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Being & Doing, Part 2
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I was surprised to watch the previous journal ending itself – seemingly before I was ready. Yet I do so love following Heart flow, so I j ust watched and let it happen. Now I come to what may be a part 2 to it – we shall see. I wanted to say more about being and doing – to take these deeper into the castle walls and share what the view is from there. We are drawing closer to a deeper immersion in the Heart field , here. More and more has fallen off , has fallen away from the one we are. Elements of the false self have been seen and discarded. We have recognized their unreality, how they don't reflect our NowHere Presence or being – our current sense of Who we are. We enter the next set of walls with a certain, a notable emptiness . While so very much has been discarded, yet we don't know what will replace it – if anything. We're much more not knowing at this point than knowing. Our Humility is finally present. We're finding it more integrated into our being, as well, seeing it at work in our interactions, in our relationships. Let us ever keep the mind out of all of this. Be deep in Heart

with it – as deep as you can. Ignore mind when it pipes up, returning your attention to Heart. By the time you enter this set of castle walls, closer to the center, you find it much easie r to disregard mind. I hear some minds piping up, wanting to argue this. I won't argue it, but only present my best understanding for you. What you do with it is ever your choice. Times when use of mind is appropriate are very clear. Taking mind into the inner dimensions isn't appropriate. Mind is native to the 3 rd dimension. When we go within, we simply transcend it – when we are ready to do so. In this more central realm of castle walls and the spaces between them, we spend far more time Heart-centered . We are in letting-go mode much of the time. It seems things are always coming up, showing us how they just don't relate to us as they once did. All the life and desire seems to have gone out of them, somehow – we don't know when or how. Here, we have learned and are learning that only the “what” holds any importance. The “why” and the “how” are now seen for what they are – strictly mind things. Besides, so often have we seen the “why” change over time, and the “how” changes, too. These things are not steady, not stable , the way Heart is. We find that many who do the very same actions do them for such different reasons and motives as to be frankly amazing. We're firm in our inability to judge any book by its cover. We know this can't be done, without necessarily knowing why not. It may be that we now realize that the book depends very much on its reader . We bring ourselves to the reading , and interpret what is said based on our own internal world, on our beliefs and understandings. So we see the same book discussed and ideas bandied about that have no reference to how we see things. We observe, often in quiet amazement, the diversity present in Life and in wo/mankind. What is steady, now? What is stable? On what post can we hang our hat? What can we trust? Good questions. Go to Heart for the answers, for they will depend on you , on where you are at any point in time.

Though I've mentioned it before, it's been a long time, so I have a lovely exercise for you. You set aside a notebook for this purpose. You will be making an entry once every 5 years . You can choose less time if you like, but 5 years provides a great contrast and much fruit. In this notebook you don't write until you are well centered, within. Then you date your entry, and answer the following questions : If I had 3 wishes – not to include infinite wishes – what would they be? If you could literally have anything whatsoever, what would you choose? You write your deeply sincere answers down. You may even want to ponder it for a few days before making your entry, but be sure to come as much from Heart as possible – near your core. Next, if you suddenly received a gift or bequest of – let's say a billion dollars , since a million isn't so much, anymore – how would you spend it? Prioritize your list, writing the things most important to you first, then those not quite so pressing or intense as you go. Now, you may not be amazed at what your wrote right now. That's not the point. The point for now is the blessing, the clarity you gain by assessing your true inner desires. You're getting to know yourself, and it's simply fun . It's an enjoyable exercise, to be sure. Then you put the notebook away , knowing it will be at least a year, maybe 3, maybe 5, before you take it out, again. When you do, it will be to give your then current answers to the same questions – without referring, yet, to what you wrote before. Just be with NowHere each time you journal your entries, being in Heart always for this writing. When I do special writing like this, I often use a gold pen . For a time I even used a fountain pen. Your writing implement may be important – or not. These days I tend to use a mechanical pencil for most things. Since I write so very much, it's nice not to have to take time out to sharpen the leads, and they hold leads in their barrel, so that's nice and neat, too. Yet I still use the gold pen for special things.

