Das Studentenwerk Tübingen-Hohenheim -Anstalt des öffentlichen Rechts(hereinafter termed ‘Landlord’) and Name, First name

(hereinafter termed ‘Tenant’) Born on dd.mm.yyyy Street No., Postcode, Location Conclude the following RENTAL AGREEMENT of dd.mm.yyyy §1 1. The landlord rents Residence, Street No., Room Type, No. ... to the tenant from Rental Agreement Commencement Date, 12:00 for a fixed period until Rental Agreement End Date, 12:00. A tacit extension of the rental relationship as per § 545 BGB (German Civil Code) is not permitted. 2. The premises concerned are rented for temporary residential use for the specific purpose of study. The tenant will have access to communal rooms for utilisation in line with their intended purposes. Additional people are not entitled to reside in the living spaces. The tenant acknowledges that there is a legitimate interest in limiting the period of this rental arrangement; student residence rentals constitute an indirect form of government support, and due to the limited number of places available in student residences, the rotation principle allows as many students as possible to have access to state-supported accommodation. 3. The monthly rent is currently ……. EUR. When due, the tenant will transfer it in reasonable amounts to an account given by the landlord. The tenant will arrange a direct debit for this purpose prior to the contract’s commencement. The direct debit will remain for the duration of the rental relationship and will also be irrevocable for this period. The deposit to be left prior to moving in will be ……. EUR. 4. This rental agreement is based around and dependent upon the General Rental Terms and current Residency Usage Regulations. The tenant agrees to observe the house rules as available for his residence (included with this agreement as an attachment) as well as the DFN (German Academic Network) user regulations when using the university network. If the tenant makes use of an Internet connection, then the respective user regulations must also be observed. 5. The tenant must tolerate adverse effects caused by construction and renovation work as per § 554 BGB. In extreme cases, the Studentenwerk Tübingen-Hohenheim can offer compensation through an extension of the residence period. Further claims are not permitted. If required, the tenant is obliged to vacate the above-noted room at short notice for the conducting of renovation works. The tenant will be provided with another room for the duration of the works. 6. Written declarations of intent from the landlord to the tenant will be made by inserting such declarations into the tenant's letterbox. 7. Special regulations, if any.

expenses or rent components are introduced or required. 8. 3. Reference is made to § 20 Para. heating. Payments will be charged in the following order: damages. administrative costs allocation. the Studentenwerk is entitled to terminate the rental relationship without notice as per § 543 BGB. A corresponding table is posted in the Residence Administration for review. maintenance. replacement lock cylinders or other Studentenwerk claims arising from the rental agreement. for instance. The tenant has no claim on any change or retention. rent changes. The rent consists of the Studentenwerk's capital costs. 5. 2. The tenant is obliged to provide the Studentenwerk's Housing Department with a matriculation. at the latest. If the Studentenwerk's Housing Department has not received such certification by the above-stated date and the tenant still fails to present such certification within a week of receiving a warning notice. If new costs. The area used for calculation may be higher than the actual area. This also applies if the rental agreement has already been agreed but the rental period has not yet begun. damages. bank charges. the Studentenwerk will transfer either the full or remaining deposit amount to either the bank account specified by the tenant or the tenant’s last known account. Transfer costs are borne by the tenant (for transfers abroad etc. For special services such as contract changes. vehicles. provision. use 1. Another basis for rent calculation is the object's target occupancy or the number of rooms on-site. (tele-)communications equipment of all kinds including GEZ and GEMA fees for Studentenwerk-operated devices. contract termination without observation of the notice period and repeated reminders. 12. A right to rent offset. The tenant must prove that such a certificate has been received. 7. no other person has the right to reside in the living or communal areas. The Studentenwerk will provide a form for this purpose. layout and location. ventilation systems. This does not apply to claims made as per § 536 a BGB. In addition to the tenant. collection expenses. 10. 4. If the tenant incurs extra charges as part of the rental relationship – such as fees. 4. all operating costs according to the Operating Costs Regulation and including taxes.). charges/fees. The transfer voucher or pay-in slip must be presented when moving in. § 4 Rent deposit 1. 