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Air Conditioner: Did you know?
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ACs consume 40% of your utility bills � choose wisely!

Fig-1: Average distribution of power utility bills
Current estimates indicate that nearly 40% of an average family's power consumption comes from cooling! So how do you go about selecting an energy efficient AC system to help you keep your cool this summer, without burning a hole in your pocket? While limiting the usage of ACs for relevant occasions is prudent, on a practical note you need to opt for the AC with the right ratings in the Power Labels This would help you save significantly on power bills as also taking care of tips to maintain cooling ACs would help you maintain the balance.

Power Savings Label
On any power savings label you would notice the EER & STAR Rating. EER is defined as the ratio between the cooling capacity and the power input into an AC. If you have a 1 Ton AC rated at about 3,500 Watts, then for every 1,000 watts consumed, your AC has an EER of 3.5W/W. Technobabble aside, it tells you how much cooling can your AC give you for the amount of power you give it. Bottom line is: The higher the EER, the more efficient is your AC. STAR Ratings are closely linked to EERs. In the earlier example, the EER of 3.5 that we calculated earns the AC a 5-STAR rating. On the other hand, A 3500W AC of 1 Ton which consumes 1400 watts of electricity (a full 400W more than the earlier example) instead has an EER of 3500/1400 Watts = 2.5 W/W or an Energy rating of 1 STAR.

Once you have made the choice between Split & Windows AC refer to this table for the mapping between EER & the STAR rating system - updated for 2012:

Star Rating

EER (W/W) Min. Max. 2.49 2.69 2.89 3.09

Star Rating

EER (W/W) Min. Max. 2.69 2.89 3.09 3.29

1. Star 2. Star 3. Star 4. Star 5. Star
is the same as for 2011

2.30 2.50 2.70 2.90 3.10

1. Star 2. Star 3. Star 4. Star 5. Star

2.50 2.70 2.90 3.10 3.30

2012 STAR� EER mapping for Windows AC 2012 STAR� EER mapping for Split ACs

Most people won't be going around with ratios and numbers rattling around in their heads; instead, it's easier to remember if an AC is rated 1, 2, or 3 STARs. Thus, the higher the number of STARs, the more energy efficient is the AC. When purchasing an AC, it's wise to select one that has the STAR label on it. Why? Because such appliances begin paying for themselves the minute you have them installed and switched on. Don't believe us? These numbers should convince you:



) Note: Assuming 8 hours operation per day for five months in a year Source: Bureau of Energy Efficiency Table 1: Star Ratings vs. we might add) or you could step into one of our stores and select the energy STAR rated AC that suits your needs best! Choose wisely � go for the latest STAR rated ACs. Considering other factors. for five months in a year.09 3. isn�t it prudent to select an AC that will provide returns for you in terms of energy consumption? Let�s do the math: a 5 STAR-rated AC costs anywhere from Rs. the compressor of the AC will keep cutting in to reduce the temperature thereby using more power. STAR rated machines are engineered to be more efficient � their components are made of better quality materials and they are sturdier in comparison to their ordinary brethren. Going the other way is just as bad � if you select a 0. in the long run.000. the greater is the savings in electricity consumption.32 7.r. (Approx.5 2.5 Ton AC to cool an area which actually requires a 1 Ton AC. you�re secure in the knowledge that a 5-STAR rated machine may have an even longer trouble-free operating life. the AC will have repaid more than 100% of its cost during its maintenance-free operating life. Cancel Capture www. Click here for pointers to select the Right sized AC for your room.) 2.17 6.71 2.5 2.5 2.reliancedigital.t.) Electricity Cost Saving Per number of STARs) (Approx.9-3.5 678 624 578 538 503 308 851 1313 1712 2059 Ratio (EER) Capacity Cost/Month (in Year (w.10-3. In addition to this. Power Savings & the Right Size With ACs. which like all temperamental mechanical devices. but bigger doesn�t necessarily mean better. Why use a 1 Ton AC when a 3 Ton AC will cool faster. With the total operating life of an AC lasting anywhere for 8 to 10 years. the compressor will run constantly. right? WRONG! The 3 Ton AC will definitely cool a room faster than a 1 Ton (we�re assuming here that the 1 Ton is sufficient to cool the room in the first place) but when the temperature rises. the higher its cost. So there you have it. So where you think you�ll be using less power. The choice is yours: you can choose to buy an AC that is cheaper but in the long run is bad for your wallet (and the environment. 35.29 >=3. your 3 Ton AC will actually drill a sizeable hole in your pocket � not to mention. you save more than two thousand rupees a year! Understanding TCO (Total cost of ownership) Without mincing words.89 2.html 2/3 . 2.04 8. it�s a fact that the higher the STAR rating of an AC. of course.69 2. Not only will this result in raised eyebrows and widening eyes when you get your electricity bill. The 1 Ton AC will take a bit longer to cool the room. the higher the number of STARs. size does matter. the initial cost which will be much higher than a 1 Ton AC. cost more in terms of energy consumption.5-2.in/solutionbox/airconditioners-know/AC-power-consumption.9/12/13 STAR Rating Efficiency Solution Box Cooling (Watts) Input Power (watts) Units Consumption / Day (kWh) Per Unit Charge in Rs. ROI As you can see from the cost savings offered above.30 5200 5200 5200 5200 5200 2261 2080 1926 1793 1677 9.000 a year in energy savings.5 2.000 to Rs. but will use less energy because it will keep the room cooler for longer. will give up the ghost in the heat of summer and leave you in the lurch. If it saves you Rs.7 7. it will also result in considerable wear and tear of the AC compressor. 25. Assuming you use a 1.5 Ton AC. 8 hours a day. cost Rs. the sharp AC shopper will realize how much better a deal a Star-rated AC is than a run-of-the-mill AC that will.7-2.

html 3/3 .9/12/13 Solution Box www.in/solutionbox/airconditioners-know/AC-power-consumption.reliancedigital.

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