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Volume 3, Issue 4 July - August 2012

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“Now we’re talking... that’s impressive!!! With Target Trace you seem to have achieved the impossible! I located a coin under a nail with twice its mass, two targets... unbelievable!”

Field Tester - UK

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What’s Inside
Check out all the great finds throughout this issue!
Jeff Brown

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4 Relic Hunter July - August 2012

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The Best Worldwide Magazine For The Detectorist & Relic Hunter
Volume 3, Issue 4 July - August 2012

The background photo is from the metal detecting club

• Coins • Artefacts • Rings • Treasures from all over the world


Home of the Yorkshire Raiders Visit them at

A Viking coin found by Gordon Heritage, UK

Hammered coins found by Gary J, UK

A first century BC Roman Republican Silver Denari found by Tony Hunt, UK

1930 Standing Liberty Quarter found by Steve Olsen, US

Gold and Silver ring found by Gary Drayton, US

Relic Hunter Magazine is registered with The United States Library of Congress ISSN: 2163-8608
6 Relic Hunter July - August 2012

Look for these and more fantastic finds in this issue. Hunters are all over the world are finding fabulous treasures.



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WATERPROOF to 10 feet
Found by: Robert G., Benbrook, TX

Found by: Brandon H., Dalton, GA

Found by: Mark S., Ashburn, VA

Found by: Glenn J., Wake Forest, NC

Found by: Melvin L., Charleston, SC

Found by: Douglas H., Afton, VA

Found by: Travis J., Deer Lodge, MT

Found by: John S., Cascade, MD

Found by: John S., Cascade, MD

Found by: Rick A., Granbury, TX

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MADE IN Relic Hunter July - August 2012 THE USA 7 Channel


Recent Finds
Brad Herold, US found with excalibur ii
dirt fishing @ Augusta, Ks.
1911S wheat penny

Christopher Black, US Found this old saloon token

8 Relic Hunter July - August 2012

Brian Ratcliffe, US Not a bad day. Love the New York cuff button, it has gold gilding still on it. I’m scared to clean it. I dont want to damage it as I now have a coat and cuff button like this. A few more Sharps rounds, a sweet revolver round, another Eagle coat and cuff button, plus a hook back of a coat button and some clad. I love to dig

David McCarthy, US

Relic Hunter July - August 2012 9

Recent Finds

Gary J, UK

Guy Angelo Cuccio, US My finds from Harris County Texas creek hunt

10 Relic Hunter July - August 2012

Gary J, UK

Mike Slater, US Find from a quick hunt this AM. Nice little Barber Half and 3 other white ones.

Relic Hunter July - August 2012 11

O from the Surf;
Part I

William GiLLRaker Guerre

n a very hot, humid Saturday, not so long ago. I found myself with SCUBA mask, snorkel, treasure pouch secured around my waist and my faithful CZ21 in my hands. I was aimlessly drifting around the coast of Florida, searching for treasure of old. However, recently lost gold and silver items were getting in my way. I’m not one to complain so I pocketed them without question. While some Treasure Hunters insist on the burden of carrying a long handled scoop, I prefer the freedom of free movement, floating idle in the water, becoming one with my surroundings and just enjoying the scenery. I love the freedom of traveling light and simply fanning at the signals with my hands. This can also amount to a vigorous workout when fanning for targets that are 24”+... But it helps to keep me in shape.    Throughout the day, I had found a handful of rusted nails, sharp aluminum shards and various items that could easy end someone’s day on the beach with an emergency run to the ER for stitches and a Tetanus shot. I enjoy removing these items as I know, that the odds are, I’m saving someone from a very bad day in Paradise. I consider it, doing my part to keep the oceans clean.... I had also found a stunningly brilliant, very heavy, men’s 14k solid gold chain(20”) A rather nice find indeed! Moments after the recovery of the chain, I also recovered a small, .925 sterling butterfly ring that was rather unique, but very tiny. Without much of a thought, I zipped it in my pouch without ever leaving the water and went on about my business, congregating with the fish and searching for lost treasure.