3. the Studentenwerk may impose a fee or administrative charge. 1. study or schooling certificate alongside indication of their residence and room number. The tenant cannot offset the deposit against outstanding Studentenwerk claims for the duration of the tenancy. 6. the calculation can weigh up qualitative differences between. This regulation estimates administrative costs for residences such as apartments. water heating and related expenses. 11. The rent will be charged on the third business day of the current month. The tenant is obliged to immediately notify the Studentenwerk in writing in the event of his residence right ending – and then to terminate the rental agreement as per § 17 Para. dry cleaning. Rental objects of similar size and/or provision may be combined into groups for calculation purposes. Tenants who are minors or have only limited legal capacity as per § 106 BGB must provide the informed consent of their legal representative in order to successfully arrange the rental agreement. even if those entities are based in different buildings. and then monthly in advance from the tenant’s rent account. The Studentenwerk is entitled to specify new rent components as required. staff allocation/caretaker. rent. If the tenant cancels his direct debit or pays in cash.§ 2 Rental/residence eligibility 1. After the tenant has moved out and the rented accommodation and key have been handed over. The deposit is used for all outstanding expenses of the former tenant after the tenancy has ended. The Studentenwerk calculates the rent for the rental property so that the rent covers the on-going expenses for all of the rental units taken together. rental expenses. furnishing surcharge. be determined in accordance with the provisions of the Second Calculation Regulation. property and inventory depreciation. maintenance reserves. 4. 2. § 5 Rental duration. 2. 3 BGB). 5. Those eligible for rent/residence are regular students at Studentenwerk Tübingen-Hohenheim-maintained higher education institutes. gas. rent loss. The deposit will be transferred when the rental account has been settled. the Studentenwerk can charge an administrative fee of €10 per month for its increased effort . he/she must pay a deposit (the amount of which is defined in the tenancy agreement) into a bank account or at the cash desk of the Studentenwerk of Tübingen-Hohenheim. insurance. . 1 and is usually limited to 6 semesters.and without demonstrating any specific evidence relating to this charge. The tenant does not have the right to claim interest on the deposit (§ 551 Para. numbers of people or housing units. leasehold. If the deduction is not possible due to tenant debt. fire extinguisher operation and maintenance. the 15th of the previous month. The completion of the foreseen examinations in the student’s field is regarded as the completion of that student’s studies. The tenant is then also liable for any lost rental income that results from this termination. cleaning materials. lawn mowers and similar devices. missing keys. deposit. water. interest. retention or reduction is only possible on uncontested or legally established claims. It is also entitled to calculate costs for some or all Studentenwerk-managed rental entities together. drainage. 2. external cleaning. rent calculation. 5. the tenant will be liable for the costs incurred. charges 1. 3. The rental agreement begins on the date specified in § 1 Para. Before the tenant is authorised to use the rented accommodation. If changes in operating costs or the Second Calculation Regulation require/legally permit a rent increase or mean that a cost-covering rent level has not been reached. including damage to the rooms or furniture above and beyond normal wear and tear. The Studentenwerk may allocate the income and expenses according to the individual sites. This obligation begins with the commencement of the rental relationship and must be repeated before the first day of each semester (not before the beginning of classes!). electricity. Consumable costs in communal spaces and shared objects are included as well as expenses for common areas and facilities. expense reimbursements etc. waste disposal. approximately 2-3 after the end of the rental relationship. – the Studentenwerk may withdraw these sums from his rental account after first issuing notification. 3. 6. It may also have good cause to change the allocation formula or system. 6. the tenant is required to pay the accordingly increased rent from the start of the next month – as long as the Studentenwerk has given notification of the change's type and value by. € -. Bank account detail changes can only be taken into consideration up to the first business day of each month for the current month. The rent is therefore a cost rent for the purpose of cost recovery and will. 50 per resident per month can be charged as a contribution for the student self-administration. if nothing else is agreed. 9. the Studentenwerk is entitled to include these in the next rental calculation. § 3 Rent.

