Pictures to be done from Robbins : .Blood vessels- pages 495, 496, 503, 504, 509, 513, 517. .

Heart. Pages 552, 565, 567, 568. . Blood. Pages 596, 602, 604, 605,608,609,610,614,617,AML,625,627 CML,628,644,646, thalassemia, aplastic anemia. . Lung. Page 692 . GIT. Pages 777,779,785,826. . Liver. Pages 837,843,851,857,882,884. . Kidney. Pages 919,939,962. . Male reproductive system. Pages 988,990 teratoma, BPH, prostate cancer (spinal pain). . Female. Pages 1021,1023,1031,1037,1045,1057. . Thyroid. Pages 1117,1119. . Page 1179.
-slide of chronic gastritis stains:warthin stary silver stain diagnostic points: dysplastic glands, atrophy of nucleus, lymphocytic aggregates, neutrophils + inflammation

2-picture of infectious bone lesion looking like an abcess DD: osteomyelitis, tuberculous bone infection, skeletal syphilis.

3-Malarial RBCs diagnosis: BT, MT rings treatment:artemether, chloroquine, halsfautrine.

4-Megaloblastic anemia reticulocyte low, rest all high

5-picture of robbins- membranous glomerulopathy silver methanamine stain Ig G deposits GBM thickening

severe dysplasia pink.mild dysplasia CIN 2. perinephric abscess.chronic renal failure 9-Heal resection bone fracture hyperparathyroidism 10-TB lymph node caseous necrosis.chalky areas of elastotic stroma 15. fe sulphate. pale staining nucleus. intraepithelial lymphocytosis. fe fumarate.high grade 12-celiac disease: (there will be a hole in the gland) loss of villi. 13-Pyelonephritis complications. hyperkalemia.papillary necrosis. 7-case of leukemia smudge cells. 14-invasive ductal carcinoma slide x ray. crypt hyperplasia. pyeonephrosis. villous atrophy. hypernatremia.MI 16-Seminoma testis . langerhans giant cells.lymphocytic lineage 8. fe gluconate.moderate dysplasia CIN 3. tuberculous granuloma 11-Pap smear CIN 1.patient with alkalosis. IV iron dextran.6-picture of lady eating clay iron deficiency serum ferritin replacement: oral and parenteral.low grade purple.CLL lineage. hyporeninemia disorder.

radiolucent (yellow) CaCO3+phosphate+bilirubin pigment-radio opaque (black or grey) 18-retinoblastoma dystrophic calcification at periphery flexner wintersteiner rosette 19-papillary carcinoma orphan annie eye nuclei.main nucleus.fibrous septa large polyhedral cells. papillae. 21-woman with yellowish discharge pap smear= ? malignant = ? clinical condition = cervical carcinoma 22-appendix (specimen) most common affected tumor = ? carcinoid tumor 23-Addison disease (pigmentation) hyperadrenalism lab diagnosis: 1-basal cortisol 2-hyperkalemia 3-hyponatremia 24-acute hepatitis interphase hepatitis bridging necrosis ballooning 25-Bladder carcinoma (transition cell carcinoma) leather industry presents with hema . 2 nucleoli 17-Cholilithiasis (specimen) cholesterol monohydrate crystals. pseudo inclusions 20-follicular carcinoma/adenoma capsule intact of adenoma.specimen: uniform cells. psamoma bodies.

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