Is Christ God? Is Christ Consciousness Real?

Introduction - To answer
this we need to understand 1] The concept of God, how it came into being. 2] What is Consciousness? 3] We need to Differentiate between spirituality and religion Having understood and answered above questions, we need to explore; who is Christ and in what circumstances He came into being? What He preached? What act He did? Why He did it? How His act is reverberating and where it is leading the world to? How Christ consciousness can save the world? And so on. Since we live in a scientific era, where human mind is liberated to seek Truth with Free Will, it becomes important that we understand this question in relation to scientific development too. In fact, in a world where multiple religions have bound and enslaved humanity and where it is inching the world to self-destruction in the name God, a scientific explanation beyond religion becomes vital.

Note – I here give a framework that should help us think. I only intent to show some parallel force which is conscious and intelligent and is causing evolution and involution of the universe. I was not a believer in God. As a child I had seen too much fight and bloodshed in the name of religions to believe in God. As a youth I choose a research career hoping to contribute something to humanity in the process of leading a life. Deep into my research career, communicating with Nature and Life, I began to perceive serious flaws in the foundation of science. I began to realize a Truth that much of science is oriented towards exploiting Nature than understanding her. In spite of all advancement we still do not know what property gives gravity and mass [attractive property] to an object? Why gravitational and inertial mass? Why dominant and recessive genes? Why speed of light is maximum speed? What is light and what is matter? Why ratio of acceleration of two interacting bodies is always 3? Why gene is Triplet code? Why DNA is double helical? Why pairs of chromosomes? Why mitotic and meiotic divisions? Why wave particle duality? How instantaneous communication and time bound communication co-exist? What is life? What is death? And so on. When I left “Plato’s Chair” to be a free man in Nature, I also opened myself to ancient spiritual knowledge. I began to read casually Bible and attend to observe/listen the preacher in Church. I also read books on ancient Indian scriptures [Vedas and Upanishad, Bhagavad-Gita], the Epics of Indian philosophy, books that introduced me to Koran and many other religious books. I did not study them in depth but went through with casual detachment. One thing was becoming evident; these scripture have many parallels and seems to have depth and life in it.

Concept of God
Concept of God existed with Humans from time immemorial. Spiritual scriptures conceive God as super being, a principle object of faith. In theism, God is the Creator and Sustainer. For Spinoza, the whole of the Natural universe is made of one substance, God, or its equivalent, Nature. The argument for God’s comes from the fact that if there is watch then there should be a watch maker. St Thomas Aquinas said everything has to come from something. You cannot make something out of nothing. Therefore there must have been a ‘First Cause’ that created the ‘something’ (the universe). That First Cause is God. Einstein said “Religions of the Future will be a Cosmic Religion. It should transcend personal God and avoid dogma and theology” It makes no sense to study religious scriptures and argue about God. God is a Life force that needs to be experienced and addressed scientifically and sensibly such that everyone can comprehend Him beyond a religion as the Truth that Governs. From scientific point it has to comply with the two laws of energy or Thermodynamics.

What is Consciousness?
Consciousness can be understood as Space-Time Field [force] containing information that unfolds from within a living system. It is the perceiving entity that creates and sustains the living system. It is the Spirit or Energy field or the back bone of life. It is capable of exchanging information and evolving the information in relation to the system in which it lives. It is also capable enfolding to conquer time and revitalize its information in relation to the Parallel World [Positive and Negative, male and female]. The conscious field within life is the most evident Reality of Nature and yet least explored by science. The world is just

awakening to it. It is the key to understanding the universe we live in. As we go further we will understand it.