§ 7 Moving in/Moving out 1. The Studentenwerk does not insure the tenant's property or possessions. § 8 Tenant obligations 1. the tenant has no right to claim a rent reduction. the condition of the rented property will be recorded in a log that will be signed by both the tenant and the Studentenwerk or its representative. In the same manner. A termination of the rental agreement before the agreement’s end is possible as per § 17. A request must be submitted to the Studentenwerk at least 10 weeks before the end of the rental period. 2. he is liable for the costs of pest control measures. bedding materials. k) pay attention to the careful consumption of electricity. gas. radio.g. the significant costs involved in managing the move will be met with a fee as per § 3 Para. b) maintain the rented property and items supplied by the Studentenwerk. g) keep the house and apartment/residential group door closed at all times. 5. The Studentenwerk is not liable for the activities of the student self-administration or its staff.2. driveways. The tenant is not entitled to receive particular communications services (e. After the log has been signed. f) mark all stored or left items in communal areas and storage rooms/cupboards with his name and room number. 4. or items that he brought in. the tenant is required to limit any changes or deterioration of the rented property to usage as defined in the contract. The tenant is not permitted to use the rented property. 2. The onus to prove no fault lies on the tenant. avert damage as far as he is able. An extension of the rental agreement is possible in justified cases of hardship or to compensate for semesters consisting of volunteer work. stairs. c) sufficiently ventilate the rented property as well as heating it. desk lamps or similar objects that the Studentenwerk may leave at the start of a rental period are extra items that may be recalled at any time.without prior notice whether the tenant is sufficiently fulfilling his cleaning duty. 12. 6. 3. The tenant is liable for damage caused to Studentenwerk-managed objects (buildings and inventory) by violating his obligations as set out in this rental agreement. the tenant may only validly demand a rent offset or right of retention if the counterclaim is found to be undisputed or legally binding. As such. etc. the Studentenwerk can apply both temporal and temporary restrictions. Items left without a marking may be removed without notice. § 6 Liability 1. The tenant can only claim that the rented property was infested prior to the commencement of the rental relationship if the Studentenwerk was informed of this in the immediate aftermath of his moving in. The tenant must bring and show proof of having paid the deposit or relocation fee to the handover meeting – as well as a passport or identity document. moving in will be possible on the next working day. garages. If the tenant does not move in on the rental agreement’s first day. balconies. a deposit will be required for the new rented property. 4. curtains. toilets. Rented properties that are furnished or partly furnished give the tenant the right to claim a basic set of furnishings. The tenant has a right to use the service rooms available as per his residency’s location. bicycle cellar. The Studentenwerk is only liable for injury caused to the tenant and his guests and damage caused to items brought by or stored for these parties if the Studentenwerk or its agents are guilty of gross negligence or malicious intent. The tenant is required to give written notification of any offset at least one month before that rent is due. the Studentenwerk is permitted (after first setting a deadline) to carry out cleaning at cost of the tenant or apartment/residential group tenants. 3. 3. the tenant is responsible for damages and rental agreement violations caused by his relatives. 3. via parents [check age limits!] or a spouse). Note: The tenant is strongly recommended to take out personal liability insurance if he is not already covered by a policy (e. the deposit for the old residence will be paid out when the rental account is settled as with all moving out procedures (see § 4) – or it can be rebooked on request. 4. television. An extension of the rental relationship requires the conclusion of a new rental agreement. If no special attestation is given by the Studentenwerk. If the tenant does not promptly report damage or faults in the rented property. curtain rails. The move will be handled like moving out (see § 18) followed by moving in (see § 7 Paras. h) support the Studentenwerk's staff and representatives in the performance of their duties. The current rental agreement automatically expires from the date on which the new contract begins. 5. and contribute to a good living quality through his conduct. The Studentenwerk accepts no liability for the operation of telecommunications lines or their failure. Internet). in particular between 22:00 and 07:00 and then again between 13:00 and 15:00. 