Scott Dibble
District 61 South, Southwest and Downtown Minneapolis

Minnesota Senate
State Capitol., Room 111 75 Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd. St. Paul, Minnesota 55155 651-296-4191 sen.scott.dibble@senate.mn www.senate.mn/senatordibble

September 14, 2013 Dear Minnesota Orchestral Association Management and Board: I am sending this to you on the evening of September 14 with the fervent hope that it is moot because a resolution to the eleven month lock out has been reached. This is it. Tomorrow is the final day. I cannot believe that the current leadership of the Minnesota Orchestra is willing to allow the heights of world class excellence which have been attained in recent years to slip away and allow Osmo Vänskä to depart. Please end the lock out and accept the interim agreement proposed by former Senator George Mitchell. Everyone affiliated with the Orchestra has much to be proud of. Attaining these levels of artistic achievement have been an effort on the part of so many: a board who brought such an amazing conductor here, a conductor and musicians who have rehearsed and performed with incredible diligence, a supportive community who have donated so much, a public willing to devote their tax dollars. As managers and board members you hold a public trust – not an ownership position. I applaud your mindfulness and devotion to prudent management. However, consider what is at stake and consider the legacy for which you will be responsible. If you fail to achieve an interim solution that will not allow the Orchestra to retain its acclaimed Music Director and effectively discard the incredible jewel that is the present state of the Minnesota Orchestra, it is unlikely that Minnesota will ever again have an orchestra of this stature. You will have failed in that trust. It is indisputable that Senator Mitchell is a mediator of unshakeable integrity and absolutely highest caliber. The interim measure he crafted favors neither side, but allows our community’s Orchestra to retain Osmo Vänskä, stem the loss of musicians and get on with a mutually agreeable final resolution. Please, please accept the Mitchell proposal. Please do not allow a preventable tragedy to occur. Very truly yours,

D. Scott Dibble State Senator, District 61

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