What is Spirituality and how it is related to religion.
Spirituality is the knowledge of the Spirit or information, which exist in the conscious field, which creates and governs the Universe. This is known as “Brahman” in Vedas, “Holy Spirit” in Bible, “al-Ruh al-Qudus” in Koran. It is given to humans from the Mouth of God [Word] directly to empower humanity to fight evil or indirectly through prophets to resist deterioration of the system. It is given and taken back at God’s Will. The written forms of it are called Scriptures. Very often they are written much later by illuminated people who perceive evil minds distorting the “Words” and Knowledge for self-advancement. They are written such that the knowledge does not get lost and when souls are stressed by evil forces, it can awaken to Spiritual Truth and find the salvation. It is common sense that the best place for a thief to hide is the house of the police officer or system which empowered to find him and punish him. Thus in our society we see all evil minds hiding behind the power bases of the society. Scriptures are like light post to people who are lost at sea. Religions and cultural practices are formed around scriptures as means of resistance to people from being lost from the realm of Light and Life. It is more man made. All spiritual scriptures do speak of “Spirit” as the ultimate entity that creates and sustains.

Bird’s Eye View of Spirituality

Bird’s eye view of all spiritual scriptures of the world tells that there is a

Creator and Sustainer to the Whole Universe. He is understood as
source of Life and Light [Knowledge] and He eternally fights the evil and darkness. Scriptures of the world and History of civilizations also speaks of manifestation of many prophets and even God’s direct manifestation in critical phases to resist human deterioration and his journey to darkness, disorder and destruction. The Eastern spiritual philosophies speak of God manifesting to fight the evil and lead the war for Truth and Justice [Lord Rama of Epic Ramayana and Lord Krishna of Epic Mahabharata]. In fact Vedas of East speaks of Universe as cycle of Truth and Justice. Bible begins with a resistance or forbiddances to humans to eat from the tree at the center. However, Humans break the resistance to turn his face away from God and thus become slave to darkness and evil forces. As per Bible there is a History before Christ. Where it was predicted that a Savior would manifest who would liberate the whole world from clutches of the evil and darkness and take us back to Kingdom of Light or God.

In short – The substance of all spiritual scriptures speaks God as
Creator and Giver of Light [knowledge] and Life and a Force that resists and fights eternally the evil forces that lead to death.

An important point that stands out here is the lack of
clarity as to How God Creates? How He sustains eternally? Who created God and who created evil or darkness? And so on. The Vedas describe universe as cycle of Truth and justice. It even divides Universal Time cycle into four quantum portions, where Truth and justice. But it

does not speak with any clarity, what happens when Truth and Justice deteriorates to maximum leading to disorder and death. In order to understand the “Whole Truth” in simplicity we have to combine Eastern and Western philosophies. Before Christ manifested in west, the world history speaks of many pockets of civilizations where knowledge and Truth about Life and Nature existed explicitly written and encrypted into their cultures. One of them is ancient Indian Spiritual Civilization. Everything about God and His Spirit, His relativity with human life, it structure and its functioning and how one should go about in life to stay with Light and Life and thus lead a healthy life in harmony with Nature and God is very logically and explicitly written as a science in it. However, this Light and knowledge deteriorated in time. From One Bright Light or God many smaller Lights or gods emerged. Hindu philosophy thus speaks of over 330 million demi gods. This speaks of fragmentation where selfmanifest in Souls. This could have been fine if all these demi gods had directed themselves to one central God and Spirit and existed in faith to Him. We see the same phenomenon now happening in Christianity where many illuminated spiritual souls are emerging in the name of Christ, each trying to develop his own Church. They are good as long as they do not become self-centered and salve to material force and fail to lead other souls to Christ and His Spirit. However, a bird’s eye view shows many of these demigods becoming self-centered and begins to create their kingdoms turning their face away from God and Light. They become slave to material world. The kingdom of God is Truth and Justice. Thus by virtue of God’s own people, darkness emerges into the world. This is subtly written in all

