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Matthew Lee Knowles

October 2008
The following text was created by cutting a small square hole through the middle
of a novel (The Danger, by Dick Francis) and recording what text was on the left
over square. Blank squares dictated a change section of section and the splitting
of the piece into three parts was purely a personal choice.
Part one
k of flats. I erb, stood ine slowly the polic
Bigg hear
ances. The so cold. Would have
co ruise o ashing wee eris a
that same hat the su away I wo
T tra
nt fury. My ine and cra both quite c d,
wo nds, traditional o ing extravagan ntorini.
essary. Ri officer wh s. He had e care and f
St and t about it
nearly achi rasp rous, delicat over of
ht was quie s e due to sha ing for the etoes who w
at oasi
Husband for her two h her, and fairly unpl in the
Easter by dramatic c at bac
artner in coffee, goss the bulk of I
v guess you ’re and flying m here yo-
he didn’t. I re, to see t mind. Ally to my re d already r
4 8 ng 5 tion and train with flight k for
tions had ey wanted a re. All corp dividends
nd rol w
photostat t hat she co ction. I as who abduct fami
ti clubbing ticke ie ticke m
they both circulate tify the ma
inishe, luckily s good, as ‘t that tasty.
rling, pops ephone and l be ready to ed at her in h
4 a m n bass, friction rhouse st 5am ei s
a week, a ting on a ho ve
n r e ha
to the bran d for the me t through t incapably let stand him,
rip of 549 new
drive my c. It was stu ir needs cut k to the hous ulders. She
ouse appeara he ’ll be talk ain room for-
for-hour s s
safer to take the ders of an o ause, and in a
about 275 e 27 ern cktavern.
yone could he waited, s mory agains e to dig up a
afr olitical cart s the first of early 200 artists r
put the small ulk into the s l, only a todd d then lay do
t call the exp assessment. Ienc
e’d never be hat did you d at once. R had taken o
pp today. Call forest stop on r to from ford c wan n
I put my fac ated merely mouth. I spa ned my eyes ves had com but I took
la t ull run ty.
other long ca iefs, my wea oked straig f, seeing the were alike
hot simply 780 save h deligh ave
on turning m ious fantas bborn little t felt it. I clea
42. Ocode hundred
Water filled ee, hinderin I felt one p the contest tal protest, ble
visit ma festival as p escribed as a parting jo ber
under our f. He said sob prison. If I a
er’s basic dil get, or risk h ing that the ay half a mi ollars per me
f the pla a dementi nd amazi
liberty ma. Th ockey club haze and sir louce
in tota on the film tuil an, qua depar n
central part. Cles, like pari was a great re everal times i lessia said,
Alone I said. Farmhou ulated pl
wo to visit s one of the lands beca ighbou o
ree years you mind put. F
and along
f his year. Room, so echo with chatt. Ice clinked rays and a l
Reading k
g that for th re was a limi elf longed fo in many wa ut an octave
des flights includes flig dinbur lu
akfast from Washington su en I got him he said.
e aqua n bathe in the ls, enjoy a massag the 121 ch y treatm e sk
nown when own if pucine me, spelling would look?
arks ip length 17 da g experien ount he beat guides.
sa yes. Sin road and ha he timet
A e c ission. Registr centre by the
d him to leav s. They mad. He was not d, riveted.
immediate earn u tra
fanfare to an red fistfuls of across in fro o the start, e that distan
edly, moving a clapping s ton interna or h
egu mentati work to im
one. My office please would the switchboa g from bolo
iki e, our a et. Con ucts
nded, down wards home. Aders droppe swung her st the target a
8422 available
ou asking a r lly and said, and thought. R. E said mer
return achside ly, I
nto the bag a elled copy o ed it, I saw t ack in bolo drew this, he went to
m sw about ation
was a fuzz f a hundred le, and he w ddles. Ught. Ttle
po to ent cryothera getting the w 1 skyeur ed to
ht, standing t ttish ancesto roaring do ld alone an
s and 3 ni gh es flights and 3 n rivi es flig
ught out of ilky-lookin almost as ba o have notic n th
uropea out th
to -be she says price t yet out of r as very
recorder fro hat, I said n d-movement will kill you. Ply looked o worry.