6.g. The same applies when moving out. Every move requires the arrangement of a new rental agreement that takes into account the current rental length. and windows and other doors closed when away. Continuous availability cannot be guaranteed. bed linens. if the tenant is (at least in part) at fault. does not take all of the inventory items or does not use all of the facilities provided (e.g. he will be liable for consequential damages . Unauthorised obtaining or switching of rented properties is a serious violation of the rental agreement and can lead the Studentenwerk to immediate rental agreement termination. Moving in and out is only possible on working days (generally Monday to Friday) within office hours. It is wise to include cover against ‘rental damages’. The tenant is also not permitted to conduct advertising on the Studentenwerk’s properties. On moving in. The tenant is permanently obliged to: a) treat his room(s) and all communal areas and thoroughfares both in and around the residency (shared kitchen. The Studentenwerk accepts no liability for any damages caused to vehicles or for theft either on or from its rented parking spaces. d) sufficiently and regularly clean the apartment/residential group as per a cleaning plan that the apartment/residential group residents may create themselves. the tenant must inform the Studentenwerk at once. The tenant must register with the relevant citizen registration office in the residency's location within one week of moving in. If a vermin infestation occurs.) with care and to keep them clean. If these items are recalled. 1-4). . The application should state the reasons for the desired extension along with its requested length. water and heating. moves out before the last day. laundry. he is not entitled to a pro rata rent refund. The Studentenwerk is permitted it create a binding cleaning plan for all residents and to check by means of a visit . Moves within residencies are only authorised by the Studentenwerk is exceptional cases. data lines/Internet). j) immediately notify the Studentenwerk of any damage or faults. e) keep his rented property and all other rooms that he uses free of vermin. If the rented property or inventory is affected by faults.even if he was not at fault for the original issue(s). Any small furniture. guests etc. the Studentenwerk reserves the right to impose a restriction on these spaces that does not cause the tenant considerable inconvenience. Sunday. providing information on the residency's address. courtyard and garden areas. the communal areas or any parts of them – including Internet access – for commercial or similar purposes. public holiday or other non-working day. If the rental agreement begins on a Saturday. telephone. With regard to communal areas. washrooms. i) to refrain from all nuisance to fellow residents and neighbours. showers. protecting it against frost and keeping it clean. If the cleaning is either insufficiently or not at all carried out. All further claims are excluded. No entitlement to such a move exists. 2.

cabinets etc. 13. regularly checked containers before any long absences (e. 9.g. 15. when the tenant moves out. escape routes must always be kept accessible. banners. 2. dryers. Keys 1. The Studentenwerk may make improvements and structural changes without the tenant's consent if these works are essential to the integrity of the house or rental spaces or are required to avert potential dangers/repair damages. e. cookers. foot mats) will be disposed of without prior notice and at the tenant's risk and expense. Reproduction of keys is prohibited. on signing this contract. The tenant is required to keep the rented areas in a habitable condition at all times. The tenant has no right to receive the rented property in a renovated condition at the start of his tenancy. illness. shoes. flags. laying tiles. rice. spraying or studding windows and their frames. attracting vermin or being removed. The erection and installation of satellite dishes and/or outdoor antennas is not permitted. The same applies to: heating coals. The residences are not intended for spouses or children. Barbeques are only allowed in designated areas. laminating. neglect. The tenants of an apartment/residential group are jointly required to sort rubbish of all kinds and to take this rubbish out of both the rented residencies and the communal areas. Costs for materials that have been procured and used by the tenant on an independent basis will not be reimbursed. Together with the other residential group residents. flour. balconies or walls. do not comply with fire regulations or restrict escape routes (e. The tenant is solely responsible for registering his radio and/or television. This also applies to furniture in communal areas. Internet) offered or provided by the Studentenwerk may not be passed over to third parties. The third party must submit a written statement agreeing to all provisions outlined in the rental agreement as well as the house and garage rules. right of retention or damages may be made. 3. On moving in. This will prevent them from spoiling. or in the aftermath. posters etc. hallways and stairwells. The tenant is responsible for ensuring that all duties outlined in this rental agreement are met even when he is not able to fulfil them himself (due to absence. 10.) – for example by nominating a representative. 5. and not in the first two months of the rental relationship. disassembled or removed from that property. 12. Costs for all glass damage repairs within the rented property (windows. Any third-party use of the rented property. the tenant must change or clean the extractor hood filter every October and April. and any attempt to do so constitutes a serious breach of the rental agreement that may result in its immediate termination. § 11 Maintenance. he becomes responsible for all damages and/or costs that may result. in a proper manner (no disposal via sewers!) and with space-saving in mind. setting up or installing flower pots and boxes or other objects on windowsills outside the house.Danger of death! Risk of roof damage! 14. lights. No notice is required within these times if damages/impairments are reported. 