spiritual scriptures. Bible tells us the Serpent that is the cause of fall of Adam and Eve is a fallen angel. The Pollution of human mind begins with these self-centered God’s own people. The Angels because of Ego gets thrown from heaven [Kingdom of Life and Light] to Hell [Kingdom of darkness]. These fallen Angels then manifests as a Serpent and Pollutes the “Mind of Eve” and through her pollutes the “Mind of Adam” to turn his face away from God the Creator so that he becomes his pupil. A seed of darkness thus manifest in the Kingdom of Light or God. Thus deterioration of the world begins with deterioration people in spiritual world. They put veils on the mind of non-illuminated souls and lead souls from light to darkness. Thus kingdom of God, which is Truth and Justice, Life and Light [knowledge] begins to deteriorate. The question now, is how the Truth and Justice cycle gets restored. Note – We here have answer to who creates evil and hell. God only created Heaven and Earth; the self-centered spiritual leaders create hell [Forgive me If I am wrong]

Truth and Justice Cycle -Creation and Sustenance of Universe
Truth and Justice Cycle of Vedas of East has a beginning, where Truth and Justice is maximum. This is called Golden Age, [Satya yuga, comparable to Kingdom of God of Bible]. It also has an end where Truth and Justice deteriorates to minimum. This could be comparable to life cycle of a living system. That comprises of four stages of human life. 1] Birth and childhood an innocence phase where intelligence is maximum. [Golden Age or Satya Yuga] 2] Teen age which is vibrant state, where intelligence gets reduced and mind and self-manifest. [Silver Age or Treta yuga]

3] Adulthood, when mind and self-manifest. [Bronze Age – Dwapara yuga 4] Old age leading to death. [Iron age – Kali yuga] Note -It is important that all spiritual scriptures in its depth visualizes universe as living being. It is explicitly described in Vedas. It states Universe is Conscious and Intelligent Being and we humans are simply individuated beings formed from Him. In short we are like cells of one whole being born from one cell, which in turn is the product of union of two cells or parallel worlds. At its depth this reality is also echoed in Bible. Even science is evolving towards it. Gaia hypothesis proposed by Noble laureate James Lovelock, parallel world and its interpretation with respect to time and singularity proposed by NeiL Turok of Perimeter institute, Paul Steinhardt of Princeton University, Burt Ovrut of Pennsylvania. University points towards it. We will explore it in detail later.

Now comes two important questions
1] What Creates? How He creates? What created time direction to death or deterioration of Truth and Justice 2] How time and death is conquered. In other words how Truth and Justice is restored. Here comes the importance of Bible and Jesus’s preaching and His Calvary Sacrifice. Bible says “In the beginning God created the heavens and the Earth”. This means He created two worlds. Then Bible says “Earth was formless, empty, and dark, and God's Spirit moved over the waters preparing to perform God's creative Word. And then God began to speak into existence His creation” This includes humans created in His own image out of mud. He breathed life into them. He gave them

the dominion over Earth but forbids or resists Humans from eating from the Tree at the center. However, humans end up eating the forbidden fruit. Bible tells he gets trapped by a fallen angel, which manifested as serpent and manipulated the mind of eve and through her pollutes Adam’s mind and thus succeed in making Adam to turn his face from God and thus create a time direction to darkness and death [hell]. We must note here two points – Creation of Adam and Eve involved matter in addition to the Spirit of God. Here the Spirit of Father is force acting against matter and its force that is centripetal and directed to death. When God forbid Adam and Eve from eating from the tree at center, He was forbidding “self- centeredness” and slavery to material force. He was resisting human from judging. Hell, we must note is not the creation of God, it is the creation of fallen angel who seek “self” and becomes slave to material world. The second part of Bible speaks of Savior who frees the souls from the trap of evil [self]. It tells us that “Holy Spirit” or the Spirit of God, directly fertilized a chosen egg cell of Mother Mary to give birth to Jesus the Son of God. Bible tells when Jesus was born three kings or wise men from east, fallowing a star in sky, came in search of Him and gave him Gold, frankincense, and myrrh as gifts. Further Bible does not speak of Christ early adulthood. It is said that this period of His life was spent in East. This speaks that there is a link between eastern spirituality and western spirituality. Bible tells us that Jesus manifested when there was none who could be justified before God and the system had reached critical state of collapse. God thus gave His own Son as sacrificial lamb and antidote to

