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Atoll 2.8 Forsk (founded in 1987, have been developing RF planning tools since then). Company structure stable, same core development team for a long time who know the software very, very well. Fast business growth in past 2 years Profitable every year since foundation, consistent and stable company Focussed on Radio Planning software since 1987. Original developers of Atoll Private company still owned and managed by founders Forsk started development of Atoll since 1996. First Atoll released in 1997. Atoll was the first commercial UMTS RF planning tool in the market (Y2000) Alcatel-Lucent, Huawei, Vodafone, Motorola, Nortel. Atoll is now the only RF planning tool with OEM relationships with equipment vendors. Atoll LTE used by all major LTE equipment vendors 50% market share in Europe (Turkey included) #1 in Europe and Asia Pacific Increasing market share in USA #1 in UMTS, CDMA, WiMAX and LTE Recent important replacements of Aircom CPU: dual-core or better RAM: 2GB or more Free hard disc space: 10GB + Good support of both English and non-English languages Users report high satisfaction with ease of use Developed by Forsk. Specially optimized for RF calculations and fast change of views Supports a lot of digital map formats, including MapInfo, Planet, bil, ArcView

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Single file, about 50Mb. Easy and quick installation (less than 5 mins) GSM/GPRS/EDGE/EDGE+ UMTS/HSDPA/HSUPA/HSPA+ CDMA2000 1xRTT/EVDO Rev0/EVDO RevA WiMAX 802.16d/802.16e LTE TD-SCDMA Microwave Links Microwave Links can be planned standalone or together with main network

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India . Ease of integration of 3rd party modules/tools. Arieso. Only one license/computer is consumed in Parallel and case of multi-threading and multi-core distributed calculation workstation. But separate database is NOT required for standalone usage. Up to 2 path loss matrices (with individual resolution. even digital maps can be embedded in one single . AFP specific API). Actix WiNES. Capesso Greenfield supported Support of ACP Very strong regional support office based in South China. prediction studies and simulation results. Large variety of thoird party tools supported: the most in the industry Oracle. has been supporting Atoll for Support Organisation more than 6 years. Schema etc.ATL file. Additional support centre being created in Delhi. WiMAX and LTE Also support of 3rd party ACP tools. no extra module fee is needed as long as license in maintenance Integration of Atoll ACP module for GSM. radius and propagation model) supported for each sector Open platform with a lot of APIs (general APIs to read/write Atoll tables.e. UMTS. including Capesso/Aurad. path loss matrices. Model calibration Path loss matrices Platform and APIs Supported RDMS (Relational Database Management System) Support of up to 8 threadings per computer. MS SQL Server.Atoll Ease of project data transfer Easy. Support of both CW measurement and Test Mobile data Calculation resolution can be defined on each sector basis. Support of distributed calculation Support of RF technology evolution Policy of considering these as RF technology module upgrade (i. propagation model specific API. MS Access and Sybase are all supported. Project data.

grc formats. Total size >200MB. Need external and manual conversion if Planet format maps. not organic growth Company activity Type of company Radio Planning software only recently (bought Planet business from Ericsson). but has been damaged in recent years by uncertainty surrounding company Hardware Recommendations Language User friendliness / Ease of use CPU: 3GHz RAM: 2GB Free hard disc space: 200GB(1GB/5 sites) Chinese not displayed properly ==> How about other languages? Users report generally not very easy to use MapInfo. ==> .UMTS and CDMA2000/EV-DO/WiMAX/LTE supported in v5. (But if there is MapInfo already installed. but very slow development in the past years since the change of owners: MSI->Marconi->Ericsson->Mentum Product history OEMs and global stategic partnerships None Market share Exact status not known. MapInfo installation is included.Not efficient on big scale of networks .2.Current Version Planet 5.2 Company Mentum has patchy profitability over last few years and have builkt their radio planning tool business by acquisitions. Supported RF technologies Microwave Links plannning is supported by another Mentum product ==> planning with RF BSs is not possible .grd and .slow correction of bugs on GIS. A lot of files. Background in transmission planning software Substantially owned by Venture Capital Once the leading GSM RF planning support of MapInfo . . MapInfo has to be removed before installation of Planet) GIS Setup file size and installation process GSM.

the user has to delete all the . Symena Greenfield not supported Not known exactly. difficult to manage and transfer to another computer.dat files in the site table folder first. For example. if using a site table (created on computer A) on computer B. Only support of CW measurements Model calibration Path loss matrices Only one calculation resolution for all sectors in the project. But the integration of 3rd party tool with Planet is less easy than with Atoll (comment from the 3rd party tool supplier) Supported RDMS (Relational Oracle and MS SQL Server Database Management System) Support of multi-core workstation. For instance EVDO needs extra license additional to CDMA licence Support of RF technology evolution Support of ACP Only support of Capesso/Aurad.xml and . Parallel and Can't find document describing the distributed distributed calculation calculation Apparently not the same policy as Forsk. Only one path loss matrix for each sector. Mentum have offices in Hong Support Organisation Kong and Australia but level and experience of support resources in these offices not known . Platform and APIs Development toolkit and some API capability available in v5.xml.Ease of project data transfer Planet A lot of result files.