1. If. Individual or room-based services (e. . almonds etc. These key(s) generally belong to a master key system. On written request and in exceptional cases. use of false/invalid addresses. The tenant is not permitted to modify or remove notices posted by the Studentenwerk or to place or operate private appliances such as washing machines.g. Used dishes must be rinsed and put away immediately after use. 2. The compensation received by the tenant for use may not exceed the rent payable by the tenant without the Studentenwerk's prior consent. 3. access is permitted without notice at any time. Anything that hinders cleaning as well as items and materials that are unhygienic. attaching decals or sports equipment. fridges. This clause particularly applies in kitchens. see also § 5 Para. and having barbeques on balconies. Immediate putting away also applies to foodstuffs. He is nevertheless entitled to paint the walls and ceiling himself using the colour and tools provided by the Studentenwerk. 11. The Studentenwerk is permitted to remove and dispose of furniture brought in by the tenant at his cost if it is in a soiled or unusable condition or is suspected of having a pest infestation. 7. Such opening is only possible during the relevant caretaker’s normal working hours. 12. damage or other issues (e. 8. doors. the Studentenwerk is permitted to carry out the required cosmetic repairs at the tenant's expense. The tenant may only use the Internet connection for study and private purposes (an 'academic network'. On moving out. sending insults or 'Hacking' are illegal and pose a massive risk to use by the entire network. exams etc. This also applies to furniture in communal areas. the tenant must accept access to the rented rooms on weekdays between 07:00 and 18:00 if at least 24 hours of notice is given. the furniture must be handed over in its original condition. Any loss of keys by the tenant must be immediately reported to the caretaker. and the rental relationship with the tenant remains active. mirrors. regardless of where his residence is situated. a data centre. parapets or railings). The Studentenwerk does not need to give notice to enter communal areas or car or bicycle parking spaces. cereal. The tenant is not entitled to replace the Studentenwerk-fitted lock cylinder with an alternative. In cases of serious danger due to major damages. 6.) are borne by the tenant. Washing may only be hung in designated and appropriate places (not from windows. § 9. If the Studentenwerk opens a residence or room door at the tenant’s request. raisins. Tampering. 2). the tenant may be granted written permission from the Studentenwerk to sublet the rented property to a third party as named by the residency administration. the rented areas show signs of aboveaverage wear. Foodstuffs such as fruit. no claims for rent reduction. 2. strong and unpleasant smells. Walking on flat roofs is strictly prohibited . With regard to the tenant having to tolerate the works. These practices represent such serious violations of the rental agreement that they can lead to an immediate contract termination without prior warning. adding drawing pins. It is not permitted to give keys handed out by the Studentenwerk to third parties. This can only take place for the duration of a tenant's temporary absence from the university's location during lecturefree periods (holidays). The Studentenwerk may demand a rent surcharge of up to 25% as well as a fee from the subletter. must be kept in sealed.g. different paint) that deviate from general habitable standards or which have not been professionally and properly corrected. baking equipment or similar facilities inside the rented property or the communal areas. dishwashers. the tenant acknowledges the currently valid usage regulations and/or terms and conditions. internships.4. 4. the tenant must pay a fee as outlined in the Studentenwerk table referred to in § 3 Para. For connections over third parties. semolina. its parts or its keys is strictly prohibited – regardless of whether in the form of an (even partial) sublet or the granting of usage rights.g. Tenants and subletters then become jointly liable. to room or apartment doors. Radios or televisions that are found outside rented residencies without name identification may be removed on request. carpets or other floor coverings. § 10 Use of the rented property by others 1. in communal areas etc. If the tenant denies/impedes access or makes entry impossible in any other way. term holidays). Legal regulations must be observed. The keeping of animals is prohibited out of regard to other residents and hygiene reasons. Furniture and accessories that belong to the rented property may not be altered. It should also be noted that the Studentenwerk does not pay GEZ or GEMA fees for tenant or student self-administration devices at parties. The tenant will also be liable for any damages that arise from this loss.g. the tenant will be handed the necessary key(s) for the duration of the rental period. changing doors. In the case of lost keys. the Studentenwerk is entitled to replace all keys and corresponding lock cylinders with news ones at the tenant’s cost. coated surfaces. The tenant expressly declares that he has no intentions or reasons to allow third parties into the rented property or to set up a communal living arrangement within the residence – either now. In addition to the times outlined in § 18 Para. cosmetic repairs and structural alterations 1. nuts. windows. This must be done on a regular basis. The rental agreement's obligations remain with the tenant in such cases.