12 Relic Hunter July - August 2012

That’s when I noticed the feet... ah, children feet. “Just great,” I thought to myself... For as much as I love children, they can be very annoying when you’re hunting in the water. If they’re not throwing pennies in the water at you, they’re asking you impossible questions, continuously. ( such as, “How do you breathe with earphones underwater?) Or stepping on your coil, following you around and preventing you from being able to perform your best. Normally, I just swim into the deeper water where they can’t follow and continue on my way. This time however, for reasons still unknown. I decided to stand up on my knees and take a little breather. A very cute little girl with her long hair done up in a pony tail and a panda bear, pink one piece bathing suit was eying me rather suspiciously with hear head cocked off to one side. I removed my earphones, snorkel and said “Well Hello...”  She smiled and asked me if I had found any pirate treasure today. I couldn’t resist making the “Shhhhhh” sign with a finger pressed against my lips, as I turned to face away from the crowded beach and showed the little girl the gold necklace I had found. Instantly, her mouth was wide open... she immediately covered it with both hands and gasped. So cute I thought and couldn’t help but smile a bit myself. I returned the chain back to the safety of my zipper pouch and pulled out the little butterfly ring. I again made the “Shhhhhh” sign and I took her hand, dropping the ring

into her tiny hand and closing her fingers around it. She gave me a bit of a puzzled look, then opened her hand carefully while cradling it with her other hand and again, she gasped out loud, her jaw dropping in amazement and with very big, very wide open eyes. She placed the ring on her finger and it seemed to fit her just perfectly.. Once again I made the, “Shhhhhhh” sign.... She stared at me a moment, smiling, then returned the “Shhhhhh” sign, turned and skipped away down the beach, happy with her new pirate treasure butterfly ring... as for me, well I replaced my mask, snorkel and earphones and went back to my sea plundering ways, as the work of a true pirate is never done.... arrrrrrrrrrrrr......

Relic Hunter July - August 2012 13

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14 Relic Hunter July - August 2012

® A friend invited me to detect an unhunted backyard. The house was on a route the troops took to Gettysburg. We split up, and I took one side of the yard with my V3i and he took the other. My side produced several mercury dimes and assorted yard treasures, and then we swapped sides. Soon I heard a huge signal that read high on the display. Just a few inches down I popped out my first belt plate. My buddy had gone over the same signal and decided not to dig thinking it was trash! Once again, having a great machine and a good location (and friends that share sites) can lead to super finds! Matt in Maryland

Proven MXT performance. Prospectors, relic and coin hunters alike rely on legendary MXT simplicity and power.
• 3 Hunting ProgramsRelic Gold Prospecting Coin/Jewelry • Backlit Display • Ground Grab • Threshold Control • Mode Switch toggles between programs • Target Readouts for each program • Gain Control for maximum depth • Ground Toggle • Drop-in AA Battery Pack • 12” Waterproof Search Coil • $89995 msrp
For an Authorized Dealer near you:

I found a story of a forgotten picnic grove another treasure hunter had discovered on an old map. Equipped with my new MXT Pro, within 5 minutes, I got a solid hit, VDI 88-92 about 10” down ... golden and beautiful with gems and pearls. Within 30 minutes of my first real hunt, I had found an epic treasure, for me priceless... Roman in New York

Relic Hunter July - August 2012 15

Recent Finds

Gordon Heritage, UK Viking coin. This could be the best single coin I have ever found. Here it is cleaned. An early medieval coin of hitherto unrecorded type, possibly a halfpenny of Aethelstan II (originally named Guthrum), king of Danish East Anglia.

Gary Drayton, US Another bobby dazzler diamond ring from last summer, 14K gold ladies eternity band with 2.5 carats of quality diamonds that go all around the band. A water hunting find from outside a big name hotel.
16 Relic Hunter July - August 2012

Hamid Deteting, Morocco

Karl Jackson, UK
Relic Hunter July - August 2012 17

Recent Finds
Steve Olsen, US Found this beauty at 6-7 inches in Fords Park NJ with my Vaquero. My wife says I should start taking before pics of my finds because I’m getting so good at cleaning, people will start thinking I’m BSing them. Well sorry, I love restoration almost as much as finding, anyway this guy almost looked this good coming out of the ground.

