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Proverka na znaenjeto za passive and order of adjectives Group 2 Name:

1.Rewrite these sentences putting the adjectives in the right order. -He bought me..(silk,formal.grey)scarf. -There was a..( cardboard,large.restangular)box outside the door. -We didnt see many(old-fashioned.italian-style,tall)buildings in the city centre. -I saw..(heavy,black,round)stone, -There was.(old,metal,small )table in the room. 5/ 2. Type the correct noun phrase, putting the adjectives in order. sugar / blue / round / bowl.. a carving steel new knife.. a Canadian small thin lady a beautiful blue sailing boat. an old wooden square table. 5/ 3.Rewrite the sentences using passive. -They will deliver the furniture on Monday.. -She invited 200 people to the party -They built the house 300 years ago -He is going to paint the fence next month. -You must mow the lawn.. -He will publish his new book in March.. -They have done all the tests.. -Someone stole her purse while she was shopping -He watches the plants every morning -He hasnt corrected the tests yet. 10/ 4. . .Rewrite the sentences using passive.
The words.(explain) by the teacher today. We .(send) a letter the day before yesterday. This car.(not/steal) It's too old. This street.. (already/close)because of snow. A new restaurant (open)next week. He.. (invite)to the party yesterday. The blue box (can/not/to see) I. (give)the book by my friend last Sunday. The dishes.. (not/wash)by my little brother. I. (not/ask)by Robert. 5.Circle the correct passive sentence to each active sentence.


6. Jane upset me by what she said. a) I would be upset by what Jane said. b) I was upset by what Jane said. c) I would have been upset by what Jane said. 7. I'm going to inform John later today. a) John would be informed by me later today. b) John was informed by me later today. c) John is going to be informed by me later today. 8. The police arrested 12 people. a) 12 people were arrested by the police. b) 12 people have been arrested by the police. c) 12 people should be arrested by the police. 9. Shiela might come to see you tomorrow. a) You might be visited by Shiela tomorrow. b) You will might be visited by Shiela tomorrow. c) You would be visited by Shiela tomorrow. 10. Frank Sinatra sang My Way.. a) My Way was sung by Frank Sinatra. b) My Way had been sung by Frank Sinatra. c) My Way would be sung by Frank Sinatra.