ing it on t to me, hold ting the note las. Jocke
Ts re playin se 1
n telling hi ay I came, I dowy in t rders, an
o orgies, dru backstabbing -vities that, ide w e
nt outside a and impressi uffs with a duffs, h
is force who teful and c llent. If you ul. Said id , al
day 78 local payment u
Who is thi ave. talk to lephone nu ldonis are d me. I thin
bel queens in own the n ss -roots to cked visi hara
st the sky, a picture. I’d r e line of th ter at the o eriod I wo ned
with a
pen there are vailable in th employer sfer t l
mute violenc in his carria o this pass w ly all up my t of me and rew dougl
or won’
-ices, bea may mean ax charges you bably won ’t r. Mo o
dly then. Face it healthy and h had rarely striction to
s and ke a
Een carr cious. If he’d I still in it? Ge. That ner confide inches. A
need t ere to go cities
ould I ask? Echoed in looking a
f resort, sland h r mor
t. Ever sin rning. Oni was e and al
f talks el destir. Most a, p
ill be home laria now and-over h r ransom
e big 25 count down
ning flashes. T. D. T to win. I t nd get him occurred t
ok bac d smiled a d to talk to or a drink. Email londe you e do
chieved by d othes, they’d inic, on the humiliatin oint.
se. O ts kind. ItIt’
’s a world put the mock et the politic nyone in itic
nce still sto d from the helter-skelt s crouchin ro
rol thos tation and y g is also goo hing and sha ghting u
nected. Brightly-lit ser
re d design f fashion or -and wea alked down ay lined hr
is shirt poc s lighter an ef of a dedic d I ha
and tours. Ta ck dra temporary p check him ou 77 pe
‘t get away ead. His e without hu
en you fin dio? Want to kno
r. in the e
urrying. Onis, he said. Was furious. S er son,
I y for his daddy of size nights also ma ces at g on
a gun nt forward sl ce of trip-ala e among a w uld get no di the clea
mrc. Est job cen ons veral typ u
some trouse. And a sh
th nn’ bitc-
’t want s to kno use, bitc -ju
a s an uc d. Ear an adja ber of the everlast
sa unk and can centrem 7550. Sday. The nw 6 er b l
afe. Med unable t le body to t t, walked cal nd led him b
out. Your o ison is to c
an g stly
noisy h f the bushes from shadow en door. The insects, an
d the re, said find freeman outh and cl
tw double
e know d. I was talki id she didn’t k ake sense? S
We ’re to
orou g into the ba nd flicking t rint-out. The es offered for nly in the?
three day shagg the dozen hell in th r
per level. Ere, compar made for it, r dly, for him. He c
success at all nemey’s neck, the bullet h done. Ut unfocused.
wi ’s lake o art of a f
And domini ping away. H d clung with ncomplete b
ass effing ou be awake, I said. Worryi e we are
fe to first instal for dinosaurs. G
d seemed li om his weig ntwined as if I said to he
cy an udit seni 4 account to be
Part two
aid, you’re n to arrest et them to y ornin
35 ph tly requires ce and who le of producing sualty division.
ler f duty, the uglas would I
We’ll decid to give the otherwise ave gone thr eedin
al kenni northern
hute is, the g e still quive bad luck, the ful I
y u.
ent into t e n the look-o no kidnappe ed in a parki
ut a new st
preamb e. G. I want no r advice, and ay more than again sugge
rou ays
e large shap ed his intric e supple bla through the ist to neck
a say to wh as.
f the boot an without any fu as the corner to shadow an
ood deal of as doing the nt feet. Ony said, du seat. W.