18 Relic Hunter July - August 2012

Evan Granger, US Today I took the CTX3030 out and was hunting in a yard that I have hunted frequently among some of the other finds, I did recover this WWI? dog tag.. It has the soldier’s serial number on the back. I was wondering if any one on here know how to get more info on the soldier through the name a ser.#??? Thanks Evan

Sean Magee, IE Hi all , found a swimming beach on a river in central France today and had a go for 5 hours. Had one gold cameo ring and quite a few bits of silver, stainless rings and tat jewelry. Loads of pre euro French coins, a nice lighter and a fire engine!
Relic Hunter July - August 2012 19

Recent Finds

Digs_alot, US

Mike Relic Hunter, UK Roman archer ring !!!!

20 Relic Hunter July - August 2012

Dave Taylor, UK Had a good nights hunt last night... Id like to share it with you.. Enjoy Managed to escape from the rat race for a few hours on an old sports field, this field has been seen by a lot of detectorists over the years and produced lots of nice finds. I never expected to find much, but using the factory preset coin mode I managed to winkel out over 30 coins.

Rva Digg’n, US Need some help on this one, anyone seen one of these buttons before?
Relic Hunter July - August 2012 21

Recent Finds
Kurt Hankins Found using the Xterra 705 gold using the 18.75 khz coil,it’s ugly but heavy with nice size Diamond,came up as pulltab (solid 16)

Terry Barnhart, US These are my weekend digs, 3 silver, 3 indians, 1911 V nickel, 2 tokens, Cufflink, and more

22 Relic Hunter July - August 2012

Relic Hunter July - August 2012 23

Recent Finds
Tony Hunt, UK Went to one of our much detected done to death Roman hotspots this morning because we have nowhere much else without a crop on at the moment. Farmer cut for silage so we got in there for a couple of visits this week and lo and behold found quite a few bronze grots once again plus this, could have knocked me down with a feather. First century BC Roman republican silver denari, still need to check the ID out in the book.

Brad Morgan

24 Relic Hunter July - August 2012

Digs_alot, US

Peggy Derryberry Gould, US Found this during a quick lunchtime hunt. Manufacturer is D. Evans & Co.

Relic Hunter July - August 2012 25

Recent Finds
Chris Hall, UK Out with the new Minelab CTX 3030 today for the first time. I found it to be very well-balanced. I was searching for 4 hours and could happily have continued for longer. In addition to the two items shown, I found a 1752 halfpenny of George II, a William III farthing and plenty of other bits and bobs. All this was on a field that I had more or less given up on as signals had been very hard to locate.

Terry Barnhart, US Old cufflink found at a 1800s house, pretty sure it is either gold filled or heavily gold plated, it came from about 8” deep and wiped clean with my finger just like gold does, no corrosion. Registered like a nickel as well
26 Relic Hunter July - August 2012

Chris Oconnor, US some woods finds from this morning, poultry tag 1946-47, old bell , 2 indian heads 1886 and 1890

Christopher Black, US Padlock from the 1893 World’s Columbian Exposition. Found the brass chain that goes with this lock as well - but not the key so far.

Relic Hunter July - August 2012 27

Recent Finds
Moparado, US Hey guys, thanks for the comments and encouragement! Additional pictures too! That ring find definitely put the carrot in front of this ‘ol horse! Without a nearby beach these things are slim pickens around here. In addition all the local parks have been searched heavily in the past, i’m convinced of that. Maybe even this one as the finds were relatively deep. This particular area held some hope that it might not of been recently hunted with modern detectors. In fact it hasn’t even been a park since the 1920’s. If i didn’t stumble upon those old post cards during research, i wouldn’t of never known about this area. This is one case where research has paid off. Spent some time searching old maps, libraries, city histories, etc. on this one. Here’s one of the post cards showing a panarama of the park as it was in 1905. The building on the right no longer exists. Suspect it was a concession stand, outhouse or something. I found the coins and ring at the extreme left of the picture. Here’s another postcard, probably artificially colorized common at the time showing a narrower view of the area in 1907.

