46 Santiago, Selwyn Joseph C.


Altruism As I child, I was spoiled. I grew to be someone completely dependent and obedient to my parents. I believe this until now. I grew up in different environments along with different people. Since I grew up spoiled, I was used to being treated nicely. I was a little bit too honest for my sake. A lot of my old classmates didn’t like the way I was acting. Through that, I suffered a lot. Nevertheless, thanks to that I became who I am now. I was able to grasp a wider perspective than an average guy, I was able to think farther than any of my old friends, and I was able to become a selfless person, or an altruist. When I entered high school, I was much kinder than the rest. I formed this belief that I must be kind to those who deserved to be treated with kindness. This altruism of mine reached its peak when I reached the third year. It was after the campaign of my classmate who was running for treasurer for the USTHS Student Council. It was our last period, and our teacher was one of the “Terrors” of UST High School. She was there to witness the debate of the parties of UST High School. One of the students threw a personal question at him, which was foul because such topics should not be touched during a professional period. Our teacher told us it may have came from our section knowing that we know the most about him. I, being the “father” of the class was slightly offended. We treated each other as family, and as one of his close friends, I did not stand to hear what she said. I raised my hand, and gathered up all my courage and confronted one of the most terrifying teachers, who’ supposedly the 4th Year Head Teacher. As a form of respect, I tried to speak as politely as possible. All of my classmates, looking at

me astonished as I mustered all my courage in defending my classmate’s rights. It seemed as if the teacher was astonished and happy. She did not appear sad, she did not appear offended, and in fact she was smiling at me, looking straight into my eyes. I was remembered for what I did, and every time I passed through the corridor and happen to meet her, she would smile at me. After that, I continued my service to people as a boy scout of the UST High School. I was known for my service and my dedication to work. We had an annual event as an organization. We went to a camping trip at Pampanga with the juniors of the High School. There was this event that the counter part of the BSP which is the GSP was cooking their food around the field, where we were staying. One of the group’s portable gas stove just lit up. I was surprised with the sudden scream, so I immediately rushed to the scene and found myself witnessing a stove about to explode. I was looking for any kind of cloth to put out the fire with when one of the scouts poured water to the fire which made it worse. The fire grew and only a few more minutes till it would blow up. I had no choice but to go for the nearest cloth I could find, which was the shirt I was wearing. I repeatedly hit the fire with the shirt and all that was left was spoiled food. After calming down, I looked around me and was astonished that all the BSP officers including the adviser and the GSP scouts were looking at me and they all started to clap. I was given recognition by my adviser but I decided not to make it grow. As the year passed by, I am currently the president of my class and is thinking of allowing myself to be involved in the main organizations in the near future.

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