policemen, de awake. Hit me gentl nd fastened
g and also, I akily over clearing fr. And edg ossy green b
coun the
hable face I ale voice s ait, but th ered indecici end of a is
f him along the rain st. I wouldn’t
ertook me. I ing canopy-r ame unexpe me in its li d I took a st
t to uch as th ing such a g via e of bu yo
gallops? Ound at the ut without r
way to sort of mu uu’
’d expect ffectively, dium
rig. Rea nci, he sai espects.
ven to ystem, and ht it ’d be a
they threate ssed. It was s crying. S
ace in. Will take over a ech, and some wquay wh arb
N who took the police e is going to e is going to is going to
one of aid it was no ment on the hile, c
ome o n either in or ade excellen for the rans rn when th nymity
chief whip I y sports portfo firmed last rance o
ch other ass otiation of on the othe
was to anot e one which, a good half ed the car s d off, and
ou wait anot ice easy task en, but their aven’t alrea l, neither
w 1 ondon ec 2
es on th he muck mounti hot-walki it rol
Zen ap earn to con with me runni u
into winni t the dark get on fi
loor -le ortedly wo d by house ing a
an ury might not ked at m frig ional adv
were sitti I saw you pare plac d she led with her
be d
i’s t of the th politely. Inelli, a
ould c utes left aft b’
b’s first-
say that? Said you d gainst the e e s
ste was s off. When is full in inds wil th
led face. She need n sense
ping to se b lounges nt high. G ist, long-l. The s
co. Ssed a byn concert me is ing you ant to w we d
seemed to signal th de room, laid wit
ged phrase ge which s and we’ve
ther those, ei omised th but appare
usepp my bedroom tion, remin ine. He had nd in a mas ia. It was p
scounts at
e for the ra houghts. T time it wa atch.
r living
ld me. Wh ld her to dr thing was n it was a goo da might
006, travel bulletin es to work for b
her gravel id his face in trembling, d bad bru
e they al sa eyn had be because ow
rs rounded a opsy murm when
act sat h intern end in 198 syndicates co is his is
with his gra, sa back to raci ed and seeme
pa surance I experience, p ants, business te accountan stants as o
he said, if ith him as m ng, however ed the fra u
pecul inflicted. He is expecte aximum secur on was se
for instance, nters for ra. Minute per yes against
nd ported missi he failed to arr eduled flight. Enheim tha
ess a, and o dn’t answe er, with c s talking i, and limit
wi been province -harlequins gh quality so I
the contes about the were lik
Afr ved to lon o, and has just built townhou for r 675, i
t enough. Litt? The voice matched.
is your pr ing to say one just can’ f in a he’s g
ired dress finance, ww-
nd spies and washed cars. Nt upstairs t to again o
ing ce broker curre ithin insura capa c
ly. Yes. Yes,
etime. Perh emand sayi, personally d. No, he
supp ver
is voice the overseas cal erous and sing button ng particul
your own p av
More than I ic? Theart. Thos nsidering, a
dvanc ed by t
ld her I’d he backgro said aid about
e talking no s physical sta on’t talk. Of treatment?
nd t go with
e to a well-e u’d be surpr in re time, and I
and at f
to the truth: less orthodox ed that the he wrote, wi made.
ve to have erly. T of the
ers had pr tions had b nerve, and on than p
ruitment and mployment confederation
He knew, r, that to r
ollow? Hand over ld the lim rlto
s staying at there, it’s a ab. T or
no y turk now 350
ht she coul ldn’t you? Dy stupid. He determi ect.
c rest p you e
s, make sur e a margin se will wipe
in d
f water. If t move the kid ouble with t n inescapabl t for e
local payment e out in your life
said shortly. Ody assets lances, t
e o the valley le and r
Wholesale. E shrugged me money uch of a re nand w
nos the diminutive n s here that, ac sent o the
back, with ittle kids sn ed. Sexu g. Rotten.
en b nd raising with ke ily ’s dad and en inl
tence unfi. It costs j.
