NEW abominate agile backpack badinage bait barbeque barter brunt candyfloss chastity chisel chubby corroborate crab

cram cram cuss cussed dodgy douche elite enervate en masse epiphany felony fetish flip floss garb grandeur gusto hanky panky hogwash horny imbibe impertinent impusive indolent inebriated infallible inquision institution interloper intrinsic jab jibe lascivicious lethal libel lobster mash up sth, mellow mundane parasite parched per se pit pony precinct prevalent procrastinate profane promenade protégé puerile punk reckon rectum relapse render resolution run-off sanctity schmuck shag somersault spud stellar stuck stud superfluous thong troll tummy uncouth uptight vegetate vendetaa Viking weirdo wicked wiener workaholic wrath

NEW 2 acne alluring autism boomerang buttonhole cavity cellist choir chutzpah claustrophobia clemency contrabdn crayon creep decorum decoy defecate demeanour dementia dork dormant drill emasculate embolden extrapolate flabbergast grandiose gratification handout hedonism Hippocratic oath hipster hithchike hooter humbug hyperbole immaterial impervious intimidate invoke jilt jinx latent livestock mast mermaid metabolic metaphor murky myopia narcissim narcissist outlaw ovation oxymoron peep peep pipedream paxlated pretzel primafacie prowl recess retrospect revoke riddance dage sexist sleaze sloth smirk solicit solicit spinach sprint stale standingovation stutter subjugate subpoena succor sway tentative touchwood touché unicorn verbatim vile vocation volition withhold xenophobia

Agoraphobia assorted betenoire conform covet deadhead flieyr illsorted incognito mehtodism nemsis obtuse psychedelic psychotic pudding ranch reculuse rhetorical skid spook stir subjugate trace unisex venereal xenophobia purgatory peach superfluous ragtagged swag retribution infatuation conceited imbecile sloppy curator, PRONUNICATION constituency elite esoteric evil exceed excited honor hour instiotuion malnourished malnutrion malpractice our pressure relationship resident route were which suite

NEW 3 aberration, agoraphobia, annihilate, apostasy, assorted, ballpark, bête noire, out of the blue, call it a day, castrate, caveat, cavity, charlatan, clavicle, conceited, conform, covet,curator, daft, deadhead, deft, disband, drool, effigy, emancipate, expletive, faecal, flyer, goosebumps, hustler, ill sorted, imbecile, incognito, infatuation, kosher, laxative, magnum opus, mannequin, Methodism, miniature, mirage, monolith, narcissism, nemesis, Neolithic, nigh, obtuse, opus, outcast,

imposition. stumble. ragtag.glee. reconnaissance. resuscisate. coitus. toggle. pontificate. hapless. repertoire. subversive. yogurt. artiste. indispensable. valium. flip flop. renegade. pitfall. pedicure. blooper. slag. puke. sabbatical. detract. pauper. figment. plume. shady. clown. loony. be a far cry from sth. flummox. beehive. vile. nape. Grit. dungeon. tyke. simile. zilch NEW 5—clique. rinse. dud. paraplegia. retract. colossal. senile. placebo. berserk. excommiunicate. valiant. overkill. purgatory.palaeolithic. jest. mastectomy. emcee. spoof. hornet. drag. Voyeur. water under the bridge NEW 4--. beeline. archetype. pudding. preposterous. psychotic. figuratively. sadist. renegade. subjugate. cupid. proviso. minion. forte. audacity. perpetual. swag. recce. peep. receptacle. orifice. pomegranate. anti-Semitism. superfluous. tampon. per se. silo. epistemology. sacrosanct. haywire. idiosyncracy. extempore. lackluster. lumberjack. tweak. enigma. peach. metaphysics. vanity. poof. skid. maggot. pederast. indent. luddite. phallic. soothsayer. manicure. uber. spook. prelude. oenophile. darn. circa. pawn. fray. flipside. pinkie. valediction. psychedelic. ranch. octogenarian. outcry. far out. marble. conflagration. serendipity. grasshooper. symbolism. vindicate. retribution. picket. appetizer. redhead. servile. sway. epistle. weariness. proverbial ride. gore. . demarcation. rubicon. halo.anomaly. kaput. embankment. ballpark. humungous. mercenary. scion. pendant. stoic. prop. oblivion. bimbo. recluse. contiguous. splinter. parlance. stir. conjure.

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