30 Relic Hunter July - August 2012

North Georgia Relics AND METAL DETECTORS

Don Dodson, Proprietor Ask About our Free Lay-away. Please call or email to check availability of relics and detectors. Operating Hours: Thursday & Friday 5:00 pm - 7:00 pm Saturday 11:00 am - 5:00 pm 7579 Nashville Street Ringgold, Georgia 30736 706-264-6011 866-364-3137 (Toll Free)

Relic Hunter July - August 2012 31

32 Relic Hunter July - August 2012

Recent Finds

Qanei Ramadan Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Richard Walauski, US Two hour hunt! Silver Ring & Big Silver lobster Claw!!

Tim Half Cent Glick, US This is best day now 1877cc 1870 seated halves merc 1924 weats 1912 1914 1935
Relic Hunter July - August 2012 33

Recent Finds
Gary Drayton, US I found an unusual South Florida water hunting find this morning using the new Minelab CTX 3030, this is a silver ring and I have no idea of the age of the inner St Benedict coin/ seal ?

Guy Angelo Cuccio, US My finds from today

34 Relic Hunter July - August 2012

Joel Shappell, US My finds

Mark S Burns, US AC beach finds from 6-24-2012. 30 quarters, 34 pennys, 6 nickels, 14 dimes and a gold bracelet no marking except a upper case B.

Relic Hunter July - August 2012 35

Recent Finds

Ted Tupitza, US Found a 1909 P penny last Friday. I only had a half hour to play.

36 Relic Hunter July - August 2012

Swissrolly, Switzerland Managed to get a couple of hours in tonight on a rather slow field. A few modern losses totalling a couple of francs. As the light was starting to go, I got a curious signal as if it were 1/2 franc but the sounds and numbers were a little unstable however I could tell it was near the surface. A quick turn of the turf revealed a pile of 1/2 francs all perfectly stacked up. In total there were 40, further searching found another 10 spread in a radius of a couple of feet. My belief it was a bank coin roll that had been dropped. Very strange as it was a field in the middle of nowhere. It had not been there relatively long at the newest coin was 2009. OK 25 francs is only about £16 but still all gets added to the cuckoo clock fund !

Terry Barnhart, US 1909 Fair token

Relic Hunter July - August 2012 37

Recent Finds

38 Relic Hunter July - August 2012

TOMO, UK Hi Jim I’d only been on this seeded field 10 minutes before i got a sweet signal on the goldmaxx power. After the first spadeful of soil came out i slowly spread it about with my foot and this buttery yellow ring gleamed out from the dark dirt. At first it looked like a child’s toy ring as it was so yellow. It was only when I picked it up I realized it was a real gold medieval ring with sapphire mounted in it. It was as perfect as the day it was dropped with no distortion, scratches or breaks. Even the sapphire was gleaming as if had only just been polished. The local flo Confirmed it as 13th century after photo’s were sent. This is my first piece of treasure and is awaiting collection by our local flo. Found mid April 2012 The ring was only about 4 inches down and when i first seen it in the soil i thought it was a child’s toy ring because it was so yellow. Once i picked it up i realized it was a 13th century solid gold finger ring with a sapphire in it. This is my first piece of treasure i have found and its currently awaiting collection by the museum.
Relic Hunter July - August 2012 39

Recent Finds
Tony Diana Found this Unique ring the first time out with my 3030. Silver with a gold center

Christopher Black I am wondering what this item might be - about 2” long and brass. Possibly a part of a personal wax seal stamp?

40 Relic Hunter July - August 2012

Brian Harvey, US Went out to find my Lesche I lost a few weeks back. I got real lucky and found it within 20 minutes. I had a little over a hour left and decided to go ahead and use it wisely. I got a deep sketchy signal. got down around 10” and got a small peep at the end of this. It was a very nice spur.

Digs_alot, US Found this engraved “coin” button. Notice the “1876” date!
Relic Hunter July - August 2012 41

Recent Finds
Kenneth W Briggs Crl, US Found the coins at the Marshall Wiley Neighborhood Park.