eaving orld -fam f music, in th
ially you a
e back o d seen who a boy pla was that th e rainproof
ge of safaris nsurance fam
set the han stationed t a ys after we’
ustr ept trips ave mostl ded ou
as I going t reak it to t en shot?
ing, I said
es in life in ts of ew them earl of in
d I could p he had bee the best ch
Last se.
was any ne anything to d, though
e m 2
ey thinks it’s ere, but we ha open it, will him. We’ve
pay ll sol a
res, had been rough out d an anonymo himself to say
Sure to. Som ff. Nda. Ne. If you ri tight thr
g u may b t qualified ustry or ject naly
e deliveranc tidily and r liaison with you two ch
bo tes e
c es er our tail a e following, pped the car of it, round a
80 ple rooms 80 quad rooms 65 shar
anger, officer, who ave to call in e? I asked.
pan ch l
s o itated. Enric ho joined the grew out o ns?
y behind it-
ther about th om me of the
a st ere
said. Get ja ds on the seat from the gree ou know, she
are a few
look and set hen chair, put
elivered gh I
alkative ki unday, I dr by that ti progressed
w ult e.
and talk to th, beach roa have some
E guy.
rry, mr ssing message ber? He s had a bad ac
cabbages an irst time, I tho xcepted, of courseco scious head. Den, an
ack. I. E meant a lot of the outwa
an abun
an, he said. Ou talk to m e first ove nise your ki im pleased
ere, o buttons. Uglas. The s now red to be sent
‘d always tled. I coul dence on stupid: cru o row safe
ollowing w ild liquid s and progress hed banana. Cramble
untant al
w. Estwards thr d came eve the pebbly b d, putting on
aid. Aid calmly. S ee. But th ay, isn’t it?
nt o tu
o? I said. Have been w days. We’v or twice be
e bug on the infant getting the five men
in a lot
ne I said. Ht? I asked m
more ee
t understan il arpened on. I heard it
there is
er? Ho took him retched out ce with one
a s.
as to her, o diers’ chorus m. Did you ouse?
Thank you
tfully. Ut r and disco I could, aft we we
eat article.
emember b back. The spot on. Hey’re
d, telling ed, you kno out impati
ur w st
rst demand office of shirt and t me I had
ous an guy, wagn ain. Man ros
Ha est
in a might be ces impas e end. Gner sad
landfill site
o t e sy club showe r offices in roblems o
aybe your
r the ealt rd of our e nderwriter enquiri
m ‘s a
see as nor, no, you er the plac first time
lways make dmit it. N ade a rotte ll sandwich, lues we
is shippe
n and then mother, I sai ryly mmy, I s
and without aking a dire t fair for safe y said, relaxi
e ays se on the fo t, and I t y life, but ality was
ko the
hat’s spa ide, half l say about
a-z of
ms every d en to the aid much a nd courtya ent s r
side the o
I could a as empty w been em e in case or hol
sic play
ars, sa otel make. I paus smells? U h the w
u e or a om my em don’t kno or sure. Aid mildl
s ightscreen
k and enjoy hear enou to, and lon morrow, he
xp ions
in that da ose people minds. Sked with thin. He
div manage
to d for the r you could t f
without w es. An hour’s d
p s,
use of a he today? Idn’t feel lik scared her, fai
fund rtfo
he evening he said first, t
g a
at a roun ted to four-e through j. He thou
of raceho his afterno here now cisions. We’
elude the car them follo he proteste be convince
osed his doo said. He sa
tha nning to suff outskirts of e telephone orning at ei
22 sep
hree nights ers get in to t tell them r
th of
oo ng for te. And I r ess of that m e. The cup an her.
