. inventory monitoring and control. When work is done in teams create a central and private Web site upload work on there in order every customer will be able to read that project. Use the Web to collaborate on test products.ICS is using online SFA software& Field Force Tracking Software. completely.• Solve problems. Share documents and information online. information sharing. . contact management.

every time they move their location. This package helps in planning and execution of the plans by the marketing Field Force. Organizations with employees in the field can see their exact locations on Google Maps in near real time. activities. our employees go to field. Proper planning of the field force helps us in better profits. When they arrive in the field. Reporting of kinds is possible for example the list of activities to be conducted (Tour Program). make real-time decisions that deliver optimal service levels and generate reports to analyze and improve overall business performance. every 5 Minutes.being conducted (DCR) for the months. Can Check Tour Plan Vs Actual.     The marketing field force plays the most crucial part in the existence of our Company. EssentialSFA helps in keeping track of all the Doctors. Every Morning. . Day or for Specific Period. and business contact details. or whatever other interval throughout the day that you choose. gather data from the field and can simplify the payroll process. after every sales call. they have to "check-in" at their Phone which automatically logs their GPS location and then they have to feed their Customer calls Detail time to time along with Visit Time. Essential SFA will allow us to forecast our company's revenues accurately and will be able to track every lead along with the capability to access customized reports for analysis on our sales performance. E-Track allows you to monitor employee locations. Chemists &stockiest& invitee details & much more for different activities. the list of the Doctors.

lifetime value of the customer can be determine for a number of reasons. . CLTV tool will not only help to determine the value of a customer it will also allow to modify the assumption regarding the input variables in the formul as you modify these assumption you will understand how each impact the CLTV results it will enable to identify different valuations for customers with different characteristics.  Sales managers can access SFA application while they are on the move Responding quickly to sales opportunities by accessing corporate Sales Force Automation systems and other relevant backend systems CLV Customer lifetime value (CLTV) is a formula to determine the lifetime value of a customer.

various promotional campaign for four molecules: 1234The CLTV of a customer is calculated based on the following inputs:  The cost of acquiring the customer  Periodic cost of providing service/product  Retention rate of churn rate of the customer  Rate of discounting Year 0 Revenue per customer One time acquisition cost Mailing cost Profit per customer in year Expected present value in year Cumulative net present value Cumulative retention rate Cumulative discount rate Year 1 Year 2 Year 3 Year 4 Year 5 BASE VALUE .Total 200 CRM doctors CLV has to be calculated and yearly base correction and improvement has to be done in the CRM activity in order to retend the customer.

value of a sale/customer per year = Rs 1. No.50.00.000 F. Avg.000 . Gross sales from referrals (E*H) = Rs 1. 1.00. customers = 200 C.00. 5.Customer Lifetime Value A.000 B. of customers from referrals(F*G) = 0. % of referrals who become customers = 2% H.00.000 E. of years a customer Prescribes our Products = 5 D.000 Per CRM doctor annual Sale is Rs. of customer referrals annually = 5 G. Gross annual sales/customer(A*B) = Rs 2.10. Total no. No.00. Customer lifetime value(C*D) = Rs 10. Maximized Gross (E+I) = Rs 11.00.000 Per CRM doctor sale is Rs.00.00.00. No.000 J.1 I.