Terry Barnhart, US my weekend digs, 6 silver, 3 indians, buffalo, V nickel, Large cent, tokens and more

42 Relic Hunter July - August 2012

Relic Hunter July - August 2012 43

44 Relic Hunter July - August 2012

Recent Finds

Gary Drayton, US Some really cool military finds from the Treasure Coast of Florida. These US army finds were found on Hutchinson Island several years ago using my Minelab Excalibur on one of the beaches used by the US military for training during the war. I would love to return the dog tag to the family of the soldier that lost it on the beach, if anyone has any suggestions please let me know. The large silver ring has no inscription inside and all three finds were made over several beach hunts. I pulled many old US silver coins off this beach. Happy Hunting Gary
Relic Hunter July - August 2012 45

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Lancaster, Ohio 43130 Home (740) 277-6710
46 Relic Hunter July - August 2012

Business (740) 415-6537

Recent Finds
Damian Williams Treasure Hunter, UK 3 coins found today ! Nice George III silver shilling (1820 ) and a very nice Irish George II copper halfpenny ( 1736 ), many more coins found but these are the best :))

Tony Musser, US
Relic Hunter July - August 2012 47

Recent Finds

48 Relic Hunter July - August 2012

Evan Granger, US I found a few relics including a silver plated spoon. After going over the spots that I had hunted before, I decided to asked the landowner if I could hunt in the yard... Man that was the best decision I have made in a long time.. My first target was a thimble from the O.B. Macaroni company. Click this O.B. Link to see the History of this company that started back in 1899. My next target was a small decorative item, as I was moving my detector, I heard a high tone and checked it.. It sounded good, so I marked it and finished the dig... After filling my hole back in, I moved over to the marked signal, and pinpointed.. It hit 12-41 then changed to 12-44.. The next thing I know is a huge flash of silver!!! Digs_alot, US “ZABMO” - “From Mom & Dad, 4-24-49”

Relic Hunter July - August 2012 49

Discoveries In The News

WWII Online: Battleground Europe is a brutally realistic MMO featuring hundreds of towns and cities in a huge, zone-less map where battles rage for days and campaigns for weeks. Choose of ght alongside the Axis or Allies against thousands of players and advance your character rank to unlock equipment and permissions. With over 100 weapons and vehicles accurately modeled and utilizing military-grade physics, every soldier can make a measurable combination in the battle for victory!

50 Relic Hunter July - August 2012

Something Different
World War II Online has been around since 2001. It was June 6th (D-Day) that the initial launch was opened. That’s when most users were using dial-up modems. I was a “Day One” subscriber to this game, which was coming out of “beta” . Time progresses and so did this game. Many refinements have been added to this gaming environment which has become very sophisticated with accurately detailed models of fighting equipment used during World War II. It’s a massive multi player game (MMPG) that draws in players from all over the world. WWIIOL has a playing map of hundreds of continuous miles, not like single sized city areas, it’s huge. Europe is yours for the taking or defending So what do you do when you’re not out hunting relics, or it’s raining, or the weather

is just so terrible that you can’t get outside? I suppose you could play solitaire, chess or finish those “honey-do” jobs (personally, I’d rather not); you’ll catch me logging in, seeing who’s attacking whom, and usually joining into the fray. If you love competition and like a good challenge, check out the FREE TRIAL offer. You’ll be glad you did.

Relic Hunter July - August 2012 51

Discoveries In The News
A Roman and Celtic coin hoard worth up to £10m found in Jersey
One of Europe’s largest hoards of Iron Age coins has been unearthed in Jersey and could be worth up to £10m, according to an expert. The Roman and Celtic coins, which date from the 1st Century BC, were found by two metal detector enthusiasts. Dr Philip de Jersey, a former Celtic coin expert at Oxford University, said the haul was “extremely exciting and very significant”. He said each individual coin was worth between £100 and £200. The exact number of coins found has not been established, but archaeologists said the hoard weighed about three quarters of a tonne and could contain about 50,000 coins. The exact location of the hoard has not been revealed by the authorities but Environment Minister, Deputy Rob Duhamel, said he would do everything he could to protect the site. He said: “Sites like these do need protection because there is speculation there might even be more. “It is a very exciting piece of news and perhaps harks back to our cultural heritage in terms of finance. It was found under a hedge so perhaps this is an early example of hedge fund trading.” It was found by Reg Mead and Richard Miles in a field in the east of Jersey.
52 Relic Hunter July - August 2012

