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Built for the Enterprise Delivered from the Cloud Executive Summary
Video is a crucial element to effective business communication. Qumu has the tools to make video work. Leveraging our extensive experience with video solutions and cloud provisioning, we have created a powerful solution to create, organize and distribute video throughout your enterprise. We recognize that many businesses require a video solution that does not place undue strain on their resources and internal network and has the flexibility to grow with their business needs. Our engineered enterprise video solution is available to your business instantly and with minimal effort through the Qumu Cloud.

Enterprise Video In the Cloud

Qumu has spent years developing an industry-leading solution for all facets of enterprise video and rich content as well as running enterprise apps in the cloud. The Qumu Cloud makes our full range of capabilities available almost instantaneously. To better understand how this deployment works, lets take a look at how the process gets underway. Instant Deployment As soon as you contract our services, youll receive information for access to your Qumu Cloud portal. With the cloud theres no need for new hardware or to install new software. Everything is hosted on a virtualized cloud so all you have to do is provide the content to begin sharing through the Qumu platform. Room for Growth As your employees adopt video and it becomes the document of choice for communications and collaboration, using video in everyday processes will become more commonplace. The Qumu Cloud has a variety of ways to nurture video growth and support increased adoption: H  ands on Video Learning Experience With the ability to instantly utilize video in the workplace, employees will have a tangible example of the benefits of enterprise video. S  eamless Growth Qumus scalable video and rich content solution is all within the cloud which enables smooth transitions to increased functionality.  Startup - Moving from pilot to production is easy, expedient and cost effective. S  calability The Qumu Cloud has the ability to be highly elastic to the storage and content delivery needs of your company. C  apEx Control Instantaneous cloud-based delivery enables Qumu to provide month to month billing for our services so you can control your capital expenditures based on the video needs of your company.

Security Sharing sensitive video data is a core element to implementing video as a serious tool in the workplace. Qumu has developed a wide array of controls to secure your data: A  ccount access and authentication, including SSO via LDAP/AD federation Mobile access via corporate sign-on credentials C  loud communication and controls secured via SSL encryption Flexible permissions system in the Web application Global controls and settings in the Web application Audit trails Backup, replication, health monitoring and recovery SAS-70 cloud Infrastructure Data center security and availability T  hird party audited information security management policies and practices Universal Access Once your content is in the Qumu Cloud it will be available to everyone with access and security rights on your network. Qumus mobile apps allow you to extend beyond the desktop to deliver: BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) mobile functionality C  ompany-wide access from tablets, phones and laptops D  evice handoff capabilities for multiple device viewing Intelligent Delivery Network complexity poses problems to content distribution. Especially with large files like videos, a delivery network is a necessity. Content Delivery Networks (CDNs) streamline the process of pushing high quality content quickly and easily to your employees from the Qumu Cloud without bogging down your IT resources.

Qumu Cloud Solutions

Centralized Platform Upload Transcode Quick Capture Onboard Editing Narrated Screen Capture Video Blogging Mobile Recording Portable Capture Studio Live Webcasting

Content Management User Rights Security Automated Webcasting Workows

Cloud CDN Portal Integration Public Cloud Hybrid Cloud/VNE Private Cloud

Multi-Device Mobile Apps Document Attachment Likes, Comments , Sharing

Video On Demand (VOD) Features Video Collaboration (VC) Features (In addition to VOD) Live Broadcast Features (In addition to VOD + VC)

Qumus Pathfinder provides intelligent delivery to every type of device. Automatic analysis of connection, device and player type selects the optimal bitrate and file size to ensure network fidelity. Reduced IT Burden Storing your video content on the Qumu Cloud reduces the strain on your IT infrastructure. As video use becomes more common throughout your enterprise, providing employees with video content where they need it, when they need it from an external cloud solution frees up your network to handle other aspects of your business. Services and Support Once you begin to develop a strong video sharing culture in your company, there is occasionally need for outside support. Qumus Professional Services team provides a strong and steady base to support change and growth: Professional Services for cloud deployment Training Live event management Personalized account management 24/7/365 Support

Common Solutions
The Qumu Cloud has three delivery levels, designed to meet the video content needs of your organization: Express, Professional and Premier. At the heart of each of these is the Video Control Center (VCC), which allows users to access the core functionality of Qumus Enterprise Video Solution virtually to build the ideal solution for their business. Video On Demand With Qumu Cloud businesses upload videos to the cloud server and share them through the centralized hub of the VCC. The VCC also enables them to transcode videos into a variety of file types, file sizes and bitrates. Our intelligent delivery network ensures seamless delivery of all of your video content. Qumus Pathfinder function aids in optimizing playback anywhere on the network by discerning which transcoded version is best for each device.

Employees can reach the VCC and all of the videos stored on the Qumu Cloud from anywhere through native apps for mobile platforms, including: iOs and Apple Devices Android phones and tablets Windows phones and tablets Video Collaboration onboard set of social tools will help keep collaboration at the forefront: L  iking, rating, commenting and sharing videos through the portal Document attachment Mobile apps Embedded video blog posts Live Broadcast Webcasting can further enhance the culture of communication that video creates. CEOs can host informational and all hands meetings through live streamed webcasts which can be distributed quickly and efficiently to multiple worksites. These webcasts are also archived in the VCC so employees unable to attend the webcasts can watch on their schedule. Producing webcasts has never been easier than with Qumus Capture Studio which offers a complex editing and producing feature set to create professional webcasts in-house. The Capture Studio is also mobile and able to be transported easily with only minimal setup time to webcast from anywhere. Qumu provides automated webcasting workflows using both private and public cloud infrastructures to enable smooth delivery of webcasts every time. With webcasting through the VCC, the business is connected from top to bottom. Collaborative commenting and feedback on webcasts enables employees to provide commentary and feedback on webcasts and creates an arena for discussion and innovation.

Creating video internally to share across the enterprise fosters connection and inspires innovation. The Qumu Cloud enables employees to get engaged with the video creation process. Qumu Quick Capture has everything employees need to create, edit and share their own videos to facilitate personal, authentic collaboration throughout the workplace: One-click video capture and recording Internal video editing Narrated Screen Capture Recording and upload from mobile devices Once employees begin to use video collaboratively, an

Other Services These three use cases are just the beginning; Qumu provides a wide array of supplementary services to customize level of the Qumu Cloud implementation including: Video Migration Content Creation Webcast Management Branded Portals Branded Apps Social Portal Integration Sharepoint IBM WebSphere IBM Connections Oracle WebCenter Other portals

Video is the new document. Qumu Corporation (NASDAQ: QUMU) provides the tools businesses need to create, manage, secure, distribute and measure the success of their videos. Qumu's innovative solutions release the power in video to engage and empower employees, partners, clients and their customers. Qumu helps thousands of organizations around the world realize the greatest possible value from video and other rich content they create and publish. Whatever the audience size, viewer device or network configuration, Qumu solutions are how business does video. Additional information can be found at

Video and rich content implementation can be complex, requiring many different layers of deployment. At Qumu, our easily adaptable, cloud-based business video platform offers a low-risk, Qumu Public Cloud immediate solution. Qumu is committed to Deployment offering the best way to manage, share and even create business video professionally and securely. The Qumu Cloud has what you need to get started today, and the flexibility to grow with your video and rich content needs.

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