“Corridor Plateau III” at DREI (Contemporary Art Daily


1/07/13 12:12 AM

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“Corridor Plateau III” at DREI
June 30th, 2013 S ponsor

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Davi d Nolan New York, United States


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Christian Freudenberger. Markus Karstieß. Alexandra Hopf. Esther Kläs. Anonymus Venue: DREI.contemporaryartdaily. Konrad Klapheck. 2013 Click here to view slideshow S VIT Prague. Detlef Weinrich. Cologne Exhibition Title: Corridor Plateau III Curated by: Christian Freudenberger and Markus Karstieß Date: May 25 – June 22. Czech Republic http://www. Greece Artists: Michael Bauer. United Kingdom Andreas Melas & Helena Papadopoulos Athens. Victor Vasarely. Alex Jasch. Hannah Höch.“Corridor Plateau III” at DREI (Contemporary Art Daily) 1/07/13 12:12 AM Pi lar Corri as London.com/2013/06/corridor-plateau-iii-at-drei/ Page 2 of 9 . Markus Saile.

“Corridor Plateau III” at DREI (Contemporary Art Daily) 1/07/13 12:12 AM Jessi ca S i lverman San Francisco. Germany T293 Naples.com/2013/06/corridor-plateau-iii-at-drei/ Page 3 of 9 .contemporaryartdaily. United States Bi schoff Proj ects Frankfurt. United States Cli fton Benevento New York. Italy http://www.

press release and link available after the jump. Images: 21er Haus Vienna. Austria http://www.com/2013/06/corridor-plateau-iii-at-drei/ Page 4 of 9 .“Corridor Plateau III” at DREI (Contemporary Art Daily) 1/07/13 12:12 AM S culptureCenter New York. Germany Full gallery of images.contemporaryartdaily. United States S prüth Magers Berlin.

which was part of a series curated by Christian Freudenberger and Markus Karstieß at Kunstverein Schwerte (2008 – 2011).com/2013/06/corridor-plateau-iii-at-drei/ Kraupa-Tuskany Zei dler Berlin. Photos by Alwin Lay Press Release: Corridor Plateau is the title of a record by Detlef Weinrich.ver again found the Rue d’Auseil. Germany Page 5 of 9 . delved deeply into all the antiquities of the place. “I have examined maps of the city with the greatest care. and have personally explored every region.“Corridor Plateau III” at DREI (Contemporary Art Daily) 1/07/13 12:12 AM Catheri ne Basti de Brussels. on the contrary. places. of whatever name. These maps have not been modern maps alone. yet have ne. The occasion for recording was an exhibition of the same name (2011). I have. Belgium House of Gaga Mexico City.contemporaryartdaily. Mexico Images courtesy of DREI. which could possibly answer to the street I knew as the Rue d’Auseil. Cologne. for I know that names change. But despite all I have done it http://www. Since then Corridor Plateau has been migrating in changing constellations as an independent exhibition format through various spaces. cabinets and corridors.

Hannah Höch.nes (“The music of Erich Zann”). and everything begins. The stories of author H.ce – right on the brink. sear. His debut album Mask Talk became a moody synthie-album with curious place. With roots in the remote. Music Detlef Weinrich studied sculpture at the Kunstakademie Düsseldorf. Germany. Markus Karstieß. The pieces on the record are arranged in corridors 1-6. DREI. Victor Vasarely *** Leave a Reply Name (required) Mail (will not be published) (required) Website Marc F oxx Los Angeles. I heard the music of Erich Zann. Lovecraft can be considered collective mediators. Since 1994 he has been a member of the previously founded band Kreidler. Esther Kläs.work. from which the tone of the artefacts per. during the last months of my impoverished life as a student of metaphysics at the university. Michael Bauer. with your own. Austria Corridor Plateau continues in this dark tendency. forgotten. Cologne.rences to the Modern and a future beyond the crash of the present. Lovecraft. Weinrich also creates solo music. communicating ideas of untraceable streets. reminiscent of the sounds of horror films. Link: Corridor Plateau III at DREI Ci rcus Berlin. a chamber. Markus Saile. Group Show. a plateau. Detlef Weinrich. a cabinet. Under the DJ alias Tolouse Low Trax. United States http://www. The needle moves from the inner to the outer edge of the vinyl. Europe. almost ghostly tracks. Lovecraft: “The Music of Erich Zann”. where. Alexandra Hopf. coming ever closer. Germany Tweet 9 Like 12 1 StumbleUpon Tags: Alex Jasch.contemporaryartdaily. to achieve the maximal bass effect at the peak of each groove. In 2004 Detlef Weinrich was co-founder of the “Salon Amateurs” in Düsseldorf. the depth and the (own) unea. lost.ching for a place that will never be found – hidden. P.“Corridor Plateau III” at DREI (Contemporary Art Daily) 1/07/13 12:12 AM remains an humiliating fact that I cannot find the house. and because the dance of the needle towards the edge seems to us like the dance on the narrow tip of existen. We see refe. We pass through the cupboard into the next room. © 1922 by The National Amateur Magazine. Konrad Klapheck. Corridor Plateau III.and timeless.meates through to us. Corridor Plateau was released by apparent-extent in Cologne. or even the locality. the street. P. and our forlornness in civilization. The energies and tones of his narratives are topical – though they signal the misshapen and monstrous within ourselves. hidden rooms and repeated storyli. We don’t know when it happens.com/2013/06/corridor-plateau-iii-at-drei/ Page 6 of 9 .se. the power of darkness. Emanuel Layr Vienna. We traverse through these cryptic corridors and hear the unknown approaching.P.” H. Corridor Plateau derives its inspiration from the dystopian fictions of H. the exhibition series Corridor Plateau develops a shadowed spatial frame. and is simultaneously an homage to the soundscapes of French composer and artist Ghedalia Tazartes. Anonymus. You sit there. Christian Freudenberger.

com/2013/06/corridor-plateau-iii-at-drei/ Page 7 of 9 .“Corridor Plateau III” at DREI (Contemporary Art Daily) 1/07/13 12:12 AM Submit Comment F oxy Producti on New York. Canada http://www. United States Karma Internati onal Zürich.contemporaryartdaily. Switzerland Tomorrow Toronto.

Switzerland Laurel Gi tlen New York.“Corridor Plateau III” at DREI (Contemporary Art Daily) 1/07/13 12:12 AM Centre d' Art Contemporai n Geneva.com/2013/06/corridor-plateau-iii-at-drei/ Page 8 of 9 .contemporaryartdaily. United States Ai r de Pari s Paris. France http://www.

2012 Contemporary Art Daily - http://www.Copyright 2008 . United States . United Kingdom F ri edri ch Petzel New York.contemporaryartdaily.com/2013/06/corridor-plateau-iii-at-drei/ Page 9 of 9 .“Corridor Plateau III” at DREI (Contemporary Art Daily) 1/07/13 12:12 AM Herald S t London.

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