what Adam did. Bible tells us that Jesus Christ conquered time and death through His Calvary sacrifice. The purpose of Christ is to give New Life to souls with Free Will and restore the Kingdom to His Father which is Truth and Justice. In short it is recreation and restoration The beauty of Calvary sacrifice as Creation point is best written in ancient Vedas. Yajurveda VS 30-31 tells us that creation occurred through self-sacrifice of the Creator Himself. With Christ we now have two trees in the center from which we can eat. We must note that food is essential source of energy to sustain life. With Free Will Christ invited everyone to Eat from His Flesh and Blood till He comes again. Thus there is secret hidden in this statement of Christ. Word of God that came from Christ is the Food for our Soul. But this food can only be digested to its fullness with Holy Spirit. Bible says God’s Spirit. [Holy Spirit] descended on his 11 disciples and a group of people on 50th day. These souls gained New Life and got enlightened. The modern day Christian Church has its beginning in this group. They transferred the Spirit/Fire they obtained and thus illuminated other souls and gave New Life. They strived to spread the Good News and transform souls and give them New Life. The initial 100 years, was understood as most enlightened one. As the church grew, it is said evil minds began to in filter the organization and the spiritual power in church began to deteriorate. The intelligent people with good intent and loyal to Christ formed the Bible and ensured certain cultural practices such that philosophy of Christ is sustained. The modern day Christian religion and its cultural practices formed around Bible and early illuminated people. Many people split from the original church and thus we have multitude of Christian sects that strive for number and material power. Today for

most priests’ priesthood is largely an easy career and means of life, than a quest to know Truth and lead people from darkness to light. 1000 years after Christ Christianity was virtually ruling the west with iron fist and amassing wealth in the name of God. This was followed by manifestation of Prophet Mohammed speaking about Truth and Justice and Judgment to come. Prophet Mohammed words again formed into a religion. Science came next. It liberated human mind to think. Science cleverly appeased the ruling religious people leaving the realm of soul and mind to spiritual institutions as they embarked on exploring material world and its force. This suited the ruling spiritual institutions who were already slave to material world. Revolutionary advancements in science, actually back seated the religious people but it survived by virtue of the fact that science failed to bring out the “Whole Truth” Parallel to Evolution and growth of science, spirituality also grew. Aided by printing press and modern day communication Bible and other spiritual scriptures have reached the world. Science’s evolution resulted in an in unflinching reality that somehow an observer or enquirer is an integral part of Nature and that Nature and Her Truth cannot be understood in isolation of an observer. This revived God concept – The existence of a “Super Mind and Consciousness” or Creator who perceives, creates and sustains the whole was revived. Note - Modern man wrongly seeks Consciousness in the brain and mind. We will learn more about it later.

The four broad steps of Truth Cycle


First Critical Phase Probable time of manifestation of God to fight evil forces

Golden age or Satya yuga: This is illuminated period, where truth and justice prevailed. This is knowledge era , where people were highly conscious and intelligent and lived one with God – God force resist deterioration

Silver Age – Here all the above qualities deteriorates by ¼ . Uncertain and vibrant State

Second Critical Phase Probable time of manifestation of God to fight evil forces Third and Final Critical Phase Probable Time of manifestation of God to fight Evil forces- Jesus Calvary Sacrifice.

Bronze age- Here all the above qualities deteriorate by 2/4. Period when Adam Eats the forbidden fruit and is thrown out of Eden. The beginning of darkness. The Chaotic period. Iron Age or Kali Yuga – Here all the above forces deteriorates by critical ¾ ratio and tends to Zero or death. System peaks to highest disorder - Recreation and restoration Phase through Free Will and Jesus Christ Death

