, H. (2012). Difficulties in academic writing: From the perspective of King Saud University of postgraduate students. English Language Training, 5(3), 123-130. This study aim is to find some difficulties in academic writing that may be faced by postgraduate students in King Saud university. Lack of academic literacy may be influenced by some internal and external factors. Internal factors, for example, are including first language background, motivation and lack of English skills. In addition, external factors are including different styles between Arabic and English such as writing styles and alphabets. Next, the author suggests that teachers and native English students may help Arabic students to increase their English writing. This study is relevant to my essay as this explains some academic writing difficulties for international students.

Al-Khasawneh, F. M S. (2010). Writing for academic purposes: Problems faced by Arab postgraduate students of the college of business, UUM. ESP World, 2 (28), 1-23. This research seeks to define problems in academic writing among Arabic students in Malaysia. The writer argues that Arabic students have some problems when they write their academic papers. Problem sources among Arabic students are including weak English foundation, environmental issues and methods of English teaching. Environmental issues may include limited opportunity to practice English, first language styles and isolated environment. Moreover, problem sources in terms of methods of English teaching are including teacher’s low proficiency in English, lack of writing in academic world and using Arabic in English classes. This essay may complement previous literature in explaining problems that students may face in academic writing.

Badger, R., & White, G. (2000). A process genre approach to teaching academic writing. ELT Journal, 54 (2), 153-160. This paper summarizes strengths and weaknesses of some writing approaches such as product, process and genre approaches. The authors point out that there are three approaches in teaching writing, namely, product approach, process approach and genre

objective and formal ways. New York: Routledge. adaptation should take in order to cover its weaknesses. formality. Demirel. As each approach has weaknesses and strengths. This literature could enrich my essay as it provides some features of academic writing and some issues on academic writing including plagiarism. Its main objective is to emphasis that process approach could reduce anxiety among Turkish students when they write their academic essays. For instance. references. writing academic features are important in order to present academic essays in factual. 222-227. difficulties to find appropriate sources for their papers and unfamiliarity with academic writing. (2006). (2011).approach. Indeed. Bailey. S. 1 (1). E. he or she may provide some inputs such as appropriate articles and previous student’s works for her or his students so that the process approcah’s weak points can be covered. and writing paragraphs. Some issues that the most stressful for students are the complexity of writing rules or conventions. and hedging. especially comparison between the process approach and the others. Journal of Academic Writing. . Bailey (2006) explains some features of academic writing such as complexity. Take it step by step : Following a process approach to academic writing to overcome student anxiety. This research is credible as it was published in a peer-reviewed journal. reporting verbs. writing. Academic writing: A handbook for international students. when an English teacher implements the process approach. accuracy. The process approach could help students in reducing anxiety since the process method gives students chances to interact with other students and to practice academic writing frequently using multi draft methods. Explanation in this study gives me some highlights about writing approaches. A result that the process approach can reduce stress and increase student’s awareness on academic writing could give me a point that the process approach should be encouraged.

C. Some points in this essay may give me some supporting explanation what problem sources and possible recommendation to overcome difficulty in academic literacy. they may face difficulty. 226-233. International students may face some difficulties in Western academic environment. owing to different culture. Plagiarism and the culture of multilingual students in higher education abroad. especially among foreign students. Another example is as most foreign students from Asia are seldom asked to criticize other scholar’s opinion. (2005).Sowden. 59(3). a group of Japanese students refused to cite other works in their papers since they think that knowledge they mentioned is public knowledge.doi:10. especially when they are asked to do literature review or criticize other scholar’s papers. For instance. especially in academic essays. TOTAL WORDS : 611 (NOT INCLUDE THE TITLE AND THE REFERENCE LIST) . ELT Journal Volume.1093/elt/cci042.

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