They had been searching for more than 30 years after hearing rumours a farmer had discovered silver coins while working on his land. Mr Mead and Mr Miles worked with experts from Jersey Heritage to slowly unearth the treasure. A large mound of clay containing the coins has now been taken to a safe location to be studied. It is the first hoard of coins found in the island for more than 60 years. Several hoards of Celtic coins have been found in Jersey before but the largest was in 1935 at La Marquanderie when more than 11,000 were discovered.

Dr de Jersey said it would take months for archaeologists to find out the full value of the haul. He said: “It is extremely exciting and very significant. It will add a huge amount of new information, not just about the coins themselves but the people who were using them. “Most archaeologists with an interest in coins spend their lives in libraries writing about coins and looking at pictures of coins.

“To actually go out and excavate one in a field, most of us never get that opportunity. It is a once in a lifetime opportunity.” The ownership of the coins is unclear. Mr Mead said he had asked the States of Jersey for clarification. Deputy Duhamel said the owners of the site had indicated they would like to see the whole hoard on display at the Jersey Museum or the archive.

Relic Hunter July - August 2012 53

Detecting Clubs & Hunts


54 Relic Hunter July - August 2012


Georgia Research and Recovery
We are a relic hunting association. Formed in 1976, the group is one of the largest in the state with membership throughout the Atlanta metropolitan area. We meet on the 2nd Thursday of each month at THE DELKWOOD GRILL at 7:00 PM The grill is located at 2769 on Delk Road in Marietta, Georgia, USA. We are dedicated to the responsible hobby of preserving the past for future generations. The purpose of this club is to provide social, technical and recreational informational exchange activities that provide for the enjoyment of hunting and collecting items from the past and present. Visit our website:

Join US on FaceBook
(Click the logo)

MLO is a website that is member supported. It provides a wealth of information, finds and instructional video. MLO TV has great videos, tips and tricks that the Pro’s use and thousands of people who will share ideas and information with you. MLO is more than a forum, it’s a Worldwide Club!
Relic Hunter July - August 2012 55

Detecting Clubs & Hunts
Daytona Dig & Find Metal Detecting Club
Where: When:
1 N. Beach St Ormond Beach, FL 4th Tuesday of the month 7:30 pm - 9:00 pm

Volusia county’s only metal detecting club for over 20 years. Meetings the 4th Tuesday of each month. Two Yearly seeded hunts, Finds of the month, Raffles, Prizes and Detectorists of all ages.

Find Us On Facebook
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Contact us at


e are based out of the Piedmont Triad region of North Carolina. We assist in the recovery of lost items and work with the state in ongoing archaeological projects.

56 Relic Hunter July - August 2012

Individual memberships are $20.00, Family memberships at $30.00 Monthly meetings are held the last Saturday of the month at 9:00 am. Location is subject to change month-to-month. Up-to-date details can be found at our club website: or contact our club president William Purkey at   Newsletter/Website Editor Contact: Randy Woolbright Old North State Detectorists ONSD-TV YouTube Channel

Plymouth Mudlarks M.D.S.
PLYMOUTH MUDLARKS MEMBERSHIP OPEN. We are looking for members to join this new Metal Detecting and Larking club in Plymouth. If you are looking for a new family friendly club, then come and join us. We are limiting members to 20 at the beginning. Please send me a message if you are interested ASAP. Mudlark M.D.S. is led by Chief Mudlark Mark Langdon. We are a group of people who enjoy what’s known as ‘Mudlarking’, scavaging & hunting in river mud for items of historical value. We also metal detect across the beautiful South West of England. The group has been made famous more recently by the History Channel’s tv show ‘Mud Men’, with Steve Brooker & Johnny Vaughan. And here is the link for the History Channel’s ‘Mud Men’: Feel free to browse around, & if you have any queries or questions you’d like to ask, please feel free, & one of our ‘Mudlarks’ will be more than happy to help you with your needs. :-)