Material force or gravity

Forbidden Center

Conscious force or Ant-gravity that Creates and sustains

The four broad steps of Truth cycle can be compared to four broad steps of life cycle. First Phase – Begins with Birth. It signifies highest intelligence or Light or Knowledge. Here Consciousness is clear and is in innocent state and is open for information and intelligence to function freely. It is the awakened state, with maximum information. There is an inner mind that is selfless that unfolds rapidly. Thus a child has rapid growth. This accounts for Rapid Inflation Universe Theory. The information flowing in from outside world does influence the mind that is growing. The “self” and corruption and deterioration come from an external world. Birth and Death are inevitably linked. Death fallows Birth and Birth fallows death. To resist the deterioration the system divides separating light and darkness. Souls according to spirituality are indestructible. At birth all souls gains New Life and are lifted from darkness to light. At this very moment of Life and Light emerging or just prior to it, few souls fall. Remember, one among Jesus’s disciples fell and gave in Jesus to the Crucifixion. He commits suicide. The only people whom Jesus condemns are the clergies or priests who are the cause of Jesus Christ crucifixion because of their Ego and their failure to recognize Christ. Much of these communities are expected to repent only when the Life and Light of Christ emerges in all Glory. The information that one feeds to a child from outside world thus becomes critical how the individual eventually unfolds to support the family, community and the whole society. Our ancient culture and its practices had successfully resisted the deterioration of the system. Where ancient knowledge [spirituality] and its culture scored, our modern religions and education system has failed miserably. Thus the deterioration of Truth and Justice and the whole society is exponentially increasing.

Second Phase – Time direction to death is inevitable. At the end of first phase ¼ the souls would have fallen to dark world being victims of evil minds. Thus the system makes quantum jump from one phase to second phase to lower levels and the transition is critical and is supported by God’s intervention. Third Phase - By the end of second phase nearly half of the souls would have fallen to evil or dark forces. This transition is facilitated by God’s intervention taking side with who could be justified before God. Once the system is in third phase the number of evil minds is in favor of dark world increases. God thus scatters the souls and retreats all light and knowledge. Thus begins a period of chaos in quantum world. Chaos is a form of resistance. Time direction is inevitable and science has shown that it exist even in chaotic world. By the end of third phase ¾ of the souls falls in to darkness and the system shifts into total darkness and great disorder. Unless something happens at this moment to reverse the situation the whole system is bound to

collapse. Thus God manifests to recreate and restore with Free Will to all souls. This could be compared to conception of the Spirit of Father in feminine body. This ensures that reverse flow of souls from dark world to light world happens. The figure above explains this. Christ is beyond religion. He is the Universal Consciousness and Intelligence or Life that is unfolding from within darkness and disorder that is peaking to near death situation. It is unfortunate the GOOD NEWS and Christ’s life giving philosophy was reduced into a religion. However, the early souls filled with the spirit of Christ or Holy Spirit ensured through Bible that Fire is kept alive for it to kindle a “Flame of Living Fire” that spreads the world at an appropriate time. Bible does say that in the End of Time I will pour my spirit on all souls. The fire spoken here is “Fire of Life” Note – When the time was conquered [conception], it was only One Soul or Soul of God Christ that was stressed to transform. But at the time initialization [birth] all souls beyond religion are stressed. What we see is the qualitative deterioration of the system from “1” to “zero” and its uplifting back from “Zero” to “1” through Christ with Free Will to all souls. The degree of life that the soul gets differs from soul to soul on how it approaches the Kingdom of God. It is beyond religion a fact that is related to Consciousness, Truth and Justice. It is in this context I appreciated the Pope Francis and his bold comments on salvation [Salvation for all]