2. usage regulations or house/garage regulations. Any lifts that are present may only be used as intended. mopeds. Bicycles are to be stored in the designated bicycle cellars/sheds/stands/boxes if available. 6. Examples of such behaviour include: late notification of move-out date. The tenant must provide the Studentenwerk with his vehicle’s registration number and make known any changes to this number without being requested to do so. § 14 Events. is not allowed. leaving items that require storage. or 31. of each year. apartment or residential group in a state that necessitates extra cleaning. the caretaker/technical staff and the construction department staff within the residence. the caretaker and the student self-administration. parties etc. 2. The erection or storage here of furniture. The same applies to these agents’ respective representatives. the residence management. keeping the rented property. 1 are neither working nor contactable. If the rented property is provided with central heating. the Studentenwerk will keep this in operation during the colder months (1. c) seriously or repeatedly violates. * Semester ends are based on the following dates: For university students: 31. § 13 House rules 1.09.30. of each year. Reference is made to § 3 Paras. walls. marking or wear that requires the rented property to be repainted. delayed handover of the rented property. inside the grounds or in the close vicinity. The Studentenwerk’s managing director has householder-equivalent authority over the premises. Invitations extended to non-residents (also made via the Internet or otherwise) are only permitted with the Studentenwerk’s written consent. Only bicycles may be left in the bicycle sheds/cellars. 5. the use of flat-rate prices is permitted. both § 5 Para. scooters etc. pillars. § 12 Technical facilities 1. 9. Individual dues are set according to Studentenwerk expenses. Gas-powered vehicles are not permitted to use underground garages.* Double rooms or apartments can only be terminated by all parties in conjunction. The Studentenwerk does not provide snow/ice clearing or related services for parking spaces and their driveways or access roads. 1 must be observed. 8. 2. The tenant is not permitted to carry out any vehicle repairs that may annoy others or cause increased power consumption within the rented space. or 30.02. The Studentenwerk is not liable for the continual provision of water and power supplies or lifts if their disruption or failure lies outside of the Studentenwerk's own technical facilities. posts. it is not possible to cancel individual elements within these arrangements. water or electrical supplies and equipment. Events. The Studentenwerk has the right to terminate the rental agreement by giving notice more than 2 months in advance of a semester’s end.29.03. During parties. 2 and the quiet periods outlined in § 8 Para. rented parking spaces or bicycle storage areas that belong to Studentenwerk-administered residences. petrol cans or other flammable objects is prohibited. paths and entrances may only be used for their intended purpose. He is therefore in constant charge of the head of department. parties 1. 10 and 12. Driving through park areas is prohibited.00 meters. For college students: 28. The Studentenwerk may terminate the rental agreement without notice if the tenant: a) is in rental arrears to a value in excess of 2 months’ rent. held in the residence when those listed in § 13 Para. Roads. trees and other non-designated parts of the residence. The Studentenwerk is entitled to bill the tenant separately for additional services that are necessitated by a tenant’s special request or improper behaviour. fences. oil changing) is particularly forbidden. not fully cleaning the rented property. access roads or fire brigade access routes. This clause also applies to any kind of vehicle that is left on paths. 4. Repeated offences from parking space holders can lead to parking space lease termination without notice.* 4. 2. 2. leaving items in the rented property that require removal. are only permitted in coordination with the neighbours. 2.3.4) as necessary. 3. The tenant is prohibited from making structural changes both on and in the residence. The rental agreement expires at the end of the contracted rental period or through written notice. The tenant has the right to terminate the rental agreement by giving notice more than 2 months in advance of a semester’s end. 3.10 . The clearance height on these garages is generally around 2. Changes to fittings are prohibited. The Studentenwerk takes on no liability in its provision of parking spaces and also makes no guarantee that rented parking spaces will always be available for use. d) does not demonstrate residence entitlement as per § 2. No claims of permanent lift availability are made. Similarly prohibited are the installation of electrical and communications lines and the opening of water outlets both within and outside the rented property and wider residence – including the attachment of items to heating. or continues to violate. § 17 Termination of the rental agreement 1. rubbish. The Studentenwerk rents out vehicle parking spaces. 