piteously. He so angry. Y ant to talk to one from an
ba -ore lo
ture with ra med to wan iting. She w r eyes and s and we
s are still s you to kno ome days I’m not ma
rockers hope
ird in such la een an unkn could have as renting
y have, of co have men pi d, as he stopp
a 7354
ay as well g ll alive. I be in your l-watching h
fuj s
e peak of. Herself some nch, and it w
dono van
I reality, and ith her hand I carried wit which co
also cut y
u too, I said. D ate like au mbined simp carbohydrate e could bear
r in all thing nci said. I dr d’s sake, man don’t hope
befor 198, releas
had distur d discovered weren’t thr
ding es g
urne. Ning, during round, andr k. I’ll sit the
ck in its cradl g much. Son to collect th
y pa when deci
oderate in is. He disli pending h n enough i t o
to -door or do
ful sympat
in mind tha
im before. Ht he woul papa was
overing rs
hird time I’ better than me, not sp
one call wa en the who en useful
itcase. Upo leased. S. Ant lay abou
iers ist obree I o
at the hotel, oked judici said he woul ach by rowi e him all
back into cheap nt.
Negotiated fo bout. R ball back i,
If you ’ve nts
asonably. Ated with sat re totally co
e wrap
rrity calls in t them, is the spot the law e doorstep. T ot e es
for them t for the fir e. He liste s crowding
ss wi
‘t surrende someone he m. Someo
the k emblem ince
I thought. Acker was op of the g ks, a trud ec
190, acco s 24
a yet mor, behind h e said for a
website rolick,
think. About beat ght of her s ght it highl
an nta
again to was leaving t oke up my l. Thought the
o days to mak
very much, we have ppy to wor e informed nfoundi
ain ’s legal team
nd to the w
awyer Pa app
gh she had he ed at the ide ood quite clea id. Can’t I c sance. I pro
age ss-
-bub n
rby, s
ching stump own with mo els and para other people ar away ther
ulpture p
a rough voic about the e? ’s occasional
accompanie y, enginee d the wire t lli an instr
own. Takes ikely they a
the telepho carry on wit ss they coul ch I hope the
ow are your hen I’m doi sual.
gold buckl ed sharply ndset which he bass-voi,
Ide de ov
but there I came fro ht, can I ge
s near ds,
ached house outh of lon here their fo som downs se, in the d
combini r
e t e glas out your j s she feels rd of a jo existed.
and r
e acks o ed the fina e us again s walked, to
ch, coming a in a kitchen c, he said, b arplug for pri kie-talkie, ae
n’t. He spoke g up the sta in to wonder. Comradely transit for the
he you
why it to a gorgeous ve horses, y e friends. In in
woke up p, perfectly paused, th em say that, I a
wor s,
e, w ere a feather. Gathered t econd as if were happe
s o eside us, bi over the hu emselves it e there was
ing in a gu be the man e gave her ause her m om stran
mming trun ding on to e dinghy s whoosh, a
ive bargai the firm’s f-the-nation of everyo kletoes-t
and get the take the var m under th
on then, he s hing seemed. By k in the chill in lines
egging me t ake three d p.
don ts s
gencies, he we won’t s?
k our head id raids
base o nte
s hands di d the televi a young pl
ol 10 pm
ff the search, even then. R flats. We m
y, whose tria of my existen ped my cap o n w
dirty electro
me calming nd started th
h olli and kid
orses circl ere? Said p wood obsta those are
c 2076
e close tu for a bird le envelopin o drone of of farawa
rr, the
y, sa had you see ced at him v
film ng
napped, ex ut it. I outli d mentioned in a thorou
ing a magaz a rubber ba s in liberty t a stranger
he be iller once
well-meani count riet king uld tell him
he ’d ff.
pers pretty ething abo articularly
Anyway al w
h my chest. Tranquilliser t her back?
mf tratfo
with compo ill and would, bewildered. He’s washed
Part three
ness, relief still damp. Sh looked a def en undresse rling of the e
E tead arby.
back yard. And I didn’t horse had had been
Co den,
motions with fast, she sai thing. Said c if kidnappe
Kit incl.
the car? They must r car had be rm track. Said.
her appa extortion-ich wasn’t o be consid as. The gir
a exp
e prime ove been a cas ambushed t him down
no fe f
pe. Es widened f that tape. Rrid. So wi most fri
on an
harsh, thun ten good. Des and t t threats
4, 08
g across is y frail inde nd put my er room, I
tour of
er. Saying as worried, you ome.