The Science of Christ Consciousness
God and Christ Consciousness can be understood in simplicity if we observe Nature from a point of freedom and re-order some of the conceptual developments. Much of our vision of universe is understood from gravity, which is a centripetal force and tends to collapse to a point to the center and originates in a Big Bang. This lacks a cause for origin. Einstein thus for much of his life struggled to invent a new force and space-time field that acts against gravity. What Einstein failed to perceive and invent is open for all of us to perceive and invent, if we open the window of our laboratory or house to observe a plant grow seed sprout or lilies flower. Life is bestowed with an inner space-time field in which gravity is converted into anti-gravity. In short there is a “Parallel Space-Time Field” in life that opposes gravity and thus sustains the material world from collapsing. Life in addition has a capacity to show creativity and create biological mass that expands into material space-time field. Now we can visualize universe as product of two opposing space-time fields; one field acts as backbone for material objects and the other acts as backbone holding living systems. We now see a world that is self-sustaining one, with plants opposing gravity of material world. The plant world is controlled by herbivore and herbivore is controlled by carnivore. It is self-sustaining Gaia Note – We are discovering a Living Conscious and intelligent spiritual back bone that holds all the information of the system.

Secret of Christ Consciousness- Very Important
Now the concept of gravity and origin form point in a Big Bang can be done away with or could be reinvented including living beings. Material Nature we saw with life becomes self-sustaining system that has no resultant time direction. However, the scenario changes when we introduce an adult human, who eats the forbidden fruit, becomes selfcentered and slave to material world and its force. Now we can visualize a qualitative deterioration of souls to a point that there exist only Two Primal Souls, that are worthy; a masculine dominant [Father] and recessive feminine [Mother]. When the system is endangered the Spirit of Father leaves its body and to enter the feminine body to unite with Mother’s Spirit to create the “One Primal Soul” that by its sacrifice arrest time. Its inner space transforms all gravity force into anti-gravity and lifts the souls from black hole to life with Free Will. Note – We are seeing creation as it happens in biological system where the Spirit and Information from Father leaves its body and enters the Feminine to create a New Life. In one to one relationship, it means the Father dies to gain New Birth. The deteriorating body of the Father becomes the feed for the child to grow. No wonder Christ said “he who eats my flesh and drinks my blood has eternal life, and I will raise him up at the last day” John 6:54 Physicists working with parallel world concept also have emerged with a similar picture. Three scientists, Neil Turok, Paul Steinhardt, and Burt Ovrut have interpreted that time and singularity as a process in which one Parallel World pierces and emerges in the opposite.

This now fits manifestation of Jesus Christ and His self-sacrifice. From the day Christ sacrificed His Soul, the Consciousness and intelligence of God is unfolding from within the darkness. The mankind that seeks self and material power has continued to exploit material force creating a society where Truth and justice is deteriorating to the maximum level. Our hope now exist Christ Consciousness and intelligence breaking the darkness to illuminate human minds beyond religion such that a new order can spontaneously emerge from great disorder. At Calvary Christ arrested time and conceived a New Time. His Spirit released on Earth is giving New Life to souls with Free Will. The New Time will be initialized when His Spirit Reveals the Truth and world awakens to it. Universe needs to be visualized as living being as the ancient east visualized. Time cycle needs to be understood as Consciousness and intelligence or information from Creator unfolding and enfolding. This is happening through Calvary sacrifice and Christ Consciousness Christ Consciousness is a science of creation and restoration. It is unfortunate that it is held back as religion and thus restricting its scope and potentials to save humanity from impending disaster to which he is moving in his slavery to material force. The fig below explains creation and its perpetual existence time. Creation needs to be understood as transformation of souls and its initialization with Free Will to Souls. Creator resists created souls from turning their face away from Him and become slave to material forces directed to Black Hole. In short Created resist manifestation of “self”. But Created souls seek “self” and turn their face away from the Creator. Thus it becomes inevitable that God manifest to resist and recreate and

restore the system. This recreation and restoration process is happening through Christ Consciousness.

Creation needs to be understood as transformation of souls and its initialization with Free Will to Souls. This now accounts for the two laws of thermodynamics. It is information or knowledge unfolding and enfolding.

In conclusion Christ is the Consciousness of Father and Mother God unfolding. We can visualize it as Life, Light and Information unfolding. Let us answer some of the Key questions now.