There is no way to prepare you for the shock you will encounter as you go back over your entries made through the years. It is stunning . We get the sense, as we walk through Life, that we're the same person – that we don't really change, deep down, all that much. You'll soon be laughing at that, once you see the great strides you have made, as displayed, plain and simple, in your answers to the two questions. Of course, this also highlights another of the blessings of simply keeping a journal . I don't need to tell you that, though, if you've been with me very long on this journal journeying we do on TheseEyesGod and Scribd. The benefits become obvious – such as getting more and more in touch with your own Inner Muse , your own Intuition Central . That's perhaps the biggest one. Intuition just flows off the pen, the pencil, or the keyboard. Again, I have a little bird parked on the water dish, looking at me. It has its back to the water, quietly looking inward, head cocked to the side. Not understanding what this is about in no way dims my appreciation , my Joy with it. Understanding is highly overrated , anyway, and the closer in to Heart we go and abide, the more obvious this becomes. One man's trash is another man's treasure – same item. And my treasure of yesterday may well go out in today's trash – so understanding is more flexible than most of us yet know. I am still in that stage of the disconnecting from everything . Even though I'm aware that a big part of my mission, if you will, is to be “a translator of the heavenly language,” as shown in a vision, yet that must wait. Relying on none but the self is what my NowHere is about, so I accept it. Life is nothing if not paradoxical . This, too, I joyfully accept. Why not, right? Why fight with what is , constantly trying to change it, somehow? It never works out quite the way we desired, anyway. So I surrender all such resistance to Life. Self-observing, I am alert for such resistance to show itself, for it's laced deeply into us in its various guises. Let us be humble enough to accept the non-perfection of our 3D manifestation. Actually, it, too, is perfect . It's our seeing that must make a great shift, though, before we're able to spot this perfection, here

in 3D. It turns out to be nothing at all like the mind had expected or imagined . Oh no, it's another thing, entirely, full of paradox at every step, as our seeming imperfection turns out to be perfect, after all, just in ways we hadn't a clue about. In closing, I'll touch once more on being and doing . It won't be anything new to so many of you, but if it blesses some, I'll be content. The closer we get to Heart and its depths, the more we will discover something new, something quite paradoxical. We will find our doing is doing us – that we are not doing that. This is only found in the deep stillness , within, but as we occupy there it will be seen in our daily life. As a for instance, most of you know that these journals don't come from thought. They write themselves , I merely lend my hands to the task, but this outer self doesn't do the writing, nor even recall what is written once it's done. The journals arise from a place of inner stillness, of silence . Once the outer mind is quieted down or ignored, then the Inner Being can speak – and it does, if that is your desire – if you make room for it. So in that way, the doing is done , yes – the journal is written, for instance – but not by the you that you know , not by the outer one. So our doing comes from deeper within – and if quizzed on it, it's 50/50 whether we have any answer to offer. We will if Source offers one , but otherwise, we draw a blank. Coming to accept this way of being – for that's what it is, a being, not a doing – takes letting go of much. Initially, it tends to come with discomfort . Mind is so used to running things, and it is nonplussed at seeing that Heart is also able to run the show . It doesn't initially appreciate that – not one bit. Thus, the discomfort – yet it can be fairly easily recognized to be just mind that is uncomfortable – not the real You. This is where your breathing room (between you and mind) is a most precious treasure. Your ability to step back and just observe the doings of mind is key to your resolution of the discomfort. And be aware that sometimes it's resolved by not being resolved. What do I mean? I mean it's quite possible to accept the

discomfort , and not try to change it, but just to observe . Really, when you don't know what to do, please do nothing – just watch. Heart is never in a rush – only mind is. There is no need to force your will on things. It comes down to identifying with a different You , anyway, doesn't it? So asking, “ Who is the you who is uncomfortable (or whatever it may be)?” is a good measure to take in sorting it out. Body wants certain things and dislikes others, but when we need to take the terrible tasting medicine, we overrule body. Mind wants certain things, such as to rule, and dislikes others. We must be as ready to overrule mind as body, yet ever with caution, of course. Body and mind are not always incorrect, and don't deserve to be always overruled, certainly. I can't say aught but that I find my best choices and decisions arise from deep within Heart . I love to “sleep on it,” when not sure of a reply or an action I'm contemplating. Be at Peace, my friends. That is here and available for you, if you are willing to sort through your beliefs and kick the rabble-rousers out. Don't take from that that you will not wind up being a rabble rouser, yourself – you may well. Just as there is or can be stillness in action , so there can be stillness in the midst of simply anything . So once again, don't let mind ge a hold of any of this. It is not qualified in the least to understand the deeper things. That is not its best use, just the one we've been taught to put it to. Let us lovingly let go of more and more of the ideas and beliefs of the past. They no longer fit, no longer suit us. All of this is best found by dumping all thought of past and future, and sticking only to Now . When we can all be stillness in action – then I suspect the New Age will be born, will be manifest for all, not just us who came in to be at the head of the column, the Light Beings, to show the way by being That. Namaste ~♥~


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