Mid Florida Historical Research & Recovery Association Metal detecting is fun and “We’re Diggin It”

We meet on the 3rd Thursday of each month at: Gander Mountain. Intersection of I-75 And SR 40 at 6:00 PM
Officers Bill Beardsley, President Mike Sniegowski ,Vice President Carol Seidman, Secretary      Roger Ackley, Tresurer.
Relic Hunter July - August 2012 57

Detecting Clubs & Hunts
I’m Bruce Hudson and I’ve been hunting and collecting artifacts most of my life around the Kentucky area since 1974. I have been very fortunate to have seen and studied many fine examples. I have many personal finds that have been documented and I still get a adrenaline rush every time I’ve made a find. If you would like to be added to our mailing list for news and updates visit us on Facebook.
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Welcome to Bluegrass Artifacts,

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The Prospectors’ Home Club
The Prospectors’ Home Club is based in Parramatta, a western suburb of Sydney, Australia and was founded in 1981. We meet on the first Tuesday of each month at 7.30pm in the Parramatta Band Club Hall, Jubilee Lane (off Marion Street), Harris Park. Members have many interests and expertise, particularly in metal detecting for gold, coins and relics. A feature of Club Life is the monthly weekend outings to various gold and gem areas as well as beach detecting. Longer trips are also organized to gold and gem areas in Australia. Club members are expert in many fields of endeavor including gold panning and associated skills including the manufacture of various devices to enhance your prospecting opportunities. New members are very welcome. For information about the Prospectors’ Home Club please contact the Secretary at or write to P. O. Box 25 Rydalemere NSW 1701 Australia.
58 Relic Hunter July - August 2012

Nor’Easters Metal Detecting Club
The meetings are held on the Second WEDNESDAY of each month at 7:30 PM. In addition to August, October and December - these are the months when we don’t have any meetings. • Meeting location is in the St. Maurice Parish Church • The room called Doran Hall • The address is 358 Glenbrook Rd. Stamford, CT 06906-2198. • GPS Coordinates: -73.522475,41.065862,0 • This is the basement area of the Church. • Our contact info is • Our web site is

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Detecting Clubs & Hunts
Welcome to the Three Seasons Treasure Hunting Club located in the heart of the Indianhead Country.   We are located in Chippewa County in West Central Wisconsin.   We are a family oriented Metal Detecting club.   We hold our monthly meetings at 7 pm the first Thursday of each month at the Ojibwa Golf and Bowl 8140 136th St.   Join our Forums and post your finds and ask any questions you may have.

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North Georgia Relic Hunters Association
At North Georgia Relic Hunters Association (NGRHA) we further the enjoyment of responsibly collecting Civil War relics, old bottles and coins as well as other items from years gone by. The NGRHA is dedicated to preserving Georgia history through responsible excavation. The North Georgia Relic Hunter’s Association was formed in 1972 in partnership with the City of Marietta Department of Parks and Recreation. The association has approximately 90 members from all walks of life. Meetings are open to the public. When: First and third Wednesday of each month at 7:30 p.m. Where: Train Depot Building in front of the museum in downtown Kennesaw Please visit our web site:
60 Relic Hunter July - August 2012

WRDF Home of the Yorkshire Raiders.

Hi I am Wendell Mosley, Founder of Prospecting U S A We are located in Heflin, Alabama. This club’s goal is to give people a place to find some one near them to go treasure hunting with and to serve as a forum to display what you’ve found. Viisit our club on Facebook and on the web: http:/ and yes prospecting is misspelled. Thanks Wendell email: website:

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The Ones That Didn’t Get Away

Pro-Pointer Success Stories

Steve M. (above) used his Pro-Pointer in South Carolina to speed recovery of many of these smaller Civil War artifacts.

(Above) This tiny hammered gold coin was dug in southern Malaysia by Shahril M.

(Above) This silver 1853 New Orleans mint half dime and 1862 three-cent piece were recovered by Evan G. of Durant, OK with his Pro-Pointer.

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