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SWIFT: It is the abbreviation of the society for Worldwide Inter bank Financial Telecommunication.

SWIFT is a bank owned non-profit co-operative based in Belgium servicing the financial community worldwide. SWIFT global network carries an average 4 million message daily and estimated average value of payment messages is USD 2 trillion. SWIIFT is a highly secured messaging network enables Banks to send and receive Fund Transfer, L/C related and other free format messages to and from any banks active in the network. Thing SWIFT facility, Bank will be able to serve its customers more profitable by proving L/C, payment & other messages efficiently and with up most security. Especially it will be of great help for our clients dealing with Imports, Exports & Remittances etc. National Bank limited began to make full use of the services of SWIFT right from 2002. In 2003 the software of SWIFT has been shifted from SWIFT. Alliance Entry to SWIFT Alliance Access and 5 major AD Branches of NBL have been directly connected with the SWIFT network. Up to the end of 2003. NBL have executed bilateral key exchange (BKE) with 233 banks across the world which is increasing continuously. 2. Credit Card Programme of NBL:

In this age of modern technology, millions of people across the world have been using credit card every moment as a medium of exchange and increasingly becoming more & more confident in using credit card. Master card & Visa card are the two most popular and globally used brands of Credit card. NBL has set an enviable precedence by being the first among domestic banks and financial institutions to issue internationally usable master card from `1997. It may be mentioned that National Bank Ltd. have issued credit card from 1st July 2003. NBL use two types of credit card. Such asVisa Card Master Card

For creating credit card in NBL people needs three things. Suppose. They have to provide security tin Number Passport/ Identity certificate from Union Parisad Chairman.

Visa Card & Master card may be Golden or silver. It is mainly depend on amount of dollar ($). Suppose if anyone want to create. Golden visa/Master card then he/she has to pay more than $

2000 & for silver card has to pay less than $ 2000. By Using Master card or Visa Card, one can be purchased all necessary goods & services from their selected out lets. 3. E-BSW/ATM Service of NBL:

EBSW for electronic Banking service for windows which provides a full range of reporting capabilities and a comprehensive range of transaction initiation options. ATM for Automated Teller machine (ATM), a new concept in modern banking. It has already been introduced to facilitate subscribes 24 hours cash access through a plastic card. In the dynamic process of modern banking, NBL has elevated its services to the highest standard by bringing E-Banking and ATM services at the doorstep of clients. Today, the entire banking system has been undergoing a revolutionary change in providing improved services to the clients. One of the important media in this process of client service improvement is ATM. Use of ATM has made the life style of clients much more easier and comfortable. The notable characteristics of ATM are1. 2. 3. 4. Payments facility for 24 hours a day Arrangement for payment of Bills. Instant inquiry Multiple location facility at Dhaka, Chittagong & Sylhet.