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Multi mission force protection

Threats to civilians and military forces are changing and the diversity of these threats can only be defeated by truly flexible and rapidly deployed defence and security systems. RAPID Ranger is a unique lightweight, vehicle based, highly automated system capable of delivering a rapid reaction response to threats from the air or the ground.

advanced air defence

Mobile Integrated Defence


Mobile Integrated Defence

RAPID Ranger can be integrated into a network enabled force structure and be coordinated with Early Warning Command and Control (C2) systems or it can operate in an autonomous mode for specific missions. Equipped with the Starstreak or other missile systems such as anti-armour systems, or rocket systems, RAPID Ranger has the ability to take on a wide spectrum of targets such as Armoured Personnel Carriers (APC), static installations and terrorist platforms, as well as air threats, such as UAVs, cruise missiles, pop-up helicopters and FGAs. With the increasing need for Force Protection against conventional and asymmetric threats, RAPID Ranger provides the multi-mission effects demanded by modern forces.


Lightweight design and capable of being integrated on a wide range of vehicles Ease of transport and deployment Network Enabled or can also operate in autonomous mode Multi-missile turret - surface to air/surface to surface Minimal reaction times with automatic slew to cue Latest generation Thermal Infra Red Sighting System and low light CCD TV camera for 24 hour operation Easy to use incorporating the latest Automatic Target Tracking (ATT) Built in training and test In service MMI
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Fire on the move capability

Launcher weight <500kg C130 transportable Range of target detection >15km Range of target kill >7km IR Camera 3-5m or 8-12m FPA TV Camera 2/8 FOV Reaction times <5 sec

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