3. they will be removed at the cost and risk of the tenant or owner without warning. doors. including off-site facilities. 5. § 16 Reimbursement for services 1. causing particular neglect. If such vehicles or vehicle parts are left. if Studentenwerk staff are required outside of their regular working hours. Failure to observe this obligation entitles the Studentenwerk to have the vehicle removed at the tenant or owner’s expense and risk. 7. The tenant must report any faults or abnormalities to the Studentenwerk as soon as they are observed.) may not be parked inside the residence. The residence spokesman and his deputy have the same householder-equivalent authority during parties etc. It is prohibited to leave unregistered/unusable vehicles or any kind of vehicle parts in the residence itself or in grounds. In this situation. causing the Studentenwerk a wasted trip by not turning up to either an agreed appointment or the handover of the rented property. Locking or leaning bicycles or bicycle parts to railings.g. § 15 Vehicles 1. Bicycles and motor vehicles (motorcycles. b) uses the rented property or communal areas in breach of contract despite receiving a warning from the Studentenwerk – in particular if the tenant allows a third party to use the rented property without permission for this use having first been granted. its grounds and its parking spaces (see § 12). Work that may cause environmental damage (e. 4. then the situation may arise that the rental/lease agreement that exists between the Studentenwerk and the building owner is terminated.08. The tenant is obliged to park his vehicle only in the designated areas. streets. the Studentenwerk is entitled to cancel the rental agreement with a . the rental agreement. If the rented property is situated within a building that is rented or leased by the Studentenwerk.

8. the residency’s student self-administration and. When the handover has been completed. 4. the rented property and common areas within the apartment/residential group must have been cleared of all items belonging to the tenant. 1). 9. hallway. email address etc. Items belonging to the tenant will be held safely/placed in storage at the tenant’s cost and risk. ends after one month. The Studentenwerk can notify all tenants or groups of tenants by posting information on the bulletin boards or other publicly accessible places. The tenant must be present when handing over the rented property (see § 16 Para. § 18 Obligations and conduct after rental agreement termination 1. The tenant must leave the Studentenwerk a forwarding address for newspapers and magazines. all tenants are jointly liable (see § 8 Para. § 19 Statements of intent. 2. provide information on who lives in a Studentenwerk residence. and potentially also his doorbell. storage room/cabinet and windows must also be cleaned. Tenant declarations of intent are to be made in writing to Studentenwerk Tübingen–Hohenheim’s Department of Housing (and not to individual employees). telephone number(s). Exmatriculation does not remove the need to give a notice period. If the tenant does not move out either at the end of the tenancy or in a timely manner. The Studentenwerk can also inform all tenants or groups of tenants by SMS or email. Studentenwerk notices 1. completely cleaned to a suitable level for the next tenant. 5. This information includes changes of name. during which time it is liable only for loss or damage caused by intent or gross negligence. home address. c. Self-assignment of new tenants is generally only permitted in self-managed residences. If the Studentenwerk determines that the tenant has abandoned the rented property (possibly through the leaving behind of items). In apartments and residential groups. The rented property is to be handed over to the Studentenwerk representative on a weekday (generally Monday to Friday) – up to the last weekday of the tenancy at 12. 10. The Studentenwerk is entitled to inspect the condition of the rented property and the communal areas before the handover date. The Studentenwerk has the right to visit the rented property on weekdays from 08:00 until 16:00. he is responsible for all expenses incurred by the new tenant or the Studentenwerk that arise from the new tenant’s inability to move in due to either the delay itself or complaints pursuant to § 18 Paras. 6. loss of rent). as well as the birth of any children who will live with the tenant in the residence. At least 24 hours notice must be given. The same shall apply to cases in which the tenant’s residence/long-term abode is unknown when the action is filed. hotel/removal/storage costs. After this period. . including via electronic data processing means. obtain information from his place of education that is relevant to decisions involving the tenant’s status and determining the continuation and details of the rental relationship. 7. 