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18 Reasons

Why You
Should Go
Out Tonight
Matthew Lee Knowles
June 2009
(I) (II) (III)

Loose lips Man’s meat (Through the

Sink ships. That this toughest times)
Their tastes, Disposition dent
An actual What’s wrong?
The two To take
Becoming blurred Ask after a These things.
Feline friend, After all,
To take
Family, friends To the things
Things that That their
Want working
Time to Indulging in Things to
True, there Out of Things to
Two things that Suddenly stop
Still, see
Will weigh As a Exactly empowered,
All and Time to After all,
To take
The tongue Yet, you’re
Than the Achieving a Sometimes selfish
Lance, Libra That the They treat
Think twice? Take the That they
Avoid anything To take
Taught, Taurus. So say
Taking Things, then
Individual, in Work wonders. At a
Always a Word. Why?
Have had Try to
An absolute
First for That teaches
As a Time to Out of
Going great. Them that It. It’s
To the Them the
When we To think This, too.
To take things
That they That this
Into it. An awful Irritation if
As any One or
Be best
That they
Try to
For fear It’s important
Time to Them to
Input in
Cannot continue
Out of
Someone simply
Them, then
Time to
(IV) (V) (VI)

Across a It in To think
Try this An awful
The tastes Than to
Out of Time to And are
Themselves to On one
Out of To think
But, believe
About any To their
Spend some Yes, you’re
In instances Someone seems
It? If It is Is it
To try To themselves
An awful Certainly causing It in

That this Try to To trek

Helping hand With whom,
It is Recent revelation,
To the
Friendly face Week. Whoever
Very, very To them.
Them. This That they Dig deep
Themselves to Selfless spending
That they So stop Those things
To them
Time this Didn’t deserve
The time It. I’m
That there Taken to task.
To them, Taurus. Heavy-handed.
Looking longingly Outcome of And apologise
It is
It isn’t That the two
World. Whatever To them Again - and
On, only That those
Two things Little loud To the
To the To than
Are admirable,
Is it Applicable any That they
Now? None At all! Tunnel, then
At all, That the With what
It is,
Allowing anyone Have had One of
In it,
Wrong way. Thank that
The things
Out of
That the But be
And a If it’s Week when
Try this Sharing - someone’s
Particular person Motives might make

Time to
Time to
Afterwards - and
That time

If it That there Yes, you

That there Little leniency Had help.
Involved in Might make
Accepting a It is
That the
Can control Trying to
That they It - ignore
Things. This Influence in
To take
Time to Ticking things Time to
At all? So stop That this
Out of
Is, is It isn’t
The two Almost always
Out of After all, Half-hearted
So stop Whatever wisdom
Out of Task, the
Too - then
Some sort To tell Pretty precious
Aries - and If it When we
When we
No need Or other To the
To this Taurus, then Things that
Are. And
Then this Game’s going Please people
To thoroughly
Instead is Smoke, Scorpio,
That there’s An awful
And a Are all Instance, it
Classic case Try tomorrow?
Involved in
To try
It in An argument,
Across as To think
It is.
Choke, Cancer.
It is To tackle
An answer Bit by bit

Or oppressive Yourself. You’ve

The time to Tasks to
They’ll think
Turnings, then
Time to
You. Your
Vice versa.
Still seeing
(X) (XI) (XII)

Wisely. Which Or of To tempt

To the That the time Thing, then
Of others As a
Time to
Thinking that Stand still,
It is Because, by To them.
To the
To the Who wronged Project, Pisces,
It is So shelve
Selfish, so
Thing to Heart has
Head held high, So soon
An adult. Arm To the
About another Fist fights Over one
As are
Half-hearted It. It’s No need
To tax That this Yes, you
To the Away about
To the And act. It isn’t
Out on Achieve anything.
It in.
But be Foot. Focus Been bested - but
Relationship, rather That trend
Bit by bit
Not naturally Say so
Seem set The time to So seek
To think Come clean. With whatever
They’ll thank It is.
Gemini? Generally,
The things that That the Not normally
Yet you’re To take
Only on
Yes, you That the True that
Often other It is
Time to Life look Overdosing on
Change. Cast Think they In its

Together the An answer

Same. So
Can change,
Some say Taking the
It is. Thing that
Time to
The things that
Soon stop

Are a Action and Aquarius - and

Some semblance Can’t cancel Term, they’re
This task
If it Out of Across a
Answer, and Loop, Leo,
Terms that Starting small
To that thought, Weekend will Is it,
With whatever At any
(Wisest words,
when we) Ask a Of office
Have handled Few friends If it’s
Better. But Time that
So stop Not necessarily
Try to An awful
Any apple To those
Week where work That they’re
Yes, you Is it?
The time to Think that
Out of It is
Picture paints Or off Actually achieving
Not necessarily It - it’s
Pad, perhaps Trying to
Taurus, there’s Trust them, Taurus
True that Only one But believe
Which would It is Them that’s
To the To think
Altogether and As a
Weekend. Why As an
Stupid, so In is
Out of Everything else
Week. Why? True to Or overhauling
Always a Week where
Greater good, Temptation to To try them
Who we
From fiction, Carefully crafted Arrive at,
Difficulty discerning Stop seeing
Start seeing
One or Time to inject into
Two things Anything as Much more
Been brooding (The time
Don’t delay to think) Making, make
Try to
Putting people Could control Them, then
It is, To things
So should Session - set Not normally
It is Blunt, but

It is And a
Still somehow Are at Who were
This time, Approach - and But before
Treat them Still some
If it’s
To think Person people True that
Tighten those Are afraid (that this
(to talk time, they)
And all to, then) Last life
It is Time to
Impart information Out of
To turn the We wouldn’t
Didn’t do, If it’s At all.
Less - let Stops smarting
Any action. This time, The temporary
When we
Be blinded by That, then they’re
Bones, but
Words will They, too, An answer
That they To the
That they
Tripping the Them, Taurus An answer
Who want Someone seems In itself is
And about. About an An answer
It impossible It is
Current course Them to
Achieving anything Be blunt Tasks to
That there’s The two That those
Are, are almost
As a Sun, Scorpio? Assigning a
Situation. So
That the Taurus, then
Wrong with That there
Competition, Cancer Yes, you’re
If it To talk
Particular prize Shining star Almost achieving
That this time Life lately
Putting people This time
The thought that Time to Many more
So surely, To take
Out of
Them to The tip
Than taking
It is They think
It in
That’s the Worth worrying
It is
Went wrong

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