Who is Father God? – God is a conscious field. It is a Spirit/Power
or Information. It is neither created nor can be destroyed. It unfolds and enfolds sustaining the system. When it unfolds it is in time conquering or creation mode with Free Will to all the created. When it enfolds it is in time initialization and sustaining mode. In creation it manifest as Pure Love. In sustaining Mode He manifest as pure selfless Judgment.

Who is Mother God? - Mother God is the material field and it’s
Spirit with which the Father or Spirit God is intimately associated. Thus we have two kingdoms, the kingdom of Heaven and Earth. The Spirit or energy is Father and Matter is the Mother. They are inseparable.

Who is Jesus?

- Jesus is the Son of God the Father and God the

Mother God. The Kingdom of Father and Mother belongs to Him. In Christ both Mother and Father God exists. What he showed to the World is feminine reality of God; Love, Forgiveness, Inclusiveness and so on. But the purpose of manifestation is to restore the Kingdom of God. Kingdom of God is Truth and Justice. When Christ was sacrificed, both Father and Mother’s Spirit went into Creation mode with Free Will to all Souls.

What is Hell? - Hell is not creation of God the Father or Mother. It is
the creation of lesser souls that out of their “Ego” falls from the Grace

of God. Both God the Father and Mother resist this fall. But the so called God’s people fall and they become the cause for people on earth to fall. They instead of making an individual connect to his consciousness and walk the path of Truth and Justice [God within], thus strengthening himself and His Father and Mother [Family], society and various hierarchies of it, they disconnect him from His consciousness and his God and His family. They put the seed of “self” in him and make him salve to god they seat in churches, temples -- They from religions and create veils on the mind of humans and rule over them. Thus it becomes inevitable that God salvage the souls and liberate them in light.

Circumstances in which Christ Manifested – The
circumstances in which Christ manifested is simple. It was a time when ¾ of the souls had fallen from light to dark field and the Kingdom God the Father and Mother was endangered. This means the system had to be given New Life with Free Will to all souls. Thus the Father and Mother Spirit go into recreation mode through transformation process of souls with Free Will.

What Christ Preached? – “I am the way and the Truth and the
life. No one comes to the Father except through me. John 14:6 “I am the light of the world. Whoever follows me will never walk in darkness, but will have the light of life.” John 8:11-13 While I am in the world, I am the light of the world.” John 9:4-6 . This is my blood of the covenant, which is poured out for many for the forgiveness of sins. Matthew 26:27-29 His preaching becomes sensible when we visualize universe as living being. Unfolding from inner Space-Time field of one single soul, cell or

Life formed from the union of spirits of two worlds’ Earth and Heaven. Egg cell of Mother gains life only when the Spirit of the Father enters it. Life is given to Earth by the Spirit of the Father. All the other Souls are actually souls borne from these Parental Souls. In fact we are sons and daughters of Father and Mother God. When we desert the Kingdom of God by seeking “self” and eating the forbidden fruit, we fall from Kingdom of God. God Pays the Prize to sustain the system. Eventually when critical point is reached Father God goes into recreation Mode to conquer time and initialize it. This is manifesting through Christ. Christ is Consciousness of Father and Mother God Unfolding Lifting the world from death to life. It is life, light and information Unfolding. Jesus spoke forgiveness in order to turn to God. At Calvary before He breathed His last, He forgave every one. Though given the right for judgment, Jesus Never judged a soul and left the Judgment to God the Father. By forgiveness He broke his connectivity with all souls so that he can raise high up to the Father and Father can give New Breath or Life [Holy Spirit] to all Souls with Free will. Forgiveness is a necessity to break the chains that bind us to the Evil world to which we are bound and trapped. However Christ forgiveness does not mean acceptance. It simply means Free Will such that Father can make the judgment.