6. If the tenant does not comply with these obligations. The rental relationship always ends – for both proper termination and contract period expiration – on the last day of the month at 12:00. kitchen fan. network providers and data centres. provide this place of education with information concerning the tenancy. d. § 21 Tenant’s obligation to provide information The tenant must immediately notify the Studentenwerk in writing of all information concerning the rental relationship that changes before the rental relationship's commencement. The Studentenwerk is entitled to immediately remove items that appear valueless and/or perishable at the tenant’s expense. 2. 1). § 20 Data protection 1. they can be cleaned at the tenant’s expense. The rented property must be handed over to a Studentenwerk representative at the latest on the month's final working day. The moving-out date is be agreed with the caretaker or his deputy no later than 14 working days in advance. 2. Sundays or public holidays. and then until the rental account has finally been settled. on a termination date or in a meeting that has been arranged (with written confirmation) in a rental cancellation contract. and during the representative's working hours. and personally register his new location as per § 7 Para. bathroom. neither the rented property nor the communal areas may be re-entered. the tenant is responsible for any damages arising from this loss (see § 9 Para. the fridge must be defrosted and cleaned. The tenant must read these notices on a regular basis. 3.notice period of 3 months to the month’s end. This cancellation may involve deviation from § 1. In the communal areas.g. The tenant also agrees that the Studentenwerk will inscribe his name on his letterbox. The tenant expressly permits the Studentenwerk to: a. § 22 Miscellaneous 1. The Studentenwerk may accept a new tenant in individual and welljustified cases – especially those involving planned stays abroad. Such provisions will instead be replaced by alternatives that match the contract's purpose. If these objects are not left in an acceptable and hygienic condition. The tenant must hand over all keys to the residence to the Studentenwerk representative. 7. The place of performance and jurisdiction is the location of each residence. include members of the student self-administration in mediation talks and to provide these members with confidential information – on the condition that the Studentenwerk has committed the members to secrecy in advance. b. The tenant agrees that the Studentenwerk may store and process all personal data required for the establishment and administration of the rental relationship. 3 or 4 (e. as well as hanging up tenant lists and making these available to letter/parcel couriers. during the rental period. The cooker. 8. the Studentenwerk is entitled to open and/or clean or renovate the rented property at the tenant’s expense. the items either become the property of the Studentenwerk if they are usable or else will be disposed of at the tenant’s expense. 2. 2). 3. and left with their inventories complete. If keys are missing. and the visit can still take place if the tenant is not present. 3. 3. bank account details. This right commences after the rental relationship has been terminated as well as throughout the relationship's final three months. At this point. it may re-lease this rented property. The Studentenwerk’s obligation to store the objects. A handover is not possible on Saturdays. The place of performance and jurisdiction shall be Tübingen for rental agreement disputes in which the tenant has changed his place of residence/long-term abode to a location that is not covered by the Code of Civil Procedure. toilet. for residences with Internet access. The tenant must therefore give the Studentenwerk his mobile phone number or email address.00. establish a forwarding contract with the relevant or responsible post office. Invalid provisions contained within this contract will not nullify the entire agreement. The rental relationship will not be extended if the rented property is not handed over when the rental period expires. The costs of any replacement lock cylinders and keys are payable by the tenant.

.............. the tenant agrees to the terms of use................d.. Tenant Signature First and Last Name Landlord Signature Studentenwerk Tübingen – Hohenheim A............... Date...... xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx .. § 23 Agreement. Date..........R......ö..3. inventory list and rules outlining cleaning as a tenant responsibility......... xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx ........ only the male form has been used throughout this rental agreement..........p......... signatures As far as each agreement is available. Place. house rules....... In the interests of readability... The contract shall apply equally to both women and multiple persons.......... Amendments and supplements to this rental agreement will only be deemed valid if made in writing.. You will be sent a completed contract as soon as you receive a room offer from Studentenwerk TübingenHohenheim...................... Place........................ (Please do not submit this sample rental agreement....... 4.......) Last amendment: August 2012 ............. p. Oral side agreements will not be considered valid.....................