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Being & Doing, Part 1
What Happens When I Stop Doing? 1 of 2 – Adyashanti

Abraham Hicks - You don't have to fix your problems, nor can you Video Journal
As I've been sharing, it's been – and is – an odd time for me. The journals display that, both in their presence and their absence. For instance, I noted when saving the one I wrote yesterday that it had been ten days since I last wrote one. That's a huge span, once unimaginable to me. So many old ideas have been breaking down , lately, as I watch their opposite manifesting – just quietly watching , observing, sometimes wondering, but not always. It all just is what it is , and it's not my job to run the world or to change it. My job, if you will, is to simply be – to be me, even without knowing what that is. Getting along with not knowing – that could well be a motto of the recent time. Acceptance of not knowing. There is still that within me that rises up against it. Oh well – that just is what is, too. No sense in trying to hide it – or hide from it. We all have many of these seeming conflicts , often hidden within. Yet once we start practicing a very simple acceptance of Life – all of it – then these things have permission to show themselves . Okay, then what? The mind wants to know what to do with them, or about them, doesn't it? Well, have a look, a quiet

look at that. Go even deeper. There is no need to do anything about anything . Now, get down into Heart with this – it is not suitable mind food, unless you like chasing your tail around in circles. Stay deep within. There is no need to do anything about anything. Just sit with it. What does it bring up for you? Does it bring in a breath of freedom and relaxation ? Does it sooth your soul, perhaps? Stay with it, if you like, to go deeper and deeper. Who knows where it will lead you? Source knows, of course. Learn to let go sufficiently to ride the flow of Source, of your own Higher Self. Quit acting, quit feeling the need to act, to respond, to do. Just be. Try that on, instead. Sort out your life in such a way that you make time for both doing and being – but don't get the two mixed up. I'll mix them up later for you, but for now, let it be this simple. We're on an outer layer of Peace , here – of the deep Peace that's found within. Yet we're still between the outer walls of the Heart castle. One doesn't try to skip over them, to go straight to the depths, for that leaves one vulnerable to all sorts of things. That's not to be content with being NowHere , the place we actually are. Acceptance – offer Life your acceptance – yes, even those things that seem to bring hurt. It's all fine. Learn to trust Life – it has your best interests always at heart. It can be trusted. That's not saying to place trust in anything outside the self – in other people, situations, circumstances. Centering is an exercise in truly coming Home – capital “H.” From a deeply centered state you will just know which way is best, what's best in a higher way than just best for the avatar body or the bank account. That sort of “best” is very much second place to this. So go within. Learn to stay there, to park the attention in the central chest, then just be . That's all – just be. Let there be no words in the environment, for these activate mind – so no tv, radio, nor music with lyrics. Silence is best, or perhaps beautiful instrumental music to bless your soul. Okay, we mentioned doing and being , mentioning them as if they could be separate – and they can, but not always. There is a

doing which most practice which is almost entirely a product of mind . We're all familiar with that. But even in the midst of that our being nature can shine. When we speak too quickly, without taking something to Heart first – i.e., react instead of respond – then we get a quick indication from our being nature that we're out of harmony with it. Our being nature is always present to us. It is us who are often not present to it – yet that can easily change. It just takes a firm intent. Earlier on I spoke as if being and doing could be separated out, and in the outer courtyards of the Heart castle they can be. One can even become astute at identifying when doing is acting against one's inner being . How? By becoming more Present – by noting more clearly when the inner being speaks up. So we see that they – doing and being – can march together in this way. Even though we're not in full Presence, in full consonance with the being, yet we can feel it speak , can note what it says. Yet in this outer courtyard these two still tend to go their own way, meaning sometimes we go with, sometimes against, what our deep inner being would desire. First, let us be open to this – to admitting that no human is perfect in his/her humanness . Most are a study in contrasts, and that is perfectly fine. We did not enter 3D to become perfect little marionettes, never making mistakes. We won't leave the outer courtyard of Heart (to go deeper within) until we can not only admit the truth of this, but give it our free and easy acceptance . Yes, I know this conflicts with what many of us have been taught . But so what? Does that matter, NowHere? Unless you're in mind, then it does not. Just let it be. Self-acceptance is required, here – not the doing, the action of forever trying to improve things – or self. Let us practice a simple acceptance . We take the next step when gratitude arises – when appreciation is born for what is – only that. When we feel no need to improve self, to improve this or that, then we can move gently from acceptance into appreciation . It all happens quite naturally. Things will show you their innate beauty, their own

divine aspects, when you are open to them – when you are in simple acceptance. So it pays to spend whatever time feels right to Heart in these outer courtyards, between the outer castle walls, for the castle has more than one wall surrounding it. As we spend time in them, we are gently refined – we are led into our essence , which is where perfection lies. It is not, nor was ever meant to be, in our outer manifestation. All comes together in the end, yes, but that is another story, another day. For now, let us be ever alert and aware of nothing but the NowHere . Let us park as much of our awareness as possible in Heart and just leave it there, as we go through our days and our nights of 3D manifestation. Let us practice a glad acceptance . It, in itself, will bring Joy. The natural blessings are always built-in. Our time spent here is so very precious, for it is the time during which our roughest edges will be worn off . Of course, they will first be brought to our attention, and if we're in mind at that point, that will be most uncomfortable. We've all been given this false sense of needing to be perfect. Let it go. Your perfection already is , so there is no need to enforce anything on your 3D experience. Remember, just gentle acceptance, even appreciation. If we went into any of the inner courtyards of Heart before having these rough edges ground off – now that would be uncomfortable . We would be and feel out of our element. The inner courtyards help us round off the edges that are less rough , so being there with our roughest edges intact would just not be comfortable. And the Light present there, being a bit more intense, instead of feeling like the blessing it is, would instead just irritate us in those areas of the rough edges. Do you see or sense? Humility is a divine attribute, but not in the way mankind has been taught to define it. Just as man's definitions of love bear no resemblance to divine Love, so it is with Humility. It's a natural attribute of Heart. So along with knowing that you are Source, you will also find a deep, a beautiful Humility that will help keep your head screwed on straight .

That's not to say that your friends and acquaintances, your family or peers will understand you. Don't expect that of them. Let them be who they are, and just keep the focus on Heart, on you. It's enough. You will be led and guided, always, into the next perfect step . It won't always be easy, either. Don't expect that. Just surrender to whatever is, and follow Heart in it. While that may look to some to be tremendous weakness , you'll soon know the ultimate strength of this way of walking through Life. Life will open up and expose its treasures to you. Soon, so soon will you know how you are Loved with a Love beyond all measure. Life truly Loves you, but due to your various beliefs you may not yet be seeing the fullness of that. You are the Beloved . You are the divine. You are the One. You are that which all Life adores and admires. You may not yet know this, yourself, but it is there for you to uncover, to discover, if you will. Remember, it's all about choices . All one can do is make the best choices in the NowHere, in the moment one occupies. Then, feel safe to let tomorrow and all the tomorrows and yesterdays take care of themselves , while you are nestled deep in the arms of divine Love. Love your Self, my friend. It is God. Namaste ~♥~


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