Purpose of Manifestation of Christ – Purpose of Christ is to
salvage the Fathers Kingdom. It is a fight against evil to restore Truth and Justice. The duty of all New Born now becomes to fight the evil forces and uphold Truth and Justice. The judgment of God is simply based on Truth and Justice contained in Souls and the force to which he is attracted [karmic content]. We see many people using God’s name as means of making money and leading high fly life. God sees the intent of

souls. The chairs one holds as Pope, Bishops, Priest doing daily sacrifices at the altars, driving demons in the name of Jesus and bringing miracle cure, speaking the Word of God, may not be protection from judgment. In fact the judgment begins with these people who are responsible for upholding Truth and Justice become slave to Kings and material world. Fallowing versus speak this Truth Jude 1:5-7 “And the angels who did not keep their positions of authority but
abandoned their proper dwelling—these he has kept in darkness, bound with everlasting chains for judgment on the great Day”.

Mathew 23:2-7 “The teachers of the law and the Pharisees sit in Moses’ seat.

So you must be careful to do everything they tell you. But do not do what they do, for they do not practice what they preach. They tie up heavy, cumbersome loads and put them on other people’s shoulders, but they themselves are not willing to lift a finger to move them. Everything they do is done for people to see: They make their phylacteries[a] wide and the tassels on their garments long; 6 they love the place of honor at banquets and the most important seats in the synagogues; 7 they love to be greeted with respect in the marketplaces and to be called ‘Rabbi’ by others”.

Mathew 13-15 “Woe to you, teachers of the law and Pharisees, you
hypocrites! You shut the door of the kingdom of heaven in people’s faces. You yourselves do not enter, nor will you let those enter who are trying to. Woe to you, teachers of the law and Pharisees, you hypocrites! You travel over land and sea to win a single convert, and when you have succeeded, you make them twice as much a child of hell as you are”.

In Mathew 25: 31-46 - God clearly fixes the responsibility of present state of the world on those who takes high position in schools of spirituality [existing as religions]. He fixes the responsibility from top to bottom

1] At the top come Spiritual leaders who are responsible lead selfless life upholding light and life, Truth and justice and resist corruption in the system. Their failure is the cause of disorder and destruction in the world. Thus they call for highest punishment. 2] The ruling class comes next – They are supposed to ensure the protection of the weak and suppressed and strengthen the primary producer and the whole system. When they fail, becoming corrupt and slave to money, Truth and injustice in society flourishes. We have rulers [politicians] at various levels of ruling, who go to the lowest level of lifting notes from blind beggar’s plate by tossing few coins into their plate. God sees the tears of suppressed and people who are denied justice. 3] Next comes merchants/business classes - They are supposed to transport and render a healthy flow in the system. When they become corrupt they virtually suffocate the system. One look at the world shows, that today big corporates and business houses rule us. The Kings and spiritual leaders exist as their slaves. They toss coins into the pockets of people at higher level, and then go about exploiting the common people. The source of deterioration of society exists in deterioration of spirituality or knowledge. What the society need most is Truth that can break barrier of religion and bring humanity out of slavery to religions to Knowledge. We need to Know God beyond religion as a science.

How Christ Consciousness is Important to Humanity and its Survival –

Christ consciousness is important on two counts 1] In liberating us from bondage to religion and restoring us in Truth. In the ignorance of Truth Human mind is turning highly volatile and destructive. It is polarizing in the name of religions and with all the weapons of mass destruction in hand it is edging to self-destruction. Christ consciousness is evolving to know Truth beyond religion 2] Empowering us with knowledge to live in harmony with Nature. We all know we are edging to a critical state. Earth is getting fragile and collapsing. The four forces of nature are turning destructive. Our survival exists in evolving our knowledge of Nature and its functioning so that we can live in harmony with Nature. The Economy and sustenance of society, which we humans have developed by exploiting matter and nature is increasing the heat of environment and the system is breaking down under increased heat. We need to evolve to develop technologies that reverse the situation and create the spacetime for growth of humanity and sustenance. Christ Consciousness is not only bringing Life and light but Space-Time for growth and life in harmony with Nature. It is helping us evolve to new dimension of knowledge. I speak this and write this from a mind that is exists in total surrender to Christ consciousness and His Spirit. Further reading

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