shamed, I widened. I. Ut nearly ev
ax re
ery, usua from the tel ew is on the room until t
of the s
ut. Ays, there w s, and the l
careful. If yo nsom? He sa he notes n
won’t get hi y. That’s the pped abru e before
said with and I could rth was tre t, in conseq
sport ca
and with o ion said imp ur fault. K it had b understoo
after ch
gave me bar of acknowl ian-hater. The public
ion the
for t arre, as he tesy and w furniture. First was still
injury to b
g a r the televisi cially near t her face ne kidnappers
s. all the ld get help we never rich, bein ion, not to
espises hn y quietly, r the nerr
her nose, bu d before he e her feet. Were on se
ther was
would they er. I listen ost cynical library with at her fa
re hen
ast four ye of the fami ember ha the first e
nd oin
thing about comer too per was as n ngers when
b the sa
one of the a e’ll make a p ok a very sma urprise and p e of the beds.
21 directors
he who too rse delivere had a ne enti spoke.
as far as and for si of that, a en alive, u
seg r
a small smi kidnappe recruited o ieri have
Ers the
vine being id that ner bout domi uld liaise. Be in char
ch into
certain beg sai. Near the o
uise to deb
pers, but al apy, paragr t. Rough immi e proximity,
was ell done. Tly, but I gues
the devas t. All of us, s experiences he firm calle n lo
is sum t
e s oo m ead to foo never get this time him in pri
eternal su
from e I’ve arran you like. I’ d tapes fr them as
him rea s you hear if we kill n’t want th
his four -da
organ I ought this ything we and
he told me I take the
Ho ent was
llion lire w e say? I as anyone to
inter the
He metrop captain K e said I c
nt gove
ith a frien they wou ouldn’t lo as alarme
act on edi,
emed to se hrust out a d to know y lled with m
strategy he hutch I s g the row, b
trade pr
factor in c e because se he had his holding
was the stra r his first bl had seem cry for hel
settlem rvices,
ery page I’d guessed th e and dr y floats on
ng ppers he r v there’s a oast here? Er. But the
you from y goodness, every wor
g about. W gain for me ed. I ha
which might im vaguely. Usic. Over
fund rform
decades, of t been in ma t she was s he said resig
or the and
er in jeans n and left a ent down dy towel, w
See you at t em at rece she’s boo she’s had
k with
ile and the. Have y
ed. Shut I. The left. D, without tched
th contract
A voice slu I said, she s but when I s see the mas
In as life o uzz.
atter-of-factl paid, he r uch, and whe would you b
was ba ings are mov e street from
fast -p he
e said dryly. I photogra
l s e begged for ence, because
peterse ix,
trated mod then I laid ed her from remained
but we want do.
her gaze w nds and up dable, but fir o, she said
D fast bow n in
hether the a ughtful for dress I hav y they don’
the recordin microphone? Uld hear the they recorde
the sudden spark
If you do n ot inform t aten. She wi ly and merc
from men at least
ey were as so bad I there were en when it
scene. Me
an a his seat,
A mar 2 sometimes
sp of the t ee the boat nodded. He
p five, e
shorts got one,
ne new n
of the morn e lower of th one place bu any of the st
ature o
s sitting. G the kidnap, his
a rt for d
the tour of ominic do hoisted hi you’re a go is head
organising ton
ith? Ah, dee-da act imita
‘s ncies.
pers, now re would b ards still wi whose voic
It ’s ght
as grey in happened? Y his son pital. They
connection kills,
was a ha ed, a game t in the car he road fro
cultures a
y benefit: t ree children d ropes tyi lly and was
s ours kets
omorr, but I co herly arm small hug. A drink for
the house ved sudde girl on a r girl on fo
a fr
out that if es will be sh I’ll show t ok of savag n policema
se share onl f
e courts. Ve all produced at, grumblin
r south y for
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